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Full Name

Marquessa Augusta Chastity Petrovia Jeggare III, Co-Lady of the Rock


Human (Taldan);


Thassilonian Wizard (Lust) 12







Special Abilities

arcane bond (bonded item- rod), arcane school (Lust), daze 3/day (DC 20), dazing touch 12/day (DC 27), enchanting smile +4






Somewhere in the Shackles


Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Azlanti, Common, Cyclops, Draconic, Halfling, Infernal, Polyglot, Tengu, Thassilonian, Varisian


Ship's Compliance Officer

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Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Constitution 13
Intelligence 29
Wisdom 7
Charisma 15

About Augusta

Augusta Chastity Petrovia Jeggare III is a brilliant young woman, destined to be the youngest person ever to graduate from Korvosa's famed Academae, until it became clear to her that her mind was slowly being corrupted by the ancient Runelord, Sorshen, who lies slumbering to this day. Hoping that distance would help tear her free from Sorshen's grasp, she fled the city by night and took up with a Varisian caravan, who taught her the secrets of Varisian tattoo magic. Still feeling her hidden mistress' pull, she traveled to Magnimar, taking the earliest ship available to the furthest port she could afford.

Several months later, she arrived in Port Peril, eager to see if a cure for her pseudo-possession could be found in any of the ancient ruins of the Sodden Lands or the Mwangi Expanse. A dodgy merchant claimed to have a map of a cyclopean ruin, and Augusta readily dropped nearly all of her remaining coin in order to coax him into surrendering it. Unfortunately, the night quickly became a whirlwind haze of liquor, and Aususta last recalls being dragged out of the Formidably Maid by several rough, calloused hands.

What awaited her when she awoke would change the direction of her life forever.

Captive aboard the Wormwood for most of a month, Augusta's rebellious nature cost her a leg after penning an ill-advised song insulting Mr. Plugg. Later, after a transfer to the Man's Promise, Augusta and her fellow press-ganged sailors staged a successful mutiny, and after fending off a near-fatal bout of ghoul fever, rescued their fellow sailor Sandara Quinn from the tentacled clutches of a band of grindylow.

Augusta has helped defend The Rock from the combined forces of pirates and sahuagin after becoming wedded to the current Lady of the Rock, Agasta Smythe, a woman twice her age, who seems to appreciate Augusta's youth and surprising experience in the boudoir. The marriage is political and temporary, but Augusta is considering extending it, assuming she can keep her promiscuous nature in check.

Augusta has succeeded in returning to her original form, but in the capricious ways of the genies, her return has given her an unfortunate bout of megalomania- apparently, wishing to be returned to your hale and hearty former self doesn't apply to your mind. However, she has also become blessed with knowledge on how to wield the Thassilonian Weapons of Rule, allowing her to (hopefully) one day claim Sorshen's crown as her own.

Augusta is a genius, but her wealthy upbringing and slow corruption at the eldritch hands of Sorshen's will have taken a toll on her wisdom and sanity. She's been a long time from the coddled life she grew up in, but still lacks what might be called practical skills. Still, she is a whiz with many esoteric studies and has a formidable force of personality. Her mastery of the eldritch arts of enchantment magic are nothing to scoff at, either, and she has laid low many foes with a simple gesture and some words of arcane power.

Unusual things Augusta has controlled with enchantment magic:

Cyclopean harpy
Lightning elemental
Overpowered trapper
Great cyclops
Her own crew

Unusual projects she has a-cookin' in the shipboard lab:

Crafting an aboleth brain in a jar
Researching an arcane method of reincarnation