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I built a new character to submit for this, Zhandar. She's a Caydenite tiefling druid//magus focused on making potions and throwing things at her enemies. She's kind of like a Wisdom-based alchemist. She knows Professor Lorrimor from an encounter thirty years ago, and has come to Ravengro to learn more about the circumstances of his death. She doesn't know anything about her father, so it's possible she is somehow related to the other tieflings in the party.

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It usually takes longer for the Monty Python references to come out in a Pathfinder game! "Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as"-- look, I'll come in again. :)

GM Peachbottom wrote:

Eriktd (Lady Henrika):

Your character sheet looks good. Vexing Daredevil is an interesting modification of Mesmerist.
Under Lady Henrika's background and future goals, you have this continuing story with your uncle and Falchion Jack. Is that something you'd be looking for me to integrate into the main campaign? If so, I think I could make it workable.

If you want to, that might be fun-- or else it could just be something that goes on in the background that I write about occasionally. I don't want my goofy little theatre references to steal from the main focus of the campaign. :)

I downgraded Zelvin to 1st level. :)

(He's a Spellslinger wizard / Eldritch Archer magus, FYI!)

Hi Peachbottom! I have a character that I think is ready to submit, Lady Henrika Karthis. I will add a little bit about myself to her profile.

Aithaloessa Cyana wrote:
It was a rough weekend on my end - and not in a fun way, barring catching up with some reading with some brilliant, scathing satire - so I haven't had a chance to go through loot lists again.

I love satire! What were you reading, if I may ask?

Violant wrote:
Agh, I was about ready to post my character, but the stupid backtrack limit popped up.

I used to have a special Chrome Extension that would save what I typed in form fields, so that when that happened I could easily recover. But alas, then the extension stopped being supported and disappeared. Fortunately, I have since discovered that Firefox saves text in fields by default-- you just hit Back from the error message and it's all still there. Sometimes I have to switch between Chrome and Firefox since some pages elsewhere aren't supported by Firefox, but for the most part it's been a nice quality-of-life change as far as the Paizo boards go.

Here's my submission: Sister Zephra, a tiefling militant cleric of Pharasma who isn't very bright, but has a dagger to grind against the Whispering Way. She's got the Pass for Human trait just like everyone else, so she might not even be aware that she has an outsider heritage until someone brings it to her attention. In her background, I have written that she knows Professor Lorrimor, but she was held up and missed the funeral, so she could have just been hanging out in the town trying to figure out how her mentor died when she meets the party.

I'm putting together a tiefling cleric // fighter that I suspect will fit in with your group pretty well. :)

If the Marshal role is still available, I think Zsófia would be a great fit.

I've modified Zsófia Dobós for this campaign -- I've done all the stats, but I might need to adjust the background to bring her up to level 7 and explain better what she's doing here if you accept her. She's a Rostland Bravo swashbuckler and a Devoted Muse of Shelyn.

Ability rolls:

Roll 1: 5d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 5, 6, 1) = 16 = 14
Roll 2: 5d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 5, 5, 1) = 19 = 16
Roll 3: 5d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 3, 4) = 18 = 13
Roll 4: 5d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 6, 5, 5) = 24 = 16
Roll 5: 5d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 5, 3, 3) = 14 = 11
Roll 6: 5d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 1, 2, 3) = 10 = 8
Roll 7: 5d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 1, 6, 2) = 12 = 10

Seer of Shadows wrote:
I'm sure that trip to Edinburgh was informative! It certainly sounds like you had a great time there.

I didn't spend as much time at the university as I could have, since I was traveling with someone and we had other things to see that day, but it was definitely geeky and cool. The campus was such an eclectic blend of old and new, and I was very curious about what it would have been like there in the mid-1800s.

Seer of Shadows wrote:

I looked over Mary Adam Anderson and there are a few things I would like to touch on.

The ankou othersoul losing its taste for death and then playing 'games' with its targets that seem oddly reminiscent of old tales of the Grim Reaper is certainly ripe for exploitation down the line. Do you have any particular angles in mind with how you would like to see that played out?

Well, I was thinking that Mary's vigilante identity likes pursuing and catching prey, which is kind of like playing games, and Mary's social identity is primarily a doctor first, which means she has sworn an oath to do no harm. So their combined human influence on Mary's othersoul would be to kill only in certain circumstances, which I imagine would be very confusing to a grim reaper. There's probably a lot of Pratchett's early Death books mixed in there too. When your whole purpose is killing people, gaining a touch of humanity must be incredibly worrisome. But I can see that going a number of different directions: resentment (how dare this human make me question my role?), awe (this human is like a god, remaking me in her own image!), collaboration/abdication (you tell me what to do if you're so special), or even cruel obsession and retribution (I will punish you for doing this to me).

