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Bon voyage! Enjoy the vacation. :)

Thanks GM Flash. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss the thought process.

I really have no idea about the actual real world physics involved, so I understand what you mean. I'm happy to keep this rolling with whatever in game method folks are happy with.

I must admit, I'm now more curious (curiouser?) to see what lies down the rabbit hole/beyond the closed door...

Keep up the good work, mate (along with the rest of the Emergency Services).

We've been lucky where I live - only a few relatively small ones that have been quickly dealt with. The worst we've had to deal with had been the ongoing smoke, terrible air quality and ash covering everything.

Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying this scenario!

The maps have been great, and it's seemed bigger somehow than other scenarios I've played.

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I worked on-and-off on that post all day today, in between family and kid duties, so I was damn well going through with it even though GM Flash has already answered it in a way! ;/

Nomyra wrote:
Dennis and I are at a con for the next few days!

Enjoy! :)

Stay safe! Thanks for the notice.

No worries, Shifty. Take care out there, mate. Stay safe.

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Just wanted to clarify the events witnessed - did we see the Far Portal AND the Station plummet into the carona, or the just the Portal but the Station has now vanished?

I read it over several times but maybe I'm missing something.

Oh yes. Happy New Year, one and all!

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I had SO wanted Puzzle to respond with "It was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."

I had not expected that at all! That was a pretty epic catastrophe. No more returning to our ship for rests! LOL

Merry Christmas, Shifty.

I hope everyone is enjoying their time with loved ones.

We've pretty much wrapped up our Christmas Eve festivities, here.

Just some advanced notice that I will likely be out of action for the next 24-36 hours with Christmas stuff.

We've pretty much wrapped up our Christmas Eve festivities, here.

Just some advanced notice that I will likely be out of action for the next 24-36 hours with Christmas stuff.

Name: Supersuperlative
Character Name: Saeron Kasari
SFS ID and character number: 274536-702
Your email: PM
Faction: Dataphiles
Day job Roll: Profession (Video Personality): 1d20 + 7 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 7 + 4 = 28 w/professinal toolkit
Boons: None

Apologies about the delay in setting up. I will post in gameplay in the next hour or two.

Thanks for the peek behind the screen.

Despite our attempts, it's seeming increasingly less likely that we will be able to find anyone aboard that is willing to listen. I suppose we have boarded their ship without permission, and all...

Oh,and let's not forget the paranoia inducing radiation leak ;)

If in need of another to make a 3rd table, I'll throw my hat in with a Lvl 3 Mystic.

Thanks for sharing the art. I Think the idea of a tech dryad is pretty cool, too!

My preference would be more toward something that makes sense from a narrative perspective, rather than a random selection.

That said, I don't have too much of a problem with it being randomly determined shoukd there be no clear consensus amongst the players.

As it currently stands, I am in favour of exploring our potential "contacts" on board in Abs and the "traitor", given our original intent of checking on what happened and if everyone is safe. At least until we have further evidence beyond a fickle sprite, an elemental and a possibly cursed azer that a peaceful approach isn't an option. :)

Thanks double Gold. I've dotted in.

Will post later, after work.

All good. Have a restful night.

Player Name Supersuperlative
Character Name Chk'tarlsh
Race, Theme, Class Shirren, Mercenary, Soldier 4
SFS # 274536-701

I still need to finish updating his details following the recent Gameday. I will do so asap and post the other pertinent info then.

I also hadn't noticed you'd been out of action. Good job!

Thanks for putting the sheet together. I've quickly updated what I could remember. Not sure about the grenades as I hadn't realised they'd all been claimed when I posted. Happy to miss out this time round,though. I'll look more closely later when I'm at a computer.

Enjoying all the RP so far too. I too think a momentary retreat mat be in order soon, but let's see what happens.

I'd been thinking of doing the very same thing myself. Also a shareable doc with notes, npcs, etc.

If you set one up, would it help if one of us (happy to volunteer) maintain it? Just thinking of ways to share the load.

Thoughts, everyone?

GM Ietsuna wrote:

Chronicles her HERE.

As always if anything is wrong please let me know and I'll straighten it out.

Thanks for playing. I hope it was enjoyable. Parts of it were a bit out there, but mostly I had fun.

Thanks Ietsuna. Looks good at first glance.

Thank you for taking the time to run the game. And to my fellow players, I enjoyed playing with you all.

I'm fine with autorolling and use of spoilers as suggested, if it helps keep things flowing.

Thanks for your thoughts, Farol. A good point.

