The Fulcrum of Ages

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Silver Crusade

You have been summoned to the Council of Thieves, a rare invitation that few ever receive. You stand in an opulent hall carved out of solid stone, intricate carvings decorate tall stone pillars depicting angels and demons locked in eternal conflict and thick tapestries in myriads of colours line the walls, all of which would be fit for any king’s throne room. You know you are deep beneath the city of Westcrown in ancient catacombs, but only because that is what the rumors of this place say, you have no way of knowing for sure as you were blindfolded on your way here.

Before you sit 8 figures on a raised dais each in different coloured robes, large wooden chairs frame them and each chair is carved with tiny and delicate patterns and each chair’s carvings seeming finer and more delicate then the next. The figures in front of you wear silver expressionless masks, with no holes that you can perceive and molded lips sealed shut, yet you can tell that they see you.

A figure in a thick red and brown robe toward the center of the dais raises an arm and with a gloved finger points towards you and your companions. “You are the best” a man’s voice booms from behind the mask, he’s voice clearly amplified by magic.

You look around to your companions wondering if it’s a questions or a statement, or if he is talking to anyone of you in particular.
“You will need to be” the masked man continues “For anyone, less than the best; this is a one way trip.”

A second voice begins, seated far to your right, coming from a figure gowned in green and black, this voice a women’s “You have been selected to carry out a very specific job, a very dangerous job”

She pauses so her point can sink in.

“You have heard of the Technic League? Of course you have” she says coyly “But have you heard of the Fulcrum of Ages? It is unlikely, as the Fulcrum of Ages is but a whisper that few dare to speak of, for fear of acknowledging its existence. Yet we speak of it here tonight, because it does indeed exist.”

A third voice interrupts from far on your left, this time a voice of an older man hooded in robes covered in different shades of blue, his eyeless silver mask fixed on you, staring directly at you. “The Fulcrum of Ages allows its owner to control time, it’s true that some more powerful wizards can also control time, slowing it for a moment or speeding it up, But the Fulcrum of Ages allows its owner to change time itself, to change the course of history and to affect the outcome of the future.”

The first voice from the red and brown figure booms again drowning out the blue hooded figure. “The Technic League created the Fulcrum of Ages, and we want you to steal it. And if you can’t steal it, we want you to destroy it.

The sudden sound of wood scrapping against stone fills the hall as more than a dozen large chests are dragged into the center of the room, their lids flung open and from inside coins, gems and finely crafted items spill out like a cascading waterfall of gold and silver.

“Should you succeed and should you return then this will be your payment” The mysterious figure gestures toward the chests now before you. You struggle to think of a time when you have seem more wealth amassed in one area before in your life, and you imagine that this must be what the vault of one of the kings of Golarion must look like, even possibly more than one.

A figure in yellow breaks the silence after a moment, as you inspect your possible reward from afar. “If you have questions ask them now, your window of opportunity is fleeting.”

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Maldrek was excited about the invitation, but wary of pernicious intent. He did his homework but even his investigative abilities have limits and he came up short. Being blindfolded nearly set him into a panic - to put such power into the hands of others was an unacceptable risk. However he reasoned that the Thieves' Guild would not go through the trouble of contacting him and leading him like a dog if they just intended to kill him...unless they planned to make a spectacle of him, or capture him for information. But what information could he know that the Thieves' Guild wanted? He wasn't a nobody, but compared to them he wasn't exactly a big player. The thoughts all rolled over in his head, but finally he settled for a heightened awareness extract and he let himself be blindly led on.

As the cloth comes off he exudes a palpable sense of relief. Far too much of a gamble, but at least it fell in my favor. He gazes up at the expressionless masks, trying to gleam any knowledge he can, but a non-moving object only betrays so much. He settles on learning their voices, demeanor, builds, and words. Those often tell so much more than face anyways. First speaker. Male. Red and brown. Magic user, most likely arcane. Commands respect from the rest.

For the time he gives a slight sense of awe and respect. In truth it's only partly faked, he does have a great deal of respect for the people before him. Female. Coy, ironically so. Green and black, note pattern of bright and dull color combination. Attention to scopes. His eyes dart around as he absorbs the information told to him and the information not told to him. The best? Perhaps not such little players after all.

Male. Older. Blue shades, does not follow pattern. Possibly divine caster, probe to find out. His attention to the people lapses as he begins to take in the scope of what they're dealing with. It's never good when somebody can mess with time. Even I wouldn't dare to breach that gap. We simply can't comprehend the consequences, the smallest mistake could destroy reality as we know it. His eyes flick to the first speaker. Command confirmed.

His thought again breaks as the staggering amount of wealth is poured out in front of him. Oh...display of wealth and power...both to incentivize us and intimidate us. A pragmatic move. An...effective move. A single bead of sweat rolls down his cheek. Time travel and enough wealth to buy a king off his throne. Ah, but the risk. Why are we enlisted to do this? Are we simply experiments to test the defense of the enemy? Are we actually their main hope? Or is it something else entirely?

His eyes flick to the one in yellow. Impatient. Color pattern hypothesis broken, disregard. Maldrek swallows and speaks carefully. "The magnitude of this mission...requires time, resources, and delicacy. What is our time frame, and what resources do we have available to us? Perhaps an advance on our payment to fund certain aspects?" He licks his lips. "Beyond the Technic League possessing the Fulcrum, what other information do we know? Or is the first part of this mission investigating into them to learn more?" He glances around. "How will we know the Fulcrum when we see it, and how dangerous is it? Does it need to be handled a certain way to avoid complications?" He pauses for a moment, then forges on. "Why us? Skill level aside, why do you risk creating an unstable relationship with people you haven't worked with before? What reason do we have to trust each other?"

Male Fetchling Ninja 8 | AC18 , Touch15 , FF13 | HP 52/72 | F +5, R +13, W +4 (Immune to Mind Effects)| Init +7 | Perc +10

Calm and collected on the outside, Zikamiri takes in his surroundings as quickly as possible, noticing every detail of the room, familiarizing himself with every escape and hiding spot, all the while mentally running through every possible scenario of what would happen if he needed to strike.

