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Andrew Trexler


Expert 2 / Monk 1 / Ranger 1 / Aristocrat 1 / Wizard 1

Special Abilities

Excessive Introspection (Ex)

About Andrew Trexler

GM Spiel:

Hi everybody! I'm Andrew. I've gamed with some of you before, some I haven't yet had the pleasure. I'm looking forward to running your adventure!

This will be a Normal Mode PFS (not Core) game. We'll be starting as soon as folks are ready. Upkeep business:

1. Figure out who you'd like to play with so we can figure out the subtier.

2. If you haven't done so already, please put a few of your stats into your character subheading. Please include current/total hit points, armor class (all three), CMD, saving throw modifiers, initiative modifier, and perception modifier. Feel free to add other stuff, such as per diem spells or ki points or expendable other resources.

2. On your character's page, please include a stat block or link or some other arrangement so that I can find your character's full stats in some fashion. Stat block is easiest for me but if you have a preferred arrangement (such as a link to your character sheet), that's fine too.

3. Introduce yourselves and your characters in-character in the gameplay thread. Thanks for getting us started on that!

Secondly, a few basic expectations:

1. A quick-moving thread is more fun for everyone. Please post at least once per day, and the more the merrier. Take your time and roleplay your hearts out, but do post regularly and keep the game moving. I'll make sure to do the same. If you know you'll be unable to post for a while, please let us all know here and consider giving march orders to the party (especially if we're in combat) and know that the game will likely still keep moving.

2. I've gotten pretty familiar with the PFS/Pathfinder rules over the years, but obviously I haven't dealt regularly with every class or situation. So if you are concerned that I've messed up somewhere in a way that really impacts gameplay (which is entirely possible), please feel free to raise the issue here in the Discussion thread or privately and I'll do my best to correct the issue. It's all about learning!

3. Please pay attention to text formatting and the thread tabs. Use Gameplay for gameplay and Discussion for non-gameplay discussion. Use the [b] tag and quotes for in-character speech and the [ooc] tag for out-of-character commentary. Use spoiler tags when necessary and open them only when appropriate.

4. Initiative! I've fiddled with a few different initiative systems and I think I've found one I like--you can act when your name is bolded at the bottom of my most recent initiative post. If you need to post out of turn due to limited internet access later or something similar, please put your whole turn in a spoiler so that everyone else (including me) can ignore it until it's your turn.

5. If you cast a spell on a baddie, please tell me the save and DC as appropriate so that I don't have to try to dig it out of your statblock. Same goes for other similar effects.

6. Have fun and be the awesome Pathfinders you are!

Some Memorable PFS Moments:

That time Ka'atib opened the door, won initiative, confusion'd the BBEG holding a mace of murder and BOTH of his dire lion companions, and then shut the door again.
That time Kirael lost a finger.
That time T'Orca tried to catch a falling statue.
That time James decided it would be a good idea to turn around, alone, to retrieve and impale the head of a scout for an approaching army, which he promptly met mid-decapitation. They returned the favor.
That time I crit and nearly killed a PC the first time I ever rolled damage as the GM.
That time Mikhaere saved a drowning Azdak via his tongue.
That time Hal used an oil of invisibility and tactical superiority to murder eight slobbering ghouls without getting so much as a scratch.
That time Tiddalik the toad burned a pirate to death, becoming Tiddalik the Pirate Slayer.
That time Thighbite the gnomish barbarian lost initiative, got staggered by a sea hag, was abandoned by his retreating party, and promptly crit the hag very-much-dead to end the combat on his first turn.
That time Hal complimented Wang on his wang and got a morale bonus for it.
That time the party decided to assault a fort in the dark, over broken ground, with no darkvision and no light source.
That time Gaidal tried to leap a five-foot gap in the bridge, failed, fell, passed out, and very nearly prompted a TPK because everyone else was a caster.
That time Orran stole a man's toupee.
That time the party didn't run when the very walls started bleeding.
That time Ace turned a battle with a flayleaf-filled zombie into a party with a flayleaf-filled zombie.
That time Grumpy the dwarf came up with a brilliant plan involving a slaver, a policeman, two bodies, and a staircase.
That time Atum strode boldly.
That time the party got tired of trying to solve the puzzle, and decided to do so instead by just breaking the floor.
That time Khakil attempted to conduct an interrogation.
That time Khakil got into a fight with an iron golem.
The Jistka Bathhouse Incident.
That time Muzhaa'f gave some fashionable Keleshites a bath.

Favorite Scenarios:

Top Five:
The Rebel's Ransom
Hall of the Flesh Eaters
Valley of Veiled Flame
The Traitor's Lodge
City of Strangers I

Best of the Rest:
Defenders of Nesting Swallow
The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment
The Citadel of Flame
The Penumbral Accords
Tide of Twilight
The Disappeared
The Cyphermage Dilemma
Library of the Lion
The Merchant's Wake
Slave Ships of Absalom
The Segang Expedition
The Pallid Plague
The Bloodcove Disguise
Rescue at Azlant Ridge
The Dalsine Affair
Storming the Diamond Gate
The Slave Master's Mirror
The Gods Market Gamble
Port Godless
The Stranger Within

Gear Every Character Should Have:

alchemist's fire
belt pouch
charcoal (2 sticks)
cold iron morningstar
explorer's outfit
flint and steel
ioun torch
masterwork backpack
measuring cord
mess kit
rope (silk)
parchment (10 sheets)
potion of touch of the sea
signal whistle
smoked goggles
trail rations (4 days)
universal solvent
wand of cure light wounds
Total: 1397 gp, 42 lbs
Total for equipment less than 25gp apiece: 82gp

Survival 101

Advanced Gear for Consideration:
scroll of word of recall (Skyreach) 1650gp
feather token (floating feather) 450gp
feather token (swan boat) 450gp
feather token (tree) 400gp
potion of water breathing 750gp
potion of water walk 750gp
potion of protection from energy 750gp
potion of invisibility 300gp
scroll of remove curse 375gp
scroll of remove disease 375gp
scroll of remove paralysis 150gp
boots of the cat 1000gp
pathfinder pouch 1000gp
jingasa of the fortunate soldier 5000gp
gloves of reconnaissance 2000gp
first aid gloves 4500gp
bead of newt prevention 1000gp

Character Ideas:

Ifrit Sorcerer -- 'nuf said.

Evoker (Admixture School) wizard

Warpriest of Abadar -- Keleshite caravan mercenary


1. Pack well.
2. Never trust a statue.
3. Look for the enemy's curatives before reaching for your own.
4. Up first, then down.
5. When in someone else's lair, reset any traps you can, but in a different spot.
6. When the paladin is smiting evil, let the zealot finish the job unless there's only one foe left on the field.