It's a bit like watching older movies and seeing their speculations about what life and society will be like in the distant future of 2010s.

Thanks for the update. Take care.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time considering and replying to my post.

I think what you have hit upon is a far better articulation of what was feeling "off" for me when trying to find options to fit Puzzle's backstory. I was looking for some sort of technological/machine language and was a little surprised not to find one. That was what led me to thinking about our current technology and means of transmission/communication and down the line of number systems and programming languages (binary, hexadecimal, HTML, etc etc).

I understand the interpretation of it being a field of study as opposed to a language as well (hence why I had opted for the field of expertise in Physic Science (Physics) as the closest approximation to Mathematics). Dropping some skill points in Profession (Mathematician) is a good option, but it might prove a more costly resource expense than a language. I will give it some thought.

Otherwise, I could err on side of convenience (for all involved) and continue to try using roleplay spin to reflect any Mathematical approaches Puzzle takes. I don't want to burden you with finding ways to incorporate it that are off-book or make too big a deal out of something that is essentially just for flavo(u)r :P for my pc alone.

Thanks again for giving your time and energy to considering my musings.

I picked up my PDF of C.O.M a couple of days ago. I have really liked some of the racial and class options for the core!

I hadn't expected to (given I am playing an android envoy and not the new classes) but I'll have a couple of adjustments to make to Puzzle.

The stats will remain the same, but might be some minor tweaks to theme, feats and equipment load out that better align with the flavour of the character.

Thanks for the clarification :)

All the best with the work/travel situation. Hopefully your connectivity stabilises and you're able to join us.

Just want to confirm, it mentioned the weapons are set to stun - are there any mechanical considerations we need to make?

Just a little ;)

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*Forehead slap* It seems I'm a bit slow on the uptake... Kate, I only realised just now that we are playing in two games together at the moment!

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I agree. I really love the disarming quality of her grandmotherly disposition - but you better think twice before getting on her wrong side!

No problem. I didn't interpret it that way.

I thought it was an interesting idea to explore in case there was ever a need.

That's a really fun idea. I have no idea about the rules for AI to know if it's doable, but it brought a smile to my face imagining such a situation.

I've not been part of the whole build-a-spaceship process before, so will need to read up a bit.

On a side note - there was some earlier brainstorming of how we obtained our ship. Part of my character's backstory involves them having worked as a dealer in a casino (have been trying to decide between Verces and the Pleasure Domes of Verdeon) when they have their "awakening". In a nutshell, they begin testing rules and boundaries, swinging odds in the customers' favour, amongst other things. They are forced to flee (whether before or after discovery can be decided).

I was wondering if anyone thought this could tie in with securing funds to initially purchase the ship? Maybe they were in league with another pc, who agreed to help free them from their bonds of slavery for part share? Or the funds were siphoned away gradually, the ship purchased and then my pc enlisted the rest of the crew (would need at least a pilot to get off the starting rock)? Or something better that someone else no doubt has in mind?

Looking forward to it kicking off!

Also, to make sure I am understanding correctly - since we are running in Campaign mode, I essentially create an alias to play as if I were using a pregen, then use the SFS id of another valid character for chronicle purposes?

All good for me! I should be set by then, unless something wyrd or unexpected happens. ;p

I should be good to set up a profile over the next few days. Just need to finalise name and starting gear.

Armour storm sounds real fun! I'd like to try one some day, too (so many classes to try yet...).

I'm guessing mechanic will cover some engineering, but it might be nice to have others that can have a chance to aid and for traps/locks, etc?

Might be short on Life Science (not sure how that would suit your soldier?) And Survival as a guess.

Thanks for the ideas, everyone. The thinking aloud is a great way to get the creativity flowing and bounce ideas that might help others, too!

It seems like a lot of us are intrigued by the idea (or some variation) of a crew running deliveries. The degree of legitimacy of the cargo is yet to be determined ;).

If it helps anyone's planning, I thought I'd give a little summary of the way things are looking for my envoy.

Based on backstory ideas, I'm not going for an optimised build, so wasn't planning on maxing any stats. I'm looking at 14 DEX, INT and CHA, with the others at 10. I do not intend to boost INT any further, will be CHA, DEX and STR/CON going forward. Scholar (Phys Sci) as theme.

I will be working with 10 skills - I was looking at the social, physical, senses and tech skills. Based on current backstory idea would be looking Acr, Ath, Bluff, Comp, Culture, Dipl, Intim, Percep, Phys Sci, SM.

Will have proficiency in long arms.

