The Trials of The Gods: an Amonkhet Story

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I'm done mechanically... Just trying to figure out how to incorporate martial arts I to my Backstory...

Azr is almost finished, just need fluff.

Totally changed up my PC. Going with a black mana Sorcerer with the Div bloodline.

Question, if I took the Raging Blood feat, could I choose the Abyssal bloodrager power, as there is no Div bloodrager bloodline?

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Abyssal works fine for Div, seeing as how there aren't really technically "Divs" in Magic.

Same goes for any other outlier bloodline like that.

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Sorry if I missed this... trying to finish Zharifa, and I couldn't find anything about languages. In this world, do each of the races have their own language, or does everyone speak common?

Everyone speaks Common. There isn't any other language, for simplicities' sake.

Now, that's not to say that Linguistics won't be useful, as there are all sorts of pre-Bolas hieroglyphics or murals or whatnot. But it doesn't grant any languages for this specific plane.

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Okay, thanks for the info. :)

I think Amenset is finally ready. I've picked the Orc bloodline and called it 'Minotaur', since Minotaurs use Orcs stats. I hope you don't mind.

Sorry I haven't gotten my submission in! I will try and have it ready by tonight!

No worries! The deadline is next Monday (unless there's still massive interest and multiple people are working on finishing their characters, at which point I may extend it), so you have plenty of time!

Also, I am 100% in favor of just about any reflavoring that makes sense given the world, so using the Orc bloodline and calling it the Minotaur bloodline works perfectly for me.

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Amenset wrote:
I think Amenset is finally ready. I've picked the Orc bloodline and called it 'Minotaur', since Minotaurs use Orcs stats. I hope you don't mind.

Could you clarify what color you have chosen for Amenset? I believe it's red, but I couldn't find it in my quick glance over.

This goes for all applicants, actually.
If you could create a separate "Mana Color" section and indicate what color you have chosen and why your character is that color, that would be very helpful in my selection process.

bigrig107 wrote:
Amenset wrote:
I think Amenset is finally ready. I've picked the Orc bloodline and called it 'Minotaur', since Minotaurs use Orcs stats. I hope you don't mind.

Could you clarify what color you have chosen for Amenset? I believe it's red, but I couldn't find it in my quick glance over.

This goes for all applicants, actually.
If you could create a separate "Mana Color" section and indicate what color you have chosen and why your character is that color, that would be very helpful in my selection process.

Sure. Amenset is Red. Will put it in the alias.

meloriel wrote:

I'm submitting Ankhet, a khenra bard (fire dancer/flamesinger) who took up her beloved brothers sword upon his death and fights enthusiastically alongside, inspiring them to greater heights and heroics.. Ankhet embodies red mana, and though she worships all of the gods she has a special place in her heart for Hazoret, the Fervent. Ankhet seeks to show perfection through balance, embodying all five of the gods virtues, though it is clear to all that her Zeal shines strongest.

** spoiler omitted **...

Ankhet represents red mana, as previously mentioned in her submission.

Why I chose red mana:
- Ankhet worships the red god, Hazoret, the Fervent.
- Ankhet embodies his ideal, zeal.
- Because of her zeal and Hazoret's teachings, Ankhet is always enthusiastic to leap into her training and trials. She's a first-into-the-fray type character, and faster than most ==> This also represents one of red's old standby's: haste.
- FIRE. Ankhet loves it. Ankhet plays with it. Ankhet helps her friends play with it. She can hurl fire magic at her enemies, make her allies weapons enflamed, and can make any creatures she summons appear wreathed in or made of flames (in addition to being resistant to fire). She can also do lots of other cool fire-themed things, like help her pals see through smoke.
- You might wonder why I made her a healer and red. It's rare, I know. I LOVED the old Magic novels that featured Kamahl, Jeska, Braids and them. Most especially, their description of red healing magic. Back when he was straight red, Kamahl could sear his wounds shut, and though it heals them and stops the bleeding, it hurts like hell. That's Ankhet's kind of healing. A searing rush of healing magic that gets her comrades up and back into the fray. I imagine it also leaves one heck-of-a scar.

