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Lord Christian D'Elgante: Human Cavalier (Courtly Knight)
Kalima Raustald: Human Sorecerer (Celestial)
Lelouch Vi Orlovsky: Human Cleric
Ahto Ulrych: Human Inquisitor of Abadar (Sin Eater)
Petyr, the Wandering Friar: Human Cleric of Cayden Cailean
Hotaru of The Society and Friend: Characters pending
Cuàn: Human Unchained Rogue (Phantom Thief)
Arisl'arial Tathmir: Elf Arcanist
Nevinia: Half-elf Witch (Cauldron Witch)
Tundran: Spiritualist
Titian Stagson: Human Cavalier (Beast Rider)
Wonky Prong Jr: Gnome Investigator (Cryptid Scholar)
Thurgrin Boarhammer: Dwarven Hunter (Patient Ambusher)
Aurelius Vittolio: Human Fighter (Swordlord)
Krayn: Cavalier (Ghost Rider)
Arianna Ravenswood: Human Unchained Rogue
Trind Anthel: Dhampir Ranger
Kai'itza: Lizardfolk Brawler

Thank you.

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All done editing the profile. Let me know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to the opportunity. Thanks in advance.

I will be accepting submissions until the end of today. After that I'll work with those already made and try to make my decision by Tuesday so we can start playing next weekend. So if you intend to submit a character please do it soon.

DarkestHeart wrote:

Okay so the backstory is kind of vague so it can be built together, the build is working towards the Swordlord Prestige class and is starting with the Swordlord Archetype, if that is okay, and there is way way too much weird details in parts but... here is my fighter, any questions just ask.

** spoiler omitted **...

I like him and the plot hooks could be most useful. Thanks for your submission

Sovereign Court

Just asking. Is the beastmaster archetype for the cavalier acceptable?

Titian Stagson wrote:
Just asking. Is the beastmaster archetype for the cavalier acceptable?

Yes it is.

Thanks for the feedback, I look forward to your decision.

Yeah there's a bunch of cavaliers huh? How about the courtly Hunter Hunter archetype?

Sovereign Court

DM_Keddah wrote:
Titian Stagson wrote:
Just asking. Is the beastmaster archetype for the cavalier acceptable?
Yes it is.

Thanks a lot!

Derz wrote:
Yeah there's a bunch of cavaliers huh? How about the courtly Hunter Hunter archetype?

I think it could work for the campaign so it is valid.

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Here is my submission Paval Fagyaszt, the Unchained Phantom Thief. The crunch isn't quite done yet. Still need most gear, a second trait and to decide whether or not I'll swap out the Skilled racial trait.

The background ended up a bit longer than anticipated.

Born in Port Ice in northern Brevoy, Paval had a very easy and luxurious childhood. He was the son of nanny responsible for taking care of Domani Surtova's youngest daughter, Elena, who was roughly a year older than he was. As such he grew up next to her, learning together and playing together. He had no idea who his father was but it didn't really matter. Life was good.

Things went south pretty quickly when the both of them hit puberty. Paval was about 15 years old when he and Elena fell in love. They had been close for a very long time and the closeness turned to clumsy, teenage romance before they, and those around them, realised. It was Paval's mother who broke the spell. Paval and Elena had the same father, Domani Surtova. They were brother and sister and what they were doing was wrong. What was more, he wasn't allowed to tell anyone that he knew.

Paval, a heartbroken teenage boy, of course could not keep it to himself. It wasn't long before the supposed rumours were suppressed and both Paval and his mother were moved out of the keep and into a house far away in New Stetven. Everything was paid for, house, food and Paval's education, but they were never to show their faces in Port Ice again.

Unbeknownst to his mother, their father or anyone else, Paval and Elena kept writing letters to each other. While the situation was rather awkward they had been friends since forever and were siblings as well. Elena would write about the situation in Port Ice while Paval wrote about his life in the big city.

Then, about a year after Paval left, the Vanishing happened. Cousin Noleski became king of Brevoy and Domani became lord of Port Ice. Paval's mother received a letter from Domani that now more than ever they had to keep their heads down. The new king wouldn't want a family scandal on his hands and he might just make their existence very painful if things got out. Shortly after letters from Elena seized coming for almost a year. When they did resume not the wording was different, more careful. Domani had discovered they were still in touch and had forbidden it so sending letters was riskier and Paval could no longer simply send them to the keep's kitchen, as he had done so far. Instead he had to send them to an inn within the city and he also had to find another place she could send her letters to. Things continued to go like that till the present day, though they switched addresses a few times since.

