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Liberty's Edge

CG male Emberkin Aasimar Sorcerer 9
|AC 12, T 12, FF 12|HP: 56/56|F +5, R +4, W +6 (+8 vs MA, +2 vs divine magic/death/ED/NE/Necr)|Init 0, Perc -1|CMB +3, CMD 13|11/11 Sacrifice, 1/1 Pyrotechnics, 1/1 Godless, 1/1 Rally, 1/1 Rova, 1/1 Liberate
GM Brew wrote:
If you cracked it, could have freed the beastie from the hold.

Would there have been any gain in doing so? Note that I tried to aid Colin's Spellcraft check.

Also, are you sure the subtier 8-9 loot should be crossed out for me? I mean, I am now 9th-level as of this Chronicle.

Also, as mentioned prior, I have not spent my Faction pin or folio reroll, so I would like to do so now with my Day Job roll.

Perform (Acting), Faction Pin: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (20) + 22 = 42 A tour-de-force!!!

@Vanzetti I have corrected your sheet and should now be good to go. As far as the Orb, possible to have used it and with your aid another he did in fact id it. No real game effect by freeing the creature. Effectively avoids the fight with it at the docks which is what we decided to do anyway.

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