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John Billings Bryant wrote:

As you wish.

Also, good luck with your difficult decision, and good luck to my fellow applicants.

I was fully prepared to get rickrolled

Here is my level up information:

Skills Added:
6class+1intelligence+1favored+1 background = 9 Total
+1 Escape Artist
+1 Knowledge Arcana
+1 Knowledge Local
+1 Knowledge Planes
+1 Knowledge Religion
+1 Perception
+1 Spellcraft
+1 Use Magic Device

+1 Background - Perform Wind

HP Added:
Average+1 for d8: 5+2= +7

Saves Increased:
+0 +2 +2
+4 vs bardic performance, sonic, and language-dependent effects (from well-versed)

BAB +1

Versatile Performance (Wind - Diplomacy, Handle Animal)

+1 1st-Level spell cast per day
+1 0-Level Spell Known (Mage Hand)
+1 1-Level Spell Known (Liberating Command)

Good luck everyone. I do not envy the work you have to go through now to pick someone, @Oblivion's Scion!

According to George P. Landow, nearly 3/4s of British population never handled Pound coins or paper money used for larger denominations. Britons likely had coin purses with a small number of pennies that would be used for simple things, and the rest would be in banks.

For that reason, I would vote that the money system should remain vague. If a player is buying some ale at a pub, it'd be such a small amount of cost anyways that they need not record the change on their sheet, and if an item they would want be a large amount--say to buy a horse or expensive carriage--it would be done through the bank and with creditors that often worked like a modern-day bar's "tab" system. Often, expenses were run through these creditors who would slowly add onto charges as debt and then would extract lump sums from that person's bank to pay them (as far as I've seen in my minimal research on the subject).

Oblivion's Scion wrote:
SmooshieBanana What?! You want to simplify the Imperial monetary system down to Base 10?! That is sacrilege!!!! Hahaha, but yes, that was one of my thoughts - the monetary structure of the Victorian Era had evolved from a multi-tiered structure and was admittedly a bit chaotic.

I know, right? I think the game can still use bobs or half-sovereigns if wanted, but for the character sheets, it could just be in base 10 for a log of what you have.

@Oblivion's Scion: Did you by chance have a chance to look at the equipment section on my character sheet at the bottom? I put a note for you concerning money/wealth. It may or may not be relevant as to how you want to have things.

(Pretty sure I got everyone) Updated list. Submission deadline May 22

Fully Submitted:
Ellioti - Garidan Hemlock - Seeker Oracle
Giant Halfling - Azadi Freeman - Antiquarian Investigator/VMC Bard
Helaman - Jack Cannon - Dreadnaught, Invulnerable Rager Barbarian/ Brawler
Hubaris - Doctor Rupert Locke - Dreamstalker Mesmerist
Jagael - William Westford - Human Occultist
Javell DeLeon - Jakob Jones - Brawler
Sarah 'queen' B. - Lucia Wriothesly - Phantom Thief Unchained Rogue
Simeon - Richard Farthington - Occultist/ Inspired Blade Swashbuckler
Smooshiebanana - Scarlet Grey - Inspired Swashbuckler/Tactician Fighter
Vrog Skyreaver - Atherton Beaumont - Warlord Fighter

Idea/Dice roll submitted:
Decimus Observet - Peter Caffrey (no crunch yet?)
FangDragon - Inquisitor? Alchemist?
Fighting Chicken - Two concepts. White-haired witch or barbarian/ranger mix
Harakani - Alchemist?
Profession Smith 6 ranks - Bard
Swordwhale - Possibly UC Rogue or Hunter?
The Lobster - Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy Crossbloodedrager

Those who rolled/dotted:
Cuàn - no decided class yet/no rolls yet, but background formulated
Nikolaus de'Shade
Viviana Masters - Spirit Dancer Medium maybe?