While all of that was going on Paval did not sit still. His education continued and while he missed Port Ice he did find the teachers in New Stetven better and friendlier. He learned a lot about the land he lived in and was particlarly intrigued by the stories of Rostland and it's sword lords. Through he discovered that he, through his mother's line, was a descendant of Rostland's swordlords. In fact, his grandfather had still been a renowned swordsman.

When Paval asked his mother about him she initially wouldn't say much. Her father had indeed been a great swordsman and a minor noble but that was it. When his mother wouldn't tell any more Paval found himself digging through archives. His grandfather had been a noble, even if minor, so his life and death would be recorded. He proved easy to find, Haval Aldaar, descendant of an impoverished branch of the Aldori clan that had found it's way back to nobility under the rule of Choral the Conqueror by betraying the clan. He had married young and had had four children. The entire family, except for the youngest daughter, had perished in what the record claimed was an accidental fire. The odd thing was that in the entire death record theirs were the only cases where the fire was specifically said to be accidental. When Paval confronted his mother with this she simply broke down and cried for hours.

Paval then travelled to Rostland, both to see the ruin of their small estate and to see if he could find more there. The ruin still stood there, blackened by flames and now colonized by plants and vermin. Looking for information in the closest town didn't yield much either. People ether didn't want to talk or were afraid to, only mumbling things under their breath. Eventually Paval found a single person willing to talk about his family. She was old and drunk and claimed to have lost a daughter in the fire, the estate's cook. According to her the fire had been set by a disgruntled student of Haval who had been angry after being kicked out he tried something with one of Haval's daughters and against her wishes. She didn't know who he was other than "some noble brat from up north". She also claimed the ruin was haunted by Haval's disgruntled spirit.

To Paval it all made sense now. The noble brat was a Surtova and his mother got her job as a nanny so far from home as compensation for her loss. She had taken it because she had nowhere else to go.Only the timeline of the "noble brat from up north" and his own birth didn't make sense, he couldn't be the brat's son. Besides, his mother claimed he was Domani's and he wouldn't have been a brat, not even back then. He simply was too old for that.

It was at that point that Paval decided he'd go to the ruin at night to see if he could contact this supposed ghost of his grandfather. It was his only hope of figuring out more.

Initially his trip into the ruin was quite unsuccessful. The rats wren't happy to see him, nor was the one homeless squatter that called it home, but none gave Paval any real trouble. The ghost did not appear though. Paval spend his entire night searching through the wreckage without any success, at least not where ghosts were concerned. What he did find was a sword. It was an old blade but it had kept quite well, protected by the piles of charred wood that laid on top of it.
Only when Paval tried to leave the ruins with the blade in his pack did the spirit show itself. Initially it lurched for Paval but then it stopped, mere inches away from him. It cocked it's head and give him a long, hard look before floating around him while making approving noises. Then, to Paval's shock, it hugged him, or at least attempted to, before introducing itself as Haval Aldaar, or gramps.

The two talked for hours on end. Paval asking his grandfather question about what had happened and about the past and his grandfather inquiring about the well being of his last surviving daughter. When dawn started pressing onto the horizon Paval expressed his dismay at having to leave for New Stetven, wishing he could bring his grandfather along. It was then the ghost offered him a deal. He could come along, bound to someone of his own blood, and offer his knowledge and help Paval with his sword training, which was abysmal according to the spirit. In return his grandfather simply wanted to see his daughter, see his line continued and to, if possible, reattain glory for the family. When asked whether he wanted vengeance for his family's death his dismissed it, leaving would be the best revenge. The culprit had also perished in the fire and his soul was still tied to the rubble. Paval agreed to the deal, without much hesitation, and the ghost launched itself into Paval, settling within his sword hand.

Since then his grandfather's ghost has provided Paval with stories about the past by writing them out. It would also correct him when he argued with his mother, slapping him in the face once she was out of sight and refusing to tell more before he apologized.

Important NPCs:

Zsofia Aldaar Paval's mother
Domani Surtova Paval's father (among others), lord of Port Ice and uncle of the king
Elena Surtova Paval's half-sister and close friend, despite disapproval
Haval Aldaar Paval's grandfather, deceased. Used to be a master swordsman. His spirit resides in Paval's swordhand but is slowly losing his own identity as a result of being bound to his grandson.

