[ACG] BR skizzerz's Season of Faction's Favor

Game Master 勝20100

4-5B: MONEY STALKS | Party Hand Overview / Loot / Traders
Turn Order:
1. Aric/勝20100
2. Raz/eddiephlash
3. Mavaro/Nathan Davis
4. Seoni/EmpTyger
5. Ezren/Abraham Z.

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Discussion thread.

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3

In a perfect world the turn order will be based on when each of us can play. To the point that even if one player can only check in once a day we will still get in 1 full turn rotation a day.

So some tips to get things to run a bit smoother.

1. Let everyone know approximately when you can play. I'm online a lot and have easy access to the forum so in my case from about 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM EST.

2. A season consists of multiple adventures. Each adventure has multiple scenarios. Each adventure has a special rule that effects each scenario within it. Each scenario usually has one or more special rules. Many locations have special rules.
In a real life game you can hear each player encountering all of those special rules and if someone misses one another player can immediately remind them so it can be fixed.

But in PbP it is much harder to keep track of all of the rules. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and double check any special rules in effect before taking your turn.

If you have a rules question just post your turn up to where you stopped then ask the question in discussion. Or Google chat if we use that.

3. skizzerz seems to be aiming for a 6 player game. That means we will have a lot of resources available among the 6 players but we'll still only have 30 turns to beat the scenario. Use your turn effectively.

4. For anyone who doesn't know, Grazzle's primary power is to discard cards from the top of his deck to heal other players no matter where they are. I might need the occasional heal myself but overall you do not need to be conservative with your cards.

Can anyone think of any other useful tips?

One thing I'm not sure about how pbp works for this game - do we have to use the actual deck of our cards, and if so how do we handle acquiring cards from locations if they're cards we don't have in our decks? Or does the spreadsheet someone linked to have a randomizing function that produces the function of random draws from the deck?

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3

The link was to the page explaining how to use the spreadsheet. And yes it can draw random cards or heal random cards.

As for acquiring cards we don't own the full text is provided. Personally I keep a text document handy and paste cards I acquire into it.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

I'm usually available in the morning 6:30 AM-7:30 AM and evening 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

FYI, you're unlikely to hear from me again for about a week. I'm going to Gen Con and prioritizing reading games that are ongoing over games that are going to start soon.

I also keep an "Acquired Cards" section in the scenario update post so that you can quickly reference the text of any cards you've acquired. I also add in OOC reminder text to cards when possible to remind you of scenario, location, and adventure powers.

On the spreadsheet, you enter your deck into the 2nd tab, and as you acquire cards you list them there as well (make sure to give each card a unique name, so suffix with 1, 2, 3, etc. if there are multiple copies).

The 1st tab of the sheet has boxes that let you get random cards from your deck or your discard. This can be used for drawing cards when resetting your hand as well as healing cards when a Cure is played on you or the like.

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

This will be my first time playing Raz, and I haven't got her a starting deck yet, but one of her powers is to take combat for other characters. That along with Grazzles healing should help the team to be bold in exploring and examining.

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

Also, I'm typically available off and on 9am to 5pm, and then again 8:30 pm to 10 pm central time. Varies on the weekends.

OK, do I still need to email the people in the google docs document? Or someone else?

If you haven't sent an email yet to confirm ownership of your class deck, you'll need to send that over. I've re-pasted the instructions below for easy reference:

If you haven’t done so yet, please email morkXII@orgplayonline.com with an image including: 1) The character token card of the character you will be playing (and if playing a promo or unlocked card, the character token of one of the characters in the deck you’re using) 2) your paizo username and your PFS number, both written on a piece of paper next to the token card. If your Paizo.com associated email is different from the one you are using to send me the picture, please also include that email address. You will not have to re-verify the same character deck in the future (the verification will be added to a database I’m creating), so if you want to verify several class decks at once, just include a character token from each in the image. If you are using any promo cards in your character deck, such as those from the Iconic Heroes minis packs, please include the image of those as well.

You don't need to email anyone else.

I've started putting up flavor for the gameplay thread and I'm working on getting the initial scenario setup going. The game itself starts on the 13th but before then you can take a look at what's going on, choose starting locations, and determine your turn order. If someone doesn't have any turn order preferences roll 1d1000 and I'll slot you in lowest to highest between people who did express a preference.