Honestly, though, I'm perfectly comfortable with the idea that the Othersoul is your purview, and you can do whatever you want with it. Like others, I am excited just to see what sounds cool to you play out.

Seer of Shadows wrote:
Poisons are not material components and, as such, are not covered under the material component clause. That said, I might be willing to work with you on a way to incorporate some those into your Curio since poisons are integral to your character and it might not always be practical to visit the Goblin Markets or go out of your way to find and harvest appropriate monsters.

Cool! Maybe we could do something with, like, recipes for poisons, where Mary doesn't start with any unnatural (non-mundane) poisons in her possession, and no knowledge of how to make them, but once she finds one through the course of play she can subsequently synthesize doses of it with the tools in her Curio or something like that?

Seer of Shadows wrote:
I'm quite interested in learning more about Mary's trips to that cabin, as that could provide a few interesting angles depending on the finer details of what went on there.

I purposely left it vague so that I could always fill in details later, like if she succeeds at a high Knowledge check she might suddenly recall having dissected a creature very similar to it. Likewise as a player I sort of shy away from thinking too carefully about what her vigilante identity might have done while it had possession of her body, because dread makes it much more frightening-- to know that something awful happened (or a spree of somethings) conveys what that part of her is capable of without needing to get into the specifics. It also will make it easier for me to play Mary's slow realization that she is a monster, and that ultimately she is helpless to stop herself. :)

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Going back through the thread, here are all the completed applications (so far) that I could find.

It looks like there's a lot of submissions that are close to being done, but I didn't see any posts that said they were ready. Apologies if I missed anyone!

Oswynn (Philo Pharynx), fey adept (Unseelie Disciple) // symbiat (Operative)

Lionel Ravenstone (Simeon), investigator (Cryptid Scholar/Natural Philosopher) // ranger (Trapper/Trophy Hunter)

C. Lysander Fitzroy, esq. (Ouachitonian), monk (Scaled Fist/Weapon Adept) // paladin (Virtuous Bravo)

Mary Adamson Anderson (eriktd), alchemist (Physician) // vigilante (Hidden Master)

Paddy O'Sullivan (Jereru), magus (Cabalist/Eldritch Archer/Hexcrafter) // legendary fighter (Runesinger)

I've made a few minor changes to Mary Adamson Anderson over the past few weeks, including a brief section about her Othersoul and her equipment. I'm hoping I've correctly interpreted the rules about material components as I applied them to poisons that she would like to synthesize with her alchemy tools once she gains the Regalia.

Also, I have to share: since I was recently in Edinburgh, I spent a delightful couple of hours in the university library researching the Edinburgh Seven and Mary in particular. I was unable to find a photograph or portrait, but the staff was extremely helpful and promised me that if I wrote to them once I got home they would continue my search much more thoroughly and scan and send to me anything they find. Something to look forward to if she is invited to join the game!

The Ainsworths have been married for years, correct, and don’t yet have any children? Is that something about which Bonnie and/or Duncan would have consulted a doctor specializing in “women’s medicine”? It seems like they might have been unsuccessful in their efforts so far, but I’m not sure how old Bonnie is. It might still be possible, or it might be that Bonnie required a medical procedure that left her unable to produce heirs. The doctor-patient relationship might have drawn them very closely together regardless of the outcome, though!

Seer of Shadows wrote:
Would this be a true possession by the fey in question or a particularly noteworthy case of the personality bleed I mentioned in one of the lore tabs where aspects of the Dreamwalker and their Othersoul's personalities can potentially bleed into each other, somehow having formed a whole other personality in her case?

What do you think would be most interesting? I had been thinking it was her othersoul manifesting early, but it could certainly be that she has internalized the faerie in question and it has become part of her personality. I had been thinking that mechanically she is unlikely to manifest her vigilante identity when she is not Dreamwalking, and that her social identity would probably become secondary or even “go to sleep” until the Dreamwalking is concluded. But I’m not sure exactly how Dreamwalking works, and maybe some other arrangement is better for gameplay. That said, it is interesting to consider that this other personality is literally a part of her that she doesn’t want to acknowledge as herself, using her newly acquired knowledge of the fey to avoid taking responsibility, so to speak. I don’t actually want to play a serial killer, at least not most of the time— I was thinking it would come out during combat and be sort of intensely personal in its horror. I wouldn’t want other players to worry that I might turn on them or anything like that.

