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Recruitment will run through 2/19/20

I am going to be running the first edition pathfinder module "Feast of Ravenmoor" via PBP here on the Paizo forums. Anticipated start date is February 24.

For decades, the tiny village of Ravenmoor has existed quietly on the upper reaches of the Lampblack River, far from the centers of civilization in Varisia. Linked to the outside world only by an overgrown, mostly forgotten trail, the villagers are comfortable with their isolation. Their ways are humble, quaint, and at times odd, and when travelers come, they find the town awkward and unmemorable. Certainly, the lack of a village inn, the oppressive humidity, and the bug-infested moors and swamps that surround the village do little to encourage visitors. When a clerk in the city of Magnimar discovers that, due to a clerical error, the village of Ravenmoor hasn’t paid taxes in years, a tax collector is sent to the distant community to settle accounts with its mayor. When the tax collector fails to return, however, a group of adventurers must travel to the town during its Founders’ Feast celebration to investigate his disappearance. Did he really make off with the taxes for himself, as the villagers suspect? Or did he never make it out of Ravenmoor at all?"

I know running a single module is less common than AP's - but I have a good reason! I have been DM/GMing for decades and have run probably close to two dozen full campaigns from level 1- various high levels. However I am pretty much a noob at pbp. I have read a lot of campaigns to get a feel for them but have yet to run one. I am going to start with this module to get a feel for the medium and learn some of the tricks of the trade. If all goes well, after I finish this module I will consider committing to something larger like an AP.

Because this is a shorter module I dont need a 1-20 build or 4 pages of character background.

I will be looking for 4-6 players

Characters will start at 3rd level.

Anything paizo published is allowed, its a shorter game and I am less worried about anything being really broken at low levels in this format. That said if I see a concept that looks really unbalancing I will let you know.

20 point buy.

Average wealth for 3rd level.

No third party material - hard rule. I am learning this format, I dont want to have to reference a bunch of rules I dont know already also.

In terms of background, just give me a basic overview of who your character is. General temperment, interesting quirks, values, etc. You are welcome to write up as much history as you want but the reality of a module is I am probably not going to work in that nefarious villain who slew your family and set you down this path 10 years ago. Feel free to be brief.

In terms of posting rate, I would like this module to move along at a good clip. A single post per day is an absolute minimum but really I am going to expect multiple posts per day most often.

I look forward to playing with you!

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I am interested. Will we receive a PFS Chronicle sheet for this module?

I made a character for a Ravenmoor game that died, years ago, so this interests me. I'm not sure I could post multiple times a day, though.

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Id like to join this. Im thinking at the moment of a Half Elven Paladin.

I am interested. I will probably be doing a half-orc rogue/fighter build.

I'm still editing some minor stuff, but here is Lash Vaeledi

Liberty's Edge

In terms of background, just give me a basic overview of who your character is. General temperment, interesting quirks, values, etc. You are welcome to write up as much history as you want but the reality of a module is I am probably not going to work in that nefarious villain who slew your family and set you down this path 10 years ago. Feel free to be brief.

so My Character would be Randal Tullmoor. Half Elven Paladin. From Korvosa. Father was an Elf Noble. Mother a member of House Jeggare. The Elven noble had an illicit affair with the Lady...(Lady Sereena Tullmoor---her husband Lord Jadrin Tullmoor. the secret was kept as quiet as could be and they sent him off to the Temple of Saranrae for training as quick as they could to keep him out of the courtly intrigue. Randal didnt learn of the difference in his elven heritage til he was in his teens. he just thought he was As soon as he could he left Korvosa to 'right wrongs' and stay away from the shame of his family....)

This is the initial stuff. Ill add more as we go. How he got from 1st to 3rd.

I’d like to submit my Thassilonian specialist Transmuter for consideration.

I’ve got the information you are asking for at the bottom of the profile, GM. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for the consideration.

azjauthor wrote:

I am interested. Will we receive a PFS Chronicle sheet for this module?

