[ACG] BR skizzerz's Season of Faction's Favor

Game Master 勝20100

4-5B: MONEY STALKS | Party Hand Overview / Loot / Traders
Turn Order:
1. Aric/勝20100
2. Raz/eddiephlash
3. Mavaro/Nathan Davis
4. Seoni/EmpTyger
5. Ezren/Abraham Z.

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Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

I am up for continuing! I am in Virginia for work right now (which is out of state for me) but will be returning to home next week, so I will only be able to check once/week.

I will not be continuing.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

Change once/week above to once/day. Simple typo. XD

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

I'm game, though Raz tiered up a bit during the special, so I might have to skip a few scenarios.

I haven't played since the earlier scenario we played here, so I am fine to continue.

eddiephlash wrote:

I'm game, though Raz tiered up a bit during the special, so I might have to skip a few scenarios.

What tier is Raz currently?

It looks like we have 4 people interested in continuing, so continue we shall! Once I get some info as to whether or not Raz will be joining us at first, I'll get the scenario set up. My target is to begin play on Saturday.

Aric also tiered up, he’s tier 2 now (we did 5 scenario during the special). I waited to have done six scenarios in tier 1 before going to tier 2, so he has 2 scenarios done for his second tier.

Unless her team didn’t do one of the scenario, Raz would be in the same case.

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

Raz is tier 2. Completed 3 scenarios at tier 2, so can still do 3 more.

There's only 3 left in AD1 anyway, so you don't need to skip anything (we need to replay C, and then do D and E). Remember that the first play of C wasn't successful and therefore didn't count towards tier advancement, so if you played only the 5 AoA scenarios, and had only this table as your other games, your tier advancement would look like so, assuming you waited for all 6 before tiering up:
1.1. 4-1A (Skill Feat)
1.2. 4-1B (Power Feat)
1.3. 9-00A
1.4. 9-00B (Card Feat)
1.5. 9-00C1
1.6->2.0. 9-00C2 (Mandatory tier increase after 6 scenarios)
2.1. 9-00D (Skill Feat)

If instead you tiered up after 4 scenarios, you'd look like this:
1.1. 4-1A (Skill Feat)
1.2. 4-1B (Power Feat)
1.3. 9-00A
1.4->2.0. 9-00B (Card Feat, tier increase)
2.1. 9-00C1 (Skill Feat)
2.2. 9-00C2 (Power Feat)
2.3. 9-00D

In either case, you're ok here. But if you did the 2nd track and tiered up after 4, you'll need to wait until all 6 scenarios to tier up for a couple tiers in order to ensure that you won't outpace the scenarios.

I'm working on getting everything set up and should hopefully have things up later today.

Ran into some problems with the database, so won't be able to get the post out today. Sorry! Shooting for Monday instead, as I won't have any time Sunday to work on stuff.

I made a mistake, I thought we advanced tiers when completing scenarios, not when successfully completing scenarios.
I have no idea how to fix that.

Are we going to replay the scenario we failed?

Concerning my mistake, I think that just means I would have tiered up at the 5th adventure instead of the 6th. That’s not what I meant to do but otherwise there’s too many things to fix.

We'll be replaying 4-1C, so you can just slide the replay into where you counted it earlier, then everything works out.

Just keep in mind for the future that only successfully completed scenarios count for tier advancement. Also, replaying a previously successfully completed scenario will not make it count a 2nd time (each individual scenario counts at most once).

For the second part, we had to replay one of the scenario special so that part was clear. We only got extra deck upgrades for each extra run (not sure if it was successful runs or not as we manage to win every scenario :-)).

You may wish to discuss some strategy on how to approach this scenario. With the extra monster each turn and no real healer to speak of, you'll need to be careful of every card you spend. It's definitely better to close locations ASAP so that the random monster has an increasingly higher chance of landing in a closed location. Some of the henchmen only allow a close if you don't overkill them (check the reference cards spoilers for which), so keep that in mind as well -- check your dice averages and don't overspend resources if you don't need to.

If everyone spreads out and handles a location solo, it is highly likely that you'll just end up running out of time again.

