Gameday VIII - GM Iff - PF2 #1-01 The Absalom initiation (Inactive)

Game Master Iff

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Horizon Hunters

Male | HP: 12/15 | AC 17 | F:+6 R:+8 W:+6 | Perc +3 | | Speed 25 ft | Alchemist 1 | Reagents 1/5

"Can I look?" Lleylo observes the potion carefully.

Crafting: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

Maps: Absalom Initiation

Lleylo quickly figures that the glowing flask contains a lesser healing potion, strawberry-and-basil-flavored.

It heals 2d8+5 hit points.

Radiant Oath

CG Female Elf Sorcerer 1 | Speed 35 ft. | AC 15 | hp 13/13 | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6 | Percep +4| Focus 1/1 | Spells, 1st: 3/3 | Conditions: none

Lindevaile Tindome peeks quickly into the next room. "Nothing there, seems. Wasn't there some other doors in the hall? Shall we go see them?" she asks the others.

Sylvia F Human Wizard 1 HP (17/17) | AC 14 | F 16, R 14, W 17 | Perception +7

Sylvia looks "Shouldn't we check the adjacent study first? There could be valuable notes in that upturned desk."

Sylvia heads in to search it for knowledge.

Radiant Oath

NG Human Fighter 1 HP 21/21 | AC 16 | F +8 R +5 W +6 | Perc +7 | Stealth +0 | Speed 20| Active Conditions: ---

Better to search the nearby rooms first

Kramac will go ahead and open the door to the adjacent room.

Maps: Absalom Initiation

The Pathfinders explore the rest of the mansion. They find a study that has obviously seen better days, and a room that must once have been the kitchen. Only a single, aged worktable still stands in one corner. The ceiling here has completely fallen in, leaving the room open to the sky above.

As that concludes their exploration of the mansion, the Pathfinders settle in for the night, following Calisro Benarry's suggestion. It's a dry but windy night, with enough strange noises in the house to keep a twitchy person awake. Working off the papers that were found in the drawing room, the Pathfinder manage to piece together what might have happened here decades ago: They contain Pharasmin prayers, both standard ones as well as decidedly non-standard ones. Additionally, there's a list of locations with undead sightings from all those years ago. It seems like the Mavedarus' plan was to 'collect' undead from around Absalom and provide them a new burial below their house, with some odd prayers to put their souls to rest. With the haunt encountered earlier, it becomes clear that this plan ultimately failed...


After a night in the mansion that seems a bit less haunted now that the truth is known, the Pathfinders return to the Grand Lodge to report to the various faction leaders. Immediately after they've done so they are accosted by Janira Gavix racing down the hall, her blond hair flying in her excitement. "I just heard you made it back — congratulations! It sounds like everything went, well, about as well as anyone could expect. Come with me, I have something for each of you." The halfling woman leads the way into a small office and distributes finely crafted wooden boxes. Within each, a gleaming compass lid emblazoned with the Glyph of the Open Road and an engraved name lies upon a cushion of silk. "I’m not sure if you’ve picked up your own wayfinders yet, but when you do, you should have ones that prove that you belong. Now it’s official," she beams. "Welcome to the Pathfinder Society!"

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