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Updated list

Fully Submitted:
Ellioti - Garidan Hemlock - Seeker Oracle
Helaman - Tiny - Dreadnaught, Invulnerable Rager Barbarian/ Brawler
Hubaris - Doctor Rupert Locke - Dreamstalker Mesmerist
Jagael - William Westford - Human Occultist
Simeon - Richard Farthington - Occultist/ Inspired Blade Swashbuckler
Smooshiebanana - Scarlet Grey - Inspired Swashbuckler/Tactician Fighter
The Archlich - Arthorius Ravenholdt - Snakebite Striker Brawler, Ex-soldier current train conductor (Just needs background)
The Fox - Sierra Sunset - Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger/Paladin
Vrog Skyreaver - Atherton Beaumont - Warlord Fighter

Idea/Dice roll submitted:
Black Dow - Mutagenic Mauler Brawler (that rhymes), probably with ties to Edward Hyde (aka Dr. Henry Jekyll)
FangDragon - Inquisitor? Alchemist?
Fighting Chicken - Two concepts. White-haired witch or barbarian/ranger mix
Harakani - Alchemist?
Profession Smith 6 ranks - Bard
Swordwhale - Possibly UC Rogue or Hunter?
The Lobster - Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy Crossbloodedrager

Those who rolled/dotted:
Cuàn - no decided class yet/no rolls yet, but background formulated
Decimus Observet
Javell DeLeon
Nikolaus de'Shade

Summary of unanswered questions for GM:
Doctor Rupert Locke: What is your opinion on the Nagaji Mesmerist FCB? It adds +1/5th of a HD limit to your Mental Potency ability, allowing spells like Sleep and Deep Slumber to stay more relevant.
Ellioti: will there be magical traps aka do we need Trapfinding in the group?
and can you link to the armor rules? I once read them, but I don't remember where they were. (are these them?--provided by hubaris)
Hubaris: I'm assuming Medicine in the background sections refers to heal correct?

There is a discrepancy with the Elephant in the Room being discussed you may wish to read over and decide how you want it in your campaign.

Wonderful. These answers make me want to play even more!

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So far we have:

Fully submitted:

Hubaris - Doctor Rupert Locke - Dreamstalker Mesmerist (mentioned he is mostly complete except profile)
Smooshiebanana - Scarlet Grey - Inspired Swashbuckler/Tactician Fighter
The Fox - Sierra Sunset - Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger/Paladin

Idea/Dice roll submitted:

FangDragon - Inquisitor? Alchemist?
Profession Smith 6 ranks - Bard
Swordwhale - Possibly UC Rogue?
Vrog Skyreaver - Gunslinger (Ethan from Penny Dreadful type)

Those who rolled/dotted:
Javell DeLeon
Decimus Observet
Ellioti - oracle perhaps?
Fighting Chicken
Helaman - Many, many options, no decision yet :P
The Lobster
The Archlich
William Westford

Summary of unanswered questions for GM:
Hopefully this helps, and hopefully, I didn't miss anyone.
SmooshieBanana: Women in real history were looked at more like property and were fighting for their rights in those days. Women with unique passions and personalities had begun to pop up in a more common sense. Do you want this element in play, or have women already become equals with men? I'm just trying to get a viewpoint of my background and her personality.

You say this game is starting in London? In real-world history, London during this period was a center of world travel. Is it possible to be from one of the British Territories or from across the sea from somewhere or even the orient? I am primarily asking for other people as my concept comes from Britain.

Swordwhale: How about just removing spellcasting without adding anything in return? (concerning hunter class)

Fangdragon: GM I appreciate your planning on a low magic campaign but I assume there is some magic. I wonder how do you plan to deal the fact ordinary folks probably assume it doesn't exist? Urban fantasy books (Dresden, Alex Versus, Rivers of London) have a few ideas that might be interesting. Perhaps it's super rare or maybe there's a Whitehall department devoted to covering it up?

What about alchemy? In the Rivers of London books there was an Oxford university social club called The Little Crocodiles and some of the members were taught magic rsthy unofficially. Could similar exist for alchemy?

Helaman How 'ethnic' is appropriate? (ties into my question)

Here is my submission for your campaign. Let me know if there are changes you desire me to make. I've kept it mostly natural.

Scarlet Grey - Inspired Swashbuckler 2/ Tactician Fighter 1

Another question, concerning Inspired Blade Swashbuckler. If feat taxes from Elephant are on, would the Inspired Penache apply to Light weapons? Could I potentially use daggers instead of a rapier?