Final player list:
1. Paladin of Baha-who? - Qualzar
2. Bigguyinblack - Grazzle
3. Yiroep - Arabundi
4. khazkhaz - Mogmurch
5. eddiephlash - Raz
6. 勝20100 - Aric

Quick post while I can. No preference on turn order. I may be switching to a different character as this character is on the verge of leveling to tier 2, and doesn't really want much tier 1 gear anymore. Thinking something martial-y.

Just in case: 1d1000 ⇒ 341

Hi everyone,

I’ll be able to play during the day here so 8:30 UTC+2 to 22:30 UTC+2. EST is UTC−5 so that makes it 1:30am EST – 3:30pm EST.

In september I go to Japan for a month for holidays. I may be able to play, but my post time will be different.

I’ve played the computer version of the game so I’m familiar with the game but never played anything else. I’m also not used to play by post.

Concerning Aric/The Red Raven, Aric is more diplomatic while Red Raven is stealthy and can do melee with finesse weapons. He can switch from one to the other at the beginning of his turn. It’s far better for me to know what I’m going to face, and there’s several cards in my deck to help that.

Also, if you want to avoid copy/pasting my username, you can type Masaru (勝) or Vincent.

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

turn order: 1d1000 ⇒ 295

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3

Since Grazzle will be healing it makes sense if he goes last.

Grazzle wrote:


Deck: 15 Discard: 0 Buried: 0
Sideboard cards:

Skills and Powers:

Strength d6 [ ]+1 [ ]+2
Dexterity d6 [ ] +1
Constitution d8 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3
Intelligence d4 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
Wisdom d10 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3
Craft: Wisdom +1
Survival: Wisdom +2
Charisma d8 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3 [ ] +4
Divine: Charisma +3

Favored Card: Spell
Hand Size 6
Proficient with: Light Armor
<Power 1> You automatically succeed at your check to recharge a spell ([ ] and you may shuffle it into your deck instead).
<Power 2> At the start of your turn, you may discard any number of cards from the top of your deck. Each other character may shuffle random cards from his discard pile into his deck; the total number of cards shuffled must not exceed ([ ] 1 plus) twice the number of cards you discarded.
<Power 3> [ ] Add 2 to your check that invokes the Attack trait.
<Power 4>
<Power 5>

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3

It can't hurt to talk about our planned upgrades if we know what they are. You might notice a distinct lack of spells in the locations. That is normal for Mummy's Mask which makes it rough on spellcasters. It is probably worth using a blessing to acquire a Spell 1 if you don't feel you have a good chance without it.

With this many players probably every level 1 item will find a good home.

Grazzle actually has a lot of good upgrades at tier 1 but here they are in order of preference.

Spell 1 - Replace Viper Strike with Pyrotechnic Blast
Spell 0 - Replace Viper Strike with Holy Light
Item 1 - Replace Bestiary of Garund with Binder's Tome
Ally 1 - Replace Magical Child with Druid of the Flame
Blessing 1 - Replace Blessing of the Spellbound with Blessing of Abadar

Because of my characters have many option to look at the cards, maybe I should go first?
That might go bad with the triggers cards.

I didn’t plan upgrades for now. Maybe a weapon. I also bought the Pathfinder Tales Addon Deck and I’m waiting for it to arrive so my initial deck could change.

The adventure deck number is 1, isn't it?

I think I’ll start at Precint of Left Eyes as I have a good number of allies and d8 in at least 2 of the mental stats (Aric has even a d10 in Charisma).

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3

The adventure deck number is 1 yes.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

Should be able to clock in my other character I want to play in about 25 hours. Flying home from Gen Con today.

Female Gnome Combat Paladin, Tier 6, Deck Handler

Raz's furst upgrade will be an ally to round out her Mounts. With Paladin deck and Ult Combat, there are only 3 to start with. Then probably some weapons to pick up some lances.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

OK, switched from Arabundi to Erasmus. Going for dex build for now.

All set.

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

Masaru, your deck handler looks amazing! Mind if I make a copy for myself?

Yes go ahead. I grabbed the sheet from the “[Play-by-forum test thread] To practice posting, rolling, etc.” thread before making some changes.

Well I don’t think I’ll receive my Pathfinder Tales deck before we start on onday ; I got an email they just sent it, previous one took 4 open days.

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3

Did anyone want to figure out a turn order based on what has been posted so far?

Turn order for now
- 勝20100 - Aric, I said I’ll go first
- Yiroep - Erasmus rolled 341
- eddiephlash - Raz rolled 295
- Bigguyinblack - Grazzle said it makes sense if he goes last

Unknown (no rolls or decision) from:
- Paladin of Baha-who? - Qualzar
- khazkhaz - Mogmurch

1d1000 ⇒ 548 Guess I need to do this.