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

When rereading the scenario rules, I remembered us going separate way on our first run and that didn’t work well. Aric will move on the same location as the others on his turn.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

FYI, Posting will slow for me from this point on for this weekend. We are having a Holiday Party for our local Society lodge and it is the whole weekend, so bot me if needed!

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

With scorched ruins closed, what should be our next target? Aric can’t close some of the location (no divine card, and not enough strength); so if we’re headed this way, I’ll probably just help getting the number of card down.
I’m planning on going to the Catacombs if we lack a plan.

Female Gnome Combat Paladin, Tier 6, Deck Handler

Yeah. We don't have to worry about covering locations, since we won't be temp-closing this scenario. That said, I think Catacombs makes sense for Aric for now. Raz has a decent chance at the Mine, and her charge power only works if characters are at other locations, so I'll try to keep her a little more isolated.

Feel free to use my Blessings as needed!

I'm going to go to the Catacombs on my next turn.

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

Aric has d8 wisdom, so a wisdom 5 is a 50%/50% chance. Do I try to defeat the bonecrusher or do I move to another location?
Everyone has only a d6 to close, except erasmus has feats to give him some static bonuses.

Erasmus has the best chance without any blessings available. We seem to be in a bit of a drought about those. However, if anyone else takes a turn we run the risk of a monster being shuffled into the catacombs.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

Likely I will be recharging my Acid Splash to get +2 to all checks next turn btw, to figure into calculations.

I'm at a drought for blessings because I have drawn every weapon in my deck and I can't exactly choose how many of a card type to recharge when I use my power. =/

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

I took into account that you would recharge all your weapons and use the acid splash to vanquish the enemy, then close the location.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

Mmmk, just realize I would then be without weapons for the vast majority of the rest of the game. ;)

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

We could have given you a weapon, but more important, you get to shuffle the allies in the location in your deck so your weapon would have less chances to be together.

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Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

True! (Any chance of a scenario update? A lot has happened... hard to keep track)

I've been super busy but I'm going to try and get updates out for all of my tables in a couple hours.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

Hi, running late for a flight today so won't be able to check Gameplay for a bit. Feel free to bot if needed.

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

I'm so sorry team. I had written up my post a few days ago, and then must have never Submitted it. I'll redo my turn in the next few hours.

Reward Recap

Everyone gets two deck upgrades from the list of acquired cards:
5x Weapon B
1x Spell 1
2x Spell B
1x Armor 1
2x Armor B
2x Item 1
2x Item B
1x Ally 1
9x Ally B

Additionally, the loot card Game of Afterlife is now available:

Game of Afterlife:
Game of Afterlife
Loot B
Type: Item
Traits: Object Gambling
Bury this card to banish a displayed card that has the Curse trait.
When you would fail a check, bury this card to reroll 1 die; take the new result.
After playing this card, you may succeed at an Intelligence 8 check to recharge it instead of burying it.

When figuring out your upgrades, please state the following:
1. What upgrades you plan on taking, in order of preference (add rolls if necessary)
2. What your current tier is and how many scenarios you've successfully completed in that tier, counting this one. For example, if you're tier 1 and this was your 3rd successful scenario, state that you are now tier 1.3. If you're tier 2 and this was your 4th successful scenario in that tier, state that you are now tier 2.4. Since people may have done the special for tier advancement, I'd like to know where everyone is at right now.
3. If you earned a feat as part of tier advancement, let me know what feat you are taking.

With the holidays coming up, I anticipate that things will be pretty quiet around here for a couple of weeks. I wish everyone has a happy holiday!

Finally, things might be a bit rough for all of you without anyone that can really heal others. I have a couple of solutions for this, which you're free to discuss and decide on. There's no rush for this, we can keep on playing scenarios while figuring this out. The options are:
1. Keep on as-is, might be tough but with canny play it should be doable.
2. Ask a friend to jump in as a healer.
3. I can re-open the recruitment thread for a healer.
4. I can jump in myself with a healer character (so I'd be both a player as well as the BR).
5. Other options I didn't think of :)

Female Gnome Combat Paladin, Tier 6, Deck Handler

Raz had previously picked up a Cure spell but isn't the best at recharging it, but our need for a healer is slightly reduced because of this.

I'll take a closer look at upgrades later.

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

Happy Holidays to everyone.