Set 1:
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 2) + 6 = 11
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 1) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 6) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 3) + 6 = 11
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 1) + 6 = 8

Set 2:
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 2) + 6 = 9
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 6) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 4) + 6 = 16
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 2) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 5) + 6 = 16
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 4) + 6 = 15
I am interested! I do have some questions though.

Women in real history were looked at more like property and were fighting for their rights in those days. Women with unique passions and personalities had begun to pop up in a more common sense. Do you want this element in play, or have women already become equals with men? I'm just trying to get a viewpoint of my background and her personality.

You say this game is starting in London? In real world history, London during this period was a center of world travel. Is it possible to be from one of the British Territories or from across the sea from somewhere or even the orient? I am primarily asking for other people as my concept comes from Britain.

I was thinking of playing a daughter of a British retiree from the service. Her father, a retired Lieutenant Colonel actively raced horses in the Bedouin Desert races and lived there for some time. He was recently found dead. Mysterious circumstances. His daughter, a native of London who also was educated there, lived with him for a long period in the desert. While in London, she studied under botanists, historians, martial artists, and various other realms of study and took up the charge to figure out who her father's murderer was.

Upon her reviewing his body, she was determined that it was not caused by anything explainable, however, evidence suggests that humans were involved to some degree--humans tied to a cult back in London who likely killed her father for his past allegiances to their secret society. She was hot on their trail for many months and then the leads went cold. After must struggle, she found the cult and had them arrested, but it opened her up to a world of clues and strange oddities that she had never seen before, and would drive lesser women mad. That is where I would start in.

I am considering playing a fighter with perhaps some multiclass dips as my first few levels. The flavor of her class build will be an investigator with some fighting capability.

I also alternatively have an alchemist, Angelique, if that is more helpful to the campaign.

Raziel Drakan wrote:
Just dropping by to say Raziel is an Eldritch Scoundrel - so there is 'some' Arcane in the group :P

Are you sure he isn't just a scoundrel? :P

Anyways, here is my submission, Pelipe, based on whether this is still open to others.

I would like to join. I can make a scrollmaster wizard.

I personally am feeling frustrated, but I'm safe. I've worked in healthcare a long time, as has my mother. It's hard to see people you care about helpless, and worse seeing my mother have to work and care for people with the virus because the masks fit her face. She's high risk because she's over 60, and so I'm not too pleased when I see people acting like this is a joke. I've had to step back from social media because I was just getting livid with people.

I had a character (can't recall his actual name), who used a modified fumble chart. Rolls of 20-6 were treated as normal, rolls of 5-2 were a fumble of a minor variety, and rolls of 1 were a critical fumble. He was a paladin who started off normally, but by the second adventure, people called him "fumbles." This was because his beautiful full-plate armor was covered with pink paint after he fumbled into a painter's cart. He was eventually blinded by rolling a 1 and had to be helped around. He had a limp after falling off a cliff, and much much more.

Each time he would fail, people in the group would feel so horrible because they knew he would be all the more messed up. They formed an ultra-protective bond with him to keep him safe, but he was really fun to play.

The first actual, non-humorous, character would be my character Elann, who was rescued by the group I played with. She was just a sweet character who was essentially a commoner with seer-like abilities, caught up in this adventure of horror and dangers. It was mentally hard for her to deal with many of the things that the other characters were so easy seeing. For example, the party fought a choker beast, that knocked unconscious our monk, but after it was defeated, the party moved on like it was nothing. Elann, however, had nightmares of being choked for weeks. It made it fun for the party to keep her in mind, and because she was the healer, they really watched out for her mental state--oftentimes lying about potentially deadly things to keep her sane.

The Tiefling was cursed with a Geas/Quest by a powerful mage to do something in the swamp, and so now you had to fulfill that for him or perish. In your experience, you learned some basics of lizardom/humanity.

You could "be" that sorcerer but don't remember, as you lost your memory since you lost brain mass. In random moments as you two have merged you may have "instincts" on how to do things. For example, you may act like an amnesiac. You may not know what a fork is, but you can pick one up and use it properly. Or you may be passing someone on the street and say, "Hey Carl", and they would look at you like you are some monster, and you have no idea who Carl is.