I havent ever been involved with PFS. If anyone really wants a chronicle for this I can look into the process but no guarantees.

Thank you everyone for the submissions so far! I am reading through them and will let you know if I have questions / concerns.

I’d love a chronicle, if you were able to suss out how to get them for us.

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I'd love a chronicle, but am interested either way.

My character would be Kothrin Shadowstone, a Dwarven Spiritualist. Kothrin is a simple glassworker, but when his adventurer older brother died, his spirit got bound to him. He basically adventures to keep the spirit at bay until he can find a way to put it to a peaceful rest. His adventuring has mostly been jobs for the Pathfinder Society.

I'll stat the character up if you're okay with the concept. Thanks!

Here is my entry, I see I'm not the only one who thought of Saranrae. If we're both selected we could tie that together.

If you feel like reporting it for PFS credit I'm happy to help. Its pretty straightforward to issue chronicles, and Its not something you have to worry about it for a long time.

Not being able to pick avatars is really not great...

Oh, I forgot to add that I haven’t done any shopping yet. I can bang that out ASAP if chosen, however.

I looked into chronicles and it shouldnt be any problem. So yes anyone playing will get one.

Is it to late to get in on this? I will be able to post several times a day and might have a character good to go(need to check all my profiles, haven't been active in about 5 years or so).

This is Mathpro, if your still accepting people I'd like to submit this character for your consideration.

Keeping recruitment open through tomorrow. Get those characters in!

I'm interested in this but I have a question. If you're going to be giving out chronicles do the characters need to be society characters or are you doing campaign mode(I don't know if that's a thing with modules)?

Thanks Callous!

I thought this alies was level 3 but according to the profile details its still the level 1 sheet so I'm working on leveling her up. Will let you know when she's done. Her background will be staying the same though.

There she is all updated with a background. I hope to get chosen for this but I understand I came late to the game. She just seems like she would be a blast to play.

Eggellis here. Going to submit Grigore here. He is a cartomancer warlock(which is a witch but warlock sounds cooler). Stats are in profile.

Grigore's family has been fortune tellers for a generations. As Varisians the Harrow cards hold a special place for them. Not too long ago Grigore caught the attention of some Sczarni thugs who wanted to see the future before their nefarious dealings. Instead, Grigore skipped town and decided to try adventuring instead.

Grigore is a friendly fellow, most of the time. He has an easy laugh and enjoys talking to people. When performing a reading however, he is intense and can be a bit intimidating.

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Im going to back out. I dont like the idea of doing a full character until Im approved. I put a lot of work into them.

I think that leaves us with 4 characters... which is perfect.

so Grigore, Faunra, Mathiel, Lash

Reasonably balanced. Should work great for this adventure.

I am going to get the adventure set up and will get a discussion page put up soon. Feel free to make last minute tweaks and ask any questions you may have. My plan is to start gameplay towards the beginning of next week.

Thanks for signing up to play everyone!

Thanks for the opportunity.

If you could connect the gameplay threads that is very useful for adding it to our campaign tab via dot and delete.

I’m really hoping that I can pick an avatar for this guy soon. Any updates from Paizo on that?

Um, I submitted this character, as well.

I look forward to playing with you all.

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Sorry Amyia you were on my list and then I accidentally ommited you.

We will go with 5 characters!

Question for Faunrel and/or Lash....would either of you be interested in Enlarge Person buffs? Looking for my level 1 Transmutation bonus spells, and I’ll take EP if either of you would want that buff.

Although I’m a dex build, the benefits of enlarge outweigh the penalty, so you could cast it on me

I actually already have enlarge person on my list if you wanted to get something else. Or I could swap since you're a transmuter.

Mathiel, with combat reflexes, may be interesting enlarged with a reach weapon. We’re here to redeem you, with extreme prejudice.

Okay, since I get two bonus spells each level, I’ll take the Enlarge Person duo so I can help out any of you three needing it.

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