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Human (Flan)


Detective Bard 5 | HP 28/28 | CMB +6 / CMD +18 | AC 17 / T 12 / FF 15 | Fort +2 / Ref +6 / Will +6 | Initiative +2 | Bardic Performances 15/15 | Action Points 3/3 | Perception +12/+14 to detect traps | Active Effects: Ioun Torch


Loot Sheet Female


Medium, but tall. A touch over 6 foot. Amazon Princess vibe.


Chaotic Good


Common, Elven, Flan, Keoish

Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About Zokama

Detective Bard 5 | HP 28/28 | CMB +6 / CMD +18 | AC 17 / T 12 / FF 15 | Fort +2 / Ref +6 / Will +6 | Initiative +2 | Bardic Performances 15/15 | Action Points 3/3 | Perception +12/+14 to detect traps | Active Effects: None

=== Basics ===

STR 14 (+2) [5 points]
DEX 14 (+2) [5 points]
CON 10 (--)
INT 14 (+2) [5 points, +2 headband of vast intelligence]
WIS 14 (+2) [5 points]
CHA 17 (+3) [5 points, +2 racial, +1 fourth level addition]

BAB +4 | Move: 30 feet

=== Bonuses ===
+4 bonus on saving throws made against illusions (Arcane Insight)
+4 bonus on caster level checks and saving throws to see through disguises and protections against divination such as misdirection, and nondetection. (Arcane Insight)
+1 CMB (Bred for War)
+1 bonus on Charisma-based ability checks. (Lost Legacy)

=== Penalities ===
Can’t delay or ready actions, and if last of allies to act in a round of combat, –1 penalty on ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks. (Impatient drawback)

=== Weapons ===
+1 Adaptive Composite Darkwood Longbow
Attack +8 | Damage 1d8+2 | x3 Critical | P | Range 110 feet
(Within 30 feet +1/+1)

[12 Masterwork Durable Greenwood Arrows (self healing)... so make sure to retrieve them.]

Totem Spear
Attack +6 | Damage 1d10+2 | x3 Critical | P or S | Range 10 feet

=== Armor ===
+1 Mithril Chain Shirt (+5 armor)

=== Traits ===
Bred for War (race) [+1 trait bonus on Intimidate checks and +1 trait bonus on CMB because of your great size. You must be at least 6 feet tall.]
Nimble Fingers, Keen Mind (religion) [+1 trait bonus on Disable Device checks, and Disable Device is a class skill for you.]
Two-World Magic (magic) [Grants a Zero-Level spell from a different class]
Survivalist (regional) [+1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves.]

=== Drawback/Flaw ===

Impatient [Can’t delay or ready actions; if last ally to act in a round, -1 ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks]

=== Feats ===
Lost Legacy (Story Feat) [+1 bonus on Charisma-based ability checks and skill checks.]
Point-Blank Shot [+1/+1 within 30 feet]
Precise Shot [No negatives for shooting into melee]
Rapid Shot

Story Feat details:

Lost Legacy (Story)

What once belonged to your family shall be yours again.

Prerequisite: Your family must have claim to an inherited title or position that no longer belongs to them, or have the Dishonored Family background. You can take this feat even if you have no knowledge of this lost family title.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Charisma-based ability checks and skill checks.

Goal: Regain your family’s lost claim, either for yourself or another in your family. In the process of completing this claim, you must decisively defeat a challenging foe that seeks to deny your birthright.

Completion Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Wisdom ability checks, Wisdom-based skill checks, and Will saving throws.

Special: If you manage to regain your position without defeating a challenging foe, you may still complete this story feat at a later date if a suitable challenging foe attempts to steal your birthright again.

=== Special Abilities ===
Arcane Insight (Ex) [At 2nd level, a detective can find and disable magical traps, like a rogue’s trapfinding ability. In addition, he gains a +4 bonus on saving throws made against illusions and a +4 bonus on caster level checks and saving throws to see through disguises and protections against divination (such as misdirection, and nondetection). This ability replaces well-versed.]
Arcane Investigation [Adds specialized spells known at 2nd and every 4 levels after that. Replaces versatile performance.]
Eye for Detail (Ex) [A detective gains a bonus equal to half his level on Knowledge (local), Perception, and Sense Motive checks, as well as Diplomacy checks to gather information (minimum +1). This ability replaces bardic knowledge.]
Favored Class Bonus [Add one spell known from the bard spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the bard can cast.]
Military Tradition [Trained in two martial or exotic weapons appropriate to culture]
Skilled [Humans get extra skill ranks]
Trapfinding Adds 1/2 level to Perception skill checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device skill checks (minimum +1). Can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.


