(PFS) GM Alice's #3-00: First Steps Series [Group 1] (Inactive)

Game Master Alice Margatroid

The First Steps series... hurriedly played in reverse before they get retired. [Group 1]

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G'day all!

I'm in the middle of musing up a new PbP game, but still itching to run something, so I figured I'd throw up a PFS game. I'm a reasonably experienced GM, both online and off. I'm currently running a Rappan Athuk campaign here on the Paizo boards that you can check out to see if you enjoy my style of posting.

As you may or may not know, First Steps II and III are being retired at the end of this season. This means two things:

1. You must post at least one a day. At least. I want to get through II and III as fast as possible. If you can't keep up a rapid posting rate, please don't put your name down for this scenario.

2. I intend on working backwards through the series so we have as much of an opportunity to play them as possible!

A couple of notes:

1. If it wasn't clear, this is Pathfinder Society. If you're unfamiliar with PFS, read up about it here. Feel free to ask me questions, too!

2. I will roll certain saves and checks as appropriate in order to speed up posting.

3. I will do block initiative, as explained below:

Block Initiative:

I'll roll everyone's initiative, as well as the enemies' (most enemies will act on the same initiative, except for separate groups and some bosses, etc).

For round 1, all players whose turns occur before the enemies' will take their actions in any order. I will then make a summary of their actions, and move for the enemies. Subsequently, we will alternate between all players making their actions in any order and the wrap-up/enemy actions post from me.

Now, what do I need from you?

Please give me a character alias with your stats and background information, as well as your PFS number. I'd also like to know your race, class, and, if you've decided on it, your choice of faction (if you don't know yet, no worries).

Players will be selected on a largely first-come, first-serve basis, although in the case that I get a large amount of interest I will pick players more or less arbitrarily based on whatever characters interest me most. In the case that there is enough interest to run two groups, I may do so... or I may not. Depends on what I feel like.

Thanks for your interest!

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Marking my interest. I can try to make a character today.

Grand Lodge

I'd like to play.

Li Shuo is a wanderer from Quain in Tian Xia, now residing in Absalom. He is dedicated to a mastery of his bow and hopes soon to acquire a more worthy weapon.

Noting interest. I would definitely like to get these in before they retire. I will have details for a paladin posted later today.

I'm keenly interested in this idea.

Thanks for the interest all, looking forward to seeing more characters. Hoping to get things underway ASAP.

I would like to give this a go, if recruitment is still open. I will get a PC worked up tonight.

Recruitment is certainly still open. There's only 1 person who has applied thus far.

I've never played any PFS games before, but interested in playing the modules. Will have to look some more into character creation rules..

Start with the Guide to PFS Organised Play - it'll explain everything you need to know. PFS plays very similarly to standard Pathfinder with a pretty stringent adherence to RAW and the removal of crafting and evil options. Additional Resources might be useful too.

These mods are an introductory series and so should be good for a total newbie to PFS. :)

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Interested! Will post on the alias to apply.

Never played PFS before. I like what you've got going in Rappan Athuk, Alice. I'll try to drum something up. Maybe a bard.

Grand Lodge

Signing up. I'll post backstory and personal information tomorrow.

Lantern Lodge

CFet's character application alias! Backstory and stats in profile. :)

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My Ranger would like to go. He is almost complete. I just need to work on his back story and complete his equipment list tomorrow.


Thayn Runeseed
Elf Ranger 1
Init +4; Senses Perception +9
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12
hp 10 (1d10)
Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +0


Leather: Type: Light AC Bonus: 2 Check Pen: 0 Max Dex: 6 Wt: 15 Spell Fail: 10 Speed: 30
Dagger: Total Att. Bonus: 2 (melee) 4 (range) Damage: 1d4 Crit: 19-20/x2 Range: 10 Type: P/S
Longbow: Total Att. Bonus: 5 Damage: 1d8 Crit: x3 Range: 100 Ammo: Arrows, Common (20) Wt: 5 Type: P
Hand axe: Total Att. Bonus 2, Damage 1d6, Crit x3, Wt. 3, Type S


Climb: 5
Handle Animals: 4
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 7
Knowledge (Geography): 8
Knowledge (Nature): 9
Ride: 8
Stealth: 10
Survival: 5


Class Feats: Track, Wild Empathy, Favored Enemy - Undead.
General Feats: Alertness, Weapon Focus (Longbow)

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Here is Haldhin's submission. Still working on backstory but will have it finished tomorrow.

To the above applicants: Remember, I need to know your PFS number! I can't accept you without that!

Lantern Lodge

Added! (54086-4)

Grand Lodge

GM Alice wrote:
To the above applicants: Remember, I need to know your PFS number! I can't accept you without that!

Li Shuo = 2405-7. Thanks!

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Good day to you Sir!

Garret Greenbottle, Halfling Cook would like to join these quests.

My Pathfinder ID: 24861 - 2

Character details:

Halfling Monk, Underfoot Adept. (LN)
STR 10
DEX 18
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 14
CHA 10

Feat: Weapon Finesse
Traits: Equality for all, Reactionary
Skill Ranks: Acrobatics, Perception, Prof (Cook), Sense Motive and Stealth (includes Favored Class)

Society Faction: Grand Lodge, after all who are we to question the Decemvirate?

