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5-08: The Confirmation wrote:

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for level 1-2.

Almost all Pathfinders undergo extensive training for three or more years to learn the tricks of the trade, and their last test before graduating from the ranks of the initiates to the status of a full Pathfinder agent is the Confirmation, a special research project that involves considerable fieldwork and is designed to simulate the initiates' future work as a Pathfinder. Even the noteworthy field commissioned agents sometimes participate in such trials as a way to familiarize themselves with the Pathfinder Society’s rules and expectations. Although Confirmation is typically an individual affair, the society recently discovered a site on the Isle of Kortos that would be perfect for initiates but perhaps too dangerous to handle alone. Successfully uncovering this site’s secrets will not only contribute to the society’s body of knowledge but shape the exciting careers ahead for each of the prospective agents.

Recruitment: Weighted lottery with up to 2 slots reserved for those new to PbP (defined as 0 PbP games).

Roll Call Date: Thursday, December 7th

Anticipated Start Date: Friday, December 8th

Grand Lodge

i'll throw a hat in the ring....can bring in whatever is needed...i have a couple race boons to use so...may as well start from the beginning right?

Grand Lodge

Have a dwarf foehammer been wanting to play and would be 4th PBP so still figuring some stuff out.

Silver Crusade

I'd like to give it a shot

Scarab Sages

I would like to play this guy, relatively new to Official PFS-just started this past gameday, but I've gotten the groove of things. So if there are greener heroes you need to give priority to, I can wait my turn.

The Exchange

I just received my samsaran boon.
I would love a slot.
Samsaran shaman.

Dark Archive

Still relatively new to Pbp, I've got two 1st-level characters that have completed one scenario each, it'd be cool to get one of them in:

Wilen Proudbrew, halfling alchemist

Avasir Farisen, elf wizard

I'd be interested in playing. Definitely not a new player, but need to develop sokme new character ideas.

Liberty's Edge

She is ready to go. I also have a 1.1 dwarven inquisitor

I would like to play with one of these Characters:

Kyunjiro level 1.1 Kitsune Rogue
Rogar Goldminer level 1 Dwarven Barbarian

This would be my 2nd adventure in play-by-post.

I've got a couple 1.0 characters I'm interested in getting into a game.

Grand Lodge

NOT new, but I have a few level 1 characters ready to go.

Grand Lodge

Tarael the Peregrin wrote:

I just received my samsaran boon.

I would love a slot.
Samsaran shaman.

Samsaran Shaman? I like it. I ended up with a Mesmerist. Seemed to fit the racial profile...

Grand Lodge

But, to be very specific as to what I have open and ready to play

Donna Pude, 2H warrior
Brundie Hands Wizard
Ironleaf Greentoes Druid
Rhea Currin the Whispy Rogue
Rinka Chichi Ninja
"Allure" Mesmerist
Sir Charger McLost Cavalier (Beast Rider) 1

Grand Lodge

Foehammer is joining another game can make another character if needed

i would be interested in playing!

Liberty's Edge

Similarly interested in joining.

Dark Archive

Here is a 1.1 dwarven inquisitor of Geryon.

I'd like to throw a hat in the ring, got a Naiad that I'm mucking about with and the confirmation is always a good spot to try out new stuff.

Liberty's Edge

I would be interested. I am completely new to Pathfinder, though have a lot of D&D experience going back to the mid-80's.

Decided up a concept of a rogue (makeshift scrapper). Would 0xp Lvl 1

Scarab Sages

I didn't mention above-Sylph alchemist 1

Scarab Sages

Would like to give it a shot as well. Half-Orc Paladin. Despite having been accepted once into a play-by-post, I had to drop out after a day when I was accepted to the play same game in person, so I'm new to Pbp (to the point where I almost didn't know what the acronym meant)

Recruitment is Closed.

Now for Roll Call. I will be opening the Gameplay thread for ghost-dotting and the Discussion thread for entering PFS data shortly after this post for the people listed in this post, here.

For the new people: Ghost-dotting means you make a post--it can say anything (most people just put a period, thus the term "dot")--and then delete that same post right after you make it. What that does is ties the game to your Campaign tracker while keeping my thread clean. I like clean threads.


Thralleon (Father Conflict)
bsg1075 (Caur)
2ndGenerationCleric (Stoic Gorehard)

Welcome to Pathfinder Society Play-by-Post!

What I would like from you (all of you, not just the new players) is to place your character sheet in your character's profile description and generate a header for summary stats.

The link takes you to a Google doc that explains how to do that (and comes pre-formated). The summary stats are for an example Sorcerer, so obviously you're going to change many of those numbers, remove Elemental Ray and replace it with your character's abilities, Rage X/X, for example.

Character sheet template form VL Hillary Moon Murphy


Even though you've been around, welcome! :)

GM Emmjay
VoodooMonkey (Sira Ulo Ako)

Congrats all, have fun!

Grand Lodge

boo...rigged! I demand a recount....lol...just messing. Have a good game guys. Blake's a good gm...you'll have a good time!

The Exchange

Hey, Thanks. Will be playing with this character again... probably going to get him up a few levels before trying a new character.

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