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The Hunger:

Hunger Rules

Where the living suffer physically from starvation, undead suffer mentally. After long enough without a “meal,” even the most arrogant vampire becomes a bestial creature of instinct. Withdrawal weakens the monster, and as its natural defenses fail, its behavior becomes irrational, particularly when it’s around sources of what it is denied or has denied itself.

A carnivorous or otherwise life-draining undead may safely go a number of days equal to its Hit Dice without a dose of its preferred meal before it starts to feel the effects of hunger. Each additional day after this grace period, the undead must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the undead creature’s Hit Dice, + 1 for each previous check).

If the undead creature fails its save, it enters withdrawal and begins to take penalties according to the Withdrawal Penalties table (see page 23). It must continue to save each day until it feeds again. Additional failed checks increase the penalties as shown on the table. Feats and abilities that affect mortal hunger (such as Endurance or a ring of sustenance) do not apply to vampire hunger.

An undead that is suffering from withdrawal grows increasingly drawn and gaunt (or diaphanous and tattered, for incorporeal undead). Any attempts by the creature to conceal its undead nature with the Disguise skill are penalized as noted on the table.

An undead that suffers withdrawal is acutely aware of its unfulfilled addiction; if presented with the chance to feed, it might be compelled to do so, regardless of the consequences. Anytime it comes within 10 feet of a helpless creature that can sate its desire, it must make another hunger save at the current DC. Failure means it falls upon the helpless creature—whether friend or foe— and attempts to consume or drain it. Until the undead has fed, it can take no action other than to feed from this helpless creature or to enable itself to feed (such as a moroi grappling a creature so it can use its blood drain). During this feeding frenzy, the undead creature takes a –2 penalty to its AC.

Withdrawal Effects

An undead that hasn’t fed recently suffers from withdrawal, depending on the number of hunger saves it has failed.

As shown on the Withdrawal Penalties table on the facing page, an undead creature suffering from withdrawal takes penalties to channel resistance, on Will saves, to Strength and Charisma scores, to damage reduction, to fast healing, and on Disguise checks. The withdrawal penalties apply only if the creature has the ability in question. For example, a hungry moroi’s damage reduction decreases, but a hungry ghoul ignores that column because it doesn’t have damage reduction. All penalties are removed when the creature completes a single feeding. This only ends the withdrawal penalties, and does not grant the creature any feeding bonuses beyond those granted by the creature’s ability associated with feeding.

If the undead’s Strength or Charisma penalties equal its Strength or Charisma, it becomes inert, helpless, and wracked by nightmares of hunger; it only revives if fed by another. An undead creature’s channel resistance, damage reduction, and fast healing cannot fall below 0.

Applicable Table for Withdrawal Penalties


Dramatis Personae
Grym [dice]1d20 + 8[/dice]
Helt [dice]1d20 + 10[/dice]
Kisara [dice]1d20 + 11[/dice]
Lener [dice]1d20 + 9[/dice]
Saban [dice]1d20 + 2[/dice]
Zelic[dice]1d20 + 10[/dice]


Dramatis Personae
Grym [dice]1d20 + 23[/dice]
Helt [dice]1d20 + 26[/dice] – 28 vs Elves & Aberrations & +30 Underground
Kisara [dice]1d20 + 21[/dice]
Lener [dice]1d20 + 21[/dice]
Saban [dice]1d20 + 13[/dice]
Zelic[dice]1d20 + 30[/dice]

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Female Female Vampire Bushi Zweihander Sentinel Warder 7 | HP 96 | Init +11 Perc +26 | AC 31 Touch 14 FF 27 | Fort +10 Ref +9 Will +8 | Katana +18 (1d8+19/15-20x2)
Maneuvers Readied:
Sanguine Perseverance, Ride the Current, Silver Wave, Calm the Storm, Weeping Scarlet Razor

Only in that specific situation.
Charge is a full round action; but if you may only take a Standard (such as if you are Staggered), you may make a special Charge as that Standard Action.

Male Half-Orc Vampire Conscript 7 | HP 88/88 | AC: 27, T: 16, FF: 21 (Unc. Dodge) | Fort: +7, Ref: +15 (Evasion), Will: +6 | BAB: +7, CMB: +17, CMD: 24, M.Attack +19/+14(1d8+12) | Init: +9 | Perception: +21

I noticed that I had not updated my combat talent choice properly, so I'll be removing a few illegal choices. As a consequence, I'll pick up one giving me additional damage and a bit more synergy between trip and grapple maneuvers. So, if my damage increases in a bit, all as usual.

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Saban Wright wrote:
That ability is actually what my archetype gives me in exchange for spellcasting. I suppose, if you're willing, I could reconfigure him without the archetype. I'm also fine playing him as is.

Sure go ahead and change him to increase effectiveness!

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Kitara Vulpina wrote:

Not to in any way be obstinate, but; If you are able to take only a standard action on your turn, you can still charge, but you are only allowed to move up to your speed (instead of up to double your speed) and you cannot draw a weapon unless you possess the Quick Draw feat. You can’t use this option unless you are restricted to taking only a standard action on your turn.

From the d20PFSRD on the Charge action

Heh obstinate is OK but I prefer it OOC.

Ah, yes, I see what you mean.

Alright, Charge UP to your speed and then attack seems clear based on this. Thanks for the cite!

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Rough patch there but I will be off this week and posting to catch up.

