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I'll pass on the rolling then.

I present to you, Yulia Mulberry, the pint-seized Aasimar. She will be a Feral Striker and Wild Child Brawler. Her animal companion is a wolf she has found since arriving in Longacre. The companion will get statted if I get selected.

The image will be swapped out.

Born as the first child of Missy Mulberry, chambermaid and slave to 5 year old Narissa Leroung, youngest daughter of the University of Egorian's current headmaster. As a result she belonged to Narissa even when she was still a baby and it was she who named her. The girl adored Yulia and only the insistence by her own parents stopped her from keeping Yulia with her at all times as a sort of living doll.
When Yulia was old enough to sit up and later walk Narissa started to treat her more like a baby sister and they'd play for hours. Sometimes though, when Yulia, still a toddler, accidentally broke something her mother had to rush in to protect her child from Narissa's tantrums.

As both girls grew older their dynamic changed. Narissa soon considered herself too old to play with the younger Yulia so she suddenly ended up in the servant's quarters with the children of servants and other house slaves. This was a tough period for her as the other children picked on her, jealous of the apparent luxury she had lived in.
Eventually Yulia managed to find Narissa again, presenting her many bruises to the older girl. Enraged by this Narissa had several of the other children whipped and moved Yulia back to her own quarters. While this further increased the resentment the other halflings held for her Yulia did not care, she had achieved what she set out to do when inflicting the bruises upon herself.

Once Yulia reached puberty their dynamic changed once more, but this time there was no way to properly deal with it.
While all children change when they hit their teenage years Yulia's changes were far more profound for it wasn't just maturation but for the first time her actual heritage started to show. While most halflings start to grow hair on their feet at this age Yulia started sprouting hair in other places as well. The hair on her head grew into a thick, blonde mane with hair of the same color forming tufts on her ears and even extending down her back . At the same time her eyes changed to be more feline and on both her hands and feet the nails became claw-like. The final, finishing touch was when her teeth sharpened, canines becoming elongated and she grew an accompanying appetite for raw meat.
All these changed happened over a course of a mere two weeks, and while she could hide the initial changes eventually it became impossible. When Narissa first saw what her friend and slave had become she ran for her father, screaming.

When the Narissa and her father, an accomplished scholar of the Outer Planes, returned they found Yulia sobbing in a corner of the room. Upon hearing the story from both his own daughter and Yulia he took a still crying Yulia by the hand and dragged her off, leaving his own daughter both confused and saddened.

Yulia was brought to the university where several bright minds quickly came to the conclusion that she was an aasimar of agathion heritage, something they found highly comical. Celestial blood showing in the body of a lowly halfling was an oddity, that much they agreed upon, but then it was a bestial agathion that had mingled with the lower race. It was almost poetic.
The next few years Yulia spent as a curiosity and an object of study at the university and sometimes she was paraded in front of visiting dignitaries as some sort of exotic pet. She regularly lashed out at students that came to close or said nasty things, leaving them with nasty cuts or bite marks. Always their teachers laughed, scolding them for being stupid enough to be hurt by a feral creature and Yulia would spend the night stuffed in a small cage with nothing but water and stale bread.
Sometimes Narissa would come to visit her, much to her father's chagrin, and she'd bring her sweet treats and decent clothes. It was what made her life bearable. That and the dreams of vengeance upon those who kept her caged like an animal.

One night Narissa came hurrying to the pen they kept Yulia in. Her father had just told her that they'd dissect Yulia the next day as they were sure they had learned all they could with her alive and she was increasingly more dangerous to the students. Her father said he only told her because Yulia strictly still was her possession. Not wanting Yulia to die Narissa had decided she needed to escape. She had arranged for travel out of Egorian on a wagon owned by the company of the father of one of her suitors. It did mean she had to be stuffed in a crate for the duration of the trip but Narissa made sure there was enough food and water to make it to the wagon's destination.
SO that's what happened. Yulia was fed, clothed and given a bag of supplies. Outside the servant's entrance a young man was waiting with a wooden crate with holes punched into the sides and that still smelled of rabbits. Yulia went in and the crate was nailed shut. Yulia could just see Narissa placing a fleet kiss on the boy's cheek after he had lifted the crate onto the wagon. And so they went away from Egorian and to their destination in the countryside, a town called Longacre.

The questions:

1 - As written in the background, Yulia is in Longacre as that happened to be the destination of the trader she travelled with in her escape from Egorian.
2 - Narissa Leroung, youngest daughter of the University of Egorian's headmaster. Strictly speaking still her owner but actually more of a childhood friend.
3 - Killing as many of her tormentors (students and professors at the University of Egorian) as she can get her hands/claws on. She'll spare the headmaster out of love for Narissa.
4 - Yulia doesn't really fit in Longacre. She is a fairly recent arrival and tends to stick to the shadows, coming out at night to steal food while she figures out her next course of action.

Think I am not going to be able to make it on this one (besides which, you already have a monumental task in winnowing it down to 4-5 as it is) so I am going to withdraw. Good luck in your selection and everyone have fun!

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Submissions are now closed

The period for submitting characters is now closed. If I missed you in the below list, please let me know as soon as possible (both here in the messages and via PM).

I may be sending PMs with questions so please keep an eye out. As I get responses to those questions, I may wind up doing announcements on a rolling basis, but I'm going to try to do them all in one block so as to not unnecessarily draw this out. I will try to have announcements up later today or tomorrow, at which point I will ask people to report in to the Discussion thread.