Likely Captain (depending on Witchwarper), or computers or back up gunner for Starship combat.

As I mentioned previously, the PC's flavour will be on deploying strategy and logic, so improvisations and talents will focus around use of tactics. Currently leaning toward starting with Expertise in bluff and Get 'Em for Improvisation (eventually taking the Clever Feint/Attack improvs).

I'm not entirely sure of the Talent I will take yet - will wait to see how the party composition ends up (Convincing Liar seems like a no-brainer for the feint, but not sure if it makes sense character-wise. Will see how it pans out).

Sorry about the lengthy post.

That's looking to be a pretty diverse group!

I've pretty much sorted my android envoy (still working on a name, though). I'll just wait to see how we're looking across the spectrum of the party before I finalise skills and expertise/talents.

Although we're not going to be having an overarching theme for our pc's we still have the concept behind our little delivery service to nut out.

Or is it just as simple as that? A crew that contracts their services for shipping goods across the Pact worlds? Maybe as a cover for smuggling more lucrative goods?

Or a merc/bounty hunter outfit a little down on their luck and having to swallow their pride and make ends meet with some side jobs in inter-planetary logistics?

And from there, I guess there'll be tying it in with how we all came together in the first place. Have we been running together for some time? An entirely new crew on their first job together? Or some mix of both - an established core pair/trio, with a newbie or two (or even a paying passenger)? Ala The Enterprise, Firefly, the Expanse, the crew of Millennium Falcon Ep IV, Killjoys or Planet Express?

Wow Revvy, that's some exotic species options there!

Like Kate, I'm slowly making my way through the CRB species.

Farol - you should definitely go for the technomancer if that's the one you'll enjoy playing the most. I have no real hang ups on party composition or character optimisation.

Dennis Muldoon wrote:
Weird. The site says preorders of the hard copy are expected October 28th (which is where I got the 2 weeks from). I hadn't even noticed the PDF has a different date.

I took a quick look at pre-order on Book Depository and the expected date is still ~40 days to go!

The Paizo site shows the PDF will be available Nov 13. Not sure about pre-orders or subscriptions, as I don't have either of them.

The classes do sound interesting - the witchwarper does have a nice flavour to it. The vanguard also sounds intriguing.

I don't think I'll not be choosing one this time around, though.

Dennis Muldoon wrote:
There are also three new classes coming out in two weeks, if folks are stuck for ideas.

It felt like we've been waiting so long that it was still months away... The time has gone quickly and I hadn't realised it was that close now.

It will be interesting to see what C.O.M has to offer in terms of options for the core classes, too.

Ah! I did think that might the case given the "child's costume" description.

And I did notice that the parrot was a toy! I think it's a very fun concept.

Hi there Farol, Revvy and Kate! Nice to be part of the team.

I don't have any particular objections if everyone wants to do a themed party, as long as everyone is happy with the theme. Overall, I like fun and humour in a game, but generally prefer more of a straight line approach rather than anything too zany.

That said...

AFlashInTime wrote:
You could own the ship and all be working together as a sort of... delivery service.

"Good news, everyone!" ><

Dennis, I really like the sound of your goblin character and have no problem should you play it. I think the concept is great!

Now, for a budding idea:

I'd been thinking of trying a class I hadn't played in PFS yet - envoy or solarian (not interested in mechanic at this point). I have played Navasi as a pregen during a scenario and had a blast doing it, so was leaning toward trying an envoy.

The idea of playing something atypical interested me. So given the general CHA and social skill focus for an envoy, the idea of an android envoy appealed to me. I like the potential for misinterpretation of motives, turns of phrase, taking everything literally, etc.

Instead of the rallying speech, the inspirational words, etc, the improvisations and talents are the result of tactical insights, logic and probability (hopefully not limited by my own abilities - or lack there of).

I have some further details floating around in my mind, but will wrap it up here for now.

Hi everyone. My name's Stephen and I reside in Sydney, Australia. I can commit to the min 1 post/day. Please note that my posting hours may be a little out of sync on occasion due to time zone differences.

Over the past 6 years or so, I've done a little GMing of Pathfinder and Starfinder for student groups where I work. I have only ever personally played in PbP games. I've only played/GMed quest packs and Society scenarios to date. This will be my first AP.

I'm really excited to be jumping in to this one with you all. Looking forward to the ride!

Thanks for the detailed info, Dan.

Michael, I have no suggestions in regard to coordinating character creation - maybe someone else with more experience can help us out?

Does anyone have a class/character idea in mind already?

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