DM-Camris' SECOND DARKNESS Part 1 and 2: Children of the Void (Inactive)

Game Master Camris

A star has fallen and the rush is on! While the crimelords of Riddleport race to be the first to claim the mysterious skymetal, dark works are afoot at the crash site on the island of Devil's Elbow...

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We lost a couple of players, so we need players to fill two slots.
The party currently consists of:
*Nakoda, Human Shoanti Bard (Savage Skald)
*Maelorn, Human Cleric (Torag)
*Zane, Human Wizard
So they could probably use some muscle. (Nakoda requests another Shoanti, but is not required).

The situation is currently thus;

Having been made junior partners in a casino, they have been sent to find out what happened to their floor manager. When last seen he was on the way to deliver some money owed to a loan shark. Our heroes travelled to a bad section of town to ask about the missing man, but the loanshark is being uncooperative…

I need people that will check in probably at least once every two days so that we make sure to keep everything moving.
If you think the above is acceptable, phase two are the campaign standards

Character Creation::

-All characters will be created with the “high fantasy” (20 point) purchase method (page 16 of the Core Rulebook).
-All of the races and classes in the core rulebook and the advanced player's guide are allowed for play.
-There can be no more than two characters of the same class in the party.
-We will start at second level.
-Max hp at first level. Roll for it at higher levels; but if you roll less than the average die you can take average +1 instead.
-Characters will start with the average starting gold for their character class (according to the chart on page 140 of the Core Rulebook) plus 1000gp for being second level.
-Players may purchase equipment from any Pathfinder source, with the approval of the GM (for example, some items may be rare in the Varisia region, and thus restricted initially).
-No characters can start the campaign with an evil alignment.
-Characters start at the maximum starting age for the class and race.
-Characters can have up to 2 Traits.
-Characters are encouraged to take a campaign trait; but since those were geared towards the very first level, it's not a requirement.

"Table" Rules

If a character has not taken an action in two day's time, and the character is in a situation where all characters need to take an action for the story to progress (for example, combat, though not limited to combat), that character reverts to the GM's control until the player's next post.

In combat a GM controlled PC is invulnerable to damage, though they die if the rest of the party dies. The only actions a GM controlled character will take will be to move and to provide an "aid another" check for other characters.

The GM rolls all initiative rolls.

If you need to "pass a note," either to the GM or another character, use the spoiler tag, addressed to the party you want to read it. For example:

Try to keep in character comments and descriptions of actions in normal font, and use the [ ooc ] brackets for "game" actions.

Finally, if you don't already have one, you need to make up a separate message board alias with the name of your character, and fill out the profile with all of the information that you would normally have on a standard Pathfinder RPG character sheet.

Before you make up your character, however, post in this thread, and give me a character concept.

I don't need pages, but I would like to have a character and not just a build to work with. Once the character sounds good, I'll give you the OK, and once the character is made up and has its own profile, you're good to go.

Here's a re-vamped version of a character from a Council of Thieves PbP that fell through. Both of the Traits are pre-existing Traits, I just reflavored them to suit his fishy heritage. (pun intended)

Posting regularly isn't a problem for me, but I'm in four-ish PBPs already, so I'll totally understand if you want to pick someone who isn't spread so thin.

80% of my characters are clerics or druids, with the remaining 20% arcane casters, so this will be something very, very new for me...

Here is a concept for your perusal. I like the idea of a Human, Drunken Brute Archetype Barbarian who worships Cayden Cailean.

Bron Hartigan:
Many believe that barbarians can only be found wandering the hills and plains inhabited by the Shoanti people. Few stop to think that the tough brawler or the desperate thug has the necessary anger to be considered barbaric. Bron Hartigan is such a person. Of Chelaxian/Varisian mixed roots, Bron was raised on the tough streets of Lubbertown. There he was taught to defend himself by the lawless nature of this section of Riddleport. The son of a simple shoemaker, Bron, after many beatings by those bigger and stronger than him, began to develop a base fighting instinct derived from the desperate nature of his life. As the years progressed, he started beating the people who use to beat on him, tapping into the desperation and anger that was instilled in him when he was a boy. Finally, growing tired of the almost savage nature of the inland district, Bron and his father moved to the River District. Though it was tamer than Lubbertown, the stench that flowed through the streets made Bron feel that his situation hadn't really improved. That all changed however when he came upon the Publican House.