He knew this was a safe place, at least for them; that's just the way his mind works. Always on edge, always looking for a way to survive for those "just in case" moments. He stared up at the council, their masks bothering the tense Fetchling. Instead he looked at their fragile necks, open for anything to reach. He caught himself daydreaming as one of the councilmen spoke up.

"I'm the best," he thought to himself. He looked around at the others. They appeared to be quite capable, but there was no way they were as good as he. Confidence was not something he lacked, but that may have been his biggest problem.

He continued to listen silently as the woman told about the Fulcrum. An impressive artifact that sounded more powerful than he could imagine. Suddenly, he was even more interested in the job than he had been initially. Still, he would keep his thoughts to himself; surely it would be poor timing...

Finally, the orders, steal it or destroy it. Surely Zikamiri would not want such an item destroyed. He must succeed on stealing it. It would be a tragedy if something of such power were to slip from his hands. Yes, this was his goal. His thoughts were racing so quickly, he barely even noticed the piles of gold dragged out before them. He faked a look of desire for the gold presented them, knowing the item they were about to steal was much more valuable.

Zikamiri looks over slightly annoyed at all the questions being asked by his brother of shadow. The only thing he wanted to know was where it was. Sure an advance in payment would be nice, but all it would do is slow down how quickly they could get the Fulcrum. Finally he spoke up. "Where is the Fulcrum and when can we start?"

Silver Crusade

The man in the yellow robes sits back in his chair and steeples his fingers. "We have already invested considerable resource in securing what little information we have, we have been able to buy you a small window into the vaults of the Technic league but it wont be long before this window closes so you will need to be quick in your preparations, we may not get another chance."

A figure robed in deep purples snorts as the man in yellow finishes. "BAH! these amateurs wont even get close, why are we wasting our time here" a thick accented voice retorts from behind the silver mask, you can guess that the accent is probably from Gault as he continues.

"You are not the first group we have sent, and by the mere fact you are here now clearly the other groups have not succeeded, The Technic League is not a group to be taken lightly, you will succeed or you will most likely die trying.

The man in yellow interrupts to cut off any further input by the man in purple. "You can see our quartermaster for supplies, she has some limited stocks that you might find useful. you will not have time to waste on forging new weapons or armor or seeking any unique magical items or support, a boat is waiting for you to take you north, from there you will travel by horse to as close to Starfall and the silver mountains as you can get."

The figure in the center of the dais in red and brown robes continues.

"one of our agents will meet you and then guide you to the vaults of the Technic League which are located deep within the Silver Mountain. There you will locate the Fulcrum and either steal it or destroy it, either way this powerful item can not be left in the hands of The League!"

For information about the Council of thieves

Know Local or History DC 15:

The Council of Thieves began in approximately 4285 AR, born from a brutal war that nearly destroyed the Wiscrani criminal underground. For nearly two hundred years the Council had a lock on the Westcrown criminal underground, ruling it from behind the scenes and terrorizing the city populace, who lived in constant fear that they might inadvertently anger the powerful guild.

Know Local or History DC 20:

This situation reached a breaking point in 4469 AR , and Queen Koradinna intervened. She knew that a full frontal assault on the powerful guild would result in great bloodshed, and so she worked out a behind-closed-doors solution with the Council leaders: the Council would offer up some sacrificial lambs to the Queen, and she would make a great show to the public of having captured and publicly executed them. In return, The Council would be allowed to continue its existence, albeit in a subtle, hidden, and mostly non-violent guise.

Many believed that the Council was now dead and gone, but this accord with the Chelish government marked a watershed moment in its history. Its focus now shifted to more white-collar crimes such as blackmail, usury, extortion, racketeering, counterfeiting, forgery, drug trafficking, and assassination.

Membership of the Council began to become dominated by members of the Westcrown nobility. More mundane crimes such as muggings, murder, and rape were kept at a minimum by the Council itself. Its power and influence continued to grow within the city, and over the next century its very existence continued to disappear into the fog of rumor and myth.

Know Local or History DC 30:

The death of Aroden in 4606 AR changed many things for the Council. Cheliax was plunged into civil war, and the guild no longer had to worry about the Koradinnan Accord . Beecause it had spent so much time in the shadows, however, it felt ill-equipped to prosper in this time of violence and unrest. So instead it laid low for three decades, waiting to see how the political situation would shake out in Cheliax.

The ascendancy of House Thrune changed many things in Westcrown, including the tenor of the Council itself. Westcrown itself literally became a city of shadow—the death of its patron god had dealt a serious blow to the morale of the city, and many of the Thrune-era Council members no longer had the respect for tradition that former Councils had. As a result the Council itself has begun a descent into anarchy and disrespect for its heritage, and only the iron-grip of power and fear wielded by its Partriach, the nobleman Vassindio Drovenge , has kept it in line.

And this brings us to present time, 4709 AR : Vassindio's grip on the Council is beginning to loosen, and revolution swells within its ranks.

For information about the Technic League

Know Local DC 20:

The Technic League is a group of arcanists (wizards and sorcerers) and other lore seekers who are obsessed with the mystery of the Silver Mount. Despite having complete access to the fabled Silver Mount the Technic League has only the faintest understanding of the incredible site.

What little knowledge they have managed to garner has already granted them huge amounts of power within Numeria. Not only do these debased arcanist have great access to the incredible valuable skymetal, particularly adamantine which makes up the Mount, but they have also gained political power.

With the help of the Technic League the Black Sovereign gained complete control over Starfall and all of Numeria and in return the Technic League have forever gained his ear.

For information about Numeria

Know Geography DC 15:

Numeria is a harsh land of windswept plains, and while nearly devoid of valuable trade resources, the land possess its own harsh, rugged beauty. Despite this beauty, the land is naturally barren and only the strong live to survive. The land has few geographical features; the biggest is the vast Lake of Mists and Veils that forms its northeastern border.

