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Ashton Sperry






Nonbinary (They/Them)






Chaotic Progressive


Boise, ID


Common, English

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Strength 16
Dexterity 10
Constitution 9
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About N'wah

N'wah (alias Ashton Sperry) founded the Pathfinder Paper Minis line somehow, and has flopped and flailed at doing much else, with occasional minor success.

Pathfinder Paper Minis has long since moved from Ashton's hands. The current sets, erted mostly by other, far more talented artists, can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, Ashton doesn't know who might be the person to ask now that Liz has moved on to greener pastures. But if the issue's especially egregious, let them know at and maybe they can point you to the right place?

Paizo Freelance Works

Recently Completed: ???
Out Now: Khagrig Daybreak, Gendowyn, the Broken Lands, and Other Campaigns, Knights of Lastwall
Other Works: Animal companion and companion items, Tesyovensku's warehouse, Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar; Kevoth-Kul, sovereign steel, and the Blade of the Black Sovereign, Lost Omens: Legends

With regards to non-freelance writing, Ashton is particularly proud of The Mythos Notes of Astrapi Mirous, the complete illustrated journal of their Strange Aeons character, Astrapi Mirous. At over 170,000 words and some 200-ish illustrations, it's by far their most prolific project to date. You can find all the entries so far in the above thread, or hop directly to the Google Drive here:

The Mythos Notes of Astrapi Mirous

Past projects include the vast pile of non-canonical jibber-jabber spewed forth in the inaccurately-named Totally Awesome N'wah Akiton Runelords Idea Thread, which also led to the following PDF, produced under the Community Use License and hopefully not worth a lawsuit if they somehow accidentally breached it:

Cities of Akiton: Arl

Once, a long time ago, Ashton started this thread and lo and behold a mere five-ish years later, Iron Gods was announced. So clearly they're a bit of a big deal.

NOTE: In no known universe has Ashton ever been considered a big deal.

Ashton also plays in home games with a surprising amount of celebrity gaming talent and secret masterminds, of which the local scene has several. This is important, as over twenty years in the hobby has left them very, very tired. They've seen how the sausage is made. You do not want to know how the sausage is made.

N'wah has several unique, although relatively useless, special abilities. These are described below, and will never appear in a sourcebook, because no one in their right mind would want them.

Animal Ally (Dogs) (Ex): Ashton has gained the service of a small dog animal companion named Simon, and another named Kailie. Ashton's starting disposition to any canine is, at worst, friendly; a canine's disposition to Ashton is at least one step higher than normal for an unfamiliar humanoid.

Autodidactic (Ex): N'wah adds half their class level (minimum 1) on all Knowledge skill checks and may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained. However, they cannot spend skill points in these skills. Hey, it sounded like a decent trade-off at 1st level.

Berk (Ex): Ashton suffers from that old 2E Planescape Bleak Cabal problem where they've gotta roll a d20 every morning and if they roll a 1, they're struck with ennui. Except sometimes it's a d12, or a d10, or a d8, or a d6, or a d4. Or, let's be honest, a d2. They still make the coffee and get the family up each day, however. So... yay?

Ex-Beer Folk (Ex): N'wah has a finely-honed palette and can discern the quality of beers by taste as a full-round action. However, swallowing any quantity of glutinous beer leaves them sickened for 12 hours after consuming them, as their Celiac disease prevents them from consuming products containing gluten.

Since our master left, we have been reading other texts.

For old art, maps, handouts, and better than expected gaming aids, please see their deviantART site. Thanks!