Paval is a smart young man. He is very kind but can appear quite haughty as he often fails to realize he was born into luxury, despite his lack of status, and that he had great education. He has become a little nervous since his return from Rostland.

Grand Lodge

I need to tweak this character to fit your crunch guidelines but, I would like to submit Rhonir. A Wild Shadow Ranger.

I don't think I'll make that deadline, as I have to work tonight. Good luck, all!

Kalima Raustald: Human Sorcerer (Celestial):

I have a few questions about Kalima's background.

How do you imagine she came to Brevoy after fleeing Taldor? There's quite a distance.

Does she know anyone on Brevoy or does she have any reasons to expect to be chosen for the Reclamation?

Is she a bit haughty and arrogant like many nobles? What's your plan for her personality?

Lelouch Vi Orlovsky: Human Cleric:

I must say I personally don't like much the idea of a cleric of his own ideals, isn't there any patron Lelouch could adopt while keeping true to your concept?

As for the crunch I may allow a 7 but I may ask you to make a few changes if Lelouch geets in if you don't mind.

Ahto Ulrych: Human Inquisitor of Abadar (Sin Eater):

My idea for the campaign may have the character having to collaborate with petty criminals under certain circumstances, seeing Ahto I have doubts how he would act in that situation, do you think you could make it work and stay faithful to your character idea?

Petyr, the Wandering Friar: Human Cleric of Cayden Cailean:

In your opinion how may Petyr become involved in the reclamation of the Stolen Lands? I like the personality and concept but don't see a motivation for him to join the expedition.

Paval Fagyaszt: Human Unchained Rogue (Phantom Thief):

I like Paval and think he has a lot of potential but I have to wonder, how do you think he acquired his skills as a Thief? I don't see anything on his background to justify it and would like to know your thoughts about this

The Exchange


I think it would depend on the criminals. As long as they weren't the type who brutalized or raped or killed those they stole from, there would be a possibility.

In any case, Ahto would certainly voice his objections to such plans initially, and the other characters may have to present a reasonable argument as to why this would be the best course of action. Assuming they do so, he would go along with it, but grumbling all the way.

Don't be surprised if, once the cooperation is no longer necessary, Ahto attempts to intimidate or threaten the former ally/allies into walking the straight and narrow path from then on.

He would most likely warn them that their cooperation did not give them a free pass to continue lawless behavior, and that he would have no compunctions about carrying out the sentence.

Arisl'arial Tathmir: Elf Arcanist & Wonky Prong Jr: Gnome Investigator (Cryptid Scholar):

I see both your characters have their stay at Lepidstadt in common so I was thinking maybe if both of you get in we could work on it and have your characters have met before. I hope you agree

Nevinia: Half-elf Witch (Cauldron Witch):

How do you think Nevinia could have arrived at Restov, and why would she be interested in joining the reclamation?

Have you already got any plans about her personality abd how to RP her?

Titian Stagson: Human Cavalier (Beast Rider):

What would be in your opinion Titian's reasons for joining the reclamation? And why would he be in Restov before being chosen for that duty?

Do you have any plans about his personality?

Wonky Prong Jr: Gnome Investigator (Cryptid Scholar):

I like Wonky, but as I've said my plan would see the fey aspect of the game take a step back (not dissapear) and maybe thet would affect your plans for her, would you be ok with that?

GM_Keddah and Wonky Prong Jr.:
I wouldn't be opposed to that, necessarily. We'd have to see depending on if we both got in.

Human Cleric of Erastil for consideration. Thank you. :)

What would the changes be? I made him purely for Kingmaker, so although dependent on the changes you're making to the campaign yourself, his story should fit in fine. Though saying that, I'm happy to change things to fit into your vision of the campaign better. It just really depends on what you'd like changed. :)

As for being of his own ideals, he's not a religious person. You could yourself decide which god/goddess is giving him his powers, but he's not religious and has no intention of ever being religious. He's a very self-sufficient guy.

He's more a Warlock than anything else, but considering Pathfinder doesn't allow me to do what I wanted fully with him, Cleric was the best option. I looked at Bard but they don't have Command or Murderous Command on their Spell List and I could see no way of getting them on there. I then wanted Lesser Geas on his Spell List, but only Bards get that, so that wasn't possible, but because he's support but also a Leader who leads from the back with great strategy, Cleric was best for me due to the Channeling, ability to sacrifice prepared spells to spontaneously heal party members and although Lesser Geas would have been perfect, I've instead got Command and Murderous Command so he can command enemies to run away or kill each other. He's a very clever character. I played him once in one tabletop session and he worked amazingly well.