Upon entering the House of the Drunken Hero, Bron was taken aback by the sights and smells within. Drawn to the almost reverent worship of ale, combined with the raucous nature of the hall, Bron began to devote his time to Cayden Cailean's worship. After many months of listening to tipsied priests that visited those halls, Bron walked away one day with a sense of purpose. Hearing talk to the recent opening of a gambling hall called the Gold Goblin, Bron made his way to the establishment to see if there were positions for hire.

I'm new to PBP but should have no troubles meeting your standards! I'm interested in playing Lukas Jeggare, a Neutral Good Chelaxian fighter whose tongues is the only thing quicker than his blade.

Movie plot spoiler:
Lukas Jeggare is a man of many talents. He's a bodyguard, but not a loyal one; a soldier, but not a brave one; and a mercenary, but not a subtle one. He's a somewhat simple former Dottari from Westcrown who only wanted a simple life guarding the streets from the unsavory types who call them home. He tried to stay out of Cheliax's esoteric politics, figuring diabolic worshiping overlords were just as bad as normal ones. Yet fate seemed to have greater plans for him. He ran afoul of a Hellknight order and rather than face a corrupted justice system, he chose to flee across the ocean to Varisia hoping to hide from his pursuers in wilds of the frontiers cities.

I have a concept that is a little different, she's an old concept from the beta playtest, but I can revamp her to the current RAW.

Thunder-Klar Human Shoanti Summoner


Thunder-Klar was always one for doing the unexpected, running into battle even though she wasn't one of the Lyrune-Quah warriors. She acquired her companion, Cindersteel, when she started her training as one a Priestess, finding that it's voice seemed stronger than that of the Desna's call. Eventually summoning her companion, the rest of her Quah seemed to shun her, finding her companion and herself aberrant and strange, but never mistreated her, as she was still family.

Eventually, she and her companion chose to leave the cinderlands, and chose to forge a path of their own, as a hero of legend, not only among her people, but among the people of the world.

Mechanics High strength character, with quadrupedal eidolon for further melee damage, if I can, I would love to use the Thunder and Fang feats if possible, working it into my character.

Hat is now in the ring.

A shoanti Barbarian for the party.


I am currently working on it, but my you can see my progress.

rolling HP, might as well complete as much as I can. 1d12 ⇒ 10

i'm also new to PBP, but would like to give it a try. i have a concept for a human rogue swashbuckler/scout


Joe was born and raised in Riddleport. As he likes to tell it, the streets were his parents and he clawed his way up from the bottom.

What annoys him is that in fact his parents are alive and well, and have a thriving wholesale bakery business in a relatively benign neighborhood. He has no odd birthmarks, nor were there any dire portents at his birth, nor at any time during his life.

The banality and sheer normality of his existence caused him to seek out excitement in his early teens and he got involved with some of the less than savory elements of the city, where his greater than average strength served him well in dealing with various gangs and near underground organizations, despite his less than average looks and smarts.

A big fan of brawling, Joe loves to put on a show illustrating his strength and physical prowess, and he has learned and is willing to use whatever dirty tricks are necessary. While not enamored of bloodshed, he has done some freelance work both as bodyguard and enforcer and favors using a really big two handed weapon to try and intimidate people.

Looked over what I wrote last night and saw how I can make the concept a bit better. So here it is:

Name: Bron Hartigan
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian (Drunken Brute Archetype if that is allowed)
Align: Chaotic Good

Many believe that barbarians can only be found wandering the hills and plains inhabited by the Shoanti people. Few stop to think that the tough brawler or the desperate thug has the necessary savagry to be considered barbaric. Bron Hartigan possesses such a wild spirit. Of Chelaxian/Varisian mixed roots, Bron was raised on the tough streets of Lubbertown. There he was taught to defend himself by the lawless nature of this section of Riddleport. The son of a simple shoemaker, Bron, after many beatings by those bigger and stronger than him, began to develop a base fighting instinct derived from the desperate nature of his life. As the years progressed, he started beating the people who use to beat on him, tapping into the desperation and anger that was instilled in him when he was a boy. Taking from those who would have taken from him, he collected items which would have been too expensive to buy were he to become his father's apprentice. However, his honest father was able to intill in his wild son a strange sense of honor. Bron refused to be like those who had attacked him in his youth, preferring to only attack those who attack him first and teaching others how to fend for themselves. As such, Bron gained a soft spot for the downtrotten of Riddleport, seeing what he could have become if he hadn't decided to fight back. Finally, growing tired of the almost savage nature of the inland district, Bron and his father moved to the River District. Though it was tamer than Lubbertown, the stench that flowed through the streets made Bron feel that his situation hadn't really improved. That all changed however when he came upon the Publican House.