Do I put the stat block that the deck handler gives me in my profile or in posts?

Qualzar wrote:

Hand: Blast stone, Blessing of the Gods 3, Black Spot, Blessing of the Gods 4, Surgeon, Blessing of the Gods 1,

Deck: 9 Discard: 0 Buried: 0
Sideboard cards:

Skills and Powers:

Strength d6 [ ]+1 [ ]+2
Dexterity d6 [ ]+1 [ ]+2
Constitution d4 [ ] +1
Intelligence d10 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3
Knowledge: Intelligence +2
Wisdom d6 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3
Perception: Wisdom +2
Charisma d10 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3 [ ] +4
Arcane: Charisma +2

Favored Card: Spell
Hand Size 6
Proficient with: None
For your combat check, you may discard a card to use your Arcane skill + 1d6 ([ ] +1) ([ ] +2) and add the Attack, Magic, and Metal traits. This counts as playing a spell.
When you encounter a monster, you may evade it ([ ] and put it on the top of the location deck it came from). This counts as playing a spell that has the Arcane and Mental traits.
<Power 3>
<Power 4>
<Power 5>

Does this all look right?

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3

Looks fine. I suggest using the notes section to give a brief description of cards in your hand or powers you posses that can help others. For example Black Spot: Reduces the difficulty to defeat a monster by 2.

Turn order for now
- 勝20100 - Aric, I said I’ll go first
- Paladin of Baha-who? - Qualzar rolled 548
- Yiroep - Erasmus rolled 341
- eddiephlash - Raz rolled 295
- Bigguyinblack - Grazzle said it makes sense if he goes last

Unknown (no rolls or decision) from:
- khazkhaz - Mogmurch

Put the statblock from the deck handler into your posts in the Gameplay thread, at the bottom of your post. It’s recommended to update the Notes section for any relevant help that you’re willing to give to other players.

Note that for those rolling for turn order, I’m going to set it up as lower roll goes earlier as mentioned above, so it’ll be roughly the opposite order listed in the post immediately prior to this.

1d1000 ⇒ 279

What is the adventure deck number of this scenario? 1?

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3


Qualzar wrote:
What is the adventure deck number of this scenario? 1?

Yep. Easy way to tell is to look at the campaign summary at the top of the gameplay thread. The scenario number is in the format 4-1A, 4-1B, etc., where:

4 is the Season number (Season 4 is Season of Faction’s Favor)
1 is the Adventure within the season (So we’re in Adventure 1, so the Adventure Deck number is 1)
A is the Scenario within the adventure (starting with A, then goes on to B, C, D, E, and sometimes F depending on how many scenarios are in the adventure; 5 is typical)

Just to summarize, and using ascending order, turn order is:

- 勝20100 - Aric, I said I’ll go first
- khazkhaz - Mogmurch rolled 279
- eddiephlash - Raz rolled 295
- Yiroep - Erasmus rolled 341
- Paladin of Baha-who? - Qualzar rolled 548
- Bigguyinblack - Grazzle said it makes sense if he goes last

I’ll post the initial scenario update soon so we can get started!

Some ground guidelines (not rules, but I encourage you follow them):
1. Don’t wait for me to post a scenario update before taking your turn, or else you’ll be waiting for a long time. Not counting the initial update of course :). In general, I prefer to not post updates because they’re gigantic walls of text and get in the way of reading everyone’s great roleplay and what other people did on their turns and what cards they have available. I’ll post an update whenever decks are shuffled, locations are closed, a new page starts up, or if it’s simply just been a while (3-5 turns), but don’t expect me to be constantly posting them after every turn.
2. Use your Notes wisely. The Notes section is a great way to share what cards are available for others to use, or if you have any relevant powers. I encourage you keep it up to date.
3. Bold actions that involve other players. If you’re using someone else’s card or if someone else at your location is impacted by something you do, bold that action and name that character so they don’t accidentally skip over it when skimming your post.
4. Include check types and difficulty in your dice tags One of these is far more readable than the other, and lets you know at a glance whether or not you succeeded without having to reference the other card: Combat 12: 1d10 + 1d4 + 5 ⇒ (5) + (4) + 5 = 14 vs 1d10 + 1d4 + 5 ⇒ (10) + (1) + 5 = 16

In addition, if you have any feedback regarding the scenario updates, suggestions for improvement, things that you really like and want me to continue doing, etc. please let me know. I want the game to go as smoothly as possible and for the scenario updates to help you have fun, not get in the way. If there’s something I can do to make them better, I’ll do everything in my power to make that happen.