I've finished my first pass at my submission. Meet Mary Adamson Anderson, a scholar and physician with extraordinary powers over the mind and body. She doesn't exactly know it, but she also carries within her a faerie killer who might be known as "The Hunter." This being is anxious for her to give it control over their shared form so that it can do all the gory, frightening things that she won't do.

I built her as a vigilante, with The Hunter as her vigilante identity and Mary as her social identity. The Hidden Master archetype gives her different traditions and talents depending on which identity she is in, so I figure when she changes the other sort of "goes away" in her head, and either watches or doesn't watch what the body does in the meantime. It's kind of a neat mechanic, and I imagine it will be a source of deep dread for her as she realizes exactly what she is and what she does.

Just a note, I'm leaving on vacation on Friday and I will be away for two weeks with unreliable internet access. I will try to keep up with my games remotely, but it might take me an extra day or two to respond to questions or requests.

This looks really interesting to me; I've always been a fan of Changeling. I'll give some thought to a character application. I, too, adore history as I cut my teeth on Ars Magica and love researching details about the setting, especially when it is so readily available. I'm thinking of a female doctor/surgeon (one of the Edinburgh Seven) with a Doyle-like interest in investigating the supernatural, and a "dark passenger" side of her psyche that is both horrifying and compelling to her.

I'm going away for a few days and probably won't be checking the boards (or at least I really shouldn't!), so I thought I'd post what I have so far for general edification and error-checking.

Evelynda Mirsdottr

What to say about her? Well, she's kind of a fantasy princess, exiled from her people and sent to live in a distant tower because of her witchy powers and her magic hair. But she's also a giant. So she does lots of deep, arcane magic stuff-- like expanding her demiplane and specializing in Necromantic spells that don't summon undead-- and she also does lots of scrappy, giant fighty stuff-- like grappling enemies into submission with her walloping locks.

She's grown up in a special protected bubble, but she won't be safe for long since it's only a matter of time before Sporaxus tracks her down. All of her relatives have been Unmade, and it seems like Arinolus is her only hope for a future. She will have to learn to work with others and brave the big bright beautiful world beyond her frozen island if she's going to have a life where she gets to keep futzing around with magical snowmen and singing about the cold.

There's a fair few cheesy things in her build, but I've tried to keep everything fair within the parameters. For example, she has purchased and spent the materials necessary to make two winter hag simulacra, which she can join in a coven. Together the three of them can make more simulacra as a spell-like ability, including things like solars with 1/day wishes or even Baba Yaga or Nocticula. I figure that this lets her do almost anything in her little demiplane of make-believe, but none of it will carry out into "the real world" unless she can actually pay for it with real money (the starting gold amount for this game). It's like she's living in a dollhouse made of snow.

The Spell Supremacy epic feat really appealed to me, so I sort of built around it. But instead of using something boring and done like shocking grasp or battering blast, I decided to go with chill touch. If Evelynda is selected, I'm looking forward to seeing how far we can push that sad and neglected little first level spell. Anyway, that sort of led to most of the choices I made with this character: cold, dark, and equal parts positive and negative energy.

How do you handle the Favored Class Bonus for gestalt? Do both classes get a bonus, or just one? Can we choose the FCBs for our custom race?

Do these characters take traits?

Interesting. You're allowing archetypes, right? Presumably we include how the archetype features scale past level 20 when they are different from the basic class features?

Oh, another question for Galileo: it doesn't look like you have any gold set aside to contribute to wands of cure light wounds. Do you think you can fit in 300 gp somewhere?

We could make it 150 gp instead to only get one wand if we can't afford two, but I suspect we will need to use more than 50 charges over the course of the adventure.

@Galileo, it looks like you still have Arcane Armor Training. Weren't you going to change that to Lingering Performance, or maybe something else?

I second the recommendation of saving finale. Also liberating command is especially good against things with tentacles, if that seems likely. ;)

I might suggest you consider taking a masterpiece with one of your spells known? The Battle Song of the People's Revolt is very appropriate for such a martial bard, especially as it looks like you took Perform (wind) anyway. There's lots of good teamwork feats that this would give you, but of course Outflank is always good for melee characters.

Aldizog wrote:
I don't think you need Arcane Armor Training since bards have no ASF with light armor or shields. That frees up another feat for you.

If you're going to be using Arcane Strike a lot, Riving Strike might be a good feat to take instead. There are lots of good feats worth taking, though, just suggesting one you might not have seen. :)

Given a choice, I'd rather we know each other already, so there isn't any question of whether or not we'll be willing to work together. :)

Giant Halfling wrote:
Oh, lol- is that the one that they won't talk about at Lovecraft conferences because the disputed racism is such a hot button issue?