Upon entering the House of the Drunken Hero, Bron was taken aback by the sights and smells within. Drawn to the almost reverent worship of ale, combined with the raucous nature of the hall, Bron began to devote his time to Cayden Cailean's worship. After many months of listening to tipsied the priests who lived in those halls, Bron walked away one day with a sense of purpose. Hearing talk to the recent opening of a gambling hall called the Gold Goblin, Bron made his way to the establishment to see if there were positions for hire.

Description & Personality:
Garbed in tough, but flexible studded leather armor, Bron's wide frame shows the strength the man has at his command. Gripped in his meaty hand is a heavy flail, and a dagger hilt peeks out of the top of one of his hard-soled boots. His brown hair is kept short and his face, while not unattractive, has a square jaw and low cheekbones, giving him a tough look that can be rather intimidating. Hanging from a cord at his hip is a simple wooden stein, for ease-of-access when he pays a visit to the Publican House.

Though tough looking, Bron is amiable and has a loud, boisterous laugh. He has many friends among the Publican House and has, on occasion, even helped to break up fights that have broken out. He is loyal to his friends and believes that one should always make their own path in life. However, his humor can be a little simple at times and easily gets annoyed when others flaunt their wealth.

Dark Archive

I would like to submit this concept.

EDIT: I'm changing small details here and there while I can. Refining, as you will.

Meet Imloth 'Thrasher' Carnavas:

He's been infused with strange powers since his birth, as an omen of something greater. It is rumored somewhere down in his birthline, a mother in his line mated with a dragon, but this is unconfirmed. Since then, the rumors have died down, but only the elders know the truth behind it.

They aren't rumors.

It was preordained that the next firstborn son would have powers unlike any others, so the tale goes, and he was indeed the next one - for three generations had no men, only women. He grew up in a harsh environment, initially from a region known as Land of the Linnorm Kings, a place where only the strong survive.

He had prowess in arms, like many brave warriors did, but it is spoken of that he can spark up a monstrous frenzy, and undo his enemies in quick fashion - and even fling arcane energy from his hands! It was something the others took jealousy of, but could do nothing about - for they feared his berzerk tendencies may end up causing too much damage to the rest of the village. In time, he grew as all men did, and one day he woke up with a strange sensation in his heart - that there was something different in how he was regarded. It didn't take him long after to realize he had become one of the strongest in his clan. In this discovery, he found a new goal: to reach the pinnacle of strength in the entire region, or perhaps the whole continent!

With this in mind, he gathered what he could to his cause, packed up all of his belongings and set out towards the south, seeking only to better himself - and where else than to start with protecting a caravan destined for a trade port? Where else could he start working towards his goals?

However, these goals were prevented from being completed when the caravan was waylaid by a band of natives, where they massacred everyone but the merchant himself, who stood behind Imloth. The man was a force to be reckoned with, and one native walked forth, speaking of his strength, of his courage to defy the odds. It is here he was offered a place amongst the Shoanti, and accepted.

His stay, though, was not as long as he would have liked. Circumstances involving the death of a partner on a routine hunt forced the shaman elder to usher him away - but it was cleverly disguised as a move to 'pursue greater accomplishments'. He was shown the path to the town of Riddleport, and with reluctance to leave his second home, he approached it on another caravan who needed assistance on the road.

Maybe here, he'll find some place to belong to - or perish trying.

( As a note, I can always expand on this if you feel you wish more from it - that said, I am not averse to changing any detail! )

Hope to be invited in, and looking forward to the results!

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I'd like to throw in a chance to revive a deceased character from before PFRPG!



