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Recruitment Thread.

Scarab Sages

Hello GM Brew,
I would be very interested in this game!

Player Name: noral
Character Name: Setare
PFS#: 314670-3
Faction: Scarab Sages

Thanks a lot for running!

I'd be interested.

My two Liberty's Edge PCs within listed levels:
lvl 6: Riptide Snaggletooth, Bloodrager 6

lvl 9: Daru Apsulon: Magus 7, Sorcerer 1, Swashbuckler 1

I'm happy to run either, depending upon party need. (I won't play Daru down--she's too strong for that. But I'd play Riptide up if it makes sense for in terms of party makeup...)

Silver Crusade

I would be interested in joining with Saphera Moonglade
Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer) 5

I believe this game is first under first come first served but even if not the VCs gave me the go ahead for recruiting. If you want in, hop on over to the [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TGx0mxGIKDd0t7U4jZgG58l_mdOQRKTXOQQajumxn3w/edit#gid=2118244324]Game Spreadsheet] and sign on in. Should be line 22 under the "other sign up" tab.

Welcome to the game!

Silver Crusade

unfortunately, I was unable to find it in the provided link. That's assuming the copy and past I did took me to the correct location. I seen a list of sign up sheets for other GM's but didn't see yours. After counting down the list, as none of them a numerically numbered, when I got to spread sheet 22 it was a different game other than yours. I looked for one stating "other sign up" and seen nothing stating that, so I will withdraw from the game at this point and wish everyone well.

The sheet has tabs on the bottom and the game is listed under "other recruitment. Looking at it again, it does not look like there is an easy way to sign up so just head over to the discussion tab and enter your info an I'll consider you in.

So if still interested, I show the following as in:


Silver Crusade

Strange, I didn't see any tabs on the bottom. I'm interested, I just couldn't figure out where to signup. Thanks for considering the submission from here, I'll head over to the discussion thread.

Scarab Sages

Thanks GM! I am not sure Setare is ready due to the pace of the game she’s in so I’ll wait to fill out the discussion.

Silver Crusade

I signed up on the spread sheet., I iwll gwt with you on which PC I will enter,

Noral here. I will go for Enora, the arcanist 7.

I’ll play a pregen and apply to it to a pc to grab the chronicle sheet at level 7 as I have no free pc in tier.

Liberty's Edge

Is there still space in this game? I have a level 7 Wizard looking for a gameday game.

Yes we do Colin. Go Ahead and post your info on the discussion page. Looks like we are short a player for a fulll table, so I will get cracking on more recruiting!

Silver Crusade

Brew, I can add Titus M. Parthicus to the endeavor.

He is a Fighter/Cleric with a 3/2 split.


You are in Titus. That gives us a legal table!

Liberty's Edge

Is there, by chance, room for one more?

Yes Vannzetti there is. Welcome aboard. Go ahead and enter your info in the discussion tab. We are now at 5.

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