So although he's a Cleric, his concept isn't, which is one of the reasons why he's not religious. If a class existed that allowed me to speak commands and gave me access to the three spells above, I'd go with that. I guess though in a sense, it's better to look at him as how a Ranger gets their spells. They aren't religious, but they have access to a Divine Spell List. That's all the Cleric spell list does for him. It gives him access to these abilities, but he's not religious.

As for me as a player - I always make different characters. I never go with basic clichéd types, so some of my Clerics do have gods that they recognise while others have divine power but don't know where that power originated from. They just developed these powers seemingly out of nowhere and while some are interested in finding the source of said power, Lelouch isn't one of those people.

He's a very ambitious person that uses his powers to accomplish his goals and great ambitions, with little care as to where they came from. He's arrogant in thought, but is outwardly very polite and values the importance of his companions.

Anyway, I'm not expecting him to make it into the game. He's just a character I've wanted to play fully for years and haven't had the chance to, so great if he makes it, but if not I'll just have to keep waiting until someone is cool with him/likes the idea.

Petyr has yet to see the Stolen Lands, so the promise of exploring them would certainly pique his interest. There could also be the need to get away from Restov as Gavin Breshfield steps up his efforts to find Petyr.


Nevinia's story in Byelsk had pretty much ended at the end of her background. She could not stay if she wanted to learn more about her newfound talents.

So, she joined the carnival and its travels, as could be expected, have taken her to Restov. The reclamation speaks to her, because she always imagined that the elves come from wild places, and so she joined the group headed out, not quite admitting to herself that she is still seeking her father.

Tzerny, on his part, has said nothing about her fool's errand, and is content to let her wander into the woods. She'll be sure to learn about what it means to be a witch when she no longer has society telling her what she must do.

Regarding her personality, Nevinia is naive and kindhearted by nature. She is not brash, nor forceful. She often seems wistful and prone to flights of fancy. Despite this, she is not some delicate flower, and quietly will do whatever is necessary to survive. She tends not to like violence, but understands when what must be done, is done. She bears the air of a maiden who is just beginning to show the strength of matronliness.

Tzerny, on the contrary, is gluttonous, jaded, and crotchety. He does half the negotiation for the two of them, always with an eye toward claiming more of the pie for himself. He regularly drops hints that he knows more about what's going on than he lets on, but whether he's truly that wise, or if it's all just a show, is hard to discern. One thing's for certain, he's a lot older than he appears to be. He was a familiar for a witch before Nevinia, after all.

I actually focused more on what the archetype allows me to do, which is to make a well educated but non magical character. Investigator also gets close to that but the alchemy part is still too magical for my taste.

As for his skills in subterfuge, those mostly come from delving archives. Many of the things he discovered about his grandfather came from New Stetven's royal archives, a place he isn't allowed to be.

So no, he isn't a thief in that he doesn't really steal but he does use his skills to reach places he isn't allowed to be. From there he gathers knowledge, though he leaves the books and ledgers where they are.

As for the sleight of hand, I intend to play him as a fan of parlor tricks, and artefact from his youth. He'll probably end up playing the occasional shell game with other people with his hand sometimes pulling a fast one on him.

EDIT: As for the Rogue's kit among his gear. Most things in there make no sense for him to have under normal circumstances but I figure he'd get what he doesn't already have when he prepares for the expedition.

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Aris and GM Keddah:
I doubted that Wonky was going to solve The Bleaching all by herself. I considered the hooks to The First World to be a reason why Wonky traveled to the River Kingdoms. Like most gnomes, she'd be fine with being distracted into doing other work as it was needed. I failed to emphasise her Green Faith in her career aims - her interest in cataloguing living creatures is a key part of her research, and often apart from her interest in The First World. And yes - it would be cool to have a fellow Lepidstadtter on the team. We could sing the alma mater song around the campfire!

Short answer: Cool, yes!

Dark Archive

GM Keddah:
Also, Wonky is DIRT POOR right now, and would be very keen to hire herself out as an expert in many fields - a field agent for the Reclamation - not the least of which is her expertise into flora and fauna. And mapping (Knowledge Geography).

