The Strife of Aeon

Game Master Orelius Lionpaw

Psionic campaign of political intrigue, combat, and espionage.

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If you are interested in Psionics, come to the Great City of Aeon!

Gameplay is sandbox-,combat-, and espionage-oriented. I expect good roleplay!


The Great City of Aeon is in a state of strife, with forces from within threatening to tear the City apart, and a huge force of less-civilized people known to the people of Aeon as the Arcane Horde is pushing on their doorstep. Your characters have been selected by the great House Alphonse as part of a specialist force to gather information on the Arcane Horde - as well as the other Houses.

character creation:

20 point buy, starting level 4. You get extra skill points and other goodies for good backstory and roleplaying. 1 extra feat at 1st level. No traits whatsoever.
Paizo classes allowed on a case-by-case basis. Psionic classes recommended.
All Psionic races are allowed, plus Humans. Other core races, except half-orcs, exist in Aeon, but they are incredibly uncommon.

ALL Psionic classes are available and recommended (look them up on the d20pfsrd). You can use an original Paizo class, though you will need a good reason to be in a psionic city.


Races allowed?

Wonderful, I'm thinking I'll likely draw up a Wilder!

I would love to play a telepath/telekenitic!

Allowed races: Psionic Races and humans. Halflings, Dwarves, and Elves are in Aeon, but incredibly uncommon.

Otm, most Wilders are Maenads, or at least have been to the Maenad Islands. I'll put together a full description of Aeon once I get home.

That actually sounds perfect! Thanks!

You guys are ridiculously excited about this. I would have made a recruitment thread earlier, but I needed to put more to the story, area, and generally everything of Aeon.

I'm looking at an Elan and I'm torn between a dual discipline psion telepath/nomad or a cryptic.

Have to look at it a little more.

It's hard to find psionics games, and the Dreamscarred classes &c. look awesome.

Working up an Ophiduan Soulthief Vitalist.

Still planning for an elan soulknife. I'll figure out more backstory and such once we have more info on Aeon!

EDIT: Also, would there be any way to get Dervish Dance (or something similar) for my mind blade? If not, I'll eat the damage penalty until 5th level and pick up agile then.

@Loup: sure, you can pick up Dervish Dance. You have to take the Mind Blade Finesse blade skill as a prereq instead of Weapon Finesse.

I would love to put together a half-giant psychic warrior, perhaps a dread. :D I love the psionics and too many DMs do not allow it!

I agree!

typing up the History of Aeon right now.

By the way, guys, half-giants are not actually half-giants in this world - they are a race of large humanoids known as Goliaths.

2 part question:

Are you allowing Blues?

Would you permit a Blue to take goblin feats?

Race: Human
Class: Cryptic (Distorter) 1/Inquisitor (Infiltrator) 3
Alignment: LN?
Party Role: Face/Espionage Expert
Backstory: Sent to infiltrate Aeon by the followers of a god, this spy is able to lie, bluff and disguise his way past any threats he can find.

Had difficulty finding a god who employed inquisitors who would be interested in espionage; and of course this depends on the history of Aeon. Very much intending to keep ''working for the party, not yourself' in mind with this character; he's not going to be knifing anyone soon, perhaps he might even be interested in joining up with this amazing city...

@Arkwright: I like it, especially the Cryptic. The fact that you can cast normal spells must be hidden, though. The City does not tolerate arcane or divine magic within its walls.

@Cronax: Yes and Yes, but I don't think goblin feats really fit Blues - they're quite a bit more civilized than the greenies.

About halfway through with the basic world info, still need to type up the descriptions of the Noble Houses and the standings of the different races.

You can see it in the campaign info tab.

I think I might make a generalist psion

My submission. I assumed standard WBL, is this correct?
Alignment can be changed to Lawful Neutral if you would prefer no Evil characters. While he can be a little nasty, he has every intention of being a team player and cooperating with the party.

I am working on my character tomorrow. With the system down most of the weekend I wasn't able to post much.

Silver Crusade

Hi, I'm the DM of the other psionic city campaign here on Paizo. I approve of this campaign. :)

Actually, OL, I like the Goliaths better! Cheers!

I should be working on getting it set up this evening.

Working up a Duergar Cryptic.

GM, any word on the world outside the city? Any magic-users, any religions, any religions who'd love to send a little serpent into the psionic Eden?

