Voice in the Void (low tier) for PbP GameDay 2 (Inactive)

Game Master thunderspirit

Blakros Museum basement



All things being equal, I'd prefer to run this at 1-2 or 3-4, for the sake of continuity if someone wants to play all the scenarios sequentially. But it's open to 1-7, so if we wind up playing 6-7, so be it.

This game is part of the Official Pathfinder Society PbP Game Day. For more information please visit: http://PbPGameday.com

Silver Crusade

Hey Thunder I've got a Level 2 Thassilonian Specialist (Conjuration) Who I'd love to play.

Grand Lodge

I could do a 1 (maybe a 2) ...

1 - Sylph Gunslinger
1 - Hunter

Or a level 2 that is not built/never used yet.

I am applying in a couple other groups right now too, so we'll see.


Dot for my name in the hat with a 1st level nub. New to PFS without a local group. Im super excited about this Gameday thing.

Are there regularly PFS play by posts on Paizo?

Welcome to PFS, Thunderfrog!

Yes, there are play-by-post games that happen frequently here on the Paizo site, covering a wide range of levels. You're in the right place. link


Still making my PC. Thinking Sohei Monk, for something different.

Grand Lodge

Is there going to be enough people for this table?

Just finished up a strange build Necromancer, if there be room for 1 more at Tier 1?

If you have input, you can find the strangeness here: Here. Paizo Link.

Well, we had 3 with P33J, RyanH, and Thunderfrog. Jus me makes 4.

Grand Lodge

Jus me, I don't think that link works, takes me to my campaigns.

Is there space for one more? I've got a lvl 1 fighter ready,just need to transfer his stats to the forums

Come on in, orionbasher!

I've started up in the Gameplay tab. We won't get rolling in earnest until Saturday, of course, but feel free to do character introductions and banter until then.

Liberty's Edge

Is there one more seat for a dwarfen fighter level 1?

It turns I've already played this senario before,but I would like to again just to try out my character.i can give up my slot for someone who hasn't played it before if need be. Terribly sorry!

Crazy! This one should work.

Silver Crusade

I'd like to join if there's room. Need to tweak this guys stats some. Also new to tabletop rpg's.

Welcome to Pathfinder, Lore Jorinson!

Jus me is in with Clara Oswald.
P33J should be in with Payj shortly.
RyanH and Thunderfrog have claimed spots.

That leaves two spots for any two of: orionbasher, Baerlie, & Lore Jorinson. (orionbasher has played the scenario before, but is welcome to stick around as long as there's no spoiling involved.) It's up to you guys.

The Exchange

Here is RyanH's Submission ... this is the Gunslinger version ... depending on party makeup, I may switch him to the Cleric version (level 1/2 are going to be cleric/Gunslinger in whatever order we need here.)

Liberty's Edge

For me it's not important to play on the game day, I will find another PFS game in the next days. Have fun :)

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