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Game Master Watery Soup


This is an interest check thread for Q1: The Sandstone Secret.

To be clear, I haven't purchased the scenario yet, but I'm willing to squeeze this in before Gameday if there's interest.

If there's sufficient interest, I'll buy the scenario and turn it into a recruitment thread.

I'd be willing to join you in this journey

Especially with lots of people making new shinny character with their AcP I can't imagine not getting interest for this...

Also, sign me up.

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If there's room for a total PF2E noob in this adventure, then sign me up!

Horizon Hunters

Interested with a level 2 Rogue.

Grand Lodge

Level 1 bard or Level 2 druid. If it starts after the 30th, I'll also have a 2nd level something from the APG.

Verdant Wheel

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Oh me please. Level one Ranger with an awesome owl!

I have two options depending on if we think we'll be done by gameday.

A rogue and a ranger.

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Pirate Rob wrote:
Especially with lots of people making new shinny character with their AcP I can't imagine not getting interest for this...

Huh, I wouldn't have expected that. I thought the opposite - people would hold off making new characters until after the APG came out. Shows how much I know!

All the better for me, I'll buy the quest and set a recruiting deadline for tomorrow afternoon, and try to start late this week.

I'm not participating in Gen Con so I have no special time restrictions this weekend.

LOL, okay, not a great start for me ... I just realized this scenario is repeatable. I was wondering why so many people hadn't played it!

Okay, since this is repeatable and there's 6 of you who posted already (RePete, Pirate Rob, Diaz Ex Machina [new players are very welcome!], Mylow, roll4initiative, and Meadow), you're all in. I will consider making a second run in August and will draw from anyone else who posts here.

I'll get Gameplay and Discussion up, but the rate limiting factor will be me prepping the scenario at this point.


Diaz, I can help answer any questions you have in Discussion. I see that you've played PF1 and you've played PbP, so can I assume you're new to PF2 but don't need basics on what an RPG is or what Pathfinder is?

Verdant Wheel

RePete Here

Sounds good GM Watery Soup. I suppose I should finalize my gear purchases then. :-P

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

I'll throw my name in the ring, as a new player.

When you get around to a later run, give me a ping if you will.
I need two quests to level one of my characters.

Apparently my prep won't be the rate limiting factor!

I see RePete in Gameplay and Pirate Rob in Discussion. Diaz has PMed me ...

Mylow, roll4initiative, and Meadow, please check in.

Grand Lodge

I'm not seeing tabs for gameplay, discussion, etc...

Grand Lodge

Tabs are showing now.

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You may need to refresh. When I created the thread, I didn't associate it with a campaign (because I wSn't sure it would go). Note the original link is to the individual thread (paizo.com/threads/...) and not the recruitment thread of a campaign (paizo.com/campajgns/...). The tabs only come up if the thread is associated with a campaign.

Radiant Oath

Interested if there is room.

Envoy's Alliance

If there's room

Silver Crusade

Also interested if there's room. Creating a tiefling witch who's Patron is the Night.

Envoy's Alliance

Withdrawing from recruitment, hope you all have a great time.

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