For browsing convenience, here's the master list for the Mythos Notes, in linkified form:

Root Directory: The Mythos Notes of Astrapi Mirous
(Contains every illustration and journal entry written so far, plus compilations by AP volume, PC headshots, extra art, and some random other goodies)

BOOK 1 (Full Compilation)
1-1: Awakenings; introductions; ZOOGS!; doctorgangers; the Survivors; "stew"; and a Cryball.
1-2: Crypass; stew-cookies; let slip the tumors of ooze; RATLINGS!; everything's gross; RACH! MAMBI!; and mouth-fog.
1-3: We get our names; Zanda-doodles; a coin trick; BIRDS!; a nightgaunt; books; that's not how blood works; a dark room; more "books"; dead old man ass-kicker; and a mystery lamp.
1-4: A camp of crazies; ghouls ghouls ghouls; a Kool-Aid Man joke; and at least two video game references. Also, a bit of dabbling into conspiracies.
1-5: The colors sound delicious; Conan the Librarian; more ghouls; Orpsie-Dorpsie Corpsie Fog Machines; and all the usual nightmare revelations.
1-6/2-0.5: Cleaning up Briarstone; Welcome to Thrush-mess; dapper hats; and learning we're jerks.

BOOK 2 (Full Compilation)
2-1: Crazy cakes for breakfast; CAVE OF WONDERS!; hanging with a fun guy; a misguided Sarenite; a nifty box; and Fishdame McCliffhanger.
2-2: Fishbulb and Ghost-Faced Killa (alias Black Casper); Wailing House; Nym's past comes back to throttle him; and A Night of Gambling (For Other People).
2-3: Filing reports; trespass; How To Piss Off a Wizard; meeting with Dalton; and a head-to-toe soul player.
2-4: Hay bales dampen sound; a steadfast gut-stone; Legends of the Fall(ing cultist); I saw the sign; basement hypnosis; and a Hailcourse boss rush.
2-5: A side trek of extraordinary minimitude.
2-6: Assassin assassins; high irregularities; Rat Patrol; life's a juice bar; lady-guts; and more clues than you can shake a masterwork composite (+3 Str) shortbow with 20 arrows at.
2-7: Fishbulb figured out; six mantles; an unfriendly denizen; "Do Your Job"; Meli-sent to her death; a byakhee bites it; my new favorite book; and planning for a boat trip.

BOOK 3 (Full Compilation)
3-1: Books; another Amazing Chest Ahead; I'm on a boat; Illmarsh in passing; a dreamy fella; and If that's CR 10, I'm Tsathoggua.
3-2: Something humorous; dream journaling; I Am Regal (Yellow); Ghastown ladies sing this song; a Red Right Foot; a Ginsberg joke; it's lean and afrearing; and ship giggles.
3-3: If this boat's a-rockin; captain de-hatted; keep foods fresher with Celephais; Viscount Brellin's Rockin' Perma-Dusk Eve with Rhinestone Signet; spinnerets deep; a New Year; a zoog forest; and Chess-Piece Face.
Intermezzio I- Razmir: Where the fools go; and a bullVig dream.
3-4: Lay in a bind; the first rude awakening; a Paranoia Agent; books for days; a hag disheartened; more ghoulplomacy; osteoparalysis; and the second rude awakening.
3-5: Stuff I was dead for; new madness; Nym un-insane; a week of waiting; Hell Comes to Frogtown II: Frogtown's Revenge; more madness; and we get to Xer.
3-6: Row like you believe; Nym revelations; howdah to a shantak; I almost solo an encounter; bogeymath; a gaggle of gaunts; STRAIGHT TO THE MOON; and a murder most foul.
Apocrypha I- Contract Negotiations: Hey, devil, assist me in murdering this scholar for the heck of it, kthx.
3-7: Clues for the clueless; Port Me To the Moon; a Wick lights us; impromptu skylight; a dance with madness; a Moon Unit zaps us; painful toots; I die again; and someone new.
3-8: Sackacoinsidone; I'm no longer crazy; a teleport mishap; Wrench Lady; YelLiberated King; Dream-Trek of Unknown KaDistance; danger fruit; a Mad Poet; stunning revelations; and we fight our past.
3-9: Onward to Riverton; a trail of rubies; a dab of Dabril; Gray Gardening; senatorial smuggling; Augurs for a bit; thirteen days of boredom; and finally we're in Cassomir.
Intermezzio II- Backstory: Look, man, I don't know who you are, thinking you can talk to me like you know me, but I'm kinda Queen S*** of F*** You Mountain, so if you could be slightly less of a tool and get me another drink, at least it'd seem like you've got a reason to sit there- The Astrapi Mirous Story

