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Granted! Electricity is now free in the little tiny space your body happened to occupy when you made the wish, but the free electricity is both weak and its flow is intermittent, making it useless for most appliances.

I wish for the next person to post a wish in this forum on this thread gets their wish granted exactly as they intended it.


I wish for someone to grossly misinterpret the most simple of request and twist it into something comical.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
krevon wrote:


I wish for someone to grossly misinterpret the most simple of request and twist it into something comical.

But this is a catch-22! If I corrupt the wish by twisting it into something droll and well-interpreted, then I am grossly misinterpreting Anon A Mouse's wish and fulfilling the literal wording of krevon's wish anyway!

So here's my response: your wish will be granted, by someone further down this thread, but not by me.

I wish to have exactly ten times as many of every item, stock, and currency I possess.


Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Granted, but just before it was granted, some hacker stole everything you had. He then posted your address on Craig's List and a hoard wiped you out.

I wish I could have posted a more twisted response to that last wish.

Granted! It's rambling and confusing though and only your best friends get the inside joke.

I wish I could win the internet....just once.

Granted! You win the internet, the moment before it is shut down by the NSA.

I wish rust monsters existed in China.

Granted, but they are the government, so no fantastic mythical things for you.

I wish for the human race to stop fcking up nature.

Granted! There is no more nature and the environment is regulated by technology.

I wish the continuity of the Dresden Files were real.


Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Granted, but you are a non-believer.

I wish I could turn incorporial and back to corporial at will any time I want to, without any bad things happening to me.

Granted but you exist as a second generation virtual doctor for the start ship enterprise.

I wish Robin Hood Men in Tights were a broad way production.

Granted, but they decided they'd change the location of its first performance to be the in The Ahoy theater stadium in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Seriously, if they did, Mel Brooks should be the director to keep its spirit true, period. :)

I wish the ACG had more new archetypes for the core classes.

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Granted, but the end result is a book so large it makes the entire contents of the Library of Congress look like Cliff's Notes and rendering the book so expensive nobody can afford it.

I wish my August shipment from Paizo was already in my possession.

Granted! But the spirit of Paizo has possessed you and you are not creating game content 24/7.

I wish I could make a successful return to Friday Night Magic.

Granted, but it is now attended solely by 10 year old kids who keep wining and nagging.

I wish i could disintigrate people at will, without limits.

Granted, Now you can disintegrate imaginary people at will, without limits.

I wish I could find a Iron Gods Adventure Path group to role play in.

Granted, you find a re-recruitment, but you didn't make the selection.

I wish i could bend time and space to my will, so i'd become all powerful.

Shadow Lodge

granted, now you forget how to eat because of excitement and you die and then unceremoniously explode

I wish I could do whatever I want

Granted you can do whatever you want, in your dreams.

I wish this thread would end.

Shadow Lodge

granted, I give you an extra wish that can only be used to negate whatever you last said

I wish I could write a bestselling book

Granted! You write it and send it in. Then like Rowling, you get massive numbers of refusals, but unlike her, nobody eventually publishes it.

I wish for a happy resolution of the Palestine conflict.

Granted, they are actually having a cease-fire again, people are celebrating walking happily through the streets with flags.
Sadly it is unknown how long it holds before it escalates yet again.

Sad truth there....100 years from now there'd be little change aside from technology.

I wish some dude named Vladimir won't start WW3 by imitating some dude named Adolf by illegally invading and annexing another country.

Granted! He makes sure to change the laws first, making it legal to invade other countries.

I wishthe greats of human history were alive again to guide us.

Granted, the greats of human history are alive and given immortality in history books, read them.

I wish I could get a little more sleep

Granted but it is exactly 37.45 seconds

I wish the three days of working my notice were finished.

Shadow Lodge

granted, your boss delays it for those three days and you have to return to it after the third day

I wish for a turkey powered gentleman to come in riding a garlic flavor dorito and destroy the world

Granted! LSD is a hell of a trip!

I wish NASCAR would become a thing i Japan.

Granted, NASCAR is a thing avoided in Japan

I wish NASCAR would stop being a thing in America

the New Age Space Corporation of American Richguys has just collapsed from internal struggle.

I wish i could control minds as well as my own.

Granted! The people taking care of you in your padded cell take orders very well.

I wish R. Kelly would release a new single "In the Closet Again"

Granted! R.K. releases a new single victim from Inside the Closet Again.

I wish I didn't have to wish for awesome things to happen

Shadow Lodge

Granted, the definition of awesome changes to working in a cubicle and it is mandatory for everyone to do it every second they are alive

I wish for SCIENCE!!!

The scientific society really appreciates it and wished for a cure for AIDS....and got it.

I wish for the power to brainwash people by merely saying a few words.

Shadow Lodge

Those words are 1000000000000000009000000000000000000 syllables long

I wish for fish in a dish

Granted, but the remains of the fish were mixed with the mixture of the dish's plate, hence it's there, yet not there.

I wish for equinoxmaster to turn into a sheepmistress.

Granted! equinoxmaster is now a transvestite with a shepherds hook reading Dr. Seuss to his/her/it's sheep.

I wish weren't sick on labor day.

Shadow Lodge

granted, you are sick for the every other day

i wish i could transform into whatever i wanted to be

Granted, you've always wanted to be a normal rock.

I wish for a focused gaming group without a rules lawyer.

SUre, you have a group, but you gain a rules demon instead.
Double the trouble, he knows everything what your characters can do as well as every single book.

I wish Russia had a more honost and compassionate proper ruler instead of its current one.

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