The southern region also contains the northern headwaters of several of the rivers that eventually make their way into the River Kingdoms and is also crossed by the Sellen River, which eventually empties into the Inner Sea. To its west lies insular, undead-haunted Ustalav, to its northwest the demon-haunted wasteland of the Worldwound, and to the south the eternal war and turbulence of the River Kingdoms.

The only stable nations that lie on Numeria's borders are the crusader nation of Mendev to the north and the kingdom of Brevoy to the east.

Know Local DC 20:

Numeria is a harsh, often brutal land that raises hard, often brutal people. The land's primary inhabitants are humans of Kellid stock who, outside of the large cities like Starfall and Chesed, tend to organise themselves along tribal lines.

While in theory these tribes all owe fealty to the Black Sovereign, outside of Numeria's big settlements and beyond the reach of the Black Sovereign's armies, life continues much as it has for eons.

Raiding is still a popular and lucrative lifestyle, especially into the poorly organized River Kingdoms, although those lands are not defenseless, river pirates often travel up the Sellen and West Sellen Rivers to attack Numerian settlements before quickly retreating back south.

Know Local DC 25:

The most unique inhabitants of Numeria are doubtlessly the gearsmen who patrol the streets of Starfall. These creatures, if creatures they can be called, were found by the Technic League within the Silver Mount less than a generation ago

A new and quite unusual race has begun to emerge from the scattered alien ruins of Numeria: androids. Like the gearsmen, these sentient, humanoid creatures are created, not born. Unlike the gearsmen, they can almost be mistaken for humans, if it weren't for the glowing runes and circuits criss-crossing their bodies or their awkward, stilted mannerisms that make it difficult to relate to others.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Knowledge (local): 1d20 + 9 + 1d6 ⇒ (7) + 9 + (2) = 18
Knowledge (local): 1d20 + 9 + 1d6 ⇒ (18) + 9 + (6) = 33
Knowledge (local): 1d20 + 9 + 1d6 ⇒ (12) + 9 + (4) = 25

"Directly into their vaults, so you believe it's being held there? Is this more of a high-stakes robbery than?" Old school, but it never goes out of style. His eyes flick to the man in purple. Short-tempered, pessimistic. Overruled by the rest of the council. From Gaunt. Further research required, possible threat. He nods to the man in yellow. "Understandable, while I wish we had more time to prepare one has to seize what opportunities are available. Do we know anything about the vault beyond its location? And once we get there, what is our time frame to secure the Fulcrum?" The Technic League. Dangerous enemies to be sure. Perhaps a rat can be sniffed out. Contact local skymetal dealers for possible connection. He licks his lips. Numeria. Harsh land with apt people. Kellid population, tribal roots. Primitive. Raiding common. Gearsmen from Technic League patrol Starfall's streets. Take care of androids in area as well. The ideas start racing in Maldrek's head. Yes. There are flaws, opportunities. Yes, the weaknesses are there.

Mental to-do List:
  • Research Gaunt council member. See if there's a possible inside reason why so many groups have failed.
  • Contact local skymetal dealers, try to find connection to the Technic League. Exploit for information.
  • Learn more about gearsmen, particularly if they need to be repaired, and if so who does the repairs.

male Toreador (8th generation) 3xp saved

Morgrym calmly folded his hands and tapped his fingers upon one another after receiving the summons. Always the council of thieves were sending this missive or that emissary to have him to various tasks in and around various cities. This, however was different. This time when the blindfold was placed on Morgrym knew he was being brought to something bigger then before. When the blindfold was removed and he saw the council itself he knew he perhaps may have done a few too many tasks for these fellows, and yet, his faith told him to wait, to hear what they had to say. He listened intently to their stories and to the questions being asked by one of those with him, most assuredly a bright fellow to be sure by his questions, and then Morgrym said, "gentleman and ladies of the esteemed council, I of course have found our contracts in the past to be most lucrative, however, I will like to see the specifics of this contract and the exact amount and where exactly you want the artifact to be delivered, as well as a specified amount not included in our contract for expenses including but not limited to travel, food, and the specific name of the local contacts for whom you trust that we can begin our journey in contact with" he flexed his ankles a bit standing a bit taller for just a moment before landing back down softly on his feet scanning the assembly for their responses.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Maldrek takes a moment to catalog the others he's working with. Zikamiri Shikamime. Male Fetchling. Born and raised in the shadow plane, trained as a ninja. Shortsighted, but very skilled. An excellent tool as long as he's paid well. Even better at infiltration than me, but has no mind for the whole game. More of a specialist. He cricks his fingers. Morgrym Black. Male Human. Cleric of Asmodeus. Powerful mind, weak body. Parents unknown and cause for interest. Little potential of danger unless his loyalty to Asmodeus or his personal gain is threatened.

Silver Crusade

A small hunched figure wearing an all black robe with silver stitching makes a noise that can only be described as somewhere between a wheezing cough and a cackle.

Ah the Cleric of Asmodeus the female voice continues, her voice seeming weathered and strained.

We would expect no less from you of course as she motions with a flick of her thin wrist towards to you, a young street urchin appears out from behind her chair and races towards you, stopping at your feet and raising thin withered arms hands you a parchment.


AS you unfurl the parchment and begin to read, you recognise it as a simple purchase order. The company name is Westcrown shipping, a company you know as a front for the Council of Thieves and a company you have dealt with before.

The purchase order is for 1 item, described only as a "Fulcrum".

You know a Fulcrum is a support around which a lever pivots and is commonly used in ship building.

What catches your eye is the amount of the Purchase order: 60,000,000gp

and then finally the delivery instructions. To be delivered to the warehouse of the Westcrown Shipping Company with in Ten, Ten days from receiving this purchase order.

A figure to the right of the man in red and brown speaks for the first time, you notice his robes are a different cut from the rest, and unlike the rest you can actually see skin between some of the fold almost like he doesn't mind reveling who he is to a degree.

I am sure you can appreciate the need for separation for the council, from this task, as i am sure the Technic League wont stop searching for it after you have brought it to us. a vibrant and young, but also confident voice continues

Are we asking for a measure of trust from you? Yes. But you see there is a common enemy and a common danger. We do not risk our lives on this mission like you do, but our lives and lively hoods are still at risk, as are all the lives of all those in Golarion that don't want to see a group of mad wizards having ultimate control over our future and our past.

