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Granted. Indeed, it's always been possible. Just slow.

I wish I could get somebody to clean the "tools" in my "workroom" without throwing up all over the place in the first five minutes. I mean, don't ask "What is this for?" or "What's this goo?" unless you want an answer!

Granted! I'll film it and use it in my new feature film "50 Shades of Goat"

I wish people would stop bothering me.

Very well. I remove your internet, board up your house, cut your phone, and tell your friends you have ceased to exist.

I wish that rogue is the most powerful class because of new rules.

Granted. According to the new rules, Rogue is the only class.

I wish I had a little helper to assist me with everything I get up to during the day.

Sure, but the little gremlin warn every 'thing' you approach and they run away.

Poog wish for GoatGroper being brainwashed into soccer mascotte.

Granted. I am the mascot for the Cheliax Unwholesomes. You should see what I do to rile up the crowd. :shivers: Do what you love, they say.

I wish everyone could see my performances.

Just that they 'could' doesn't mean they 'will'. As such, as soon as people hear you're there, they relocate without telling you.

I wish proper cybernetics were applicable for the public.

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