Perhaps the Tiefling was trying to find something for a demon, and so whatever powers the demon blessed the tiefling with, now you are subject to. However, the demon previously dealt with this wimpy guy you ate before, now he's dealing with a Croc! Rawr!

As a free option, you can do this on Google Drawings with GIMP. You will have to know how to work layers though and blend them. Then you just take sections of other maps and blend them together to make what you want.

I would say:
A scroll of Summon Monster 1 (CL3) to pop around spellcasters in the back or to occupy enemies that are at a location you can't get to, such as archers.

A scroll of Animal Aspect for the otter/raptor/treelizard movement speeds if needed

I personally like Blood Money for costly spells that you rarely use.

Disable Construct as well as other construct-affecting spells are important to have on hand just in case due to their immunities.

I would buy a glyph of warding scroll and put it on a guardian gorget.

You may want some invisibility purge, glitterdust and remove curse/blindness/deafness scrolls as well.

You would also be surprised at how often you can do awesome things with a discern next of kin scroll

Thanks for letting us know.

Also, the avatar system is back up if you were missing a face everyone.


Tiessa wrote:

Okay, good news is that I convinced the CTO to fund the project that will make us $30 million a year. Bad news is my brain is fried and I will need to finish the story tomorrow and submit it then.

Thank you for your patience.

I know what that's like, unfortunately. It's very hard to prove such usage of funds--especially in the millions. I've seen all the backup/proof/science be there and then they just have a gut feeling not to go with it and they don't make that money, along with all your hard work down the drain. I'm glad you got it. Good job! Can't wait to see what you come up with with your character.

Maybe consider:


U.Rogue with your next level dipping into Urban Barbarian for a boost to dex
Str 8
Dex 16
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 12

If you don't care about being a face and just want to be a damage dealer, you could go:
Str 7
Dex 18
Con 16
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 7

First Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting.
Second Feat: Weapon Focus Kukri (U.Barbarian will give you proficiency. Up until then use daggers, and after you get barbarian dip, use the daggers for ranged weapons at first round of combat for sneak attack).

Get an Eclipse Spell Continual flame cast on an item (usually a basic ioun stone) and you have a field of permanent dim light and you with darkvision for a little over 100gp. Throw it into a springloaded sheath and pop it out at the beginning of combat as a swift action to your hand and release. Go to town.

Take Intrepid Volunteer trait for using dex toward Dirty Trick and pick that up as a rogue talent.

With the above, you should get sneak attack for any creature without darkvision, and with Underhanded Trick Rogue Talent, that should cover everyone else. If you need more opportunity, here's a list to help you get additional sneak attack damage.

Enemy is blind
Enemy is climbing
Enemy is cowering
Enemy is crossing narrow surface/uneven ground (causes flat-footed)
Enemy is feinted
Enemy is flanked
Enemy is flat-footed
Enemy is helpless
Enemy is paralyzed (causes helpless)
Enemy is pinned (causes flat-footed)
Enemy is running
Enemy is squeezing
Enemy is stunned
Enemy is unconscious (causes helpless)
Rogue is invisible
Rogue is using stealth

You may want to consider getting a familiar and heading down the Weapon Expertise feat line to get Gang Up. You would need to either increase your Int for that or get a headband of vast intellect eventually. If you do, pick up House of Green Mothers Pupil trait to fulfill the iron will prerequisite to Familiar Bond Feat.

I would advise you to take the amphibious racial feature. There is a distinct advantage in dragging someone underwater who can't breathe, as well as using it to escape if need be.

Alternatively, perhaps the acid spit would be nice. You could do lots of creative hijinks with that if bound with rope or if you really don't like someone and you've been disarmed.

In a party with a cleric or someone capable of casting create water, you can spread the amount created over 3 times the distance in the form of rain. If you take the watersense trait, it doesn't say you have to be underwater--just connected to the same body of water. That could come in handy against invisible creatures for you.

Your kind GM may let you take all three if you ask nicely.

Sebecloki wrote:

How much time do we have for recruitment.

