Savage Tide in Greyhawk, 595 CY, by the random DM Stormcrow27 and his 5 personalities

Game Master stormcrow27

Savage Tide, in Greyhawk, 595 CY. The crow of storms calls you to your fate!

Current Combat Init
Lila 19
Malek 13
Richter 12
Lorskan 7
Thug 6
Mokhai 5
Nayala 5

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Should (theoretically) be fairly soon here (ish).

stormcrow27 wrote:
I'll take all the submissions people have ideas for up to today and consider who gets in this coming week.

Ahhh, dig it. I missed that one. Thanks, Jereru.

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In the meantime, I’m open to feedback for Sorion’s background/build.

Yup I'm working on them now.

Ok, I extended the group to 6 people, and here are the selections. I apologize for not picking everyone or starting up a second virtual table, but there were tons of really good submissions.

Lorskan-Tannim (dragon)
Nayala-Sylph Unchained Rogue
Malek D Nico-Ifrit Wind Oracle
Richter-Human Psion
Mokhai-Half Orc Unchained Barbarian
Lina the Black-Human Bard

Thank you to everyone who submitted a character choice. If someone has to drop out, I'll keep those who submitted as my first choice to replace them.

Reporting for duty, captain!

"Ya gotov."

I tend to use Russian for my Orcish, usually just a straight lift out of Google Translate so I'll never claim to be 100% idiomatic-sounding, but it gets me in the ballpark.

Grats to all! Have fun!!

Awesome! Wasn't sure if I was gonna make it since I didn't have the time this weekend to put all the submission info in one post.

Richter is ready, and wishing he had a character image!

Ready and willing

Congrats and good luck to those selected!

Congratulations! Have fun!

Also reporting for duty!

Thanks for the selection--I love the Savage Tide!


So GM, just wanted to check in. Any word on what and when our next/first steps will be? Looking forward to this.


Yup first steps are starting on Monday. i'll get stuff started.

Awesome news, thanks man!

Gameplay and discussion thread created. Feel free to join.

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