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Oh man, just went through the entire thread and one thing I wanted to know I could not find, and hopefully I am not posting too late.

How would the burn mechanic work with the Wounds/Vigor alternate game system? My group sometimes uses it and it would be great if I knew ahead of time how it could work.

I think it was asked once before in the thread but since I just recently rolled up a new Warpriest of Gorum in my group's game I would like to know if the Gorumskagat has ever been written up? Would love to have it for RP as it would make me feel more into character.

zaragoz wrote:

Hi everybody from Spain !!!

Last game session my group had serious doubts about grappling rules.

I've already read some messageboards about the topic, but I wasn't able to find an official answer that settled the question.
Neither is in the FAQ Archive.

So I don't know very well how apply the rule.

When a grappled PC has a penalty of -4 Dex and -2 to hit rolls, and when he loses his Dex bonus against opponents that are not grappling with him (as listed in combat chart)?

Please, could someone give my a clue about the matter.

Thank you very much.

Exactly what are you asking about?

When grappled, both you and the opponent whether it be npc or pc have the grappled condition, i.e. -4 Dex, a -2 to attack rolls, and a -2 to CMB rolls except those to escape the grapple. Yes both will be losing all of this to each other and everyone around them.