In the meantime, I can tell you I've been trying to do preliminary assessments of all the submissions during the last few days. I am really amazed with the number of high quality submissions and fantastic players who have expressed interest. I'm glad I picked an AP that has a lot of interest in it and I'm also really touched to see some of the players from my old "tables" returning as well. It means a lot guys. This is an amazing community. I wish I could say "yes" to everyone.

Player -- Character Name -- Race -- Class
Anthorg -- Masin -- Human -- Alchemist (Vivisectionist)
Cellion -- Vivia Nens -- Human -- Bloodrager
Cuan -- Yulia Mulberry -- Aasimar (Halfling) -- Feral Striker
Cwethan -- Raziya Magaalye -- Half-Elf -- Oracle
Daedalus -- Alkorian Alzatarre -- Human -- Wizard (Diabolist)
Deevor -- Mosquitte -- Human -- Fighter
Delightful -- Ameliya Arvanxi -- Human -- Psychic
Delmoth -- Lily Tuvol -- Half-Orc -- Bloodrager
eriktd -- Malladonna -- Halfling -- Witch
Fighting Chicken -- Brogol Stockl -- Human -- Unchained Rogue (Sanctified Rogue)
Fox-Pantom -- Karik Blood-Drinker -- Dhampir -- Summoner
Grandlounge -- Deacon -- Halfling -- Inquisitor
Grumbaki -- Ingrid Foedottir -- Tiefling -- Feral Champion Warpriest
MrStr4ng3 -- Godvin -- Tiefling -- Sorcerer (Rakshasa)
Ouachitonian -- Bayard the Axeman -- Tiefling -- Bloodrager
Pathetic Wretch -- Eris Seven-veils -- Human -- Cleric
Patrick McDade -- Slink -- Halfling -- Witch
Patrickthekid -- Padma Uppali -- Human -- Investigator
Phntm888 -- Morvan Fellis -- Human -- Warpriest
rdknight -- Veda Northanger -- Changeling -- Alchemist (Vivisectionist / Chirurgeon)
Sarah Queen B -- Annalise Wykes -- Human -- Arcanist
Scorched One -- Vokrin -- Tiefling -- Wizard (Conjurer)
Simeon -- Alixus Vade -- Human -- Cleric of Asmodeus
SodiumTelluride -- Hallidan Regg -- Halfling -- Cleric
The Lion Cleric -- Malgorzata Jialli -- Human -- Brawler
TheArchlich -- Mashaka Lyra -- Changeling -- Cleric of Mestama
TheWaskally -- Jerax Hellfire -- Tiefling -- Antipaladin
Timeskeeper -- Cleonara -- Human -- Slayer
Vrog Skyreaver -- Alaric -- Human -- Mesmerist
Oblivion Scion -- no submission
Redac -- no submission
ToxicStar -- no submission
Veltharis -- no submission
zefig -- no submission
Emerald Duke -- withdrawn

Good luck everyone!

Grand Lodge

Yes, good luck. There are a lot of good builds. I will be looking through for inspiration.

Good luck folks! Tons of cool characters for Snowheart to sort through.

Many quality submissions, this will be a good campaign whatever the composition

Good luck to all! This will be a good group.

Good luck all!

Owner - Gator Games & Hobby

What a stack of great characters!

Good luck to the applicants - and good luck to Snowheart as you go through them all!

here we go!

May the odds be in everyone's favor!

Thanks for writing such awesome applications everybody! I'm enjoying reading them and wish we could all play together.

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Break a leg everyone!

...Please not your own...

Timeskeeper wrote:

Break a leg everyone!

...Please not your own...

*breaks random stranger's leg*

All in the spirit of an Evil campaign, of course.

Alright. Without further ado, here we are.

I am going to take a stab at running two tables, each with six, assuming one or two will be dropping out within the first month or two.

Dispater's Devils -- Check in on this discussion thread
Cellion -- Vivia Nens
Cwethan -- Raziya Magaalye
Grumbaki -- Ingrid Foedottir
Fighting Chicken -- Brogol Stockl
Fox-Pantom -- Karik Blood-Drinker
Pathetic Wretch -- Eris Seven-veils

Belial's Bastards -- Check in on the other discussion thread (link)
Delightful -- Ameliya Arvanxi
Delmoth -- Lily Tuvol
Patrick McDade -- Slink
rdknight -- Veda Northanger
Simeon -- Alixus Vade
TheWaskally -- Jerax Hellfire

If you're not in the above, I am sorry. This is the part of recruitment I hate, and for this AP in particular, as the quality was really incredible. Frequently things boiled down to something just as basic as rounding out a set of skills in the party. I thank you all for your time and interest and wish you the very best.

Congrats to all who got in!

And Jerax From Ileosa, give them Hell my friend!

Drat, foiled again! Congrats to those who got in.

...so, any aspiring GMs out here want to make a table (or two) from the unfortunates?

Timeskeeper wrote:

Congrats to all who got in!

And Jerax From Ileosa, give them Hell my friend!

Ileosa will be dearly missed.

Dark Archive

Congrats to all who were chosen.

Wish I could've pulled my concept together in time, but I tend to be a slow-burner at the best of times, and I didn't get as much time to brainstorm during the week as I'd hoped...

Congrats to those selected, and have fun folks!

Have fun all of you! I might lurker one of these games, if that's ok.


Congratulations, give them insidious insurgents a rough time!

Congratulations, everyone!

Oh shoot! Just when I decided to get back into Pathfinder, I miss out on this. Still good luck to all of you!

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