I am in Europe (Netherlands), and can post at least twice a day (morning and evening).

Grand Lodge

My Pathfinder ID: 86722

I will also put it in my original post to avoid confusion.

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My Pathfinder ID is 90661.

Trig is my first PFS character. (and my first bard)

I think he is all ready to go.

Daily posting should not be a problem. I've been looking for a faster paced game.

Grand Lodge

History, PFS # and other stuff all posted as part of the character profile.

I'm intrested, I've never been in a PFS game but I am in a pbp game. I will look at those links you provided and get a character up asap. I am especially intrested in this rapid posting idea as I am on all the time, a medical leave has me stuck at home with way too much free time :)

Thanks everyone, we just hit 6 so I've got enough for 1 group! I'll leave recruitment open for another day or two to see if we can make 2 groups with the people already showing interest. :)

Grand Lodge

I have added my character background in my profile, will include a full character sheet later today.

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Would love to bring a Wizard if you get a second group up and running. I'll work up this guys full character sheet today.

I’ve got a Human inquisitor of Cayden Cailean with 1 XP looking for an adventure. He’s fairly tanky and a moderate skill monkey.

Grand Lodge

In the meantime, shall we begin with the first group?

Another option instead of having 6 in a group and perhaps some people side-lined, would be to collect all the characters and split them into two balanced groups. Of course, I am partial to this option because I’d be someone currently side-lined…

Grand Lodge

Character Sheet included in my profile, note that I have reshuffled my ability scores a bit to be able to get Combat Expertise later.

I am ready to start!

@Li Shuo: It suits me to wait another day or so as I have an exam today. Although it looks like we might be able to make a 5/4 split for the two groups.

@Mezegis: Can I have your PFS number / other character details? I do intend on running through all 3 of these scenarios, so if you are interested in playing the third adventure eventually you'll have to use a different character, but otherwise no problem with the Inquisitor.

Grand Lodge

Have updated this character with a fleshed out sheet (including PFS number). Just started (using Beginner Box) so feel free to correct anything of issue.

Grand Lodge

Thayn is updated on his profile page and ready for some adventurin'.

Liberty's Edge

Here is Mezegis's Alias for the game.

Can you not play first steps as a level 2?

@Mez: Nope. It's not a Tier 1-2 - it's actually a Tier 1 only. I think it's the only Tier 1 there is. (Probably why they're some of the only scenarios/modules you can repeat.)

@Valnir, I think you're aware but PFS doesn't use Beginner Box rules. How familiar are you with things beyond the Beginner Box rules (i.e., attacks of opportunity... other feats/classes... etc)? It's no problem, by the way, just need to know so I can be a little more wordy in my requests for rolls/actions etc in that game.

Oh, and as a general note, I will check everyone's sheets for accuracy at the beginning, so don't worry too much about that. Habit of mine - almost everyone forgets something. :)

Grand Lodge

Yes, I am aware, and I am familiar with many other rules/aspects of the game (ie. opportunity attacks, traits) from looking at some of the online resources. I should be able to hold my own, however extra guidance would be helpful and not seen as a slight.

OK I'll Make a Cleric of Shelyn, NG, Human for my #2 character

Grand Lodge

I'm entering a Ranger 1. Here is the complete profile of my ranger. Here is my PFS number # 75680-3.

I can post more than 2 a day, except I'm in PST.

Grand Lodge

Mezegis' New PFS character, the Cleric of Shelyn, reporting for duty! It looked like we needed more Grand Lodge members ;)

I have a wee lava gnome/brass draconic sorcerer that I'd like to bring into being. He's a little crazy, but good-hearted.

@Zander: So I guess you'll play your inquisitor until he hits level 2, then the cleric?

Or I can play the Cleric all 3, it's up to you. I don't really have a preference.

You decide, it's not up to me :) You can always swap after any given scenario anyway.

Grand Lodge

Would like to submit my tiefling barbarian. PFS # 58507-7

Then I'll go with the Inquisitor first since he's my primary character, and the cleric will pop in for the 3rd (would that be first?) step.

What program is everyone using to get that nifty stat block in their character profiles? I have PCgen and I can't figure out how to export to something easily paste-able.


i would like to do one of the first steps... i have already done part 1 but would be interested in 2 or three

@Mezegis, most people are using the BB Code generator of HeroLab. If you Google around you should be able to find a similar template created by SKR for RPG Superstar, or just copy a stat block from some Paizo book somewhere :)

@Azoth, that's fine too, but I'll need the details mentioned in my OP (i.e., PFS number... stats... etc)

Liberty's Edge

Ok, Character sheet uploaded onto the profile for perusal.

Grand Lodge

GM Alice wrote:
@Mezegis, most people are using the BB Code generator of HeroLab. If you Google around you should be able to find a similar template created by SKR for RPG Superstar, or just copy a stat block from some Paizo book somewhere :)

Or, if you don't have Hero Lab (I love you, Hero Lab!), you could just copy the stat block from one of our characters and use it as a template for yours.

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