Note: If you'd like me to repost my character in her entirety with this alongside her, just let me know. Thanks!

Trying to edit the alias to add the colour, but the forums won't let me :P

Yeah, I was trying to create a new alias and being denied. The site has been acting pretty odd the last hour or so.

Okay, I think Zharifa is finally done. :)

I think I have everything in there that was asked for, but please let me know if I missed anything. Happy to tweak, clarify, or correct. :)


I'm about half-way done with Phaenox. And, yes, I will be changing his avatar, lol.

I had the neat idea of the Blue Controller Wizard that is iconic of the color, however I most likely will not be applying :(
Fun idea anyways ^_^

The idea is to go Wizard for all 9 classes, and take the Abjuration/Counterspell Arcane School.
This gives you 5th spell level casting, and more flexibility on counterspelling.
Then take the Ordered Mind feat, allowing you to do same-level counterspelling more easily, if GM Brig is ok with changing the preresiquites.
Spend your 9th level feat on the Steward of the Great Beyond Arcane Discovery and you can "nope" a summoning spell or teleportation effect once a day >:)
Also, get a ring of Ring of Counterspells (or 2!!) to further enhance the character.

Also, ask the GM if you could take the Effortless Trickery feat despite not being a gnome, and you can maintain those illusionary walls in the meantime :)

Rant on Counterspelling:
One of counterspellings biggest weaknesses is that it "uses up" your standard action, which is basically your whole turn, in the hopes of nulifying an (single) opponents turn. However, if your opponent does not cast on his turn, or does something different, then you wasted your entire turn doing nothing.
Another problem with it is that you must use very specific spells to actually counterspell (like slow for haste, or dispel magic), or, if you can get around this, you can usually only dispel a spell of a lower level. This means you can only realistically dispel a weak mooks spell, and the Big Bad is basically immune to you. It gets massively worse for partial casters as their highest spell available will be a significantly lower leveled spell, and a spell below that is just a very basic spell.

Ordered Mind significantly reduces the second problem, as it allows counterspelling of the same level, if it is from the same school, a much easier condition to meet.
Being a Wizard also helps significantly as you actually have the best progression allowing you to counter significantly higher spells, up to 5th in this case, if everything lines up. And you have more spell slots to actually use to counter.

The first problem can be overcome with a few ways.
Firstly, Counterspell Arcane School lets you do it as an immediate action, once per day.
Steward of the Great Beyond lets you "Counterspell" a Summoning or Teleportation spell as an immediate action once per day.
You can also simply cast a battlefield control spell in the first round, then ready counterspells in the following rounds. Similarly, you can also summon a monster and have that fight while you counter. If you have Effortless Trickery, then maintaining an illusion is a swift action and you can do that at the same time.
Simailarly, once cast, spells like Flaming Sphere/Aqueous Sphere can be directed around as a move action, and used at the same time.

This all would grant me 5th lvl spells (2 of them)
Same-Level, same school counterspelling
1/day, immediate action, 4th lvl or lower counterspell (the Oh Sht! button)
1/day, immediate action conjuration/teleportation Nope button
Swift action concentration on illusions.

Beyond that, I would probably focus on battlefield control spells through illusions, summoning walls or maybe some ally buffs. Whatever blue centric abilities I can think of :)
Might also look into summoning, as that is an iconic blue strat, and they can be doing something while I am countering.

Someone mentioned mythic?
If we are, I would look into the Archmage (obviously) and its Flexible Counterspell and/or Speedy Summons. Mythic Improved Counterspell would be extremely nice as well :)

@Anyone: I am probably not going to join, so if anyone wants an Iconic Blue Counterspecialist, feel free to use :)

In a second post, so it doesn't get overlooked.
A: someone said Mythic, are we Mythic? Or expected to at some soonish point?
B: can I take the Ordered Mind feat, despite preresiquites? (if we are Mythic, this is moot)
C: similarly, can I take Effortless Trickery despite being human?

