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I am a cold, heartless being from beyond the realms of reality. I am the space between the stars, the blackness as you close your eyes and your mind slips this reality. I do not hate, nor do I strike out in anger. I simply am. I am fate, I am reality, and I am cruel and heartless. I stand in your path, your obstacle to victory, to fame, to glory. Will you turn in fear? Or will you take adversity by the throat, drive the knife of will into the heart of danger, and ascend, ascend to the greatness that you are meant to be. Ascend to truly earn the title... of Hero!

In less poetic terms, I do not fudge rolls. I do not save characters. I do not cheat, whether for, or against the heroes. But in beating me, characters show that they really are heroes. I am NOT out to kill you. But i'm not going to save your characters from stupid decisions, bad die rolls, or mean scenarios.

Current Fallen Heroic Pathfinders: 48
+1 transformed into a chinchilla.

Current Fallen Heroic Starfinders: 4

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