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Granted! The world is now dead.

I wish for light.

Silver Crusade


Terry Pratchett wrote:
Build a man a fire, you warm him for a day. Set a man on fire, you warm him for the rest of his life.

I wish to meet Patrick Stewart.

Granted! A house burglar running from police who has the same name as the famous actor Patrick Stewart breaks into your home and holds you hostage.

I wish to meet the actor Patrick Stewart.

Silver Crusade

Granted, you meet Patrick "The Smell" Stewart from Peshtigo, Wisconsin.

I wish I got to meet Sir Patrick Stewart.


Granted. As you walk into your home one night, you come face to face with a drider named Sir Patrick Stewart. He then proceeds to kill and eat you.

We wish for no more star trek referencing

Granted, instead Lucky7 & Janus have started trolling with Star Wars references.

I wish i had the opportunity to see UDS scream in suffering with a flood of Star Wars references.


Granted but it would actually be screams of enjoyment. Unless disney completely Fs things up in episode 7. Then it will be screams of pain and agony.

We wish disney does not mess things up with what they are doing to Star Wars.

Granted. Star Wars turns out exactly as they intended: A princess-filled musical love story filled with cartoon characters and cute animals where the take-home lesson is that love conquers all.

I wish Star Wars 7 will be a good movie.

Silver Crusade

Granted. However, there is a conspiracy to prevent you from ever finding out about it ever.

I wish for it to be tomorrow.

Granted. The conspiracy to prevent people from finding out about Star Wars 7 goes into action tomorrow.

I wish Star Wars 7 came out tomorrow and I was in the first screening.

Silver Crusade

Granted. However, due to the botch job and the fact that your last wish, was negated, it's...bad.

I wish I could say a word to make everyone around me twitch.


Granted but the twitch everyone gets is beating you to a pulp.

We wish star wars 7 was out already.

Granted. Star Wars 7 is a direct-to-video animated comedy done by the worst comedians in the world and drawn by four-year-olds with a small crayon budget.

I wish Star Wars 7 is released without any of the prequel trilogy midichlorian crap.

Granted! The midichlorian no longer inhabit a Jedi's stomach or crap, only their bloodstream.

I wish midichlorian weren't so awful.

Sure enough, they are now stupidly itchy.

I wish people would switch topics away from Star Trek and Star Wars

Granted! The topic is now Battlestar Galactica.

I wish the Galactica show had not ended the way it did...

Silver Crusade

Granted! (So say we all)

Instead of the way it ended, it has a completely new ending chosen by throwing darts at a completely new wall of characters. Unfortunately, due to the nature of quantum reality, the world of people who saw that ending are not us, and so we'll never know what that other ending was.

I wish for the Paizo staff to be cast for a Babylon 5 re-imagining of Seasons 1 and 5 only (leave 2-4 alone!).

We all know Liz Courts would be Commander Ivanova, just sayin'.


Granted got nothing ever happens and the filming never takes place.

We wish that the Stargate reboot doesn't suck.

Granted, it blows. The producers totally fcked it up.

I wish hollywood would actually use their grey mass and THINK up a good movie concept instead of remakes and 20th-or-something-sequels.


Granted but Hollywood totally blows it on any and all ideas provided by this "grey mass"

We wish for reality TV shows to stop being produced and put on tv.

Granted! They instead start showing reruns.

I wish nobody was interested in seeing crappy TV or movies, without obviously destructive stuff like everyone dying.

Granted! Everyone plays crappy video games instead.

I wish video games were better quality.

Fair enough, however any important storylines and tutorials are being left out, leaving you a game without information and direction whatsoever.

I wish UDS would stop using the "for we do/are".

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