I'm submitting Jameco. I've always wanted to do Kingmaker, but I don't know much of the actual backstory.

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Submission time is over. I'll try to go through all the characters during the day and get back to you.

Thanks everyone for the interest.

Aurelius Vitollio:

I like the character and think he fits my plan for the campaign perfectly. I would like to ask you how do you see his personality. I'd like to explore the RP opportunities of a PbP game and because of this I'm trying to choose characters that may conflict with each other but be able to work together long term.

Sovereign Court

Minor Details added, including plothooks

Grand Lodge

Whelp, I sure hope that Rhonir here gets a right good consideration. Good luck to all.

Annnd just missed it. Oh well. Have fun guys!

Sovereign Court

Here are the answers to the questions you asked DM.

How do you imagine she came to Brevoy after fleeing Taldor? There's quite a distance.

Kalima came to Brevoy for two reasons. The first is because she needed to get a very good distance from Taldor. Likey with her disappearance, there will be people sent out to search for her so she decided she needed to get far away from her homeland and be out of their jurisdiction in order to get her independence from her family and avoid being taken back and forced into a marrage. The second is that she does have some blood link to the Brevoy nobility, more specifically House Lodovka.

Does she know anyone on Brevoy or does she have any reasons to expect to be chosen for the Reclamation?

Kalima is blood linked to the house of Lodovka, although her claim to power is pretty weak considering that the political marriage was between a male of the Ranstald family and a lesser daughter of the Lodovka family. This was an old political marriage as the Ranstald family wanted access to the sea trade with Brevoy and thus needed a deal with house Lodovka in order to secure a trade contract. Even now the Ranstald family has some dealing with Brevoy due to the old treaty and she has seen and met a few emissaries house Lodovka in her time. Thus she knows a few people among the house and thus some connections. As for why she believes she will be chosen for the Relclamation, is that despite her weak claim, she actually has a claim to Nobility unlike many other profiteers who are mere "Peasants" wishing to elevate their station. She sees this as an opportunity to make her own way in the world.

Is she a bit haughty and arrogant like many nobles? What's your plan for her personality?

Oh yes! She is in indeed haughty, overconfident and somewhat arrogant on her stature. After all she lived under a silver spoon for most of her life and somewhat naive on how the world really works. Still she's polite and political and is willing to put on a facade of respect to others so long as they in turn are polite. She is Chaotic Good, so while having an independent streak about her, she does have a moral compass to help others. Of course she has little respect for ruffians, criminals and ner-do-wells and expect her to use derogatory terms quite often when referring to them.

Ok, I think I've made my decision and a tough one it was.

First, I want to sincerely thank everyone who showed interest in the game and all your amazing characters.

Second, I wan to apologize those that have missed out, there are some amazing character that have been left out, so much that, after having a look at the amazing resources on this forum and a long thought I've decided to pick six characters, but I think I've chosen a group that will work rules-wise and specially RP-wise.

If someone drops out you will be considered before I ask for new submissions.

Last, congratulations to the six chosen:
Paval Fagyaszt
Aurelius Vitollio
Kalima Raustald
Wonky Prong Jr.
Ahto Ulrych
Arisl'arial Tathmir

Please come this way

Here is Teuni-Hexa, way late for the party but if you ever need a replacement he's here for consideration. Thanks and congrats to everyone who was selected! Kingmaker is a fun campaign!

Grand Lodge

Just realized that Rhonir didn't even make the list if possibles. Oh well, such is life. Good luck to those chosen.

Rhonir wrote:
Just realized that Rhonir didn't even make the list if possibles. Oh well, such is life. Good luck to those chosen.

I did take Rhonir in consideration, even though I forgot to add him to the list. Thanks for your submission.

Hi everyone! After losing two of our party members to the dreaded real world we're looking to recruit a new player. The party has just defeated the first attack on Oleg's Post and hasn't started their exploration of the Greenbelt yet.
We're looking for a martial character. Same creation rules as the initial post.

The party has just captured a bandit and commuted his sentence for indentured servitude, if you could make your character to be that bandit it will be a huge bonus for your proposal. Although the character has until now been described as a human male called Sams that could easily be retconned (and don't feel afraid to submit your character if it doesn't fit that caveat)
We're looking for a player in for the long haul and interested in heavy roleplaying.

