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No worries, GMQ.

And welcome back, Doc!

No worries. Hope you feel better soon, GMQ.

Having lots of fun with this one so far! Didn't take us long to split the party! Haha

Thanks Thom.

Seems pretty straight forward. He's probably just hit the town for a big night out and in the morning couldn't remember where he left his comms unit.

We'll probably find out he's crashing at his buddy's place and go pick him up and bring him home. That's how these things usually turn out, right?

Thanks for the update, GM Flash.

No problem. Ready to go when you are.

How's the driveway coming along?

Welcome back GMQ! I hope you enjoyed the R&R.

If Bele wishes to play higher tier, I'll be happy to shade Saeron in her direction to keep helping healing close at hand.

If we go low tier, I'd prefer to swap for my 1st level operative to keep our power more inline.

Kneepuncher wrote:
This may be overly optimistic, especially since his prosthetic is still giving him a penalty, but I will do my best.

And I'm sure you'll do fine. :)

My poor unfortunate vanguard that Thom was referring to would make anyone else look like a combat master! About the only useful thing he's done is take the majority of the damage to keep everyone else relatively healthy.

T’sorkel wrote:
Tell me about it. I'm in a game where we had 4 crit failures (1s) to a single crit success (20s) in a single skill challenge. I think most of us never rolled above a 10 in it.

This summarises my rolls across all my games for the last >month!

therealthom wrote:

SuperS!!! Of course you're welcome. Always happy to game with you. Maybe this PC can avoid Rar'gul's luck.

Thanks, Thom! Glad to be here. Let's sure hope so!

I'm interested in seeing how Kneepuncher goes - it will be nice to see what an effective vanguard looks like.

I have a level 4 mystic healer or a 1st level operative that Incan dust off, so will be able to accommodate either tier, if that helps.

therealthom wrote:
SuperS, I feel for you. I've had so many characters whose rolls just seemed cursed. As a rare exception, John seems exceptionally lucky. But I've probably just jinxed him, and the good karma will flow back to Rar'gul.

I must have done something to upset RNGod here on Paizo, because it's been across a number of my poor, poor inept characters for some time now.

Perhaps it's time for a sacrificial dice ritual to appease them...

I'm keen to join you all, if you'll have me!

Character TBD. Need a moment to sort out some things, but wanted to register my interest first.

Thanks for the understanding, GM Q!

No problems!

Also, I'd originally pictured Locket's personality being very different - sort of cool, smooth, calm, politely aloof.

For some reason, he has ended up being more abrasive, dry-witted, jibing, sarcastic. Especially if he likes you.

He is not meant to be an a-hole, and I hope that I have been able to express those little clues to convey that sense to you all. If it ever seems too much or becomes irritating, please let me know.

Yes, welcome back, Janosian. I enjoyed the read, too!

Yariel Flash wrote:

Hello all, I have some scheduled time off starting tomorrow (kicking into gear tonight with prep) to help my wife out as we are expecting our next child. If things go as roughly planned, I'll be back after this weekend to continue gaming.

Go ahead and bot my PC. They should have updated instructions in their profile. I may get small moments in the next few days to post, so don't be surprised if quick comments or actions pop in randomly.

Also, Yariel completely forgot about Daze, so her next few rounds may be used with that spell (if they aren't immune).

Congrats! All the best with the expected arrival :)

That is what I was going to suggest - perhaps thinking of Envoy's Clever Feint.

Nice use of the bottlecap too Thom!

therealthom wrote:

Vampers, when you created a nuar detective, were you also creating a noir detective?

Sorry, I've been a bad teammate - I picked up on that and chuckled, but didn't comment to let you know.

Very exciting! Let's see how we go.

Some things don't change - Rar'gul continues to have difficulty hitting anything...

Provided it is not locked, it falls under manipulating an item - and is a move action.

therealthom wrote:

Storm Hammer -- SuperS, none of us can use that hammer. Don't be coy. Take it already and kick some butt with it.

Not being coy here - already have this puppy added in the botting rolls!

therealthom wrote:

SuperS, does Rar'gul want that defrex? I think we're all agreed that we need the big trox in the fight so he needs the best armor possible.

Sure thing, since you've gone and twisted my arm. Will help against any laser fire he encounters.

Beau - enjoy the hidden soldier armour.

therealthom wrote:

Batteries: 3 up for grabs. Doc and John both want one. I nominate Rar'gul for the third if he doesn't have a battery already. We don't want the hammer running out of charges, and I've noticed Rar'gul full attacks pretty often.