The man in red and brown interrupts

Numeria is a strange and far away land that does not open its borders easily. The Technic League is an even more guarded secret and other than their existence and they fact the wield strange powers very little is known. Less is known about the Fulcrum of Ages other than the fact that they have it and that they intend to use it. You must steal it before they do and return to us with it.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Maldrek takes note of the weary tone. Asmodeus in the Council. Ha. He looks at the newest speaker. Male. Young. Passionate. Confident. Separated. Handles delicate situations. He takes note of the man's skin color. Ah, outsourcing for plausible deniability. He nods. The Council does have good agendas. Just as Asmodeus works with good deities within the confines of the law, the Council does good acts outside of it. He chews the options over in his mind. Low level confirmation. Only small effort required searching for ulterior motives. Minor fallback plan. Focus on the mission, use the package as leverage as required. He slowly nods. "I agree to these terms and I have no further questions. I look forward to working with you and to a future of prosperity."

Female Angelkin Warlord 8
Quick stats:
AC 26, T 16, FF 21; hp 90/104; Fort +12, Ref +11, Will +6; CMD 30; Init +3; Perc +11, darkvision 60 ft; resist acid/cold/electricity 5

Eleanora rips off her own blindfold with disgust, flinging the piece of fabric aside like the scrap it is. She runs a hand back through her slicked-back hair, smoothing it into place, and casting her golden eyes over each of the robed, masked figures. Though their faces are concealed from view, she studies each movement they make, watching for any signs of weakness or strength.

The best? she thinks, raising an eyebrow and looking around at those assembled. I wonder how many other contenders they went through before reaching us? Morgrym's reliable, at least, and the small one seems to know the right questions to ask. She feels the reassuring weight of her custom blade at her side - there was that, at least.

"If we cannot steal the Fulcrum you speak of," she begins, her own voice echoing in the chamber, "you request that we destroy it. What if doing so necessitates... collateral damage?"

Male Ifrit Pyrokineticist 10

Sorry I didn't see the Gameplay before! It's not appearing to me in my list of campaigns, somehow. I apologize! Now that I know we're running gold already, I should be here every day to post :)

Krayn had been in silence the entire time. Surrounded by people he already knew in one way or another, he would shake his head in the most subtle way possible - every time he heard something that would catch his interest.

No high reward without high risk, huh? - he thought - I already walked amongst these angels and demons more than once, but never in such a big group for a retrieval mission... At maximum for some escorting.

He scratched his head for moments. The fetchling was speaking again, so he just nodded.

Even if this device exists... Or even such amount of gold... Everything sounds very unlikely to me. It'd be interesting if it was to work, though; controlling time? - he smiled for a moment. It was a strange smile; he was serious most of the time, so it looked somewhat maddening - I could bring Ahggadad back! Maybe the cleric could make it work... He likes contracts. Or the rogue. Or is that a ninja? Bah! Whatever. Too early for that.

Back to his normal expression, the Drow raised his eyes when Eleanora spoke. He wasn't particularly caring much about collateral damage, even if he wouldn't deliberately cause it. The silence still suited him. He let himself stretch his back.

GM: could you get me a rundown of magic auras/etc. in the room? Krayn will avoid anything overwhelming. Thanks!

Silver Crusade

Krayn you feel several overwhelming Aura's coming from behind the Dais and also from behind you although upon a quick inspection there is nothing there that you can see. You surmise that there is most likely guards hiding to protect the council.

Other than that all off the council member exude Strong auras, most likely from magical items they are wearing but it is also possible that there are several adept magic users among them.

The woman gowned in green and black Laughs at Eleanora's question;

You must retrieve the fulcrum at all costs, crush all those that stand in your way and take no prisoners, we can not have this linked back to us in any way

The man in yellow adds We have told you what we can, timing is crucial, see the quarter master for any supplies you might think you need but hurry your boat sails tonight

So you have a couple of options from here, speak to the quartermaster to grab some final supplies or head straight to the boat, you may also spend a short time discussing your thoughts/plans/opinions/feelings ect.. with each other.

Female Faultspawn
Quick Stats:
AC24/32, T 20, FF20 hp75/79 F +9, R +11, W+11 Init+7, darkvision 60 ft.; Perc +11 DA evasion, still mind, Immunities disease, Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, CMB +11 (+13 trip); CMD 28 (30 vs trip)
Monk 8

Zaci's blindfold came off. She then listened carefully to the council of thieves, her forked tongue coming in and out of her mouth. These other teams that failed? Do you wish us to learn of their fates as well?. The tiefling glanced over and recognized the others she would be joining. She had down some bodyguard services for them a few times especially the angelkin aasimar woman. She still had to admit that the woman had a nice looking body as she smiled hissing with her forked tongue, her ratlike tail wagging a bit as she went back to listening to her newest clients.

knowledge (history): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

knowledge (local): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

knowledge (geography): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

knowledge (local): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22

knowledge (local): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11

She had worked with the Council of Thieves a few times knowing that they were powerful figures in the criminal underworld for hundreds of years. Of course she had made it a habit to be careful around such a large and powerful group. Her main duties had always been guarding clients and other important people.

The faultspawn also knew of the Technic League, having her of them in both whispers among tavern travelers and from the lips of her clients, for the League were powerful mages obsessed with unlocking the otherworldly technology of the land of Numeria and were the power behind the Black Sovereign. But of Numeria itself, she knew very little. Hopefully one of the others knows a bit more than I do about where we're heading off to.