I'll keep the recruitment open until I find a character/player that fits the bill. Feel free to peruse the IC Thread if you want!

Grundar (Sams) 'Littletusk:

Race Half-Orc
- Sacred Tattoos
- Darkvision
- Intimidating
- Weapon Familiarity
- Common and Orc
Class Slayer (1)

Str (18) Dex (14) Con (13) Int (8) Wis (12) Cha (12) HP (12) AC (16/12/14) Saves (+5/+6/+3) Movement (30ft)

To hit: +4/+5
Damage: 2d4+9/+10 (18-20 crit)

* Fates Favored
* Armor Expert (-1ACP)

* Power Attack

* Perception: 1 skill point (+5)
* Stealth: 1 skill point (+6)
* Survival: 1 skill point (+5/+6)
* Bluff: 1 skill point (+5)
* Intimidate: (+3)

* Falchion
* Cold Iron Gauntlet
* Shortbow with 40 arrows
* Studded leather with armored kilt
* Fighter's Kit
* 15gc

* Track (A slayer adds 1/2 his level (minimum 1) to Survival skill checks made to follow tracks.)
* Studied Target (A slayer can study an opponent he can see as a move action. The slayer then gains a +1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks attempted against that opponent, and a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against it. The DCs of slayer class abilities against that opponent increase by 1. A slayer can only maintain these bonuses against one opponent at a time; these bonuses remain in effect until either the opponent is dead or picks a new target)

At lvl2 he will take trapfinding (a backup to the party rogue). At lvl3 he gets sneak attack. At lvl4 he gets Con14. Mechanically I think this makes a good front lining bandit.

Sams was 'blessed' with few orcish features. Besides for a less than comely face, small tusks, and a very large build, he could always just about pass for human. This, unfortunately, put him at the very bottom of his tribe. When he came of age he fled at the first opportunity, merely running into the wilds and never looking back.

He found that his place among men was roughly the same, only with less violence towards him (usually). With very few skills and even less of an ability to learn, he fell in with a group of bandits who were all too happy to put his brawn and survival skills to use. They named him Sams, stating that 'he was human now and had to act it.' After months of slim pickings and fleeing from well armed merchants, the group decided that they needed an easy target. The fools chose very wrong. They died and Sams was captured. With the choice of execution or being at the bottom of a new totem pole, the choice was an easy one.

What few know though is that Grundar, or Sams as he is known now, has always played the role of the fool to survive. But if given the chance he could be so much more.

I would like to apply with Reg Littlefeet, who sadly couldn't get into another game of Kingmaker. He's a halfling virtuous bravo paladin of Iomedae, and his background and such can be found on his profile.

I think I'll have to rejigger this character's stats to fit, but consider this an option. Angel-Blooded Aasimar Fighter (Aldori Swordlord).

Regarding Sams, how much actual fighting did he do with the party? Got an idea for how to bring her in as Sams, but it could involve more retconning than you suggested.

The Idea:
"Sams" was a fake name she used after being captured by the bandits. She was given an ultimatum; work for them or die. She agreed, but planned to ditch them the first chance she got. That first chance would've been the bandits' first attack on Oleg's.

I'll read through the IC thread now to see if I can find what Sams did before being captured and see if I can work that into the idea.

If that's more work than desired, I can always just have her be a latecomer to the expedition.

EDIT: Okay, assuming I'm reading right and Sams is Bandit #2 from the fight, it should work - only took two colour sprays to the face and a rock to the back of the head, didn't actually attack anyone. Maybe redo the interrogation scene if need be?

Sovereign Court

I would like to apply with a human cavalier. Titian Stagson
I initially applied before. Will write a bit more once I return home from work

Grand Lodge

I'd like to throw Rhonir into the submission pool. I may go back and clean up his background a bit. This is one of my older character ideas and I've never gotten around to bringing him up to my current standards.

Man that sounds conceited.

Quick edit: His combat style would be Faithful, Erastil

Bulvi Magnusson
Designed for a different game but a little bit of tweaking... the gear section might be a moot point as well.