Hyrun, Rivens' father, moved from Magnimar to Riddleport a long time ago. He came under the request for a new 'police' force. Well one that would be more loyal to the current ruler and not so likely bought out. The Golarsson family moved here and prospered as much as one can in 'police' work.

Hyruns' son grew in age and took to the blade and law just as his father. Riven did everything he could to prove himself to his father though he lacked a certain understanding for the so many corrupt organizations in the city. He always failed to understand why his father couldn't just arrest them all and bring them before the rule and trial them!

One fateful, or not so fateful night, Riven awoke to a noise in the home; a burglary in progress! He rushed to gather his blades and wake his father...but he was too late.

It wasn't until later he understood it was an attack, perhaps his father got too close to something, perhaps his father was just that much of nuisance. Whatever the case, Riven was without a father.

Being 16 years of age and a man of his own accord he quickly took to the bottle as many of riddleports citizens do when times are rough. His mother left; going back to Magnimar taking his other siblings as well.

Finding himself quickly in debt, drunk, and without employ he found his way on service to varing ship captains. He sobered, somewhat, over the years and cleared his debt.

Riven remains in Riddleport in hopes of one day righting the wrongs that befell his family and proving to himself that all his father taught him was right.

Riven Golarsson
LG Human Fighter (Two Weapon Warrior Variant)

I will complete the character in detail if he is accepted. :D

Grand Lodge

I'd like to throw a tiefling fighter into the mix, if you'd like something a little different. I can rework this character with the background as a native of Riddleport and change his class to fighter, but that's only if you'd be happy with a tiefling as a character. Might also throw in a couple of rogue classes, as he'll not be the nicest person you'll meet, but as deadly a fighter as I can make him, (which normally isn't that deadly to be fair.)


Kordic the Brutal Brawler: Dwarf:

The Gasworks are known for the filth they spew into the air. But you may not know about the filth they spew into the streets. Washed-up miners, black lungers, degenerates, picketers, brawlers and other unwanted wastrels who couldn't hack it down there. Many end up homeless in the streets or seek work as bodyguards. The worst are the Calphiakers. Mountain dwarves who are prized for their toughness and resistance to the fumes. Unfortunately some dwarves live for the high high alpine air and don't take well psychologically to the heat and stench of the conditions deep in the mine, which are bad even for hardy dwarves. Sometimes you get one that just snaps....goes wild. Young Kordic is fresh from the mine. He wasn't cut out for the job obviously. A few punch ups are expected down in the barracks. They even have a thriving boxing racket...and Kordic was a rising star in the ring. But Kordic got angry one night - and real nasty too...just crazy even...he nearly pummeled an opponent to death and then practically tore the head off of the foreman who was breaking up the donnybrook. Kordic is just too dangerous. So he was thrashed into submission, dragged to the surface and dumped in a Riddleport gutter with his bag of gear and a sack of coins as severance. He's a real sorry sight.

Class Barbarian: brutal pugilist
St. 17 Dx 13 Cn 17 It 10 wS 10 cH 07
Traits: Bullied, Brute
Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike
Skill Ranks: Climb, Dungeoneering

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

If you won't accept a tiefling into the AP as its not a core race, see Quei Drathan above. May I introduce Garak Ionia the half-orc Paladin (Warrior of the Holy Light). Who at least is one of the core races, who is a paladin with no spell casting ability.


Garak's mother was one of one a few survivors from an Orc raid on her village. She and the few survivors were brutally raped and left for dead following the raid which wiped out the homes and people of Knartic Frome. Knowing she would never be allowed back into Shoanti life again, having been so disgraced, she made her way to Riddleport. She was so weak when she arrived, she was taken down with fever. A cleric of Cayden Calien took pity on the woman and brought her to the temple. They she gave birth to Garak, but in her weakened state the gift of life was all that she gave her son.

Garak was bought up in the temple, under the tutor-age of Serlam, that self same cleric that that took pity on his mother. Despite Serlam's efforts Garak was never able to fully understand the subtleties of pray and faith, yet he was a simple and forthright protector of the faith, never waivering in his commitment to his god and church. His strength and propensity to fight, to stick up for the church was a feature of his growth into a young half-orc.

Serlam, Garak's 'father' has communed with the gods to seek direction on the threats that now exist in Riddleport, namely the mysterious fog that clouds the town. He has sent his champion, Garak, out to seek and clear the town of whatever evil threatens their life.