Female Female Vampire Bushi Zweihander Sentinel Warder 7 | HP 96 | Init +11 Perc +26 | AC 31 Touch 14 FF 27 | Fort +10 Ref +9 Will +8 | Katana +18 (1d8+19/15-20x2)
Maneuvers Readied:
Sanguine Perseverance, Ride the Current, Silver Wave, Calm the Storm, Weeping Scarlet Razor

Yeah; I play a Cavalier in one of my weekly live games so I've had to get REAL familiar with the Charge rules :p

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It’s pretty late at night as I am writing this. I’ve been through a significant amount of struggles through the past two years (actually through the past 41 but especially the past 2). I’ve had worse stretches of time before but I believe that these past struggles were due to my own lack of maturity and self-awareness at the time those events took place.

Likely those events were necessary for me to experience to survive the events of the past two years and get through them as well as I have. Physical ailments, getting older and requiring more sleep, bankruptcy, and ultimately divorce. You know life is not going swimmingly when going to work feels like a vacation.

Regardless, when I first started getting involved in PbP on the boards it was a chance to play, finally! I’d been DMing for the bulk of the time that I’ve played table top that I was enjoying being able to be a player for once. Then with so many damn flaky GM’s I just started running games and well, things snow balled from there.

Life was fairly stable at the time the normal ups and downs. Then about two years ago, I started getting into PbP as a way to escape reality. Sort of the same ways drugs were casual and enjoyable for me as a teen and ultimately led me as close to suicide as I ever want to get again.

I am not saying that PbP has made me suicidal but I am saying that I recognize that I was using PbP as a coping mechanism to avoid a bad marriage. PbP did NOT lead to the failure of my marriage but it did contribute to my ability to tune it out.

I make a decent living but between bankruptcy and divorce I’ve little to show for it (well except for this killer book and RPG collection ). I could point the finger at my soon to be ex-wife but when you point one finger at a person, three more point back at you. I could have prevented things from becoming this bad and I chose not to. I did it, ironically, because I believed that if I had the marriage would have ended and ended badly, so much for best intentions. I am not going to second guess myself, what happened happened. As divorces go, this one has been rather amicable as we have put our daughter first and ourselves second.

Being married to someone who makes as much if not more money then you (depending on sales that year) places one in a position to “take it easy” when it comes to being aggressive about making money (well it placed me in such a position anyhow perhaps because making money does not move me).

Early on in my career I had an opportunity to become a premiere M&A Financial Services Tax Attorney in a Big 4 Firm. It’s a big deal and potentially a lot of money but I did not really want it because I knew I would be working a lot and traveling a lot. My ex agreed that I should turn it down as she did not want to be married to a workaholic and that was not who I wanted to be anyway. Nor do I want to be that person now. (In yet another twist of irony, she has become a workaholic, funny how things turn out).

I do not regret the decision though I do lament the loss of income that such a decision would have brought to me.

All of this rambling nonsense is leading to the point of this post, I need to work more. Not at my current job nor do I want to get a new job, I actually like being there as odd as that sounds (to me). I need to get a second and perhaps a third job, side gigs. At 41 about to turn 42 with no retirement and no savings for my daughters college, I can no longer hope that the ex’s business will come through as an investment plan. Even if it does, I will not be the beneficiary of that largesse. I need to make up for 11 years of being “comfortable” simply working.

Thus, it is with heavy heart that I am announcing that I will need to close down a number of the threads I run and withdraw from a number of the games I am a PC in.

I suppose this decision will not be a surprise to many of you as my posting rates have been abysmal since these events took a turn for the worse (in some respects the better to be honest) since Thanksgiving of 2017.

I am not generally a person that feels remorse or guilt but I do feel a level of disappointment with having to make this decision. I apologize for disappointing many of you who put work into PCs relying on my consistency as a GM/DM over the course of the past several years.

My plan had always been to run a hardcore dose of RPG’s until my daughter was a teenager and then, spend my free time writing the novel I had been working on since before she was born. I had hoped that over the next 9 years or so I could wrap up most of these campaigns and the few that remained would be more manageable.

Life has not worked out that way.

The good news is that I will still run several games but the current load is too much for me to handle in this transition. The further good news is that I believe this will allow for those games to move along much more quickly.

By tomorrow I will have made my decision as to which games I will keep and which I will shut down.

Thank you all for taking the journeys with me despite the lack of length or resolution of so many of them.

I will still be around just in a diminished capacity so this is not goodbye just a “be seeing less of you”.

M Dhampir Antipaladin (Dread Vanguard) | HP 90/90 | AC 21 T 12 F 19 | CMB +10 CMD 25 | F +13 R +10 W +11 | Init: +2 | Perc: +13
Smite Good 3/3 | Touch of Corruption 14/15 | Channel 7/7 | Fiendish Boon 2/2

We love you, Shadow. Thanks for GMing so much and being great at it. As much as I am sad to hear your presence will diminish on the threads, I'm just as glad that you're setting healthy boundaries for yourself and growing as a person.

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Thanks Saban, I appreciate that.

I have decided to keep this particular game IN the rotation. Look for updates Wednesday night.

Liberty's Edge

Male Halfling

Grym and Sir Didymus look forward to these continuing adventures, thank you

Shadow's Status

My apologies for the prolonged absence but I was hoping that working through some things would clear me up to retain a good chunk of my posting interests.

Unfortunately, that is not going to be feasible.

I need to start working a second or third job possibly in the coming months so my time will be much more limited than it was before. As a result I will need to close down this game.

Thanks for understanding.

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