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Welcome! This is the recruiting thread for 1-00 Claim to Salvation.

Please take a look at my GM profile page to read up on how I run PbP games. I do ask that everyone make a good faith effort to post at least once per day but of course life happens and this isn't always possible.

This scenario requires the use of level 4 pregens, the details of which are available for download here: CLICK

Farol, Joseph Martin 681, cmlobue and Scottybobotti:

  • Seats have been reserved for you because you've already expressed interest on Castamir's Flaxseed Station!
  • Please drop a quick little post here indicating which pregen you'd like to play...
  • Then head over to the discussion thread and follow the instructions there to get started!

    Everyone else: This leaves two more seats open which I'm happy to fill on a first come, first served basis. So if all of the above hasn't scared you off (kekeke) and you're still interested in playing, then post here which pregen you'd like to play. Assuming there is still space, I'll then point you to the discussion thread.

    Thank you everyone for your interest!!!

  • Hey, Thanks fur running this GM. I am leaning towards playing Veloro, Vanguard lvl 4. I wanted to play this scenario for some time but I always missed it ;)

    I'd like to play Obozaya.

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    With the GM's permission, I'd like to use a boon to play a musician.

    Pact Worlds Tour (SF One-Shot: Band on the Run) wrote:

    [ ] Pact Worlds Tour (Slotless Boon, Limited-Use): Your band had its big break, but you're not ready to leave the adventurer life behind just yet. You may check the box preceding this boon to use one of the 4th-level pregenerated characters from Band on the Run instead of an iconic pregenerated character of appropriate level. You must bring a copy of their character sheet with you to the table, and otherwise follow all rules for using a pregenerated character as detailed in the Guide to Organized Play.

    I'm willing to wait to see the composition of the rest of the party before deciding which.

    I didn't even know this existed! Ha!

    Yes, definitely go for it and bring a musician in place of one of the iconics!

    Sure, I'll throw my hat in the ring, too, if you'll have me.

    I'd like to play Navasi, if it suits.

    Glad to have you on board! Please go ahead and hit up the discussion thread for next steps!

    Our party currently consists of:

  • Farol - Veloro
  • Scottybobotti - Obozaya
  • cmlobue - a TBD musician
  • Supersuperlative - Navasi
  • Joseph Martin 681 - TBD

    We've got one spot left open!

  • Dark Archive

    So... soldier, vanguard and envoy and a random musician(?)... I'll grab Iseph the operative for some skills to round it out...


    Random musician is soldier, envoy, mechanic or technomancer. Since we don't have any other magic, I think I will go with Dwinite.

    Our party currently consists of:

  • Farol - Veloro (vanguard)
  • Scottybobotti - Obozaya (soldier)
  • cmlobue - Dwinite (technomancer)
  • Supersuperlative - Navasi (envoy)
  • Joseph Martin 681 - Iseph (operative)

    We've still got one spot open just in case we get a last minute joiner!

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