I still have much work to do here, but I wanted to get my submission in before the deadline. I've been in three other Second Darkness games that have all died about the point you have us starting.
I play Bryson in your savage tide in your game.

Draniliss is a monster hunter and protector of elvenkind. He has been lead to the casino by a vision.


Ankara (Human, Barbarian)
Bron Hartigan (Human, Barbarian~Drunken Brute~)
Lukas Jeggare (Human, Fighter)
Thunder-Klar (Human, Summoner)
Bruaz (Human, Shoanti, Barbarian~Totem Warrior~)
Joseph (Human, Rogue~Swashbuckler/Scout~)
Imloth Carnavas: (Human, ??)
Garak Ionia (Half-orc, Paladin~Warrior of the Holy Light~)
Kordic (Dwarf, Barbarian~Brutal Pugilist~)
Draniliss (Elf, Inquisitor)

Liberty's Edge

Hey you skipped mine! Riven Golarsson LG Human Fighter!

My brief interest in playing a non-spellcaster has already flickered out.

Please remove Ankara from consideration, and good luck to the rest that have applied!

Only the strongest survive

Dark Archive

Bruaz wrote:
Only the strongest survive

I'd totally challenge you, but Bruaz has more hp, better AC and probably would kick Ankara's butt. So yeah, I guess that's an accurate statement. :)

Because I was bored, I updated Thunder-Klar to APG RAW.

It had to be done anyway, she was still on the beta playtest rules.

Here is the character profile for Bron Hartigan, drunken brute. I still need to spend gold for the character, as well as touch up some of the crunch. The fluff should be just about right though.

Set wrote:
Bruaz wrote:
Only the strongest survive

I'd totally challenge you, but Bruaz has more hp, better AC and probably would kick Ankara's butt. So yeah, I guess that's an accurate statement. :)

lol, i'm sure at some unknown level, you'd destroy me, but at 2nd level, a barbarian is scarry

anyway i was bored, and felt like making some footnote of your withdrawal. Good luck in your other games

Was able to put some more work into Dranliss:

Dranilis is a monster hunter and protector of elvenkind.
Dranliss' parents were traveling merchants. He grew up traveling the coast of Varisia from Korvosa to Magnimar. When his mother was killed in a pirate attack, his father decided to retire. Dranliss took over his father's business, but was not as successful at it. Though he was good with numbers, he was not as good with people. What's more, he did not like it. During what was to be his last trip, Dranliss befriended a cleric of Desna who tutored him in her dogma. The two of them traveled and adventured together for three years before Dranliss received a vision that lead him to the casino.

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Oh, sorry if I didn't post my class - I saw you wanted a concept more than anything. Been ill the past couple days, and unable to leave bed.

Mark me down for Barbarian/Sorceror, aiming for a gish build. Thank you in advance.

Just letting you know that my Brutal Pugilist Dwarf, Kordic is still looking for employent. He makes a great bodyguard. The concept is to remain more or less the same...a digruntled ex-employee of the gasworks. A real blue collar type. Barbarian,Fighter or Monk....a kick-ass grappler.

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I don't suppose you're still recruiting?

No decisions have been made that I am aware of.

I played in a Second Darkness PbP that made it about as far as where you are starting this one before it died off. I'd like to offer Dantes for consideration.

Dantes, Lawful Good 2nd level human monk.

Dantes squandered his youth and his potential. As a younger son of a noble, he had too much money, too much time and not enough responsibility. As he travelled around the Inner Sea nations, one scandalous tale after another made their way home to his father until it became too much to be ignored. When Dantes went to the moneylenders’ guild in Riddleport for another withdrawal, he found his accounts empty; his father had ceased to replenish them. The money lender handed him a note that was sent for him, informing him that he’d been disowned, and that the family name was no longer his to use, nor was the family fortune. In denial about the circumstances, Dantes sank deeper into drinking and debauchery, trying to forget his fortunes.

As the months passed, Dantes sold everything he had of value to support his lifestyle, but eventually that too ran out. Once he was out of money, his hangers on evaporated, gone instantly to seek another amusing meal ticket. Dantes was broke, alone and despondent. In the dead of the night, Dantes wandered down an alley in a seedy part of the city. He knew it was dangerous and that he was drunk and defenseless, but he didn’t care. It didn’t take long for the rogues to find him out and confront him.

