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Game Master 勝20100

4-5B: MONEY STALKS | Party Hand Overview / Loot / Traders
Turn Order:
1. Aric/勝20100
2. Raz/eddiephlash
3. Mavaro/Nathan Davis
4. Seoni/EmpTyger
5. Ezren/Abraham Z.

Recruitment is open for Season of Faction's Favor Adventure 1 - Chasing Yellow Sails for the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild. This is part of PbP Gameday VII, running from August 13th, 2018 until September 30, 2018. If there's time and everyone is interested, we can continue on to Adventure 2 and beyond, but we need to wrap things up on September 30 so that characters participating in this can also participate in Session 2's Assault on Absalom ACG tables (although, we can pick up again after AoA is finished if people want).

If you're interested in participating, please post a reply (indicating what character/class you want to play as well as your tier would be helpful, but not required). This adventure can accommodate characters from Tiers 1-2. The table has 6 open slots, and will run as long as at least 3 of those are filled. Recruitment is first-come, first-served.

If you have any questions, please post and ask :)

I've never played an ACG game online or in organized play. I have a couple class decks though and I understand how the game plays. I really don't understand how you play online.

Online play is quite different at first, but it's become my favorite way to play the ACG simply due to the extra roleplay opportunities that the play-by-post format affords.

ACG Organized Play uses a Class Deck for your character, and follows different rules for earning feat rewards as well as upgrading your deck at the end of scenarios. The Adventure Card Guild Guide has all the relevant rules for initial deck construction as well as those upgrades and the tier system. Since this recruitment thread is for Season of Faction's Favor (which uses the Mummy's Mask base set), there are modified rules for Traders as well as Favors:

New Rule: Favors wrote:

Season of Factions’ Favor introduces a new type of support card: favors. Certain scenarios place favors into the blessings deck. When that card is discarded from the blessings deck, do what it says. If a favor would be encountered or removed from the

blessings deck discard pile, banish it instead.
Rules: Traders wrote:

In Season of Factions’ Favor, traders work differently than in Mummy’s Mask, in the following ways.

• When you are rewarded with a trader, instead of checking it off on the Bazaar card, record it on your Chronicle sheet.
• You do not visit traders after winning a scenario. Instead, at the start of each scenario in this Adventure Path, before setting out the locations, you may visit 1 trader you have recorded on your Chronicle sheet.
• Pay the trade cost with the usual number and type of cards from your deck, but instead of putting those cards in the box, put 1 in to your deck box and bury any others.
• At the end of the scenario, return the card you traded for to the game box, and put the card you returned to your deck box back into your deck.
For example, to pay the trade cost to a trader offering spells at a cost of 2 boons, put 1 of those boons into your deck box, bury the other boon, then add the spell to your deck. At the end of the scenario, return the spell to the game box and put the first boon back in your deck.

Deck management is currently performed with a spreadsheet, although we're working on a new site that will let you manage your character's deck during gameplay more easily. I don't think it will be ready for the start of this event. That deck handler sheet as well as other details for online play are linked in this blog, and you can view an example of a game in progress that I'm running here to get a feel for what that side of things is like.

Hope that helps :)

Consider me interested. Will play Grazzle. (Healing focused Oracle) using UM addon deck.

Brand new character.

deck link


Yiroep (GM Andrew) here.

Sure, I'll bite. I'll plan on playing Arabundi. He has 4 scenarios already under him so will be forced to level after 2, but can still play in tier 1 after that as a tier 2 character.

Will get my chronicle up soon.

If you don't mind holding my hand a little, I'll get my sorcerer deck out -- or maybe cleric -- and create a character.

This will help you


Sovereign Court

Interested. Might play Mogmurch.

I'd be interested in playing the Paladin Raz with the upcoming ultimate wilderness pack (assuming it has some fun new mounts).

OK so I set up a character, # 42641-1001 (Qualzar). It looks like it doesn't create an alias? I would just post using this or whatever name I want to make?

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Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
OK so I set up a character, # 42641-1001 (Qualzar). It looks like it doesn't create an alias? I would just post using this or whatever name I want to make?

Yeah, ACG characters don’t seem to automatically get aliases. You can create one for that if you wish and post with that (it’s what I would recommend).

Can we get a gameplay thread so players can ninja dot it?

Gameplay and discussion threads have been set up.

Current players:
1. Paladin of Baha-who? - Qualzar
2. Bigguyinblack - Grazzle
3. Yiroep - Arabundi
4. khazkhaz - Mogmurch(?)
5. eddiephlash - Raz

I have one empty slot remaining, and will be closing recruitment mid next week (on the 8th or so).


I’m interested and I would play a brand new Aric/The Red Raven (so tier 1).


勝20100 wrote:


I’m interested and I would play a brand new Aric/The Red Raven (so tier 1).


Welcome aboard!

I've started putting up flavor for the gameplay thread and I'm working on getting the initial scenario setup going. The game itself starts on the 13th but before then you can take a look at what's going on, choose starting locations, and determine your turn order. If someone doesn't have any turn order preferences roll 1d1000 and I'll slot you in lowest to highest between people who did express a preference.

Please coordinate all of that stuff in the Discussion thread. As of now, recruitment is closed for this table.

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