Ulfen Fighter Background:
Bulvi Magnusson grew up in Restov his parents being merchants and traders originally from the Linnorm Kingdoms grew up listening to tales of his ancestral homeland upon his father’s knee. Only did he hear when he was on his father's deathbed how he had been chased from the quiet harbor town after it was decided he’d be listening too much to the foreign traders and their strange ideas and gods. He passed down his appreciation to his son for the god Abadar.
Bulvi always bigger than the other children happily started training with the city watch. He learned from them, his father and though never tried to join them watched the Swordlords with interest. He learned from them all and practiced. Feeling that if he wished to improve his skills further he would have to move out of his comfortable life. He worked as a caravan guard and eventually managed to become a member of the Pathfinder Society. He began to hear tales of a new power rising to the south to tame the lands, the start of a glorious dynasty. With a head full of dreams and hopes of taming the lands he set out.
Unfortunately the Stag Lord though he cut an imposing figure initially hasn't been seen by him in some time. Its become clear of the last few months that words of building and legacy are just words, with no actual motivation to push towards civilisation.

Ulfen Fighter Stats:

Human Fighter (Ulfen) LN
Str 16(14+2) HP:13
Dex 13 AC: 20 Touch AC:12 FlatFootedAC: 19
Con 14 Fort: 4=2/Base+2/Con
Int 14 Ref 1=0/Base+1/Dex
Wis 10 Will 0=0/Base+0/Wis
Cha 12 Longsword: +6, 1d8+4, 19-20/x2
Shortbow: +2, 1d6+1, 20/x20
Sword Scion (Campaign)
Defender of Society (Combat)
Eyes and Ears of the City (Religion)
Weapon Trainning (Race, Human-Ulfen) From Inner Sea Races page 196
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Weapon Training: As soon as you were old enough to hold it, you were trained to defend yourself with traditional Ulfen weapons. You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls with the following weapons: bastard sword, battleaxe, greataxe, greatsword, handaxe, light hammer, longbow, longsword, shortbow, short sword, throwing axe, and warhammer.
http://www.d20pfsrd.com/traits/combat-traits/defender-of-the-society-fighte r-pathfinder-society/

Feats: Fast Learner, Weapon Focus: Longsword, Additional Traits
If fast learner or additional traits isn’t something you are happy with I’ll probably take Toughness or Iron Will

Skills: 6=2/Base+2/Int+1/Human+1/Favoured Class

Climb 1=1+3+3-6
Intimidate 5=1+1+3
Perception 5=1+0+3+1
Profession: Soldier 4=1+0+3
Survival 4=1+0+3
Swim -1=1+3+3-6

Equipment: Cold Iron Longsword, Shortbow, Arrows (20), Scale Mail, Armored Kilt, Heavy Wooden Shield, Fighters Kit, Fishing Kit, Small Tent, Bear Trap,Coffee Beans (5lbs), Signal Horn, Shield Sconce, Twine (50ft), Rope (50ft), Crowbar, Club, Cold Iron Dagger
148lbs= Medium Encumbrance
Money: 5gp 4sp 4cp

Grand Lodge

Oh snap! I didn't even realize that I had applied Rhonir to this game before as well!

Hello, TheSuperDodo here! I would like to retract Reg Littlefeet's candidacy. Instead, I present Samson "Sams" Medvedev, an exile-turned-bandit with a past he'd rather hide.

Samson Medvedev:

Samson "Sams" Medvedev
Male Human (Kellid) barbarian (mooncursed HA) 1
TN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +4, Senses Perception +4
AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 15 ((1d12)+3)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +0

Speed 40 ft., Fast Movement
Melee greatsword +5 (2d6+6/19-20)

Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 17
Feats Aspect of the Beast (Wild Instinct) APG, Power Attack
*Climb +7 (+1 rank, +3 class, +4 STR, -1 ACP)
*Intimidate +6 (+1 rank, +3 class, +1 CHA, +1 trait)
*Perception +4 (+1 rank, +3 class, +0 WIS)
*Survival +6 (+1 rank, +3 class, +0 WIS, +2 feat
Traits Bandit PotR, Brigand
Languages Common, Hallit
Other Gear greatsword, outfit (traveler's), studded leather, barbarian's kit, 21.0 gp
Bandit (Region) Your reputation as a bandit, along with your marks of shame, strike fear into the hearts of others. You gain a +1 trait bonus on intimidate checks, and it is always a class skill for you.

Brigand (Campaign) You were shamed and exiled from your community for killing your brother, leaving you to join a band of bandits. You know how to ambush travelers, bully traders, avoid the law, and camp where no one might find you. Life was pretty slow yet fair until a group of adventurers setting out into the wilderness captured you and forced you to become their indentured servitor. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks when dealing with brigands, thieves, bandits, and their ilk.

