GM ZD Presents: Scourge of the Farheavens

Game Master Z...D...

Please chime in with interest here. Once spot has already been reserved. Have character information ready and in bio. Others will be chose based on party composition and previous play experiences.

Aiming for tier 1-2

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge


I will offer up four options.

Theld Miasma - (2nd) Negative channeling cleric
Sathos Dawnscale - (2nd) Bloodrager
Fiata Oe - (2nd) Buffing Cleric
Kelleran Storm - (1st) Arcane caster

Grand Lodge

interested with this character...just have to update gp, xp and pp after lasst game...

Liberty's Edge

Howdy everyone. I'd like to play as this metamorph alchemist.

PFS #: 133608-1
XP: 2
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Perception: 0
Init: 0

Interested! I have many characters on the tier, will choose once I see the rest of the party.

Interested, but with a 3rd level character (Eldritch fighter or an oradin). Willing to let the 1st and 2nd level characters have precedence.

Dark Archive

Archlich here. I would like to bring this character if it fits the party, but as mentioned before I have a bunch of other level 1-2s that I can bring.

Dark Archive

I have a character that's interested

I'm interested, if you are looking for PF 1e 1st or 2nd level starts. I have 3 in draft form in my aliases.

If I'm selected I will finalize whatever fits a need in the group based on your build rules. Halfling oracle and Half-orc fighter/monk (both exploring the "helper" theme). And and a Bloodrager.

The Exchange

I am interested with this character a lvl 2 tattoo sorcerer.
Player Name: Jacob
Character Name: Ogdin P. Singebottom
Class: Tattooed Sorcerer Lvl 2
Character Number: 29609-15
Faction: The Exchange
No Day job...

Recruitment has been closed.

Ouita Shelbourne
Therin Baldaros
Khari Sidare
"Oops" Singebottom
Lars Ullrich

Please move over to discussion and post information requested.

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