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Full Name

Morgrym Black (former mercenary Captain)




Barbarian spirit lion totem 1/Fighter 7







Special Abilities

see below







Strength 22
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Morgrym Black

Barbarian 1:spirit lion totem: complete champion p 46:
Charge and full attack
Feat power attack, human bonus feat exotic won pro spiked chain (phb) 10 ft reach.
Fighter 1 cleave(phb)
Fighter 2 improved bull rush(phb)
Fighter 4 great cleave (phb) drop an enemy, hit another one
Fighter 5 2nd attack on full attack on charge
Leap attack(complete adventurer 110) jump 10 ft doubles power attack damage
Fighter 6 shock trooper (complete warrior 112) charge and power attack at -5 take minus from a.c. Instead of to hit.
Fighter 7 extra rage

Jump 7 9
Listen 7 2
ride 7 2
climb 1 9
swim 1 9
acrobatics 7 9

HD: 1d12+6d10+24
BAB +7/+2
Fort ref will +10 +4 +4

**Two handed damage = weapon +2 valorous + str * 1.5 + power attack + leap attack: 4d4+76 damage**

Str +2 gauntlets of ogre power (4000)
Valorous spiked chain +2 (16000)
Ring of jumping (2500)

Background: Morgrym was brought up in an upper class family being raised to be a doctor like his father and was sent to the best of schools both at a young age to private schooling and then was to go best of colleges, however he longed to escape the never ending books and tedious lectures and against his family's wishes he enlisted in the military to a commission as an officer due to his family's connections. He went to war at the early age of 18 and fought in various campaigns seeing intense action and learning of his more then adequate skills. He returned home at the age of 24 a completely different man, now a product of war. He went to work in the private sector as a man for hire for mercenary armies - someone who could fix a problem or make it go away. There are some problems that do not leave you behind, however, and after being betrayed and left for dead, he was found by someone who could use his set of skills for a gladiator game...


Long white hair with black eyes and a well done tattoo of a sun on his back with a black snake wrapped around it 6'2" and 208 lbs, he is medium build with well defined muscles from fighting and stringent exercise and training.