Fast Movement (Ex) Your land speed is faster than the norm for your race by +10 feet. This benefit applies only when you are wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor, and not carrying a heavy load.

Shifting Rage (Su) A mooncursed can call upon an animal totem or inner curse, transforming him into a savage beast. When using rounds of his shifting rage, instead of the usual bonuses and penalties from rage, the mooncursed transforms into a Medium bear's form as if under the influence of beast shape I, treating his class level as her caster level whenever relevant. Other aspects of rage aside from the bonuses and penalties, such as the skill restrictions on skills and effects that require concentration, still apply during a shifting rage.


By most means, Sams is a normal Kellid man. His dark hair is shoulder-length, his eyes a little further apart than usual, and his suit of studded leather armour is just tight enough to emphasize his muscles. One thing sets Sams apart from his brethren: the marks of shame on his face and arms. Each of Sams' fingers has a small, elongated bump rising out of it, shaped like slender claws; his arms are covered with a thick layer of hair, underneath which his skin is rough and dark; and his mouth and nose are squashed and elongated, just outside of what might seem natural.

Surprisingly, Sams has a very happy-go-lucky attitude; according to him, he was already at his worst, and life can only change from the better from then on. He didn't for a moment have doubts about his occupation as a bandit, and is excited to see where his adventurer "owners" will take him next.


Samson and Simon were loving brothers in a Kellid village. Born two years before his brother, under the blessing of the Bear - the village's totem guardian - Samson was a strong boy, and his family took pride in his brawn, even if he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Simon was scrawny and frail, but quickly proved to be one of the wittiest and most intelligent people the village has ever seen. Despite occasional friction between the two's skills, no rivalry developed. And it was so until the village's chief Shaman of the Bear was on deathbed.

The village sages convened to select the Shaman's successor. It has to be someone with a deep connection to the spirit animal; one who exhibited the bear's traits and could prove himself a worthy spiritual leader. Sams was certain he will receive the honourable position, as he was the embodiment of the bear, born with his blessing and renowned for resembling him physically and mentally. However, the sages chose Simon as the next Shaman: he was more fit to be the village's spiritual leader and bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Sams was furious. He couldn't bear the thought that his younger brother, the weak and elitist, would trump him and become the leader. That is why, one day before he was to be anointed, Samson took his brother on a hunting trip in the woods. He led him to a dire bear's lair, threw him inside and ran away as the creature tore his brother apart. Understanding what he'd just done, Sams hid in a cave, but the spirit of the Bear manifested before him and punished him: he was to bear several deformities, marks of shame to make his crime known to all; he was never to return to his village, or bears will kill him and the entirety of the village's population; and lastly, the spirit left a piece of itself as a curse within Samson: in times of great stress or rage, he will transform into a bear himself.

Devastated, ashamed of himself and without anywhere to go to, Samson decided to roam the River Kingdoms. An opportune encounter saved him from death: a group of bandits, which he managed to overpower. They invited him to join their band, and with no other choice, Sams agreed. As the years passed, Sams became used to life as a bandit. It provided food, something to pass the time with, luxuries, and a proper use for his brawn. Life was supposed to continue until retirement, but it was cut short by a group of adventurers, setting out to explore and settle the wilderness. They agreed to spare Sams' life, as long as he'd enter "indentured servitude" beneath them. Now Sams finally has a chance to do something interesting with his life, turn his curse to a positive cause, and maybe one day repent for his deeds.

Note: Medvedev (Brevian slang for "like a bear"), Samson's last name, was given to him by the bandits. He was born without a last name.

Sovereign Court

Answers to GM former questions:

*What would be in your opinion Titian's reasons for joining the reclamation?
A bastard who has just defied his family needs a new way to prove his worth. What better way than to show them, without their help that he is
more than a bastard. A glorious quest, a way to show his valor and bravery, to bring justice and law to a lawless country.
*And why would he be in Restov before being chosen for that duty?
He would pray in the temple the day before his knighting, fast and meditate on the vows, what it means to him and what is expected of him.
*Do you have any plans about his personality?
Titian is a mixture of a commander, bold, imaginative and strong-willed, always finding a way - or making one, with an adventurer, flexible and charming, always ready to explore and experience something new.

Will try again for this,

Grand Lodge

what is gold?

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Baby don't hurt me.

Class average IIRC.


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