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A game for villains with dastardly plans.
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Sirani wrote:

Marcello got me thinking about her crunch. It's been tweaked a bit; I'm holding off on the sneak attack options. Instead she's got some improved mobility and Nonchalant Thuggery for the fun "No they're not really stabbing him, we're rehearsing a play" conversations.

Monty Python or Monster's Inc?


Sorry everyone else, I've been consumed by IKEA. I want a hellknight, and I'm getting a hellknight.
Man, picking characters sucks when you have good submissions. This problem is new to me.

Anyway, good luck to everyone else. Hellknight, pop into discussion.

Remind me, who is the Hellkight?

Dark Archive

That would be me.

If you ever need to expand or replace in the future, there's a witch in town who's ready to go.

Shadow Lodge

That's time number three I've not gotten into this game
Ah well, have fun all :)

Figured my chances were slim, so i'm not surprised.
Best of luck to the hell knight.

Just to let you know, i'll be following the campaign and your evil exploits. Go show them that good isn't always the winning side.

Aha, m'dear! We're doing our very best to be as vile as possible in a subtle and good manner way.

Psst, mister Victor.

May i suggest raising their corpses as your minion if opportunity shows? Especially that elf or half-orc monk.

A reader... ;)

It's a fight, go team evil!

And Sarcon starts out by damaging the wizard, a clear favorite.

I'd have put a needle in my doll and have the suffocate slowly

Was reading the, i'm really rooting you get back for that triple color spray & intended robbing of Sarcon.

Ha, me too.

He is going to run out of spells one day, and with how well Wintrish is doing, we might still be alive by then.

Wintrish is a blind meat sack at the moment. Lol

You could purchase a high DC poison, go invisible and spike their water supply/drinks. Preferably late in the evening before they go to bed.

this seems a nice one when they sleep.

Dark Archive

But I did hit something! I actually took a big chunck of Health from Garroth... If only I had Critted... *Sigh*

IF ONLY YOU HAD MADE YOUR SAVE. What worth is a boat load of muscles if it can't inflict damage upon my enemies?

*looks at newly active thread.*
Would it perhaps make more sense to create a Team evil peanut gallery thread rather than pushing the recruitment thread back up the page?
If not.
*pulls out bag of roasted peanuts and munches on a few offering them to any interested.*
*sits down on the gallery*

So I've been following this as well, I believe Ransaq's actions can be summed up with This.

I mean not that he couldn't have scored a solid victory by just letting Sarcon stab him. Or used the spell Grease to disarm him visibly, THEN used color spray in complete justification.
He involved bystanders who had made no actions themselves, the only person who saw Sarcon was himself and his allies just saw their crazy elf blast a bunch of adventurers that while sketchy jerks had made no actions to act on that (Sarcon excepted). If people shot the magic equivalent of flashbangs at every jerk they encounter on the street everyone would be miserable.
Ransaq took any chance of 'grudging respect' between groups out of the picture and did not give any of his allies a chance to make an opinion on the matter.
He's managed to both tighten the ties within your group (common foe) and most likely drive a wedge between himself and his allies for his actions. That is if the players act their characters in any reasonable fashion rather than letting the metagaming concept of PC's getting free morality passes as a thing.

He's revealed a significant strength he possesses and burned most of his power for the day on a irrelevant pissing match, and shown to be the type to act first and question later.
If he steals from any of you it's just going to make it worse on him and his group.

I'm pretty sure team evil should be patting that elf on the back, he successfully ambushed your team but he also just smeared mud over his whole group, proved himself unreliable and as likely to fly off the handle as Sarcon.
And to any passerby on the street likely looked to be the aggressor in this little fight.
An untrustworthy loose cannon does not a good hero make. Not that his actions or justifications reflect a 'Good' alignment anyway the reference to mercenary and military groups just puts that further into the light.
Would be pretty easy to press that into penalty to their ability to find leads and information around town due to the ill will they earned.
Primarily Ransaq but I can't imagine the rest of the group hangng around with him doing them any favors.

Regardless of all that I will say that while long term his actions are a huge mistake he did an excellent job of completely neutering your group and showing the power of lower level legacy spells. Also that as a group the dice seem to really dislike you guys.
I'm also going to hope that your revenge is subtle rather than loud as that would mean you can fully press the political weapon he just gave you.
Seems far more amusing to roleplay in the long run than ambushing him in the street and revealing yourselves as the bad guys justifying his previous actions.
but that's just my take.
*continues munching on peanuts.*
Mmm... Imaginary peanuts...

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