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I've been DM, GM, Keeper and Player at various points over the past ten years, and although Pathfinder is still relatively new to me compared to Call of Cthulhu and that old 3.5 warhorse it seems to get a lot right that some other systems (Cough, 3.5, Cough) get wrong. Because my various live RP groups back home all seemed to lack anybody who had the time to craft the bare bones of the story, and probably because I spent a lot of time sitting around smoking and had little better to do, I became the usual GM for my old groups.


Having recently moved countries in pursuit of an honest wage I find myself not only on a different continent but in a completely alien timezone, and unless I really want to skype into sessions at five in the morning my time before I head to work, play by post with a group of new people seems to be the way forward.

So here I am. My name is Ben, I'm new to play by post but definitely not new to tabletop roleplaying, and I guess I'll figure this thing out as I go along - so have a little patience, and we can all be friendly and everything will work out fine in the end.

Or something like that.