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Character Profile:
Below is a sample character sheet. You may use this or a similar format to help you lay out your character profile.

Flint Marko - Druid 8 + Barbarian(invulnerable rager) 4/Fighter(brawler) 3/Monk(maneuver master) 1
Chaotic Good Medium Native Outsider (Oread Male)
Init +1; Senses Perception +10 (darkvision 60ft)

AC 23, touch 11, flatfooted 22 ( 9 armor, 1 dex, 3 natural armor)
HP 118 (1d8+3d10+4d12+24 con+8 FC)
Fort +11, Ref +6, Will +10

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Bodywrap +1/+1, Power Attack -3/+6, Rage +2/+2, TWF -2
-Unarmed Strike +15 1d6+8 B (crit 2x)
-Acid Dart +9 (vs touch) 1d6+4 Acid (crit x2)
Spells Prepared
4th (1+2/day) DC 16: Cure Serious Wounds, Earth Glide, Spike Stones*
3rd (1+3/day) DC 15: Ash Storm, Cure Moderate Wounds, Meld Into Stone, Stone Shape*
2nd (1+4/day) DC 14: Barkskinx2, Bull's Strength, Soften Earth and Stone*, Stone Call
1st (1+5/day) DC 13: Faerie Fire, Magic Stone*, Mighty Fist of Earthx3, Stone Fist
0th (infinite) DC 12: Flare, Purify Food and Drink, Stabilize, Virtue

Str 20, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 8 (25pt, +2 Str & Wis, -2 Cha, +1 Str @4th & 8th)
Base Attack 8; CMB 13; CMD 24
Feats: 1st-Raging Vitality, 3rd-Extra Rage, 5th-Eschew Materials, 7th-Extra Rage; Fighter 1st-Power Attack, 2nd-Weapon Focus(unarmed strike); Monk 1st-Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Dirty Trick, Stunning Fist
Traits: Sand Sight, Strong-arm Escape
Favored Class Druid (+8 hit points)
Skills: Acrobatics +5 (1), Climb +10 (2), Escape Artist +16 (8), Intimidate +3 (1), Knowledge (Nature) +6 (1), Perception +10 (5), Sense Motive +10 (5), Stealth +12 (8), Survival +8 (1)
Languages: Common, Terran
-In person: Wild Dragonhide Full Plate, Token of Gaseous Form 2/day
-On person: Bodywrap of mighty strikes +1, Cloak of Resistance +1
Cash: 4700 gp, 0 sp, 0 cp
Encumbrance: 133 (Light) (0-133, 134-266, 267-400)

Darkvision: See up to 60ft in total darkness
Crystalline Form: +2 AC vs rays; 1/day, deflect single ray as Deflect Arrows
Granite Skin: +1 natural armor
Treacherous Earth: 1/day, touch earth, unworked stone, or sand, 10ft radius; difficult terrain for [lvl] minutes.
Fast Healing 1: +1 HP/round recovered
Improved Natural Armor 2: +2 additional natural armor
Quicksand: +20ft speed in Gaseous Form
Elemental Vulnerability (Water): +50% damage from water attacks

Fast Movement: +10ft base land speed
Rage: +4/+6 morale bonus to Str/Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC; Fatigued for duration*2 rounds afterward (25 rounds/day)
Rage Powers: Brawler, Improved Brawler
Invulnerability: DR/- equal to [1/2lvl]
Extreme Endurance: Inured to hot climates as Endure Elements

Close Control: +1 to CMB/CMD for bull rush, drag, and reposition
Close Combatant: +1 attack & +3 damage for Close fighter weapon group
Bravery: +1 to Will vs fear

Nature Bond: gain the Earth Domain
Nature Sense: +2 Kno(nature) & Survival
Wild Empathy: Influence Animals as Diplomacy, using level & Cha mod
Earth Stride: not impaired by natural mud, sand, or other bare earth
Trackless Step: leave no trail & not trackable
Resist Nature's Lure: +4 to saves vs SLAs & Su abilities of fey, as well as effects that target plants
Wild Shape: 3/day, 8 hours total; Elemental Body II

Earth Fist: 5/day, unarmed strike vs single target within 30ft
Acid Resistance: Resist Acid 10
[spoiler=History]Born in Korvosa, William Baker was raised by his mother from the age of 3 after they were abandoned by his father. He was bullied through school, eventually learning to defend himself through eastern fighting techniques. In spite of the influence of his favorite teacher, Lady Flint, he eventually became involved in bullying and minor crime with those who had been his antagonizers. With his mother distant and his father out of his life, he drifted further into trouble until his actions resulted in his expulsion from school. With no way to support himself, being unwilling to return home, he quickly turned to a life of crime on the streets of Korvosa, taking on the alias "Marko".

For years Marko lived from heist to heist, scraping by on what wallets and purses the city afforded him, all the while promising himself he'd go straight again once he got back on his feet. But in Korvosa, getting on your feet is tough, and breaking out of the criminal world is tougher. When he got involved in a robbery-turned-murder and made some powerful enemies in the process, it wasn't long after that he was caught and locked away in the infamous Arkhame Asylum. However, by a stroke of luck, it was there he reunited with his long-lost father, locked away as a madman those nearly 30 years.[/ spoiler]

Status Line:
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"I'll have your head, you blue-blooded scoundrel!" Azrin roared as he surged forward with his greataxe.
Attacking C12 with greataxe, power attack.
"I can't let them hurt the children!" he thought to himself as he fought furiously.

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