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Marquessa and Faiza–

You have my interest.

I have conscripted a local fishing vessel, the Bird God, to transport you to the Sodden Lands. It should arrive in port tomorrow morning. The captain's name is Gerald, and while he is himself a humble fisherman by trade and a very sociable character, he is by no means a man to be trifled with. He has some very powerful friends and while he would not think to call on them to settle a dispute, they most certainly would intervene on his behalf were he ill-treated. Even the Hurricane King himself courts these people in the most civil and obsequious manner possible, for they count demon lords among the adversaries they have laid low. This said, I think you will find him a remarkably pleasant host and expect no trouble. I only warn you for your own sake.

His cousin, Ozzie, who will serve as your guide (the two happened to be having a bit of a family reunion and I found it most convenient to hire the pair) is most familiar with the region surrounding the ruins of Xanthuun. I forewarn you: his dialect is nigh-indecipherable. Fortunately, he's not much for words and you can expect him to pipe up only when it is truly necessary. He is a self-styled big game hunter with the trophies to match, and should be able to navigate you to the ruins with ease, as well as keep your camp under guard should you decide to leave him and his large, noisy musket behind while you explore the area.

One final note: when addressing me, Marquessa, please do not bandy about ten-silver words like an over-educated Taldan noble with a meaningless title, even though that is, in fact, what you are. I am myself a man of no little education, but if you think you are impressing me, you are most certainly not.

I eagerly await your return and wish you the utmost of luck,

–Master of Gales


Master of Gales is hiring your BOOOAAATTT!

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