Psion (Dual Disciple Telepath/Psychokinesis) 4
Alignment: LN
Female Human
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +1; Senses Perception +1
AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 Dex)
hp (32)
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5
Speed 30 ft.
Str 10, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 14
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 11
Languages Common
Other Gear 150 GP
Special Abilities
Power Points:25
Powers Known: Conceal Thoughts, Mind Thrust, Empathic Connection, Mindlink, Read Thoughts, Compeling Voice, Battlesense, Energy Missle, Move Object

Feats: Iron Will, Toughness, Psionic Body*, Inquisistion*, Power Penetration *

Devian's telepathy manifested at a young age. The thoughts that assailed her head and the voices almost drove her mad, as a result she retreated into herself, it was only later, as she grew in age and power she discoverded that she could use her mind to also move other objects. She is adventuring as a way to grow in power and experience.

Aw crud, sorry everyone, I've been... busy... playing Pokemon X and dodging essays all weekend. Also the system was down for all but 6 hours on the weekend and I couldn't be bothered with trying to use it after a while.

I'll start getting everything up.

@Arkwright, outside the City is a wilderness. The most powerful entity out there is a barbaric Horde, but they're too wrapped up in their own problems to give a fudge about Aeon at the moment. There are also several trading partners with the Eastern City, who I'm sure would LOVE to find something to blackmail the city with.

@Elton, thank you.

@Flibber de Gibbet, approved. Just remember that Evil characters aren't necessarily complete douches, they just care less about life that is not theirs.

Alright, I *think* there's enough to start up or refine backstories. Also, worship of the Divine is forbidden in Aeon. There's an amusing backstory to that, which I will type up later.

Have you made your decisions as to who is going to play in your game, Orelius, or are we still waiting for that determination?

As far as I understand we are still early in the recruitment phase. Decisions will be made once we have a number of submissions put forth, or so I believe?

I'm currently settling on some ideas for my Raging Maenad Wilder!

We're still pretty early in the recruitment phase, Talin. I'm trying to write up the campaign world info before I really get to deciding.

@Talinthal: Also, your character submission would be a good fit for the Psionic Academy, I think. Maybe add that into your backstory.

Ok. Is it like Professor X's School for Gifted Youngesters?

Understood. I'm aiming more for paranoid and ruthless. Definitely not 'evil for evil's sake'

@Talinthal: Yes, except it costs money paid in either time served in the Legion or just plain paid.

On a side note, after reading a short thing in another campaign about how to be evil, I really really hate the way DnD and Pathfinder portrays 'evil'. THEY portray it as the destruction of things for the sake of destruction, but in actuality, it's more of a 'I will take care of myself first and foremost' situation.

I'm interested in a Goliath psychic warrior weapon master or soul knife. Solid front liner either way.

@Wesley: I am ok with this. I would recommend Soulknife, just because they get full BAB, and we have a sh*t ton of casters already.

Lots of Goliaths in this party, lol.

Here's my character, and Ophiduan Vitalist. Still a bit of a WIP. Will try and have it wrapped up in the next day or so.

Edit: Also, Paizo needs more snakey avatars.

Would you like me to re-do the background of my character and make an avatar? Would making a thrall herd be appropriate?

Talinthal Uth Mondor wrote:
Would you like me to re-do the background of my character and make an avatar? Would making a thrall herd be appropriate?

I don't know if a Thrallherd would be wise... I don't really like 'em.

So that would be a no?

Either way is not a biggie.

OK, Goliath soulblade taking the archetype that starts manifesting powers at level 3 to replace psychic strike. That way I won't feel too left out when all my buddies are manifesting.

I'm considering changing my concept--forgot how fun full psionics can be. Maybe a wilder, hehehe.

So, GM, what is worship and religion like in this world? Any gods?

I haven't played a psion for years... I'm definitely interested, and will see what I come up with.

@Arkwright: Standard Golarion deities, but worship is illegal in Aeon. A lot of people worship gods anyways though, barring Nethys.

@All: I really hope I don't have to boot anyone... I'll get with the guy who helped me build the city and see if he wants to run a secondary campaign. Or maybe I can just run a second party, idk.

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While I can't run a second campaign alas (as I'm already running a bunch between tabletop and pbp), I am willing to "second chair" this game and help answer questions, help run combats, and so on, unless I only end up getting one group of completed submissions by Friday for the PBP that is about to kick off that I'm running, in which case I will run a 2nd campaign.

I'll post in here on Friday and let you guys know if I can or not.

When would a decision be made as to who makes the group and who doesn't?

short form answer: I'm pretty sure we're still in the early stages of recruiting. on the back end, we're still sorting some stuff out and will have more info in a couple of days.

Ok. Do I need to submit anything else?

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