The Twelve-Hour Tale of Ixeo

Game Master N'wah

From a demiplane below Kaer Maga, thrust by dismissal into the cold waters of Conqueror's Bay, the clockwork man Ixeo must walk, talk, and fight his way back to his friends some 204 miles away as the familiar flies.

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This one's just me, Ben, and a handful of avatars I'm whipping up for silly one-shot use. Boy, my avatar list is getting cluttered. :P

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As I understand it, you might be talking to me, you odd metal-man.

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And me!

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You guys are morons.

Shadow Lodge

Yes, they are.

There's also a slight chance I'll be your T-port source, depending on where you go. I would convey you via airship, but I understand you have time constraints.

G'durn met'l mun! Yer' a'in't in mah campaignie!

I wish I was. My avatar is awesome.

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