Available stock:


Alchemist's fire x 10 - 20gp
Sunrod x 10 - 2gp
Acid Flask x 5 - 10 gp
Akali Flask x 7 - 15gp
Air Crystals x 4 - 50gp
Mending paste x 10 - 25gp
Weapon Blanch Silver - x 3 - 5gp
Weapon Blanch Adamantine x3 - 100gp
Antiplauge x 5 - 50gp
Antitoxin x 5 - 50gp
Troll Oil x 1 - 50gp
Tanglefoot Bag x 5 - 50gp
Bottled Lighting x 3 - 40gp

Potions and Oils:

Potion of CMW x 6 - 300gp
Potion of CSW x 2 - 750gp
Potion of Invisibility x 4 - 300gp
Potion of Enlarge person x 2 - 50gp
Oil of Bless Weapon x 5 - 50gp
Oil of Magic Weapon x 5 - 50gp
Potion of Undetectable Alignment x 2 - 300gp
Potion of Barkskin +3 x 2 - 600gp
Potion of Resist energy 20 x 3 - 700gp
Potion of Neutralize Poison x 3 - 750gp
Potion of Cure Disease x 3 - 750gp

Tools and Equipment:

Rope 50ft x 10 - 1gp
Silk rope x 5 - 10gp
Grappling hook x 10 - 1gp
Grappling arrow x 10 - 1gp
Grappling bolt x 10 - 1gp
Masterwork thieves tools x 10 - 100gp
Healers Kit x 10 - 50gp
Ornate Coffin x 6 - 100gp
Funeral Plans x 6 - 1200gp
Glass Cutter x 1 - 5gp
Hourglass 1hr x 1 - 25gp
Mirror x 2 - 10gp
Piton x 50 - 1sp
Shovel x 3 - 2gp
Skeleton Key x 1 - 85gp
Whetstone x 20 - 2cp
Wire Saw, Adamantine x 2 - 150gp
Traveler's Dictionary (Dwarven) x 1 - 50gp

Female Faultspawn
Quick Stats:
AC24/32, T 20, FF20 hp75/79 F +9, R +11, W+11 Init+7, darkvision 60 ft.; Perc +11 DA evasion, still mind, Immunities disease, Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, CMB +11 (+13 trip); CMD 28 (30 vs trip)
Monk 8

Ill wait and see what the council says about the other teams before I post.

Silver Crusade

The Man in the Yellow robes sighs; as he glances towards the man robed in deep purple.

This is not a rescue mission, your focus is the retrieval or destruction of the Fulcrum, nothing else matters.

Female Faultspawn
Quick Stats:
AC24/32, T 20, FF20 hp75/79 F +9, R +11, W+11 Init+7, darkvision 60 ft.; Perc +11 DA evasion, still mind, Immunities disease, Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, CMB +11 (+13 trip); CMD 28 (30 vs trip)
Monk 8

I see. I was only inquiring if you wished us to learn of their fates and what you wanted us to do if we did discover their whereabouts or their...well ends. But I understand the mission clearly. Rest assured: we shall not fail you. She bowed slightly as she hissed before she went to see the quartermaster. Going over the supplies, she bought two bottled lightning and two antitoxins leaving her with 116 gold pieces and 40 silver pieces. This should do fine, she thought to herself. She thanked the quartermaster before rejoining her comrades.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Eleanora Aldori. Female angelkin. Warlord. Fighter. Assessing people. Worried about collateral. Must prod further. He blows a strand of hair out of his face. Krayn La'jal. Male drow. Hunter. Wallflower. Must prod further. He gives the slightest eyebrow arc at the female council member. Ruthless. Doesn't like loose ends...create situation where we cannot be treated as loose ends. His eyes flick over to their last member. Zaci. Female tiefling. Monk. Mostly dumb muscle jobs. Mission orientated, supposedly. Must prod further. Maldrek goes over to the quartermaster and starts shopping.

  • Air Crystal x4
  • Grappling Hook x2
  • Grappling Bolt x2
  • Piton x50
  • Adamantine Wire Saw
  • Adamantine Weapon Blanch x3

With his new gear put into a bag that seems to absorb it all without changing size or weight, he gives a slight head inclination to the Council, prepared to leave but waiting for the others to finish with their questions.

male Toreador (8th generation) 3xp saved

Morgrym looks at the obscene amount of coin for a long time on the scroll and then back up at the council of thieves considering things and then says "I doubt I will ever be able to spend that amount of money or perhaps even live long enough to be given such a treasury. However, I have asked for a sum prior to leaving for bribes and costs and I think it would help our success to be given ten thousand gold pieces prior to leaving this room. In addition rather then my share of the coins I wish to instead be given the hereditary noble and merchant title to the city of Laekastel on the end of the Brastle River for myself and all my decendants along with its tax revenue and guaranteed rule of all military in the area to myself and my decendants as long as we swear ourselves to the great Thrunes. Secondly I wish to be built there a great church to all might Asmodeus as there is none at present where I will given the title of high priest, and finally in remainder 1,000,000 gold pieces to support these lifestyles as necessary which is a pittance in comparison to what has been offered. Finally I request that if it is learned that I fall doing my best for our people and its church that a contract be done to recover me using the power of almight Asmodeus and his host and that I be raised if possible and if not that I be buried with honors in the grand church of Asmodeus. This is my counter preposal for myself. If my party members wish to negotiate I would need a moment to speak to them privately prior to representation of their goals instead of your gold amount" He finishes looking at the council knowing such a huge sum of gold could never be good for anyone and that they might not even let him live to hold it, but these things above might be more agreeable.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Maldrek raises his brows at the proposal, but keeps his silence.

Silver Crusade

There is a long silence, all the council members sit still, their expressionless masks focused in at all of you.

Finally the figure towards the center of the dais in red and brown speaks. As he speak he turns his focus from you to the figure in purple, all the other figures turn and follow his sightless gaze.

"Done!" he says with almost a lightness to his tone that makes you think he is smiling under his mask.

He then stands and departs the Dais walking down behind his chair, all of the other figures stand and start to do the same.

A figure makes its way towards you from the shadows, as it gets closer its strange shape seems to form and take substance and before you is a robed figure standing around 7ft tall that appears human except for snakelike eyes, a pair of devilish horns, and the occasional dart of a forked tongue.