I didn't see that in the original post, but it seems like a couple of people have mentioned Thursday?

It is in Miner Cotren's first post after the short story and greetings to new potential players (not in a spoiler). It mentions a week or possibly less. Also to turn in character concepts sooner rather than later, which you've all been working on. :)

I've personally been finding most of my information in the campaign section, but it seems like you've already looked through those spoiler sections from the sounds of things. Just in case you or someone else hadn't seen it, there is the link.

Miner Cotren wrote:
Planning on posting more on Undine society, as well as this particular village, tonight.

Sounds great. Any additional information can be useful!

Here is my submission: Nempura Babblebrook

I will put together an Undine Bard Watersinger.

Great! Sounds good. Thanks for the communication either way.

Ryze Kuja wrote:
And also, what kind of player isn't frothing at the mouth waiting to hear the GM say those words "EVERYONE ROLL INITIATIVE!" It's like a wave of euphoria and adrenaline that instantly energizes everyone at the table, and it's the main reason to play the game: to get into combat and kill something.

Hah, for my players at least, some love the roleplaying aspect of the game, some lean more toward the combat side of things, but they all love rolling dice.

When a person can't have the common decency to pay attention (by cellphone distraction), or they are flighty (a.d.d.), there should be appropriate consequences. To the cellphone user, no mercy imo. Have people start entering into combat, and tell them flat out (when they eventually notice) that because they didn't roll, they don't get to go. Their turn is skipped. If they want to have a turn, pay attention when you ask them to roll their dice. If they have a problem with that, they can leave the table. If it is their turn and they are on their phone and you call out their turn to go and they don't listen, skip again. Sooner or later they'll get it and start behaving like courteous humans.

As for the easily distracted person in their own thoughts, I will have mercy, and will usually call them out asking specifically for their initiative so they snap to attention. This has worked flawlessly at my table. You can always tell when they are in lalaland.

I know this subject has been breached on this website in the forums, however, the discussed matter didn't sit well with me. I wanted to pose a thought:

Wildblooded (Umbral) states that it "replaces the shadow bloodline arcana", it does not say, "alters bloodline" or "replaces bloodline".

Here is my point. It is not altering bloodline arcana in relation to the Crossblooded ability which states that you get to choose two bloodline arcanas. The ability states, "A crossblooded sorcerer gains the bloodline arcana of both her bloodlines." Therefore, the target isn't the bloodline arcana, but the bloodline.

Since wildblooded isn't altering the bloodline to be something different (you are still a shadow bloodline), the arcana will still work together with the crossblooded. What are your thoughts?

Unfortunately Arcane Bond is replaced 1st level of the Scrollmaster or I definitely would!

Plus, the point of being a scrollmaster would be, I think, to make super cheap lowest level possible scrolls and use my CL to cast them. I may do this on a different wizard build though!

If anyone wants to establish more backstory or whatnot, you can feel free to message me. I check pretty regularly. If you also want, I have a discord id I can give out.

Hopefully today?

Here is one to consider


Standard Aasimar (Variant reroll for daylight spell)
Stargazer (Life) Oracle 1/Enlightened Paladin 2/Lore Warden(PFSFG) Fighter 1-17
14 12 14 8 16 14
Take Fey foundling 1st level and Powerless Prophecy revelation (for uncanny dodge)
3rd Extra Revelation (Channel energy)
4th level go fighter. Take snake style
5th take guided hand and channel smite

I prefer using a falchion. It's a pretty nasty class. Especially once you start taking skill focus and alterness to boost your snake style.

Traits: Anxious (Drawback), Magical knack (oracle), Vigilant Battler, Wisdom in the Flesh (acrobatics)

Alternate racial traits: Exalted Resistance, scion of humanity.

Items: Adamantium keen falchion, belt of mighty constitution, daredevil softpaws boots, handy haversack, headband of inspired wisdom, potions of bull strength, cloak of resistance, saliharion for your monster identification. Wand of Divine Weapon.

Great saves. Great BAB, decent skills. Backup healer. Can't be flat footed to lose snake style and gets a bonus versus feign.

Use the divine fighting technique (Way of hunger). Use a Scythe and get lots of temp HP.