Angered at finding the foppish noble had nothing of value, not even a name to be ransomed, they started to beat him. Dantes didn’t put up a fight. In a drunken haze, he was barely aware of the champion that came to his aid, pummeling away his attackers and carrying him to safety.

He didn’t know how long he faded in and out of consciousness. When he awoke, he was in a stone cell, with the stout oak door propped open. His wounds had been tended to, and by the coloration of the bruises he’d clearly been unconscious or asleep for days.

When Dantes left the cell, he quickly found he’d been taken to a monastery. From a nearby balcony, he could see Riddleport in the distance. The monastery itself was tiny, perched on a hill side with only a couple of dozen monks in study there.

Not knowing what else to do, and having nowhere else to go, Dantes stayed on. He began to work around the compound, for no other reason than fear that he would be turned out if he didn’t contribute. As the weeks passed, he gradually befriended the brotherhood there, and slowly began to adopt their studies. When he asked which of them had saved him and brought him there, they refused to answer; they only told him that they were responsible for each others actions, for they were a family of sorts and they took the burden willingly and seriously.

After several years, Dantes was ready. His confidence was restored, and his body was so much more capable than it had ever been. The time with the monks had changed his outlook on life, and he had a sense of duty to return the generosity that had been shown him.

Dantes descended back to Riddleport, looking for opportunities, both to work and to help those in need. The vast numbers in need was overwhelming, so he began to consider ways to help the larger community rather than just one person at a time. For lodging, he sought out his old friend Saul Vancaskerkin, one of the few who treated him well, even when he was at his worst. Saul tried on several occasions to bring Dantes to his senses when he was spiraling downward, but it wasn’t until after Dantes left the monastery did he understand the value of what Saul had been trying to do. Returning to the Gold Goblin, Dantes sought out Saul to offer his assistance while Dantes figured out his next move.

For his Second Darkness trait, he would take Looking for Work.

Apologies for dragging my feet here, but I want to take all of you but... only two.

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DM-Camris wrote:
Apologies for dragging my feet here, but I want to take all of you but... only two.

Make them fight for it!

Last two standing!


Seeing as there are like five barbarians, I'd pay to see that show!

Anyway, I want to thank you all for your interest; it's very flattering to be given such a selection to choose from and I hope those not selected find new games soon. Thank you all!

I would like to invite in:

Bron Hartigan (played by dathom); Human Barbarian-Drunken Brute.

Thunder-Klar (played by Ekeebe); Human (Shoanti) Summoner.

Joseph (played by angryscrub); human Rogue/Swashbuckler/Scout.

(Yes, I had to take three...)

Come on down to the Discussion thread and the In Game thread!


We be looking again.

The party currently consists of:
*Nakoda, Human Shoanti Bard (Savage Skald)
*Bron Hartigan, Drunken Barbarian
*Zane, Human Wizard

Afternoon Me'mori.

I took a look at your game thread, and it looks like your group is very close to where my Second Darkness AP ended at. I'm currently in two campaigns with Zane right now and I would be able to consistently post. It looks like the group could use a divine class of some sort, and you also lack trapfinding, so I am going to apply with an Oracle with the Seeker archetype. This would give the group access to divine spells and trapfinding as well as some support. I'll flesh out some ideas, and follow up. It also looks like the group is now at 4th level. Did I miss anything?

Edit: I'll roll for HP now.
1d8 ⇒ 3
1d8 ⇒ 3
1d8 ⇒ 6
Ok, so with the Avg + 1 in effect the rolls are 5, 5, 6

Same stipulations for character creation as before? You seem to be lacking a touch of the divine, but the Shoanti situation might offer an interesting opportunity to use the Thunder and Fang combat style with a fighter or Ranger. What would you rather see?

I'd be interested in playing a cleric or oracle. I will try to work something up tonight and post under the allias.

I would have to do some reading to get a better grasp of the situation, but I have a knife master rogue already built and ready to use. The archetype gives up trapfinding, so I wouldn't be stepping on Vhalas' toes if we were both picked (not to be overly optimistic, of course). For now, here are the hit point rolls:

3d8 ⇒ (8, 8, 5) = 21

Is there any other information that you could provide?