I was initially hesitant in getting powdered melee weapons due to this, however, I discovered that "unlike with a ranged weapon, the usage is for 1 minute of operation rather than per attack, though using a powered weapon for less than 1 full minute still expends 1 full usage. The number of charges expended is equal to the usage × the number of minutes the weapon is used, rounded up to the nearest minute. You can activate the power of the weapon as part of the action used to make an attack with it, and it automatically deactivates after 1 minute."

That being said, I'll gladly take a battery if there's a spare floating about.

Unless there's something special about the creature' abilities...

From AoN:

You hold the target in place. You must have at least one hand free to perform a grapple combat maneuver. Your target has the grappled condition, meaning she can’t move from her current space and takes further penalties until she either uses a standard action to attempt a grapple combat maneuver to grapple you (giving you the grappled condition) or uses the escape task of the Acrobatics skill to break free. If the result of your attack roll equals or exceeds the target’s KAC + 13, the target is instead pinned for the same duration, and she can’t take any actions that involve moving her limbs other than to attempt to escape.

The grappled or pinned condition lasts until the end of your next turn, unless you renew it on your next turn with another grapple combat maneuver. The condition ends immediately if you move away. As long as you have one target grappled or pinned, you cannot attempt to grapple another. The grappled and pinned conditions are further detailed in Conditions on pages 276–277.

When you renew a grapple, you can remove one item from the target’s body that can be easily accessed, including most weapons and equipment (but not worn armor). Doing so immediately ends the grapple.

Sorry, everyone. The weekend was very busy and Monday has shaped up even more so.

I updated SP and RP and hope to get a post done shortly.

Depending on how GMQ handles the continuity here, Rar'gul could potentially still be standing.

Beau before Jin (5SP/4+5HP) will leave (0SP/2HP) and still on feet.
Beau after Jin (0SP/0HP) will give (0SP/5HP) but prone.

Thanks all. It has been touching to see everyone's concern for the big bug!

Yeah, I don't recall seeing it.

I suspect you're right with the inclusion of harrying/covering fire.

I had been trying to figure out why that quote sounded so familiar at the time... the inclusion of goblins threw me.

It finally dropped, as did the reason why there would be a time of year for it (and the miserly description).

Hi GM Quirk, you mentioned previously that our pc's should have skills relevant to their job as you will be using day job-like rolls. Does this mean specifically a profession skill, or more generally a related skill?

ie in my case Profession (Instructor) vs Acrobatics/Athletics/other

Thanks in advance.

Gee, I hope everyone is okay. All the best with the clean up and aftermath. Storms can be absolutely devastating.

Stay safe, everyone.

Thanks for the update, GMQ!

Looking forward to seeing what you have cooked up for us.

Finally, it is done.

Warning: contains alternate traits and features.

Meet Locket, Pahtra Aesthetic Warrior Qi Adept Soldier:

A young pahtra was found wandering Jatembe Park alone. The subsequent investigation and public appeal failed to shine any light on the identity of the small kit or find any trace of his family.

With the lad unable to communicate, it fell to the official who processed the paperwork assigning the child's guardianship to the State to determine the boy's name as best they could. And so he was named Locket Alyara, after the single item in his possession when he was found - a necklace with a locket containing an old hologram and the word 'Alyara' engraved within.

Bouncing from Home to Home over the next several years, Locket fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up on the streets. It was not long before the young pahtra knew the backstreets and alleys of the Gallery like the back of his own furry hand and began taking on the sort of jobs suited to those of 'flexible character'.

Late one night, Locket and several friends spotted an older kasatha man walking alone through the marketplace. Thinking they had found an easy mark, the group tailed him and, waiting for him to enter a quiet neighbourhood, made their move.

The unarmed man effortlessly evaded the blows of his would-be assailants, seeming to dance around and between them, always just out of reach.

The group was soundly drubbed. Locket's friends scurried away, leaving him to the kasatha who, twisting the pahtra youth's ear, 'assisted' him to his feet.

"It would appear you need to make better choices in life," the kasatha man said, not unkindly, through his face covering. It was unclear whether he referred to selecting him as a mark, Locket's friends, line of work or all of them and his life in general. Releasing his hold on Locket's ear, the kasatha turned and walked away, leaving him all alone in the dark, quiet backstreet.