To Identify this creature, Morgrym you get a +2 because it is likely you have met one of these before

Know Planes or Know Religion DC 14:

You recognize this creatures as a Hesperian Devil, Servitors of Asmodeus - also known as accomplice devils— they come to the Material Plane to help guide influential individuals and their followers

Know Planes or Know Religion DC 20:

Hesperian Devils come to the Material Plane to help guide influential individuals and their followers.......... into Hell's grasp. Once a hesperian finds a suitable target for his clever wiles, he goes on to claim that he has come to the mortal world in order to guide the creature as a chosen prodigy, and promises to carry the individual past the threshold of greatness.

It's all a tangled lie, of course, but the best lies are the ones that at some point can be made into truths. A hesperian encourages envy, overreaching, pride, and ultimately hubris in his targets, urging his victims to strive toward ever bolder and more grandiose destinies.

A hesperian dedicates himself to a mortal's service, assisting his victim in amassing power, wealth, prestige—all the while inflating her ego and cultivating her belief in her own worthiness and infallibility. Once fully convinced of her own incontrovertible position, a hesperian's victim is usually only a gentle push from Hell's threshold.

"No doubt you all have similar demands, please put them in writing and i will make sure the masters receive your demands. Should you return no demand will go unfilled, and perhaps you may even go on to much higher levels of greatness that you have not yet dreamed of. My masters and i shall be ever so willing to help you all achieve what ever your heart desires so long as you are successful in your undertakings."

It says with a wry smile and a flick of its forked tongue.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Knowledge (religion): 1d20 + 7 + 1d6 ⇒ (9) + 7 + (2) = 18
Knowledge (planar): 1d20 + 7 + 1d6 ⇒ (11) + 7 + (4) = 22

Maldrek again holds his silence. If he wants to get involved with that, let him.

Male Fetchling Ninja 8 | AC18 , Touch15 , FF13 | HP 52/72 | F +5, R +13, W +4 (Immune to Mind Effects)| Init +7 | Perc +10

Zikamiri picks out 2 sets of masterwork thieves tools and gets ready to leave. He waits in silence for the rest of the group.

Male Ifrit Pyrokineticist 10

Knowledge (Religion): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22

Krayn maintains his silence, looking vaguely at the people on the room, including the creature. He's tempted to look behind his groups, where he knew someone was hiding, but preferred to ignore and keep the appearances.

- The terms are agreeable. - limits himself to talk, following directly to the quartermaster. He didn't know much about the Council, Numeria or the Technical League, so he thought about equipping the best he could.

I already edited my sheet to subtract 830 gp and add this equipment: 1 Air Crystal, 2 Tanglefoot Bags, 4 Alchemist's fire, 2 Potions of Enlarge Person, 2 Antiplagues, 2 Antitoxins, 1 Potion of Undetectable Alignment

With the Dwarven dictionary in hands, he gave it back to the quartermaster.

I have no clue if this will be needed, but I'm clearly not the face of this party anyway. Let's hope I can wing it with what I know.

At this point, he just crosses his arms waiting for his companions. He has plans of his own, but elves don't plan in days - they plan in decades. And all he heard here was definitely very, very interesting.

Female Angelkin Warlord 8
Quick stats:
AC 26, T 16, FF 21; hp 90/104; Fort +12, Ref +11, Will +6; CMD 30; Init +3; Perc +11, darkvision 60 ft; resist acid/cold/electricity 5

They got Krayn and Zaci, too? Eleanora notes, the presence of the others in the room coming to her attention. Her eyes flick to each in turn, accompanied by a slight, almost imperceptible nod. Krayn was a loose cannon when overcome by his primal furies, but capable enough, and Zaci had proved her worth before. She watches Morgrym coldly as he states his terms, raising one eyebrow at his demands.

The appearance of what she assumes is some form of fiend doesn't surprise her in the least; she holds her ground and her tongue. One can always trust devils to hold true to the letter of a contract, if not the intent, she reminds herself.

The female figure's laugh and explanation causes her handsome face to twist briefly into a smirk. "Understood."

When dismissed, she takes the opportunity to reacquaint herself with old associates, speaking with the drow first. "I've missed having your hammer at my side, Krayn. What kind of mischief have you been getting into without me?"

I'm pretty much broke, so no shopping for me. I also thought to pick up a wand of CLW; who'd be happy to use it on my behalf?

Female Faultspawn
Quick Stats:
AC24/32, T 20, FF20 hp75/79 F +9, R +11, W+11 Init+7, darkvision 60 ft.; Perc +11 DA evasion, still mind, Immunities disease, Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, CMB +11 (+13 trip); CMD 28 (30 vs trip)
Monk 8

Knowledge (Religion): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

Zaci hisses as the Hesperian Devil appears. She knows that these fiends are Servitors of Asmodeus, assisting mortals into becoming mere pawns of the Nine Hells! Whether it was her dislike of such beings because of her faith in Pharasma, the Lady of Graves or her being descended from asuras who were known to hate (and if the rumors told were true are the feared enemy of) devils, Zaci glared at the creature. She would not sign any devil's contract! I'll pass signing such a...document, she said, hissing as each word was filled with the venom of the asura hatred towards devils. She did wonder if the devil knew she held the blood of the asuras in her veins. She left Morgrym to his god's minions and their infernal contracts joining the others, walking up next to the angelkin Eleanora and the Drow Krayn. She smiled at them. Ah Krayn and Eleanora! It is good to see such good comrades again. Especially you Eleanora. How have you've been these days? Beaming with happiness at seeing Eleanora, the faultspawn wagged her ratlike tail.

@Everyone I apologize for being slow posting. I left my iPhone at work last night so I went this morning to get it and our openers were late so they had me stay a bit and then our openers called out so I get to work this morning which is okay as that means more money for me! Again I apologize for my slowness.

Male Ifrit Pyrokineticist 10

Krayn smiled to Eleanora - not too openly, just something cordial.

- Just the same old. People are paying, we're hunting. - his tone was friendly - Glad to be with you guys again. I was afraid I'd be stuck with a bunch of gnomes or wannabes.