Thallan Mourne, at your service.

At the Gold Goblin, a tall dark and handsome elf enters the main public room. He's apparently come some distance or is going somewhere soon, from the looks of his pack. He is armed, but not threateningly so.

He pauses a heartbeat or two to 'appreciate' the ambience and give whoever's watching a good view of himself. Thallan Mourne has arrived.

Coming through the crowds he makes a simple sign of protection in the air. With a confident stride, he heads for the main stairs.


HP: 3d8 ⇒ (6, 3, 3) = 12 8,6,5,5 = 24

Age 135 yrs Height 6'2" Weight 170 lbs. Hair Black Eyes Green

Thallan has been an enigma from the day he was left abandoned as a babe at the temple steps, with nothing more than swaddling, a lantern which either served as light or warmth.

He displayed more curiosity than an alley full of cats. The priests could not turn away an infant. And, when he smiled with his eyes, they were touched.

He grew in mind and body in the temple's care, devouring equal parts of food and knowledge.

To learn more, he'd do chores and run errands and menial labor. They'd reward him with knowledge both arcane and divine. They waited for the boy to get bored... He didn't.

Personality: NG Respecting and defending Life, Freedom and Beauty in that order. Quiet, pensive, accepting... until observation and inaction is unbearable.

Appearance: Dark complexion, and chiseled angular jaw. Emerald eyes and black shoulder length hair that is usually kept in a ponytail. Typically wears charcoal and all manner of grey from near black (and black) to light heathers. The tall cool one.

Doomed Hero here.

Here's a character built specifically for Second Darkness. Unfortunately the game died before he was even able to be introduced.

He's a bit of an odd concept, but he's very interesting.

If you like the idea, I'll scale him back to second level.

This looks really interesting. I'd like to apply - likely with an elf or half-elf inquisitor - but I won't be able to have a character together until tomorrow evening.

Good Evening All!

Vhalas here, with the Oracle (Seeker) I had mentioned earlier. The crunch is all done and included in the profile. I am going to work on Kharn's backstory tomorrow but basically, Kharn was a Shoanti orphan that was living within the Irespan district of Magnimar. He was taken in by a retired Cleric of Cayden Cailean who in his younger years had adventured as a Pathfinder. What Kharn doesn't know is that his adopted father is trying to make amends when his group inadvertently caused the death of Kharn's family when he was just a boy.

Mechanically Kharn is built to be a "battle" oracle. He is heavily armed and armored and is best in the front line. I think he would be a good compliment Bron, and his Shoanti heritage could play off of Nakoda, while still standing apart, due to his "lost heritage" having been an orphan. He can find and disable traps and provide divine assistance. Also since he is a Oracle of Cayden Cailean, he can conjure up all of the free ale that Bron could ever want.

I hope you like my submission, and I appreciate feedback. Thanks for your consideration.

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Submitting Ro'kun Adagama for this. He's currently statted up for 2nd level for a Shattered Star campaign that never got off the ground. I can tailor his background to lead him into Second Darkness easier vis-a-vis the Pathfinder Society.

Let me know the specifics for level/gear/hp etc and I'll gladly make the adjustments. I'm ready to roll whenever, if you're interested! Design for Ro'kun is to go Fighter(Two-Handed Fighter)/Rogue (Skulking Slayer) focusing on reach weapon combat, front line melee and charging sneak attacks. Very much damage-dealing/tanking.

Scorch Stoneblood an oracle of Stone with the blackened curse. My idea is that he's is an oracle of earth who dared explore the primal force of fire, believeing that the two elements are linked on many levels. Disaster struck in his foolishness of trying to manipulate fire the same way he does earth, brute inner strenght! But fire requires more finess to weild safely and his early attempts left his arms blackened, shriveld, and sensitive. Since then he has become an adept with fire, feeling closer to the element of earht having been bunrt by fire the same way earth is often bruned by fire and magma.

"Scorch" would be a nickname, I need to work on his first name. I will start with a character sheet. I can tell you that I would look to add cure spells when possible, and would mix heals, buffs, and offensive spells (fire and earth).

Thank you all for applying to my attempt to run the Second Darkness adventure path!