53 skill points [3 one-time background from GM and +6 bard +3 int +1 human = 10/level]

+Acrobatics +9 |+2 Dex +2 rank +3 class skill +2 Totem Spear
+Appraise +10 |+3 Int +4 rank +3 class skill
+Bluff +10 |+3 Cha +3 rank +3 class skill +1 Lost Legacy
+Climb +6 |+2 Str +1 rank +3 class skill
+Craft Bowyer/Fletcher +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Craft Leatherworker +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Diplomacy +14 |+3 Cha +5 ranks +3 class skill +2 Eye for Detail +1 Lost Legacy
+Disable Device* +17 |+2 Dex +5 rank +3 class skill +1 Nimble Fingers, Keen Mind +1 Trapfinding +5 Goggles of Minute Seeing
+Disguise +4 |+3 Cha +1 Lost Legacy
+Escape Artist +2 |+2 Dex
Fly +2 |+2 Dex
Handle Animal* -- |+3 Cha +1 Lost Legacy untrained
Heal +2 |+2 Wis
+Intimidate +9 |+3 Cha +1 rank +3 class skill +1 Bred for War +1 Lost Legacy
+Knowledge Arcana* +11 |+3 Int +5 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge Dungeoneering +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge Engineering +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge Geography* +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge History* +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge Local* +9 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill +2 Eye for Detail
+Knowledge Nature* +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge Nobility* +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge Planes* +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge Religion* +7 |+3 Int +4 rank +3 class skill
+Linguistics* +8 |+3 Int +2 rank +3 class skill
+Perception +12/+14 |+2 Wis +5 rank +3 class skill +2 Eye for Detail [+2 Trapfinding]
+Perform Sing / Oratory +8 |+3 Cha +1 rank +3 class skill +1 Lost Legacy
+Perform Wind Instruments +8 |+3 Cha +1 rank +3 class skill +1 Lost Legacy
+Profession Detective +6 |+2 Wis +1 rank +3 class skill
Ride +2 |+2 Dex
+Sense Motive +8 |+2 Wis +1 rank +3 class skill +2 Eye for Detail
+Sleight of Hand* +6 |+2 Dex +1 rank +3 class skill
+Spellcraft* +11 |+3 Int +5 rank +3 class skill
+Stealth +6 |+2 Dex +1 rank +3 class skill
Survival +2 |+2 Wis
Swim +2 |+2 Str
+Use Magic Device* -- |+3 Cha +1 Lost Legacy untrained

Bardic Performances:

Careful Teamwork (Su) [All allies within 30 feet gain a +1 bonus on Initiative checks, Perception, and Disable Device checks for 1 hour. They also gain a +1 insight bonus on Reflex saves and to AC against traps and when they are flat-footed. These bonuses increase by +1 at 5th level and every six levels thereafter. Using this ability requires 3 rounds of continuous performance, and the targets must be able to see and hear the bard throughout the performance. Replaces inspire courage.]
Countersong (Su) [Counters magic effects that depend on sound (but not spells that have verbal components.)]
Distraction (Su) [Counters magic effects that depend on sight.]
Fascinate (Su) [Cause one or more creatures within 90 feet to become fascinated.]

9th level--True Confession (Su) [A detective can use performance to trick a creature into revealing its secrets. Replaces inspire greatness.]
12th level--Soothing Performance (Su)
14th level--Frightening Tune (Sp)
15th level--Show Yourselves (Ex) [Compels creatures to reveal themselves when hiding. Replaces inspire heroics.]
18th level--Mass Suggestion (Sp)
20th level--Deadly Performance (Su)


Caster Level 5 | Concentration +8 (Caster level + ability mod)
Spells Known 8/6/3 (Includes Favored Class Bonus; Two-World Magic; Arcane Investigation)

=== Zero Level === (DC 13)

Acid Splash [Bonus from Two-World Magic Trait]
Detect Magic [Detects spells and magic items within 60 feet]
Light [Object shines like a torch]
Mage Hand [5-pound telekinesis]
Mending [Makes minor repairs on an object]
Open/Close [Opens or closes small or light things]
Prestidigitation [Performs minor tricks]
Spark [Ignites flammable objects]

=== 1st Level === (DC 14)
Spells Per Day: 5 (Includes Ability Score Bonus)

Abundant Ammunition
Cure Light Wounds [Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max +5)]
Detect Evil (bonus from Arcane Investigation)
Feather Fall [Objects or creatures fall slowly]
Ear-Piercing Scream
Summon Minor Monster [1d3 tiny creatures]
Unseen Servant [Invisible force obeys your commands.]