His last phrase ended as he greeted Zaci, but went back to his silence. Angels and demons... - he thought.

male Toreador (8th generation) 3xp saved

know religion: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21

smiling at the form before me knowing it to be a servant of Asmodeus so being curteous, however, I am painstakingly careful spelling out each and every detail of the contract so that the terms are crytal clear and that those terms are as follows:
1. 10,000 gp prior to leaving the room in gold for bribes and various needs
2. heriditary noble and merchant title to the city of Laekastel for myself and my descendants. Guaranteed full Tax revenues from said city for myself and my descendants.
3. Guaranteed military rule over army forces of Laekastel for so long as glorious Thrunes shall rule for myself and my descendants.
4. A great new church to Asmodeus built in Laekastel regardless if I succeed or not and if I live that I be named High Priest of said church.
5. 1,000,000 gold pieces
6. If I should fall or fail that my living person or body be recovered by the agents of almighty Asmodeus and that all available power be used to raise me from the dead, failing so that I be buried with honors at the high church of Asmodeus of Westcrown.

Morgrym then inspects the contract to see if he has done well
Profession Barrister: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (17) + 10 = 27

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Maldrek gives a small smile. "I will stick with the original plan, pure gold is payment enough for me." Since everything else can be achieved through gold anyhow.

Silver Crusade

"Very good. Very Good!" The hooded devil hisses, its pitch rising with each word.

"The masters will be pleased, i shall take this to them at once." He reaches into the folds of his robes and produces a small coin purse. The devil hold out its hand and drop the purse into morgrym's hand.

"The deal is done than. You should have all you need to begin the undertaking. May you succeed so that you will be raised up as an example of the power of Asmodeus."

The devil pauses for a second as it scans the group.

"Should you fail, well you will also be raised up as a different kind of example of Asmodeus's power" the devil gives you a toothy grin and then bows and retreats into the darkness.

ooc -

The coin purse is basicly a small handy haversack. Inside is an extra dimensional space and you will find 10,000gp in it. The bag is full and you can not store anything else in there until you remove some of the gold. Its weight is less than 1pound.

assuming there is nothing else specific anyone wants to do here. Ill say you all make your way to the boat. It takes roughly 7 days for you to reach the landing point and then another 2 days hard riding before you reach the next point. Ill allow some time for some retro active roleplay if you guys want to interacte with each other or if you are all good to move on the the next chapter than please post letting me know.

P.s im on my phone so hence the bad formatting apppologies for that and any typos.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

10000 gold and 9 days. I can get some serious alchemical crafting done in that time. Any suggestions? I'm off to work right now so I can't make a big post.

Silver Crusade


2 of those days are "hard riding" mixing alchemical concoctions isnt really possible from horse back and the other 7 days your on a boat and wont have access to many if any reagents.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Ah, but the rules of Pathfinder assume 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of travel, 8 hours of downtime. If you travel for more than 8 hours then it's considered a forced march and you have to start making fort saves. The 8 hours of downtime represents breaks during the day that are long enough to get some work done.

male Toreador (8th generation) 3xp saved

I was planning on buying more from the quartermaster and then saving the rest for the above mentioned bribes if anyone wants anything let me know so I can turn in a complete list to buy from the QM

Silver Crusade

Assume being the operative word, the rules of Pathfinder also dont assume that you're on a boat on a secret mission to steal a device that can control time :P

but either way come up with a list of what you might want to craft and i'll let you know what is possible inside the scope of this campaign

Oh and thanks for reminding me about the fort saves ;)

Male Ifrit Pyrokineticist 10

I already bought everything I needed from the QM with my own gold. I assumed the 10k was just for Morgrym, for us to deal with bribing etc. when needed, and I have no intentions of using any part of it in anything other than the original intent. During the travel I'll just rest whatever I can (or "meditate" since I'm an elf). My character is now basically just waiting for the next "checkpoint" ;)

Female Faultspawn
Quick Stats:
AC24/32, T 20, FF20 hp75/79 F +9, R +11, W+11 Init+7, darkvision 60 ft.; Perc +11 DA evasion, still mind, Immunities disease, Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, CMB +11 (+13 trip); CMD 28 (30 vs trip)
Monk 8

My character is ready to go. I think she has everything she needs. She has several healing potions and a few other things so she should be good.

Male Fetchling Ninja 8 | AC18 , Touch15 , FF13 | HP 52/72 | F +5, R +13, W +4 (Immune to Mind Effects)| Init +7 | Perc +10

So waiting on Maldrek and Morgrym for inventory?

male Toreador (8th generation) 3xp saved

Started business trip so on phone lets just go ahead

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

I have a few things to get done in town before we get on the boat tonight. Everything on Maldrek's mental to do list under his profile except the last two things. I'm not entirely sure to go about those since it's mostly asking around. Gather information roll? Knowledge local roll?

Silver Crusade

your sea voyage is uneventful, after 7 days you reach a small hidden cove where the captain tells you there are horses waiting to take you to a town called Rendfell on the edge of the numarian border only a few miles from the base of the Silver mountain.

Before you disembark the captain hands you a sealed scroll


The scroll contains a map that shows the path to the town of Rendfell, the directions are straight forward. Ride north east for 2 days, the journey will take you across mostly flat tundra.

There is also a list on the scroll;

Contact: Jarvin Ulkarti
Meeting Location: Rendfell
when: 17 Gozren, Midnight (2 days from now)

there is also a small drawing of a dove.

you row a small boat to the shore and find your horses waiting, you leave straight away riding hard to make sure you make the meeting in time. You ride for 12 hours then decide to make camp for the night.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

If anybody wants anything crafted on the boat, let me know. The poison list might give you some ideas.

Maldrek keeps to himself on the boat. He keeps out of the sun, staying inside but close to the windows. He writes a lot in a small notebook. While he's not being particularly social, he also doesn't ignore anybody if they come to him to talk.

When they get the scroll, Maldrek takes it and memorizes it before stowing it away. He gives the captain a handshake and a nod. "I appreciate the way you run your ship captain. Good luck on the return voyage."

As the party starts saddling up the horses, Maldrek squints up at the blinding sun and says to nobody in particular. "So. What made you decide to take on such a job?"