My initial update lacks reminder text in the card spoilers to help you remember scenario, adventure, and location powers. I’ll be adding these into future scenario updates, but you should always make a point of checking these powers and trying to remember them yourself, as I can’t always add reminder text depending on what the power is or does.

Sorry for my poor first turn.

Lessons I learn:

- scenario says you can close on ally turn, but be wary that locations have few of them (I should have used some other characters blessing to ensure success),
- the spy henchmen does not have « close location if you defeat him ».

That means that after I failed to close the location, we have to remove everything from the precinct.

On my next turn, I might switch back to Aric to get an ally from my kit and go to the smoking dens.

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

Decent first turn. Spell acquired, barrier defeated, another barrier revealed as the top card.

Team, please note, I have a Banner in hand.

When any character encounters a monster, display this card. While displayed, add 1 to all combat checks. If any character fails a check to defeat a bane, bury this card; if proficient with heavy armors, recharge this card instead of burying it.

The next player to encounter a monster should assume I am displaying the card, and I will update my hand when I can.

So that works regardless of what location one is at?

Skittergoblin Cardmancer


Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

Gotta remember what Erasmus can do lol. I realized something halfway through my turn that changed my whole turn around. (This always happens when I'm playing a new character...)

But he was able to close a location due to me remembering he can bury a card after a check to affect it.

I forgot to include the banner on my turn but it made no difference.

Hello! Welcome to Play By Post Gameday VII. As part of the festivities for this event, we have a few rewards you can win. After your table completes a scenario, win or lose, each participant (player and/or box runner) rolls 1d20. If your result is 1 or 20, you win. Select your reward from the list below and inform your Box Runner of your choice. We’ll make sure you get the reward sent to you.

Remember, Session 1 runs from August 13th, 2018-September 30, 2018. Your table must complete the scenario between those dates to roll for a reward. During Session II (October 1-November 12th) we’ll be running the multiple table interactive special Assault on Absalom.

Box Runners: If you have any questions about how to report, please contact me.

Have fun!

Gameday VII Adventure Card Game Rewards
Season of Tapestry’s Tides Reward #1
Unconventional Firepower: You may add one weapon that has the Firearm trait and one item that has the Ammunition trait from the Gunslinger Class Deck to your box. These cards must have an adventure deck number equal to or lower than your current tier. Each time you advance a tier, you may exchange one of these cards with another card of the same type from the Gunslinger Class Deck, following the same restrictions.

Season of Tapestry’s Tides Reward #2
Burgeoning Captain: At the beginning of a scenario that uses the Skull & Shackles Base Set, you may cross out this reward to gain the skill Survival: Wisdom +2 on your checks attempted while you are on a ship and on your checks attempted against a ship until the end of the scenario.

Season of Tapestry’s Tides Reward #3
Sea Legs: When you would fail a combat check against a bane that has the Aquatic trait, you may cross out this reward to reroll the dice and add 1d6; take the new result.

Grazzle's deck Desired upgrades: None until tier 3

I think we lost 勝20100.

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

I messaged him on Discord. Should we set up a google chat room for the group? That has worked well for other tables I've played at.

Forums are still playing up for some people, but it may be back and working again for you! Important information regarding dates:

Session 2 start date has been moved to October 6. Session 2 is when the Assault on Absalom tables start up. This table will wrap up by then (at least temporarily; if you wish to continue after Session 2 is over I'm willing to keep running as long as y'all are willing to keep playing).

Please check the header (above the tabs) for a link to an alternative means of communication in case things go down again. I should have something there in a few hours.

Link to Deck Handler ; Looking For: Spell 1 -> Weapon 1 -> Blessing B -> Ally B

We back!

As a friendly reminder, the blessings deck is about half empty. You're going to need to kick up your explorations per turn in order to complete the scenario on time. So far, you're quite behind schedule with only 1 location closed out of 8 halfway through the game (with 1 other location empty but still open).

Are gonna useHangouts as eddiaplash suggested?

Skittergoblin Cardmancer

Raz drew a mount again, so she can murder something for somebody, but if not, then she'll have an extra explore on her turn, so maybe only give her a whistle if in dire need.

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