Unfortunately I will be dropping out. I can't seem to summon a narrative that I will be interested in RPing.

I'll be dropping out as well , don't have the free time anymore.

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I'm going to have to drop out, I'm working all weekend and haven't come up with a character I'm satisfied with yet.

Like any other Tristan has spent his life training. He is a devout worshiper of Oketra. He strives to be worthy of the trials but like others fears a premature death that would cause him to rise as one of the undead. Following the teachings of Solidarity he has devoted much of his training to healing and keeping his friends and ally’s alive. He wishes to see them be worthy of the trial of zeal.

On me: I think we may have played together before but not sure. I post daily. I sit at the computer for work so can post as often as the game allows. I have a 4 years old game on here with GM Rednal so I'm not going anywhere and will be around for the long haul. I kept the background short and to the point. Tristan is White Mana. Thanks for the consideration.

Well... I think I'm about as good as I'll ever be... Heheh... Building a monk into an Egyptian campaign is quite the task D:

I haven't been able to complete my full level 9 build yet, but still working on it. Work's been busy as well as life!

Alright! I think I'll be delaying the deadline to this Saturday, just to give some of the interested parties time to finish up.

If you're still working, post here to let me know.
If you're done with your character and are still interested in playing, just put a little post here, so that I can keep track of you.

Done with character and still interested.

Mostly done with my character. I could be done by tomorrow, but appreciate the extension.

Amenset ready here.

Monkeygod wrote:
Mostly done with my character. I could be done by tomorrow, but appreciate the extension.

Yeah, I noticed a handful of characters still being worked on and whatnot, and I didn't want to cut those people off.

I've been absent for questions the past few days anyway, so if you still have unanswered questions, feel free to ask them again!

Yup, still interested.

Very interested and done thanks :)

Good luck everyone!

Bumping to remind everyone that the deadline is Saturday: two days from now.

At midnight (Central Standard time) on that day, the crop shall be reaped, and I will select those initiates I deem worthy.

It is incredibly difficult trying to build a PC(of any level), when the site is inaccessible, and otherwise full of f@%~ery.

That said, nearing completion.

I thought it was closed already, lol. I was in the edge of my seat!

I had the same impression, meloriel. I thought I had missed it!

I'm not too familiar with MtG but this looks intriguing... so here is Hemakhek for consideration. He is a Red-Aligned Khenra (LG) Paladin of Hazoret the Fervent. Hopefully a LG Paladin of Hazoret makes sense. If not, I can tweak him as needed.

All finished!

Mana section can be found under backstory!

My apologies everyone, got home from work much later than expected last night.

I'll be looking over the characters more in depth today, and will post my decision tonight.

Good luck, everyone. I can't wait to hear the results.

*crosses fingers*

Alright everyone! Since the Paizo site has been down for me recently, but I am now able to get back on, it's time to announce the initiates deemed worthy!

And those are thus:
Ankhet, the Red Firedancer
Arona Akuma, the Black Monk
Zharifa, the White Cleric
Kierna, the Blue Duelist

And for our final member:
Amenset the Red Pyromancer!

Yes, yes, I know. Two Red party members? Seeing as how there was not a single completed Green mana representative, having double Red will just have to do.

Getting the campaign tabs set up now, report to discussion whenever you're ready, initiates!

Oh man, had I known nobody had completed a green mana concept, I would have gone with my druid, but there seemed to be a few who were leaning that way, and the sorcerer was kinda calling to me.

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Ah, boo. Can't believe I just saw this now, I definitely would have thrown my hat in. Have fun, guys!

I'll be sure to keep those who didn't finish or weren't here in time should I ever need a replacement for one of the initiates. Just keep an eye on the recruitment page every few weeks or something.

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