#4-15: The Cyphermage Dilemma [Tier 1-2] (Gameday 4) - GM Rutseg (Inactive)

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I am proposing you a new PFS scenario either in Normal or Core Campaign for the Gameday 4 (Gameday's are online events, you do not need to register anywhere, just answer the recruitment as usual).

The chosen adventure will be #4–15: The Cyphermage Dilemma. In the shadow of the cyclopean Cyphergate that spans Riddleport's harbor, the PCs find themselves embroiled in a dangerous plot of deception that one could only find in Varisia's infamous pirate port.

"The Cyphermage Dilemma" was originally an exclusive adventure, run only by 4-star Pathfinder Society GMs, Venture-Captain and Venture-Lieutenant campaign volunteers, and Paizo staff for its first year, but has been revised and updated for public release.

Written by Patrick Renie.

What I will be expecting?
Character builds: Whatever fitting PFS rules. You can propose up to two characters suited for a lower and a higher tier (for example a level 1 and a level 5), or one Core and the other Normal Campaign.
Posting frequency: 2 times per day
Playing style: Fast pace with capacity to RP (I want fluid combats with characters that have paid a minimum observance to a background and make an effort for party interaction). I have preference for players that make an effort to perform their characters, rather than just stats beasts. That said, I like the strategy layer of combat, and will help you out if you have difficulties with the rules on that sense.
Timespan: The game will take around 3 and 6 weeks to complete, depending on players responsiveness.
Party size: 5 or 6 players
Pregens: I will accept pregens, but will give priority to other characters.
GMing style: I make passive rolls, as Perception, Initiative or Saves. GM bots and delays if only one player is missing to act will be frequent.
Mapping tools: You are expected to have access to view (and preferably edit) Google Slides maps.
Player responsiveness: I expect you to have initiative as a player, pushing the game to explore and interact, not just reacting to the GM initiative rolling and direct questions for what is next.

Just provide a couple ideas of possible characters you would like to play with (class, race and level are enough). I will check your previous gaming experience and take into account party balance when selecting who is going in. Also vote for preference between Core and Normal Campaign.

People who has GMed me (past or present) will have priority. I will reserve at least 1 spot for someone with little or no previous PbP experience, so take this as a great opportunity to get experience in PbP roleplaying.

Although Gameday 4 kick-off is 19th of September I have another game starting by that time, thus, to avoid too much simultaneous games I intend to start this one at 15th October.

Do not be surprised if I let this thread sleep until October. I will start answering by that time only, but I need a landing recruitment thread for the Gameday 4 list.

Good luck everybody!

I'd love to get in on this game! Of my characters, only two aren't in a game right now, so my only available options are a human archer-based paladin or a half-elf brawler, both level 1. Personally, I'd prefer to play the paladin since he's closer to leveling up, but I'm fine with either.

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Avril is participating in another game day scenario. I'm not sure how long it'll last, but if it's done in a month I would love to have another go. She's level 4 and a mounted summoner, so if I'm allowed in I would like high tier...

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I have a level 2 ranger (pirate type) if playing Core, or if standard, I have a couple of characters Level 1 and 2 that would be available to choose from.

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I could probably be tempted by the CORE table :-)

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This seems neat if you are allowing lower level characters as well.

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I have a level one cleric Core.

I'd be interested in a non core game.

I'd be interested in that spot with "no PbP" experience. I'll submit my character soon.

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Level one bard by the way

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I'm in one other pbp game that's been going a couple of weeks, but I've never experimented with PFS.

I'll work on reading over the rules and see if I can put together a solid 1st level submission by October

full disclosure though, me and my lady are about to have our first child in September. I'm anticipating being slightly overwhelmed, but I think I'll have time for a second game. If it's too much, I'll bow out before the game begins!

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I´d like to join the game. I have several characters available.

Not in game: Jhon Doe, a foxy swashbuckler (level 2) who risks his life because that´s what heroes do. Irudiel (level 2) an investigator made with GM credit who´s in for the money and tries to sell his goods to other pathfinders (I know they can´t really buy, but it´s a good excuse to give them some samples of mi alchemical remedies). And Cyrano a wayang cavalier (level 2)who joined the Society to have access to his knowledge.

In game (but will be free in october): Garret, a clasic Desnan buff cleric (level 5) who joined the Society to see world and accomplish great things. And Maldrek, a wizard more interested in knowledge than in ethics. He´s been a slave and like to share his former master teachings.

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If you run high tier, my uRogue 4 would like to play.

Recruitment is now open

So 15th October is quite close now, time to open this recruitment has arrived.

Those of you who have showed interest, please provide a link to the characters you would like to use and are currently available to play the mission, so I know you are still available to play.

Feel free to provide one Core and one Normal character.

I will probably not pick the first 6 characters applying, thus anyone willing, feel free to add yourself into the recruitment.

Good luck everyone! :)

Recruitment is now open

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Luke_Parry here - this PC should be available (just waiting for the GM to send out chronicle sheets for a game that just finished).

I know from previous games Numair is a Core character, but this just reminded me, please provide a (Core) or (Normal) label on presenting your characters so we can easily find out what Campaign to play ;)

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Im still interested if its normal mode, I cant play in Core. Sorry. Ive got some interesting characters depending on what tier we´re playing.. As soon as I figure out how to set that up.

Recruitment is still open

We have this far:

Thus, we have still plenty of room for 3 to 5 more players.

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Sounds great! Are you doing core or Normal?

I am up to whatever the players want to play ;)

My feel is it will end up as Core lower tier (1-2), as people wanting to play normal usually wants higher tier (4-5) and most people with characters in that range are already tied up playing other Gameday 4 sessions.

The first round of Gameday 4 PbPs should start to finish around this and next week, thus if this game does not fill this week, the scene will change considerably.

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GM Rutseg -- Chaosorbit here, reporting in with Lannior Llarm, Elf Ranger, Lvl 1 (Core)

It seems a Core Tier 1-2 game is taking shape :)

We have this far:

Would you like to join us with a new level 1 Core character Þórarinn Sigurðsson? It seems the normal game will not happen.

Recruitment is still open

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As asked, I voice my interest here. If, however, another game set to start, so in case that GM prefers to run a game I forfeit this opportunity.

Eveline Bleakrock, halfling ranger lvl 2. (core)

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I´d love to, but Ive played this one in core before. No worries, I´ll try and see if there´s still some room somewhere so I can get a taste of pbp. Thanks and have a great game.

Hello, I will try to come up with a Core character tomorrow if recruitment is still open. Just need to understand how exactly PFS works on PbP, though it's not an easy task.

Hello Giuseppe! You are welcome. I still have to confirm Eveline, Lionel and Reed, a party I have been GMing recently, joins the game, but if they all decide to join it seems we have a full party.

The table I propose would be a Tier 1-2 Core:

If you are in the list, you can proceed into the discussion thread.

Those arriving late, please, let's wait to confirm who joins in the end. Feel free to state your interest to stay in the reserve.

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GM Trex has to cut back on his PbP obligations, so the team of three (or four) will most likely be joining this. At least I confirm my involvement.

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