=== 2nd Level === (DC 15)
Spells Per Day: 3 (Includes Ability Score Bonus)

Summon Swarm


Backpack [2 gold, 2 pounds]
Bag of Holding [2,500 gold]
Bandolier (2) [1 gold, --]
Canteen [2 gold, 1 pound]
Composite Longbow (+2) [300 gold, 3 pounds]
Explorer's outfit (free, 8 pounds)
Grooming Kit [1 gold, 2 pounds]
Ioun Torch [75 gold, --]
Manacles [15 gold, 2 pounds]
Quiver with 20 blunt arrows [2 gold, 3 pounds]
Quiver with 20 regular arrows [1 gold, 3 pounds]
Silk rope (50 feet) [10 gold, 5 pounds]
Sleeves of Many Garments [200 gold, 1 pound]
Spell component pouch [5 gold, 2 pounds]
Thieves’ Ring [300 gold, --]
Totem Spear [25 gold, 6 pounds]
Trail rations (2) [1 gold, 2 pounds]
Traveler's Any Tool [250 gold, 2 pounds]

Skull from an undead Gnoll (flavor item)
5 Nobles (instead of the 2 pints of Fennit's cider)
Pouch with 23 nobles worth of loose change (gained from performance)
17 nobles from second performance
-4 orbs for a room at the inn (2 nights).

Wand of cure light (24 charges, updated 1/25) [party item]
2 potions of CLW [party item]
amulet of natural armor [party item]
headband of vast intelligence [party item]
Goggles of Minute Seeing [party item]
Magic purple stone [party item]
Bullseye lantern with continual flame [party item]
puzzle tube [party]
3 zircons [party]
necklace [party]
Potion of Bull's Strength [party]
Potion of Enlarge Person [party]
Wand of magic weapon (17) [party]
Stone wing (from the "snake" nest we investigated)
2 padlocks
+1 Mithril Chain Shirt (party item... traded out my regular mithril chain shirt.)

ornate composite longbow, the darkwood shaft decorated in swirls and curly-que designs. He also gives her a quiver of durable greenwood arrows, 12 in all. A +1 adaptive composite longbow, the masterwork arrows can repair themselves: When damp and in contact with fertile soil, living greenwood heals damage to itself at a rate of 1 hit point per hour (arrows have 3 HP) even repairing breaks and regrowing missing pieces. If the weapon has the broken condition, it is repaired during the first hour of contact with fertile soil. Greenwood items take only one-quarter damage from fire.

Current Wealth: 3526.9 orbs

(Commons=Copper, Nobles=Silver, Orbs=Gold, Plates=Platinum)
Starting Wealth: 1,200 gold
Total Starting Equipment: 1,200 gold

Total Weight: 54.5 pounds
Encumbrance: Light
[Strength 14 means Light Load: 58 pounds or less, Medium: 59–116 pounds, and heavy is 117–175 pounds]


Kama was born in the ancient homeland of the Flan people, but doesn't remember it. From what she could piece together, her father, a chief and warleader, apparently moved the family for safety after a group came through looking for the descendants of a lost noble. She doesn't know the details, but she wonders if there is some family secret that he is hiding.

Whatever the reason, though, she thrived in the new environment. When she was home, she learned the culture and traditions of her people, her father making weapon training and mastery mandatory and her mother teaching her how to make bows and work leather. When she wasn't home, she learned everything she could, mastering the language much better than her parents did, and utterly enjoying this new culture--learning new skills, and enjoying the sports and physical challenges of her new world, largely because they were excessively easy compared to what her parents asked of her.

Her father's pet name for her was always Zo, an affectionate Flan term roughly translated as chief's daughter, or perhaps "princess." When she started going to school, people called her Kama, but she always insisted on being called Zo Kama, which eventually became her name. Three syllable names in her parents' tribe were considered names of honor, and her mother laughingly told her when she reached the age of womanhood that she deserved the honor of three syllables, and although she still doesn't really know how it would have worked in the context of a real tribe, her parents granted her the third syllable, and always smiled when they used it.

She was an exotic beauty even before her parents left the lands of their ancestors (around age 4 or 5), though it was an unconscious beauty until she got older, and (like the native accent and the physical presence) became first a game, and then something that she learned to use as a tool to smooth over social situations. (Occasionally, it instead seemed to get her *into* trouble, but she was never hesitant to use brutal physical force to address those types of problems, that falling under her father's instruction on acceptable violence in self-defense, so such issues were typically short-lived.)

When she graduated from school she decided to become a detective, because in addition to her penchant for solving problems, she knew that she was good at it, and might be able to help people. One of the mysteries she really wants to solve is why her parents left the lands of their people.


Zokama is very tall for a woman, just a touch over 6 feet tall. She has long, dark hair, and fiery green eyes, and her physical stature is intimidating by its very nature. She looks big, and tough, and strong. Although she is really no tougher and not much stronger than an average person, she still looks it and acts like it.

On the other hand, although she has a tough, strong look, her normal language and speech is cultured and refined. She can do a perfect imitation of a Flan accent and more barbaric speech patterns, having learned from the best, but that's just a role. At home and with friends, she is a quite intelligent, literate, friendly, funny person.