I have my extracts prepared, with one open at each level.

Female Faultspawn
Quick Stats:
AC24/32, T 20, FF20 hp75/79 F +9, R +11, W+11 Init+7, darkvision 60 ft.; Perc +11 DA evasion, still mind, Immunities disease, Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, CMB +11 (+13 trip); CMD 28 (30 vs trip)
Monk 8

The tiefling monk hated traveling by ship, and despite the captain's steady hand, the ship rocked back and forth a bit. Oh Lady of the Graves, please make this accursed...oh no ! The faultspawn suddenly put her hands over her mouth and ran quickly to the side of the ship, and well she lost her breakfast and lunch as she hung her head over the side. I hate traveling by ships, Zaci said queasily as she slowly lifted her head. Her cheeks suddenly puffed out, and she went back to retching. For seven days, she either could be found staying below deck or hanging her head over the side.

@Everyone Yeah I know. Not a good start for her.

After being handed the scroll and thanking the captain for the trip, Zaci was more than glad to be off the ship and on dry land. Praise the Lady of Graves! I've never been so overjoyed to feel earth beneath my feet! She took off her sandals, signing in relief, emphasizing her point, before putting her sandals back on and clearing her throat. Now that we are here let's be off to meet our contact.

Upon making camp, Zaci decided to stretch her muscles, practicing her martial arts. Despite being a tiefling, she was still a Vudrani, and as it was known a good many Vudrani were skilled martial artists, so it was no surprise that Zaci was one as well, having been trained in one of the Houses of Perfection, the elite schools of martial arts in Jalmeray. I need a sparing partner for a few rounds before we rest for the night, she said, looking at her comrades, hoping for a volunteer.

Male Ifrit Pyrokineticist 10

Krayn is preparing to camp for the night when he notices Maldrek speaking. He gives the fetchling a friendly smile - very subtle, almost unnoticeable, but still there. He doesn't, however, say much - as it's his normal. He continues preparing to camp and waits for someone else to keep conversation with Maldrek.

The drow doesn't know any of the companions in details, having only grouped with some of them in the past; however, he recognizes they're all, in their way, dangerous. The fetchling isn't exception; many times Krayn would catch him mixing his poisons and potions, and he knew the investigator had a strength to be recognized.

Male Fetchling Ninja 8 | AC18 , Touch15 , FF13 | HP 52/72 | F +5, R +13, W +4 (Immune to Mind Effects)| Init +7 | Perc +10

As everyone rides to the north east, Zikamiri talks with Maldrek, his fellow Fetchling. "I was already working for the Council before I started this mission. Worked a few jobs and I guess they liked what I was able to do, that is why they said I was the best, after all. I consider them asking me to take on such a job as a compliment and an honor. How about you? What brought you into the Council's sights?" he asks Maldrek.

male Toreador (8th generation) 3xp saved

Before they even step from the council building still within its walls Morgrym takes out the rod of extend and uses it to cast non detection on himself renewing it every day. In addition he also steps away from the group a few minutes and comes back out dressed entirely differently using the disguise self spell and walking out seperate from the group to arrive at the ship prior to its departure but not with the group either.

On his way to the ship Morgrym buys several different outfits and a masterwork disguise kit and then he enters the ship as one Silas Cortez, a merchant seeking goods who has hired an escort for himself to keep him safe, and ensures he gets a good merchant seal purchased as well for the small company of himself and the group. Out of view he will use the spell remove sickness casting it and then walking and touching the tiefling every few hours using the rod of extend to assist her from being sick. He will ignore her words about the inferior religion she follows.

While setting up camp "Silas" talks often of setting the guard for the merchant travels and how he looks forward to seeing the wares to be found that may be rare in Cheliax. He ignores the group at any attempt to speak to him about whom they think he is or not nor does he attempt to enter any banter neither on the ship nor during horse travel to the camp.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Maldrek nods at Zikamiri. "Worked your way up through the ranks and now's your big chance to show what you're made of." He looks over the silent, glowering party, giving a lopsided grin. "I realize we're not a bunch of social flowers, but we're working together and need to communicate."

Female Faultspawn
Quick Stats:
AC24/32, T 20, FF20 hp75/79 F +9, R +11, W+11 Init+7, darkvision 60 ft.; Perc +11 DA evasion, still mind, Immunities disease, Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, CMB +11 (+13 trip); CMD 28 (30 vs trip)
Monk 8

Realizing her request has fallen on deaf ears, the monk shrugs her shoulders and goes back to practicing. When she hears Maldrek's question she replies while still practicing, Usually I try to avoid taking jobs for the Council, but occasionally I do if the task does not offend me or I believe that the job isn't beneath me. I've mainly done work as a bodyguard for clients or escorted goods to someone. However, this task...caught my attention and interest. Besides I plan on opening my own inn one day and the money will be quite useful in reaching that goal.

Male Ifrit Pyrokineticist 10

My constant Detect Magic on Morgrym' nondetection.

Caster Level Check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

Krayn knew the "merchant" was more than he was telling; he could see the spells, items and auras covered by the Nondetection. It was, however, what he could see, and he didn't really want to concentrate or investigate further - he just let the man be. Without much thought, it was easy to deduct who the man with the same list of items as Morgrym's could be. He probably had his reasons, so the drow just kept his distance and pretended nothing was going on. For Krayn, each one of his companions was special and dangerous in their own way, from a man of arms to a man of faith, and he would therefore give them all his respect.

After a while when settling camp, he noticed the other fetchling had come to talk to Maldrek, and then finally Zaci participating of the conversation as well. The dark elf still wanted to keep his own business - praying in silence while twisting his eyes, and in times shaking the entire body as if consumed by madness.

Male Fetchling Investigator/Master Spy | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 15 | HP 72/72 | F +3, R +10, W +8 | Init +4 | Perc +11

Oh by the way if anybody cares, Maldrek looks completely unarmed and unarmored. Glamered is great haha.

As I assumed. Maldrek thinks as he nods at Zaci. "Noble goals for one in this line of work." He looks at the solitary drow. "And you?" He says expectantly.

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