This was Locket's introduction to Master Akram* (who, when his life had been shorter, had once had a name much longer - but that is a story for another time...) proprietor of the Warrior's Way*, a martial arts school in the lower Gallery.
*These were the humble roots I had in mind for Locket, however, I'm happy to change these to align more with Yoromishtali's tale if you would prefer for your setting, GMQ

Locket sought out Master Akram and soon began training. Shortly after, he took up boarding at the school in exchange for its upkeep, leaving his old way of life - and a number of unpaid debts - behind. His discipline and diligence have seen him grow considerably in skill and knowledge, such that he now teaches others. However, Locket would be the first to admit he still has a long and difficult road ahead.

Forged from his own experiences of loss and hardship, Locket's compassion for society's disadvantaged and forgotten is rivaled only by his desire to improve. He has made it his mission to provide other young down-and-outs with the same chance at a better future that he was given. This has led to many in the Gallery and its surrounds dubbing him the 'Striped Piper', a name that he takes great pride in, regardless of whether it is meant as mockery or approval.

Still keen. Have pretty much sorted the character sheet and just putting some finishing touches on the character info.

therealthom wrote:

...unlike my friend SuperS, I don't have any good ideas.

Please let the record show that I made no such claim regarding the quality of my ideas. ;p

As it turns out, a couple of them will have to be placed into storage as they were a little too... grimy for what GM Q has in mind.

So, introducing my favourite! A Pahtra Qi Adept Soldier (Aesthetic Warrior, Street Rat theme) - name TBD - once a homeless orphan, now an instructor at a local martial arts school, and on a mission to provide young down-and-outs with the same chance at a better future as he was given.

*There may be some overlap with tomtessarae's concept, and if it turns out to be too much so, I will happily flip to another option.

Likely either a Vesk Guard Soldier Bodyguard or a Human Law Officer.

All good here, on both fronts!

This sounds very interesting. I have a couple of ideas that I've been kicking the tyres for. Will submit something more formally in the next little bit.

Funnily enough, my main idea shares some similar flavour to tomtessarae's vesk mentioned above. It'll be interesting to see how close/different they pan out in the end.

Enjoy the vacation!

We'll take (hopefully, good) care of John. ;)

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Kent Dwarfman wrote:
You hear a muffled "Beep boop, beep, bloop boop beep" however it is not emanating from the terminal but rather Kent.

This had me laughing out loud.

therealthom wrote:
Whoever redid the connection web deserves kudos. It looks great.

Wow! I hadn't looked for a while. That is real sweet!

T’sorkel wrote:
Across the pond to merry old London.

That's quite some move. Our last relocation was 30 mins away and that was difficult enough! All the best with the preps and moving.

Been a bit snowed under with RL at the moment. Will catch up on the new posts shortly.

AFlashInTime wrote:
Short post tonight but should have more tomorrow. I assume you're all good to go to A7?

Two thumbs up

After checking the baddies for goodies, of course.

Huh, I'd totally missed that. Picked up the pulsecaster rifle for Puzzle at level up. I hadn't realised the info at AoN didn't include the errata.

Thanks for the info!

Perhaps it's entirely innocuous - the captain cut himself on his model of the Idari and in a fit of rage decided to give the offending item a cremation. Only to have the model wedge itself on the door due to the force of his power dunk!

I'm thinking there was either another kasatha on board or a shapeshifting ooze has murdered the captain and assumed his identity :P

Or something like that...

Revvy Bitterleaf wrote:

Wyrd actually isn't bad at it..racial bonus and the ability to darken an area.....stealth for +11.

Good to know for future reference!

Nomyra wrote:
I will level Nomyra tonight! I got behind with ConCurrent.

How was ConCurrent? Anyone else here participate?

Thanks for the update, GM Flash. I've been mulling over a post to wrap up the events at end of Book 1 and will try to post something shortly.

Puzzle is all levelled and the profile updated (I think - I always seem to find something later that I've overlooked). I'll be good to go when everyone else is.

AFlashInTime wrote:

...do a bunch of whacky magic things and buffing/debuffing in combat (at the cost of every other useful ability, most of which are better than what we got). So it might be both unique and not terrible!


Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

These had me laughing out loud!

Also, thanks for the chronicle!

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Hey Revvy. Thanks for the insight into the madness that lurks within ;p

Seriously though, I appreciate you sharing your musings and concepts with us. A bit of brainstorming is good to get the creative juices flowing.

I like your ideas for Wyrd and how he has developed into a totally different direction. I've found this approach can sometimes lead to the most enjoyable/memorable characters to play.

