GMTrex's Kingmaker Campaign

Game Master Andrew Trexler

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Kingmaker began February 24th, 2018.

House Rules:

Downtime: Attrition occurs once per month, rather than once per week, and may be avoided by spending at least 14 days in Solasgaard (inclusive of the week of state business that typically occurs at the beginning of each month). You may take 10 on income checks. Downtime events are incorporated in the monthly Kingdom-level event rolls and not rolled separately.

Community Engagement: Any Huntsman who spends one week of Downtime performing this task may make a Diplomacy, Knowledge (Local), or Sense Motive check. The DC for this check is 20 plus the current Unrest. A natural 20 is an automatic success; a natural 1 is an automatic failure. Spells, potions, abilities, and other aids do not enhance these skills unless they have a duration of 24 hours or more.

A successful check grants a +2 bonus to the Justicar's Loyalty check to reduce Unrest during the next Upkeep Phase. There is no penalty for failure. A Huntsman can spend multiple weeks of Downtime performing this task in a month; each week grants a new check, and each success grants a new +2 bonus to the Justicar's Loyalty check during the next Upkeep Phase.

Recruiting and Maintaining an Army: Army units available to recruit are subject to GM discretion, but are generally limited to those that could reasonably be recruited from the Marchlands' population. To recruit an army unit, first pay the unit's monthly Consumption cost in BP. The recruitment process takes 1 month to complete, during which time the unit has half of its normal hit points (round down), cannot move, and cannot initiate battles (though it may engage in battle if attacked). A unit's monthly Consumption cost is always equal to 4 times its listed (weekly) Consumption, except when it is held as a Reserve Army (after recruitment), in which case the listed Consumption cost is the monthly Consumption cost. A unit's Consumption cost may always be paid monthly during the kingdom's upkeep phase (rather than weekly) with no penalties.

Optional Mass Combat Rules: This campaign will use the Combining Armies, Reforming and Army, Reserve Army, and Splitting an Army optional mass combat rules.

Reconnaissance Rules: I am electing to treat this as similar to the Scan crew action in Starfinder. A Reconnoiter action takes 2d4 hours to complete, requires a Profession (Soldier) or Perception check, and may require an additional check of some kind (e.g., Stealth, Swim, etc.) depending on your approach.

The base DC for a Reconnoiter is equal to the DV of the target army if using Profession (Soldier), or 5 + DV if using Perception. In either case, any Fortifications the target army benefits from are added to this DC. If you fail this DC, then the time is still spent but you do not learn any information. If you fail by 5 or more, then you also risk detection (and possibly an ensuing encounter). If you succeed, you gain the first piece of information from the list below. For every 5 by which you exceed the DC, you learn the next piece of information on the list.

1. Basic Info. You learn the species (and possibly class, if any) of the army's base unit, and the nature of any fortifications present.
2. Defense. You learn the size of the army, its complement, its DV, and its current and maximum HP.
3. Offense. You learn the army's OM, whether it has ranged capabilities, its speed, and any siege weapons it has at its disposal.
4. Resources. You learn of any special resources that the army has at its disposal.
5. Commander. You learn the army's name and that of its commander, as well as some basic information about its commander.
6. Morale. You learn the army's current morale.

Unlike the Scan action in Starfinder, succeeding at a second (or subsequent) Reconnoiter attempt does not automatically move you further down the list from wherever you got last time. Instead, Reconnoitering an army you have already Reconnoitered previously grants you a +5 bonus to the check, but your result starts at the top of the list as before. In other words, succeeding twice with a 10 on the die each time will net you exactly 1 additional piece of information on the second try relative to the first.

Given that these rules are entirely home-brewed, I reserve the right to alter these rules in the future if the needs of the campaign demand it. But hopefully these should work.


[dice=Augrym]d20+8[/dice] +2 if Surprise
[dice=Augrym]d20+8[/dice] +2 if Surprise


[dice=Augrym]d20+19[/dice] DV60, Scent
[dice=Taranis]d20+19[/dice] and [dice=Tothfangen]d20+7[/dice] LLV Scent

Kingdom Turns:

Month of , 4722 AR

Upkeep Phase

Step 0 - Ruler: Declare the Duke's modifiers (Economy, Loyalty, or Stability).
Step 1 - Stability: Roll Stability Check. If successful, reduce Unrest by 1 (to a minimum of 0).
Step 2 - Consumption: Consumption has been deducted from the treasury. See "Ledger" tab.
Step 3 - Magic Items: [dice]d4d4[/dice].
Step 4 - Modify Unrest: Roll Loyalty Check to reduce Unrest, if desired (cannot be reduced below 0). Failure incurs permanent -1 penalty to Loyalty.

Edict Phase

Step 0 - Spymaster: Declare Spymaster's modifier (Economy, Loyalty, or Stability).
Step 1 - Assign Leadership: Assign new leadership or fill vacancies, if desired.
Step 2 - Claim Hex: Claim up to 4 new hexes of territory, if desired. All hexes must be fully explored to be claimed.
Step 3 - Abandon Hex: Abandon any number of hexes of existing territory, if desired.
Step 4 - Build Terrain: Pay for up to 7 terrain improvements in existing territory, if desired.
Step 5 - Settlements: Found up to 2 new settlements in existing territory. A site must first be prepared for settlement. Additionally, pay for construction of up to 10 new buildings in your existing settlements. The construction of a single house, tenement, noble villa, or mansion does not count against this limit, but must still be paid for.
Step 6 - Army: Raise up to 2 new military units (less any new settlements founded this month), or upgrade or repair existing ones, as desired. Pay any recruitment costs.
Step 7 - Edicts: Issue any new edicts as desired.

Income Phase

Step 1 - Withdraw from Treasury: Withdraw resources from the treasury for personal use, if desired.
Step 2 - Deposit to Treasury: Deposit personal resources into the duchy's treasury, if desired.
Step 3 - Sell Items: Sell up to 2 personal magical items to benefit the treasury.
Step 4 - Roll an Economy check for tax collection.

Event Phase