If no one grabs the Game of Afterlife, Aric probably will, we add one in the loot during the special and I used it during every game.

Deck upgrades:

1. Item 1 1d1000 ⇒ 470
2. Ally 1 1d1000 ⇒ 898
3. Weapon B 1d1000 ⇒ 202

(Not interested in anything else)

Healer: I really don’t have a preference there, I’m good either way. I’ve always had a healer in my party (playing Rise of the Runelords on the tablet); I have no idea of the difficulty without one.

Aric was tier 1.2, that gets him to 1.3. Then he applies all the special’s credit and he gets to 2.2 (the one with the power feat).

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

I will probably finish out this tier and have to stop. I am in too many PbP games for the time I have and need to cut back, so I will remain as Erasmus until the end of Tier 1.

1. I will take one of the Armor B.
2. I am equivalent to how many scenarios we have completed here as this is the only place I've played with this character.

Female Gnome Combat Paladin, Tier 6, Deck Handler

1. The only upgrade I'm intereted in is an ally:
Ally 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 489 Retriever
2. This was scenario 2.4 for Raz.
3. Card Feat: Ally [x] 6. If I didn't get the retriever from above, I'll add in another Riding Horse

I'm fine continuing as is. I'm more survivable than I had been before the special, and I have a cure spell, though wouldn't consider Raz a reliable healer.

However, if you guys take more advantage of Raz's "charge in and take your combat for you" power, that might improve group survivability as well.

Locations are up for your consideration. As always, the villain, henchmen, loot, and traders may be found in the "Reference Cards" spoiler. Still waiting on what upgrades are preferred for Qualzar before we continue onwards.

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

Depending on Qualzar choice (ie. if Ally 1 is not in his choices), as Raz is only interested in the Ally 1, I can pass on it.

Sorry for the delay! I would like a spell and an item 1. Did anyone else want either of those?

There are two item 1's, so this is what it looks like for me:

Aric: Item 1, Weapon B
Erasmus: Armor B (did not mention other upgrades)
Raz: Ally 1 (indicated this was only upgrade that was interesting)
Qualzar: Spell 1, Item 1

There is still an Armor 1 up for grabs if anyone wants it, but otherwise in a day or so I'd like to get this moving along again. You can take what's listed above tentatively and post your starting hands, and we can do swaps if need be if the above isn't actually going to work out.

Female Gnome Combat Paladin, Tier 6, Deck Handler

I'm happy with only taking a new puppy.

Fine with me too.
Item 1 will be Bloodbound Hat, Weapon B will be Sword Cane.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

FYI, I am not planning on using this character in the special.

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

Same there, I will not use Aric; I made another character for the retrocon special.

Female Gnome Combat Paladin, Tier 6, Deck Handler


Unfortunately, I had to kick Qualzar from the table. I did get a reply back saying they were interested in continuing early last week but was very busy with real life stuff, but I did not get any follow-up from them after I said they could take their turn. I gave a deadline of this weekend for him to get the deck handler linked so a turn could be botted while life stuff was being settled and similarly did not get any response back.

Since I can't delay the table indefinitely, I've therefore removed them from the turn order. I sincerely apologize for the delays that this has caused.

Male Human Vigilante Deck Handler

Ok, let’s hope he can rejoin us in the future.

Female Gnome Combat Paladin, Tier 6, Deck Handler

Agreed! I hope everything is ok with Qualzar/Paladin or Baha-who.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

Sorry for slowdown... super busy today and will try to post tomorrow morning (US time).

4-1D Rewards recap:

"Loot" cards:

Item B
Traits: Object Basic
To Acquire: Wisdom Survival 4
Recharge this card to move, then you may examine the top card of your location. You may not use this power during an encounter.
Discard this card to explore your location.

Ally B
Traits: Animal Mount Basic
To Acquire: Wisdom Survival 7
Bury this card to evade a monster you encounter. At the end of your turn, discard this card to move.
Discard this card to explore your location. During this exploration, add 1d6 to your Survival checks.

Tier reward: For those of you who this is your 4th successful scenario of the tier, you get a Card Feat

Upgrade pool:
1x Weapon 1
1x Weapon B
1x Spell B
1x Armor B
2x Item B
3x Ally B

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