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Silver Crusade

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NG Male Tiefling Rogue 6 | HP 52/68 | AC 23 (24) | F +12 R +14 W +14 | Perc +14 (low-light) | Stealth +14 | 25 ft | Hero 1/3 | Active Conditions: Deny Advantage (6th), Malevolence 2

"How old are you two?" Pavo quips as tends to the wounds that he can treat. It is not immediately clear if he is violating universal taboo by literally asking the two women their ages (given Ioseff's implications) or simply calling into question their relative maturity.

"I suppose we can try to lay them to rest within their coffins," he says to Shade. "They won't last long if we break the seal on the cases."

CG Male (he/him) pathfinder hopeful human cleric of Desna 6 | HP 38/56 | AC 19 (21 w/ shield raised) | Fort +10; Ref +9; Will +14| Perc: +14 | Speed 25ft| [ooc] Divine Font: 2/4 | Focus Points 1/1 |Hero Points 0/3 | Exploration Mode: Detect Magic | Active conditions: grabbed

”That might make some sense. ”

He ponders the burial rituals that he learned from Desna and her followers.
Religion(E): 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (2) + 14 = 16

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LN Female Bard 6 | Languages: Aklo, Requian, Common | Perc. +11 (E; Darkvision) | HP: 70/70 | AC: 23/(25 (react. shield) | Fort: +10 Ref: +13 Will: +11 | Spells: 1:3/3; 2: 0/3 3: 3/3 | Status: Malev. 4| Hero Points: 1
Abella Tribastarion wrote:
That resolved, she pinches Phaed by the ear with her skeletal arm. ”You have a great deal of explaining to do, dear sister. Especially now that you are finally lucid.”


Phaed talks as she helps inter the brains.

One must strive for the proper moment to raise the curtain upon these truths, sister! It can take years!

I believe we were separated at birth. Unwanted triflings, given up for adoption. I felt awful that I landed in a fine home and attended Chelaxian finishing school whereas you ended up in some awful necromancer's cult. All that fresh dirt. It made me feel terrible to have been born so talented and given the gifts to flourish at a fine arts program!

She grumbles. Of course, my understudy in theater class, Salicina, sabotaged me with fleshwarping magic and twisted my form into what it is today. So, perhpa flourish is the wrong word.

In fact, Salcina is a famous actress now. I intend to invite her to a special party here at the manor once it's repaired to my liking. I shall reveal some DRAMATIC TRUTHS to her at that time as well. What do you think, sister? These tombs might make a nice necromancer's la-bore-atory. We could throw interesting dinner parties here at the manor, and we wouldn't have to pay the help.


You remove the brains from their jars and carry them to the family crypt, to the southern sarcophagi adorned with the names of Asethanna, Marney, and Mira, where you place the brains delicately in the open skulls.

Shade performs a traditional Desnan burial, and immediately upon concluding the ritual, a bone-chilling howl of frustration and pain fills the air as Ioseff’s ghost rises up from the ground!

Ioseff makes a move as if to attack Shade, but a tangle of long, spidery legs made of blood-red ectoplasm reaches up from the ground around him and pierces his ghostly body in a dozen places!

An immense set of toothy jaws rises up to swiftly close around him. Ioseff screams in agony as this ectoplasmic manifestation of Tchekuth consumes his soul, absorbs his memories, and then retreats back into the deep below!

The ectoplasm disappears from the walls as Tchekuth retreats back into the deep below, once again slumbering as long as the Void Mirror remains in place...


Phaedria oversees the restoration of the manor, hosting parties and galas and dramatic reveals as one might expect, but as time goes on, and word of the strange events that took place there spreads, the manor is visited by increasingly strange and sinister folk eager to have access to “the Xarwin legacy” for unmentioned research topics of their own.

Eventually, a small gathering of Desnans arrive to take over stewardship of the Cosmic Crypt. The Desnans offer the heir(s) of Xarwin manor free healing and spellcasting services for life if they’re allowed to remain as custodians. In time, the sect hopes to see the return of a much more positive force from Thassilon’s dying days— the return of the Order of the Starless Night!

Still... all of these outcomes only delay the inevitable, for as long as Tchekuth slumbers below, his threat remains…

Thus ends Malevolence! Thanks so much all for playing! Feel free to post and wrap up any scenes you would like. I’ll get chronicles sent out as soon as everyone has signed in!

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