BOOK 4 (Full Compilation)
4-1: Astrapi sits this one out; Girl, interrupted; a waste of skin; and I shall know them by the trail of dead; water go down the hole; and an art-becue.
4-2: Stings and stitches; One More Room (twice); the campaign's first fatality; more fungus messages; Shub-Niggurath's down to 999 young; welcome to civilization; a spherical room plus hounds of Tindalos equals funny; and Vig loves the dead.
Intermezzio III- Poetry Reading: Slug it out with your favorite scholar of the Mythos.
4-3: A Vault door; hounded; class is insensate; turning heads; angel tongues; before shoggoths; BOOKS! again; poop-wraiths; My Boy Yogson; hoMunculus; friendship ended with everyone; and THEY MADE BOOKS LIE LIKE PEOPLE.
4-4: Mea culpa; Running Vig; Two Mighty Winds; wind-up wizards; the best statue ever; the Nethysian Lament Configuration; another vision; someone broke the archon; and a week of books.
4-5: A Viggy sort of town; anime gnoll; a Faygo trail; island Sweataway; 'Nanna's Kids; tube fort; after-action report (we suck); and twelve hours a slave.
Intermezzio IV- Station of the Sun: This recurring dream's driving Astrapi to distraction.
4-6/5-0.5: helpful cur; 'Wig retrieval; and a couple flesh-puppets. End of Book 4 and start of Book 5. Connor gets some good sun; Boat II- Uneventful Boogaloo; just deserts/Horse With No Name; stone tell; Imagine Dragons; rock clobster; Meet Joe Girt; diseased moon thoughts; morepion; and some Neruzavintel.

BOOK 5 (Full Compilation)
5-1: Nerzavin at last; crater lake; fungus-brains, Paraceta-Molly, "Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey: A Refutation of Facts"; STELA!; ghost-lady; Necronomi-claimed; and a breezy cliffhanger.
5-2: Stone temple polyp; Hoshbagh's got the goods; READ A BOOK!; ex-cinders; a capricious gimard; bird fungus; giant trouble; Andorel dies (it's okay, he's fine now); and Goth Dad.
5-3/4/5: Flash-fried mushrooms; nagapunk; the family way; fungernauts; manu-manu!; shoo fly; Andorel wins bronze; a book-reading fiend; The Woman With the Lighning Gun; a grave threat; ghoulish riddles; Weiralai II: Eldritch Boogaloo; polyps locked up; the ghost goes home; and this lake is clean. End of Book 5.

BOOK 6 (Full Compilation)
6-1: A two-week sabbatical; a Carcosan welcome wagon; the porcelain queen; He Was All Yellow; reflecting on past events; tossed salads and scrambled eggs; and a Death Cab for Cutie.
6-2: Operation: Maidenhead; a lucky find; splitting the party; louched wine; First World Problems; starboardcullis; Eyeball Grimace; ghost pinning; sarcophagus sacrilege; and double trouble.
6-3: Dybbuk defeated; meeting the musician; the unlife of the party; a wish is granted; Delmaria: A Girl on Her Own; the worst vineyard tour; two days of nothin' much; pengies are Lengies; and Bohlvarrived.
6-4: The elder thing equivalent of a mall directory; piping hot chaos; no one sh*ts in the archives this time; elder friends; shoggoth vomit; a long-delayed Blizzard release; juju zombies again; the Mutate; lab tech; and animate fungus-brained bullVig.
6-5/6: A week of walking; a wacky-bot; Paris at last; the final ghoulplomacy; Oblivion awaits; tower defense; beating a b-hole; the last Stelae; preparing for the endgame; and a new quest emerges. End of Strange Aeons.

The Mythos Notes of Astrapi Mirous OST