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Hnnnnh. Sounds good to me. I'll tweak up a background based on that.


Mind if I work up something on Ophiduans over the next few days (or could one of you, mebbe)? I have a vested interest since I'm planning an Ophiduan Vitalist.

Posted something to that effect a few days ago, apparently the server issues ate my post. *facepalm*

Working up a Duergar Cryptic.

Starting Gold: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 4) = 16
So 160 starting gold. Can't complain about that.

Working up a Duergar Cryptic.

I'm interested! Two psionics games popping up within a week…. good times.

It's hard to find psionics games, and the Dreamscarred classes &c. look awesome.

Working up an Ophiduan Soulthief Vitalist.

This conflict could, perhaps, be caused by the recent development/advancement of arcane magic among the barbarians. For example, maybe the horde had sorcerers before for the most part which, while a problem, weren't usually too much of a threat for one reason or another (too few and far between due to the need to be born with sorcery, too weak due to a lack of any systematized training, focused on more "brutish" and less subtle magic, etc.), but now Wizardry is emerging among the barbarians, which allows the horde to rely more heavily on magic (training increasing the numbers of magicians and increasing their potency, ability to discover more subtle spells and use a variety of spells, etc.) making it a problem again.

Something similar could be done with divine magic too, potentially. Either way, having the city coming to terms with this new game in town which can match their psionics all of a sudden could be interesting.

Working up a Vitalist or Tactician. Gogo psionic support!

Bleh, nothing's quite coming together for me. Have fun! *sneaks out of thread*

Ooh, I've been looking around for a psionic PbP game! So yes--so much yes to this. *goes digging for character concepts*

*sneaks into thread to post interest a leeeeetle bit late to the party.* If you still have room for more potential recruits, that is. Will try to have a concept up tomorrow or so.

Actually, scratch my tactician idea. Working up a Daemon-blooded Sorcerer.

Dotted for interest. Currently leaning toward a tactician-type character of some sort. Or a Lore Warden.

Hrrm. I think that I'll go with a Dwarf. Either a Stonelord or an Inquisitor, probably a veteran from fighting orcs near Belkzen. Is a Dwarven Dorn Dergar from Dwarves of Golarion (at least, according to the SRD) acceptable? If not, I'll just build around another weapon.

Tentatively dotting for interest. Last time I tried applying, I couldn't get a character concept I liked to work out, but let's see if inspiration strikes this time.

The Obsidian Portal has tools for wikibuilding, I believe, and might be best for tracking things for a game run here.

In general, I'm a fan of Myth-Weavers for PbP, and it looks like they're alright with people using the Wiki to store info for any game (per the global rules), as long as you don't advertise for any games not run on the site.

Working up a Shadow Patron Witch. Seems appropriate given Grandmother... and I like witches anyways, so it works out.

Name: Jargrimr Fordaemdur (Jargrimr the Damned)
Sex/Race: Male Human(Ulfen)
Class: Pit-Touched Sorcerer

Brief Background: Jargrimr is a massive man, whose long blond hair and facial hair clearly mark him as an Ulfen. He was born to a minor chief in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. When his sorcerous abilities first manifested, there was rejoicing—until the source was made clear, shortly after Jargrimr’s fifteenth birthday. Fleeing for his life, Jargrimr made his way south, seeking a place in the world.

As Jargrimr has aged, his abilities have grown—as has the devilish taint in his blood. Now in his early twenties, Jargrimr’s thinking is now being affected by his bloodline, despite his efforts to prevent this. Left to his own devices, Jargrimr would be happy to work as a minor mercenary, as many Ulfen who travel south do. His blood cries for him to do more, however. Kaer Maga is a city that could clearly use strong rule… and who better to bring it than Jargrimr?

Notes: I can go several ways with Jargrimr, depending on party composition (among other things). Buildwise, I think that Enchangment or Evocation could be fun, while also fitting his backstory. As far as the struggle with infernal influences, that could work out one of several ways, and I'd be happy to keep him Paladin-compatible, if a is in the group.

Dotting for interest. Huzzah for mentioning both Brust and Green in the introduction (although I haven't read Green's Nightside stuff).

