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Looking for two 2nd level adventurers to join us on an investigation of the sudden appearance of a unseasonal winter pocket at midsummer in the Border Wood between Taldor and Qadira. The heroes have recently left the shelter of a cabin in the woods, and are searching for the cause of the strange weather.

The remaining party is: a viking fighter/ranger, a winter witch, and an elven rogue.

20 pt buy
no evil
2 traits - one can by ROW campaign trait, but might be past the need for that now.
Average gold/gear for the group is 270gp, so let's start there. They have some gear unsold also.
Requires 1 post per day and 1 per weekend. More if available.

Looking for a long-term player, so those with good posting history will take preference, though new players are not ruled out. PM me with questions.

I'll look towards making a ranged Oradin, sounds like the party could use ranged DPS and healing and that fits the bill pretty well.

still looking for another?

Liberty's Edge

Interested, but 3rd in line, so I'll tag in as an alternate if needed.

Maybe Sorcerer or Bard... will come up with something more solid tonight after work.

A kineticist would be nice I think
Or maybe a packt wizard

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Going to hold one spot for Qwerty who comes recommended by players in the game. If teh group re-expands to 5, then one of the others will be considered.

Let's see concepts on paper from Zanbabe and Aipaca.

Liberty's Edge

Cool. Working on a Crossblooded Sorcerer with Draconic and Starsoul bloodlines, who will also be an archer. Her family is from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords but had to move away when she was young, and she grew up in Taldor.

Not quite there yet, but it's coming along well, and I will likely have something to post tomorrow, maybe in the morning, but more likely after work.

Sovereign Court

I am here to stand alongside the others as the other viking runs away in fear

<-- Here is Zanbabe's submission.

I think it is done, but haven't rechecked everything (have to get to work). Will look it over again after work to be sure, and maybe beef up the background some, or move a couple of skills around. I was having a hard time making her what I wanted to be with so few skill points. The curse of Sorcerers. :) Meanwhile, let me know if you see anything strange. :)

Here is Aipaca's Oradin submission, keen to defend the good people of Irrisen from the beasts and monsters of the forest!

Silver Crusade

I have an half-orc occultist build collecting dust in the wings (the character he was suppose to replace never ended up dying!) I would love an opportunity to pull him out and use him!

This is RxGus' Half-orc occultist. Still needs some polishing

Character role: Front line Melee, self-buffer. Moving towards "trappings of the warrior".

Background: Born and raised in a high-mountain enclave, of a subset of orc/half-orcs who worship a different diety than the primary Orc culture (still chaotic, less overtly evil- still working on the pantheon organization stuff). The cult/outpost is inhabited by two types of people: The ones born there (Gorak) and the ones who find their way there (expelled orcs, expelled half-orcs, mystics, wanderers). Total population ~100 people, relatively unknown to outsiders.

The key trait to the town (and the reason for their difference) is there are several strong bloodline connections to dragons that carry through the generations of those born in the hold. Gorak was a "touched" one, who exhibits more dragon blood than usual. (Several "dragon" half-orc variants were used ). The final step for his acceptance into the defenders society (8 elite warriors whose job it is to defend the hold) was to go up the mountain and commune with the dragons.

He went up into the mountains for a week, as is custom, and when he came back he found the entire hold burned- overrun by an army of orcs while he was away. With everything of his previous life gone, he wandered through the wilderness aimlessly until fate intervened...

Personality is eccentric, with an unusual attachment to some of his possessions. Highly intelligent but some schizoid personality features.

Grulyn is ready

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I am traveling this weekend and will, most likely, not be able to review these submissions until Monday. Will get back to you all then, if not before.

I'll offer Floe for consideration. I have never missed posting for more than a day or two (even when hospitalized or on vacation) and have few thousand posts to my name, so dependable is my middle name.

Liberty's Edge

I think I am going to withdraw from this one. I can't get the character quite right, and it looks like there are plenty of good submissions. Enjoy. :)

Ill dot Elaith. there is still a little left to add, will finish him tomorrow. (mainly equipment, and my RP focus that I like adding to all my characters for how he reacts to certain things.)

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Recruitment is now closed. Thanks for submissions. I have been looking them over while away for the weekend. I sent a PM to one player to join the game with a few changes, if he accepts then we are closed, if not, I will take the next in my pecking order.


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