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Post Rate: I usually like my players to post as often as they can. The more the merrier, minimum is at least once per day. On the weekends, I understand families and IRL friends take priority, but at least try to get one in. If for some reason, you are unable to meet the minimum, I will send you a PM and remind you. If we are in combat and it has been over 24 hours since I had posted and no response, you will be put in delay unless you have "bot me" direction.

Rolls:In game, I will usually roll for you on perception checks to save time. If you have anything special, make sure it is in your stat block, such as stone cunning or trap spotter. For knowledge rolls and information gathering, I will make a spoiler with what type of check it is, i.e. Diplomacy (Gather Intel), Knowledge (Nature) and such, with the DC on it. Please only look at the checks you succeed at.

Notes on encounters: After some trial and error, I now go with block initiative in PBP. I will post the group of PC's who may act in bold. If I need certain rolls from you, which will be noted in spoilers, you may make those outside of initiative and please make those rolls first. On movement, I do not require arrows or polylines; unless it is specific to the encounter. (ie hazards and traps).

Stat Blocks and headers: Since I have mentioned them multiple times already, it is safe to say that these are important. I do not care how you format them, as long as they have all the information that is needed I will be happy. I would ask you to keep the headers updated as the scenario goes along.

Recruitment: I do all recruiting through the Flaxseed Lodge. However, if the scenario you are taking part of is a multipart scenario, you will have first dibs if you want to play through, with the same character. I will usually announce it on the last page of the gameplay thread if you want to join. I use google sheets for the sign up roster. Scenarios that are 1-2 re-playable, I tend to let newer players get in on those.

Bullying: Please see the Society Guide for Organized Play.

Chronicles: I will fill them out and put the link in the discussions tab. You are to retrieve them in a week, I will then delete them. If you are unable to, contact me and we can work something out.

Rule Clarifications: As a player and GM, I do know that rule debates do happen. I am more than willing to discuss these thing out in the open. But do not expect me to know every rule from every book. If I can not find the ruling in the PRD or Campaign Clarifications, I will expect you to find the source and provide it to me. Then hopefully we can come to a conclusion. If I am wrong, then so be it. I am human after all.