Dotting for interest. I'll have a draft character up sometime tomorrow, most likely.

Guess I should note what I'm working on. Building a Lore Warden siege engineer (EWP: Ballista, points in Know(Engineering), Craft(Siege Weapon), some other relevant skill that I can't remember right now), with an eye towards being a gunner on the ship. Outside of that, he's focused on 2-handed weapons, and will pick up some maneuver feats down the road.

Since I should probably check this before building the full concept, is it alright if I use the Lore Warden archetype without playing a member of the PFS? If not, I'll redesign him as a Tactician or something.

Edit: I'll have a draft up sometime tonight, with answers to the questions and so forth.

Scratch my previous questions--I can pull of my concept quite nicely with a Weapon & Shield Ranger. What options are there for Favored Enemy? I'm guessing it goes by tribe--so something like Favored Enemy (Franks), Favored Enemy (Ostrogoths) and so forth.

Blergh. I'm going to have to withdraw. Inspiration just isn't hitting as I thought it would, and I'm not really happy with my revenge-seeking Ancestor Oracle concept. Best of luck, all!

Dotting for interest. How do you feel about the Tactician archetype? Debating if I want to go with a middle-aged chief who's been successful due to his wits, or a young up-and-comer with a mind for... well, tactics.

Edit: Actually, thinking about it, a Lore Warden could fit my potential concept as well. Whatever you're happy with.

Dotting for interest. Gyarr.

Posting interest. Been meaning to get back into PbP for a little bit. I'll have a submission in before Sunday.

I didn't know this was a Fullmetal Alchemist-themed campaign. >.>

Hrrm. All of them sound fun (although it's hard to go wrong in Pathfinder, imo), but it's really up to you. Two notes, though;

First, whatever you pick, it would be good if you train Survival (as I think that we lack it, I'm not sure if I can squeeze it in on my cleric, and it has been highly recommended by the DM).

Second, unless you go small-sized, this is one of the few campaigns where a cavalier is actually a viable option, at least from what I've seen. If you wanted to be a tracking cavalier (possibly from boar hunting in your youth or somesuch), then the Caravan Guard trait from Jade Regent makes it a class skill.

Again though, play what you think would be fun. A druid could provide some fun RP (since I'm going Cleric of Abadar), but they all sound good to me. Methinks that someone wants an animal companion, though. :P

Edit: GM ninja'd.

Not I.

Sounds good to me. I was actually thinking that the Cohort would do well in filling in for one or another of the roles in running the kingdom, with the others making good support staff (either in running a temple or as part of a bureaucracy, perhaps). I'm more than happy leaving the cohort at home, as it were. Like I said, the main reason I'm considering that feat is that it comes as part of the Nobility domain, which could be thematically fun and has a good first level ability, methinks.

Well smite me silly, I'm actually intrigued by the idea of a Cleric of Abadar. Quick mechanically-themed question; how do you feel about the Leadership feat? Normally, I loathe it, but it seems appropriate for Kingmaker (or maybe redundant, I'm not sure on that part though), especially as the Nobility Domain (which gives Leadership at 8th, and is why I'm considering the feat at all) could be highly entertaining in conjunction with the Bastard trait.

And hello to you, sir. I am __________ the Oracle of ________, helpful healer of holiness, master medic from maybe Magnimar, and kindly captor of alliterative aphorisms. And stuff. Marvelous greeting that, by the way.

GM Aria wrote:

Personal preference, as in playing them. I have no qualms about what you choose to play. I just like clerics.

Channeling is neat, especially now that you can do so many things with it.

Ah, gotcha. Maybe I'll look over the cleric again, actually, since I haven't played one in a game yet. Oracles always seemed more intriguing to me but then, I'm a fan of Sorcerers too. We shall see...

*stealthily rolls a Druid up*

Hrrm. If you don't mind my asking, why do you prefer clerics?

Just think of it as inclining me more toward an Oracle of some sort. Actually thinking that an Oracle of Nature could be quite fun, although I might go Life. We shall see.

Blarg; I haven't had time to finish working up an application. Yay for a busy weekend. I'm going to have to withdraw at this point. Have fun, folks!

