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GM Mission Statement
Hello there. If you are reading this, you are likely looking to join one of my games and this page is to let you know a bit about me, how I game and why I run games here on the Paizo boards. I run games here because I really enjoy the system, the world and most importantly the community that Paizo has created here. I run and play primarily in the Play-by-Post (PbP) format. My goal for the games I run is to provide an enjoyable gaming experience and add to this great community. I am not the most experienced GM out there and I am still learning the system every time I run a game. That being said, you have my word that I will dedicate myself to the games I run to provide the smoothest and best RPG experience I am able.

How I GM Games
I run PbP games just about exclusively on the Paizo boards. For visual aids I use Google Drawings and am starting to use Google Slides as that program is much more mobile friendly. For combat, I will post an initiative tracker that includes the round, damage sustained and any conditions present. I will also bold PC names in the tracker to indicate whose turn is up. Please note, however, that players should feel free to post their action for the round and I will resolve them in initiative order when I resolve the round. I consider myself fairly knowledgable of the rules however the system is very nuanced so there are occasions that I make mistakes. I prefer not to have to retcon things unless absolutely necessary but certainly will if the error causes something severe like PC death. If it is something minor, I would rather the character point out the error and roll with it in character. In my opinion, makes for a smoother gaming experience.

What I Expect From Players
I expect players follow the generally guidelines outlined in the Organized Play Guide, including to play fair, have fun, and not be a disruptive jerk. Beyond that though I expect a few other things. First, when you commit to one of my games you should expect to post at least once a day. I understand that life happens and players may miss a day or so, but you should commit to once a day generally. Second, I expect you to role play your character. One of the biggest draws of PbP games, in my opinion, is that it allows players to really breath life into their characters. One of things I enjoy most about Pathfinder is the game world, Golarion, and how characters fit in that rich setting. I understand that people have different comfort levels as to how they role play their characters, but I strongly encourage you to Role-play without fear and throw yourself into your character. I assure you that your fellow players will not only appreciate your efforts but will actively engage your character with their own. When that happens, my experience has been that the interaction results in a game and roleplaying environment that is incredibly rewarding. So, in short, go for it!

So, if your looking to sign on, welcome aboard. I look forward to gaming with you. For newer players, please check out the links below for what I consider required reading before playing a PbP game. See you on the boards.


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