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Joe suggested we create a message board thread for well, loose threads. So here it is. To name a few there are,

The Lizardfolk Tribe
The Kobold Reservation
The mysterious dead unicorn
The crazy potion guy
The cackling witch in the swamp
The Boggard and his Slurk

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Am I supposed to know what any of these mean?

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Kadin wrote:
Am I supposed to know what any of these mean?

You don't yet as these happened in earlier portions of the campaign, but as time goes by Siren might be told about or overhear about some of them.

There is as well,

The reforming cultists.

The were-wolf barbarian.

The prisoner Lethe.

And the Giant that is now patorling the south.

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New Quests!

Silver Eels! Completed.

Manticore Quills! 1/2 Completed

The Centaurs! We have their Bow?

Spider Silk!

The Omelet King!

Missing Brother.

Missing Professor.

Forgotten History.

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Met the Centaurs! gave them the Bow, now have a quest to find the Head Priestess's daughter.

Male Human Ranger 13 Mythic 1

Found the Missing professor, alive no less.

We have more then enough historical information for people.

We have the Spider Silk in spades, just need to deliver it.

The brother is still missing, and the roc still has it's eggs.

Also Varnhold and what was left of it's citizens were saved.

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