I'll also share a little glimpse into my thoughts for Puzzle. My initial concept was to play around with the idea of an Envoy that ran a little counter to the norm. I thought an android would make a good choice for being a little off-beat socially and hard to read (hence also the choice of non-binary).

This led me to thinking the improvisations, etc could be flavoured more from an analytical/strategic perspective and, although clever, they can be quite literal and don't always understand turns of phrase. I may not have always pulled it off, but I'm having fun trying to capture Puzzle's learning of the more intuitive and illogical aspects of interactions.

My plan was to start fairly balanced stat-wise and then boost DEX as able to reflect improving combat skills. Although I felt Puzzle spent more time shooting and missing than doing actual damage, it was the reduced number of resolve points and playing without any SP that I felt most keenly at the end of Book 1. This has me thinking that giving the upgrade to CHA might be a little more helpful for the longer adventuring days we may see in an AP vs an SFS scenario.

To help boost their combat effectiveness and expand proficiencies, I was toying with the idea of taking a level of Soldier. I might still do that at some point, but for now it would delay new talents and improvs so I have decided to stick with Envoy. They pick up an extra point in BAB as well as weapon spec, not to.mentuin having used feats to obtain proficiency with long arms and the option for weapon spec here as well will add more damage on bits.

In addition to the ability upgrade, I had planned on picking up an acid rifle and a shock rifle. I also thought of picking up Resistant Hide for select type DR 2 and 6 serum of healing.

Unfortunately, no Inspiring Boost coming just yet. :(

It's a Talent at level 3 (has to be Expertise related - so Sense Motive or Bluff types only), with the next Improvisation choice at level 4. Hopefully not too far away...

In the meantime, I'm combing through upgrades/augmentations to help mitigate some damage!

Thanks for the thoughts shared so far! I was interested in seeing if your perceptions/musings aligned with mine.

Revvy Bitterleaf wrote:

So I hope everyone builds their character how they want to.

I know Wyrd for one won't be optimized. I'll make sure he's useful though.

Agreed on both parts! The second part was the reason behind me asking - I felt at times Puzzle was anything but! (Although I also think it was those times we were over/poorly matched that we came up with our best ideas!)

Revvy Bitterleaf wrote:
The only thing I think we are missing as a party is some sort of dependable (in combat) healing. So we'll just have to make sure we're well stocked in healing serums.

Oh, I absolutely agree. I intend to spend any left over credits on as many as I can get!

Revvy Bitterleaf wrote:
Stuff about gear considerations

Thanks for the thoughts here, they are very helpful. As I mentioned a while back, I only play via PbP so levelling is fairly slow. My highest pc is level 4.2 (currently in Flash's Corporate Interests table), so I only really have an idea of low tier gameplay.

Appreciate the food for thought!

I'm definitely lining up a purchasing weapons with a mixture of damage types.

Revvy Bitterleaf wrote:
Does everyone still want to fill that role during starship combat?

Puzzle is probably most suited to the Captain role. However, given their tactical inclinations, they understand it is essential to be adaptable at all times. So I'm totally okay with moving to a gunner role as needed.

Vedrir wrote:
With regards to our team comp skills, I feel like we have it covered all. But on the same time we have no backups ;) So Kit is the only one with computers and engineering, we might want to look into putting a point into some skills to at least aid others

This was part of what I noticed as well. I feel that Puzzle might be the best suited to filling the back up role with some key skills. Beyond the social and physical skills, Puzzle does have Computers and Life Science. Given they have a +2 to INT as well, I was considering dropping a point into Engineering or Medicine, which are both class skills, to be able to lend a hand in that area.

My original plan was to take the Clever Feint/Attack, Improved Get 'em Improvisations, along with Clever Liar and other complementary Talents. After getting into the class and abilities a bit more, I could see taking additional skill expertise and a talent like Expert Advice (allows my to grant the Expertise die as well as the +2 on a successful Aid) or one of the Medicine related ones (Miracle Worker or Battlefield Medic - also Bedside Manner Improv) to help with restoring HP. This doesn't really help with in-combat healing, per se (Although one does reduce the time for Treat Deadly Wounds).

There's also the Inspiring Boost line of Improvisations for restoring SP. The only issue with these options (and the Medicine-related ones) as that they are limited to x1 per rest/day deals.

I also don't want to crash anyone else's party, as we sort of all have our own niche currently.

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