Then I use celestial rage power line to gain extra healing. I also have fey foundling. So a cure light wounds spell can heal me for tons of HP. You will drop quickly, but will be right back up on top with minimal healing.

Constitution should be one of the higher stats you have with this build, so your fortitude should be high already. Have the cleric put a death ward spell on you and you should be fine.

I suppose though in reading it again, it only gives another attack, not another action (i.e. standard action). Oh well.

Oh, perhaps I'm mistaken, as I don't often get to play in high-level campaigns, but I thought when--due to your high bab--you got another action per round. Is that only for physical attacks? I thought it applied as well to casting standard action spells. At 12th level, through BAB, my attacks would be +6/+1.

I've never banned anything from my tables. If someone had a stupidly powerful build, I've never found a way to not hit one of their weaknesses. Typically high AC builds may not have thought about CMD, or what a feint can do, or touch AC. Is their will save high? Could they end up fighting their own party? There is usually something versus even the most strong build on your table.

I also am not out to absolutely kill my players. I am there to let them have freedom with fun and fairness for all parties involved. If the martial monster my player made is decimating everything in combat, maybe have my other players experience their strengths in other ways, not on the battlefield so they feel like they are succeeding in their own realms. For example, my Kalashtar in Eberron 3.5 was never close to as good as the wizard or barbarian, but that guy had diplomacy of 38 and a cooking skill in the 30s. He ended up cooking for royalty and made more money than anyone. That supplemented his failure in combat for the ability to buy magical items for himself to make him on par in combat.

If there are summoner issues with multiple summons, start handing out fireballs. Easy.

I disagree with banning evil builds in a good campaign. I just require that they play evil (selfish) rather than evil (murderous). I also require that they have a need and desire to be part of the party. Usually, this can be done in the backstory.

Oops, that's what I meant. Spring-loaded scroll case, not sheath.

So I could have 2-3 dangling from my belt for the many scrolls I would have. For my full-round action, I could pop a scroll out, and use both actions for spells on the same scroll. That makes sense to me.

What I'm struggling with is what if one spell I want to use is on one scroll and the second is on another? If that is the case, I would need to use another swift action to produce the second scroll. I could free action drop the first scroll and have my unseen servant reload it into the scroll case as his full-round action, and then I would read off the second scroll. Would that work?

So I am contemplating a Scrollmaster build at level 12. I love the ability to be a primary scroll caster. My problems with it are this: You only get one move action. At 12th level, I can do two standard actions, but only one of them I can use a scroll with as I only have 1 move action to use to pull one forth.

My way around this currently is to use an unseen servant. Have his turn go before mine, and command him to pull whatever two scrolls I want to use for my turn. Have him use his actions to hand them to me, and therefore I have it as a free action, right? Then I could use two scrolls per turn, cast at my level and intelligence mod, plus I still have a move action if needed. Does this work?

I had to go this route because Quick Draw doesn't allow me to pull items such as wands or scrolls quickly, and spring-loaded sheaths would only hold one scroll per arm. While I would still use these, as well as a Handy Haversack, I want a free/swift action to have these scrolls in my hand on my turn to cast.

Are there any downsides to this? Is there a better method?

Oh wow cool, Lung Shanyang

Although I’m a dex build, the benefits of enlarge outweigh the penalty, so you could cast it on me

Good luck to everyone. Can't wait to find out either way.

I think since we have melee covered, I'm going to swap mine out for a different character and go with Piella, who will be going into illusionist.

Congrats, Wilrin.

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Here is mine for final review.

So to summarize, we have submitted:
Origami Dog -- Shiro Heida (Human Ninja)
The Archlich -- Xi Fong/The Huli Jing (Kitsune Vigilante-Teisatsu)
SamuraiNitta -- Farukon Sora (Human Gunslinger-Black Powder Vaulter)
Axolotl -- Lung Shanyang (Human Inquisitor-Living Grimoire)
Smooshiebanana -- Scarlet Nakamara (Human Samurai-Yojimbo)
Trscroggs -- Feathers of the Night (Tengu Swashbuckler)

And a couple of others who have dotted interest.

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