It's Poe, not Lovecraft, but this makes me think of the orangutan story:

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DM_Delmoth wrote:
I'll reiterate don't sandbag your character creation, this is a difficult adventure to come out on top.

What would be an example of sandbagging our characters? I'm not sure I understand the idiom. :)


I'm so sorry my friend! I would be devastated too.

How do favored class bonuses work? Do custom races get access to FCBs for another race that they are based on somehow, or can they only take skill points or hit points? Does only one "part" of a -stalt character get a FCB each level, or does each "part" get one?

A heavy RP campaign with relatively-high level tristalt characters sounds like heaps of fun!

Jacques narrows his eyes at Fipps. "Get out of my way," he says menacingly. "You will not like what happens to you if you do not," he adds.

Initiative (if necessary): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24
Influence (if this is Influence to intimidate him into backing down): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19
Mental Maneuver Bonus (BAB + CHA, if this is something else): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

That makes sense to me. And we get points from some of our Backgrounds. Thanks for clarifying!

Do we get Background skills (two extra skill points that may only be spent on certain skills)? I wasn’t sure looking at the rules and other characters. I didn’t take them on Jacques, but if we get them, putting them in Profession (cook) and Sleight of Hand seems like it would be appropriate.

Aithaloessa Cyana wrote:
No worries! I'm glad to hear that you're being kept on your feet enjoyably. I was always a behind-the-scenes sort of girl, but I rather miss the days when I would dabble and do stagehand-y things. I'm no longer in a place with as accessible a theatre scene for the sorts of things I was interested in, though.

You'd probably have a lot of fun doing Evil Dead. It's an incredibly technical show, since every time someone is injured or killed on stage we spray the audience with fake blood. Sometimes it's blood-filled condoms that look like intestines; often it's strategically-placed squirt guns fired from cover; we have cups and buckets hidden offstage that we draw out and hurl into the audience-- and of course there's the blood sprinklers. Lots of companies do Evil Dead all across the United States and Canada during October, but here in Folsom, CA they've been doing the show for 12 years now, and there's quite a following of people who come from all over to see it. We've been completely sold out since September.

So sorry for my absence!! I've been starring in a show that has a grueling performance schedule (I'm Ash in Evil Dead the Musical, and I basically never leave the stage), including five performances this last weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday). I'm also rehearsing for another show between those, and I also met someone who is charmingly stealing away a lot of my little remaining free time. I am still at work, and I hope to do more posting tomorrow and Friday during the day. But at nights when I usually post, I've been either out or coming home utterly exhausted. I don't want to hold up the game, and I'm certainly enjoying what I read! I hope to catch up tonight and tomorrow.

I’ve never been the cook’s assistant before. This should be interesting!

I have a halfling oracle (Heavens) that I will write up for you this weekend. She's a devout follower of Desna.

Your Benevolent Dictator wrote:
If you'd like, you can swap martial weapon proficiency for a [discipline] talent.

Thank you kindly sir!

Hmm, any chance I can swap my martial weapon and armor proficiencies for two (discipline) talents? :)

I’m Pacific time, btw. I generally do all my posting during the day, and occasionally do follow-up posts at night when I get home from shows/rehearsals. (I do a lot of community theater.)

Heh, xcornful looks!

That sounds cool, Kazmanaught. Undead shock troops probably isn't as optimal as summoned creatures when we have a bard in the party (can't be buffed with mind-affecting abilities), but I think it's still very genre-appropriate, and they will likely make excellent grunt crew members too.

I put my first pass at Jacques on this profile: Jacques Lacrimoisi.

Jacques is pretty morbid, as he's investing heavily in the Death sphere. By the way, he will be able to heal undead as easily as the living, if you'd prefer a curse like Lich or Vampirism.

GM, am I reading this right: Fighter gets all martial proficiencies and heavy armor proficiency, AND a martial tradition?

No complaints here! Since there aren’t cannons I’m revising my plans for Jacques and I won’t have him do anything ranged after all, so dropping rocks like cannonballs from the sky sounds freaking awesome!

It also might be interesting combining a High-caster spherecaster with a class like Wizard or Cleric that has old-school spells. Talk about versatile!

Getting as many talents as you possibly can is a good reason, but yes, you’ll be sturdier with a 3/4 class mixed in!

As much as I’d like to start when we are actual pirates, I’m really intrigued by our GM’s description of getting to know the crew and becoming a rebellious force against the people who press-ganged us. In other games I’ve played, it was pretty grueling— you spend a lot of time feeling like first-level shlubs who are abused by slavers with whips and you keep failing skill checks that make you look very un-piratey. But I trust YBD to make it a memorable experience, and I’m willing to give it another try. :)

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