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Corrupt the Wish

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Sure, but only on paper.

Poog wish viking-zombie-posse start wearing frums hats

Granted! However. Rolls dice: 20 It's a natural 1. Rocks fall, they all die. Again.

I wish for a wish that is impossible to corrupt.

Granted. You wish for a corrupted wish.

I wish for the ability to satisfy every woman.

Granted, you are now a butler working at an all women hotel, 24/7, without rest. You get whipped for slacking.

I wish for Dr. Sigmund to take care of MBT's therapy.

Wylliam Harrison wrote:

Granted, you are now a butler working at an all women hotel, 24/7, without rest. You get whipped for slacking.

I wish for Dr. Sigmund to take care of MBT's therapy.

Granted, but overcharges for it and you have to pay the price because he is so good at what he does and because you wished it

I wish to have a girlfriend who works/will work/did work for Paizo. How cool would that be?

Granted, but she is not allowed to bring work home and non-family members are banned from the premises.

I wish I hadn't eaten so much at lunch.

Granted. You ate even more than "so much".

I wish the Fighter class was balanced.

Granted! The fighter is now a weeble wabble.

I wish salty hippos wouldn't explode when I walk into a room.


Granted but they each implode, each one creating a black hole in the process that tears you apart, very slowly.

We wish for more Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Granted but we be made fun of first.

We still wish for more Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Endless reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel.

I wish for more Final Fantasy 7, preferably HD.


Granted but has been edited to be Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj singing and grinding on endless loop. This is all you ever see.

We wish to never ever witness such unspeakable horror.

Sure man, but only in your dreams.

I wish yellowdingo's bro didn't have to suffer the way he did.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

@The Fiend Fantastic

I would grant it if I could. #Heartbreak


Granted, Poog locked in box and key thrown away.


@ the fiend fantastic - no one should suffer like that. Unfortunately, someone has.

We wish for poog to be free from box

Granted, but the box is in a small cell made of UDS bones.

I wish for many many coins to be deposited very carefully in my bank account to nobody else's detriment.


Granted but the coins are so worthless that you are charged money for the bank handling them.


We did not wish for anything and thus get nothing.

We wish to have a three-some with succubi but without the negative side effects.

Granted! They ultimately leave you out of the action.

I wish Ulfen Death Squad would stop corrupting his own wish's.

Granted. They become the Ulfen Death Squat: an gigantic, mindless amalgam creature with powerful thighs.


You did not wish for anything so we are taking over the universe, starting with locking you in a closet with nicki minaj.

We wish for total absolute power.

Granted, you are the manager of your own little demiplane, equipped with the biggest most dangerous thermo-nuclear reactor.

Sadly, it explodes while (all of?) you are there and are destroyed.

I wish for the UDS to be released from undeath and restored to cheery living ulfen.


Granted but we immediately go back to undead in a matter that scares you into hiding in closets with a particular clown and Justin bieber.

We wish for more bacon


More bacon is granted, along with many succubi.

We wish for even more bacon and succubi.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Granted. You see a kiss of succubi wearing dresses made out of bacon.
But they will have nothing to do with you as you are undead and have no soul.

I wish I had an endless necklace of fireballs V.


Granted but the fireballs only attack you, bypass any immunities, resistances, and any other defenses like evasion and you take 2,000,000,000,000,000D6 damage for every hit point you have.

We wish for bacon wearing succubi to join us as we watch the fireballs go off on Charles Scholz.

Granted, they join the US on it's next superbowl as cheerleaders.
*Wowzers :P*

But you were too busy watching fireballs to see the sexy splendor.

I wish for my next door neighbor to move out, so he won't start yelling at his girlfriend at 02:00 AM and keep people awake.

Granted. He moves out of their shared apartment, but since he has nowhere else to go he is now sleeping in his car which is parked next to your apartment.
Even with your windows closed, you can smell how ripe he is becoming.

I wish for ^this wish^ to be corrupted.


Granted, and we get what we want, universal domination, succubi and drow to please us, and all the bacon and beer we could ever want.

We wish for this corrupted wish to happen.


Granted but there is no end to this, ever.

We wish for more natural twenties in terms of beautiful women.


Granted but they wish to have multiple threesomes a day with us, 2 women per undead UDS.

We wish for this to go on and on for a millenia

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