Working up a Desnan Oracle of the Heavens to serve as the ship's navigator. Should hopefully have posted by tomorrow afternoon.

Heh, no worries. I think I saw you mention it in the interest check thread for this anyways.

So.... can I get a rough timeline for when you want completed concepts?

Hrrm. Posting interest. About how long are you planning on keeping applications open?

On an unrelated note, I'm pretty sure that we both applied for a similar game over on the Weave, Rennick. Here's hoping I develop a better concept this time *crosses fingers*.

Posting crunchy bits before I write Geryn's reaction.


Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 12

Markellus nods after Zelaria tells him about her mother's booth, making a mental note to head there if he can't find the others. Hrrm. Hadn't thought about a place to sleep. Was hopin' for a local priest or maybe a friendly family or two... ah well, guess I know where I'll be now.

As he comes upon the Devil Hunt, Mark approaches the Varisian curiously. "Fought the Devil, did you? And how was that?" he asks curiously as he watches the competing archers. And more to the point, what is the purpose of this game... What are those statues for?

Go ahead and call him Mark. Is always nice to use shorthand, no?

Excellent; thanks for the quick response! One holy archer coming up.

Working up a Paladin of Erastil. Two questions for the most glorious and merciful DM Ryuko (flattery never hurts, eh?);
First, are you allowing Ultimate Combat? More specifically (although I may look more closely at the feats later), how do you feel about the Divine Hunter Archetype for Paladins?

Second, would it be alright if I applied with two potential builds in mind? While my preference would be for the Divine Hunter (as it both fits Erastil better and, admittedly, is a bit more optimized apparently), I'd also be happy going with a more traditional greatsword wielding pally in order to fill the meat shield role if need be.

Either way, his backstory and so forth will be pretty much the same, with some minor adjustments.

Dotting for interest. I'll kick around ideas tomorrow and should have something posted by Sunday night, hopefully.

Bryce Rosewood wrote:

Some detailed thoughts about preparing for the trial that don't fit very well in the IC thread...

Is floating disk likely to help in this scenario?
Would burning disarm be more useful than burning hands against a small group of skilled fighters? Gunslinger ain't much without a gun :)

Good point about Floating Disc, I had that prepped when I thought that we'd be protecting a person, and that it might be useful for that (moving said person around a bit more, mainly).

As for burning disarm, I have a wand for that ;). However, given our better understanding of things now, I think that I will swap Burning Hands and Floating Disc for 2 Burning Disarms and an Ear Piercing Scream (since they get a nice damage boost from not being the Wand versions).

Question for the DM: How long does the Daze from Ear Piercing Scream (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/e/ear-piercing-scream) last? The text contradicts itself. I'm assuming that it only lasts for 1 round (as it would seem just a bit powerful if it lasted for 1 round/level), but I'd be happy to take advantage of it if you rule that it lasts for longer ;)

Bryce Rosewood wrote:
Good good. I at least would like to have another round of tweaks in the OOC thread to make sure we're a coherent and effective team.

Agreed on this. Also, I'd like to hold of on finalizing items until after the final team is accepted, if that's alright. That'll let me tailor the wands I get toward the group, rather than casting as broad a net as possible (which is what buying scrolls for spells is for, ja?)

Since that Carrion Crown game seems to be stillborn, I'll throw my hat in too. Currently thinking of a Ranger with the Skirmisher variant (since non-casty Ranger sounds more interesting to me), potentially an Ulfen mercenary-type with the "Caravan Guard" background. I'll flesh it out a bit more in the next few days. Could be a scout type, and potentially go either ranged or melee as need be. I'll post again once I have a more solid concept down.

Is it weird that it just occurred to me that a fantastic answer would be "To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of the women?" In any case, mechanics and background for Maedoc are pretty much set, with the exception of personality, appearance (which should be finished later tonight), and the ever-so-entertaining purchasing of items.

Jawohl, mein herr. Email sent, background updated, and now I'm off for a bit to eatt

'Tis done once more. Also, should have a final, summary/closing paragraph in Jaerric's backstory shortly.

'Tis done.

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