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Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 17
Charisma 16

About Thunderfrog

Hey guys, I'm Ken!

I figured I'd take a moment to introduce myself, should I become lucky enough to get some looks on this profile of mine.

I'm 31, married, have three daughters, and 3 cats. They take a lot of work and love, those cats, but thankfully the daughters and wife mostly self manage. ;)

At 18 after High School I rushed off to join the Navy. I spent some 6 years on the USS Ronald Reagan, 3 years at Tinker Air Force Base, and a few months on the USS Leyte Gulf. Finishing ten years in the Navy, where I DM'd large rotating rosters of 3.0 and 3.5 for my friends and shipmates, I started the hardest module ever. "Life After Service." Post navy, everything slowed down. My wife and I had our third daughter, I started working the family tax business, learned accounting, learned finance, and started on a relatively flat and boring, but regular life. I had the bright blessing of living near the best FLGS one could hope for, and started playing a lot of Warhammer and Pathfinder.

At some point, I can't really say for sure when, things got boring. I wasn't writing, I wasn't designing... so I started my own little renaissance. My novel, Kethica, is coming along pretty well. I've wrote and stashed away a few modules and scenarios, waiting for publishers to need people to submit them. I've also started entering RPGSS, too.

My last years item, Rod of Eldritch Horror, did okay. As a concept, it was an item that tempted spellcasters to drench their incoming summons in some very unholy and alien powers. It made the creatures stronger for sure, but also tempted the spawning of something very dark and terrible. It passed the cull and had some good feedback, but unfortunately also had some strong criticisms and taught me a few needed lessons in item design.

This years item seems to be doing well, and hopefully I can crack the big show, so I have more than a random chance to prove my mind and my creativity against other top designers.

Thanks for reading!

Aspiring Bard: +1 to Perform (Storytelling) and +1 to Knowledge (Oklahoma).
Old Sailor: +1 to Complaining and +1 to Profession (Sailor).