For character creation, see the first post; with the addition that you can use the "Ultimate" and "Blood of" books as well. Everyone just made Level 4. You all have 6000 crowns to outfit your character, on top of the starting (avg.) cash. You can find most anything in Riddleport, legal or otherwise.

And yes, the party could certainly use some kind of Divine support.

Our current cast consists:
*Nakoda, Human (Shoanti), Bard (Savage Skald)
*Bron Hartigan, Human, Drunken Barbarian
*Zane, Human, Wizard

So far applied:
Thallan Mourne (played by Hassan Ahmed), Elf, Cleric
Laen Skyfallen (played by Doomed Hero), Elf (Drow Noble), Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)
Kharn Iron-Blessed (played by Celeador), Human (Shoanti), Oracle (Seeker)
Ro'kun Adagama (played by Lucent), Half-Orc, Fighter (Two-Handed Fighter)
Scorch Stonesblood (played by Kor Bloodrage), something something, Oracle (Stone or earth)

I'm aiming to make a decision by Sunday (may be subject to change without notice).

Good luck all!

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I have a Dwarven Stonelord Paladin I'd like to offer, but I understand that you may not be looking for another martial fellow.

Wodin Earthborn, Dwarven Stonelord.

I will need to read over the Player's Guide for Second Darkness before I can come up with some backstory for Wodin, but he's a very calm and rational dwarf, raised almost from birth to be a servant of Torag. His family were very influential nobles in the dwarven fortress which he was born, so he grew up with a very high opinion of himself.

HP: 3d10 ⇒ (1, 7, 10) = 18

Mahorfeus here. Hope I'm not too late for your consideration!

Mechanically speaking, Rolan is a TWF Dex rogue. He has foregone a Str bonus entirely, so he relies mostly on flanking and other means of gaining sneak attacks for damage output. Of course, he is really good at Dex skills in general, though he has given up his trapfinding ability for his specialty in knives. He is also pretty durable for a rogue, so he'll be able to work with the front-line combatants.

Admittedly, I'm having a little trouble backstory wise, since we're kind of jumping in. He is definitely a scoundrel and cutthroat, and has seen his fair share of knife fights in Riddleport.

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After doing a little reading, the only thing I can determine is that Wodin would be a dwarf on a mission in Riddleport: His duty would be to instill a sense of justice and righteousness in the people of the city. Especially the dwarven populace, who he would spend most of his time preaching to about Torag.

He would spend a lot of time making sure the dwarven artisans would be doing the Father of Dwarvenkind his due by making only the best wares, even though he himself is not adept in such crafts.

He has actually wasn't supposed to stop in Riddleport, but upon finding the city the way it is, Wodin couldn't help but want to bring stability and honor to this city of thieves and scoundrels. His vaguely important chruch-appointed task has been overtaken by his need to "fix" the port city.

He'd probably be a good patron of the Church of Cayden Cailean (every good dwarf loves his ale) and would be respectful in regards to their customs (though he obviously he's a staunch follower of Torag) and would get along with Cayden's faithful- when they're not being hooligans, at least.

As far as the faithful of Calistria and Besmera, that'd likely be a different story. They tend to act too chaotic for his liking, so he'd stay away from them as much as possible. His dealings with them would likely be short and terse, as opposed to outright combative.

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I would like to applay for this adventure but I am not sure if I will be able to put together a concept by tomorrow. Will post something tonight.

Gm, since my character concept involves falling out of the sky and waking up in a crater, I'm not sure what I should do about equipment. Should I just wing it, start with nothing and assume I'll be outfitted along the way, or come in fully equipped with stuff scavenged from "the other side"?

Just came across this recruiting thread so I'm sorry for the late application. An established Second Darkness campaign is a rare opportunity so I'd really like to take a shot at it. You can see from my PbP history that like several of your other applicants, I have a very reliable posting history.

Genyielt is designed to provide a blend of divine magic, ranged combat and skills to the group. He's a elven-appearing garuda-blooded aasimar infiltrator inquisitor of Sinashakti who hunts evil outsiders for an organization called the Dawn Walkers (really high level overview in his profile). I did reskin scion of humanity to scion of elvenkind to fit his background, but otherwise, I think everything is consistent with the sources you've requested.

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