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Pathfinder Battles: White Dragon Evolution Boxed Set

***** (based on 8 ratings)

Our Price: $39.99

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Packed with icy menace, the White Dragon Evolution boxed set is the first Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures offering from Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games to showcase that most feared of adversaries, dragons!

The White Dragon Evolution boxed set provides Pathfinder Battles fans with three different size categories of White Dragons for to use in your campaigns; Medium, Large, and Huge! That’s right! Three white dragons to menace your player characters!

Prepare a wintery welcome for your next Pathfinder game with the White Dragon Evolution boxed set, or display these detailed and beautiful miniatures as a warning: there be dragons here!

This product is not part of the Pathfinder Battles subscription, but Pathfinder Battles case subscribers may use their Encounter Pack/Builder Series discount code on this product.

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Product Reviews (8)
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Average product rating:

***** (based on 8 ratings)

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Better than the pictures


I was hesitant to buy these minis since I didn't like the pictures (and white dragons aren't my favorite), but it turns out the minis look better than the pictures.

These dragons are so beautiful, I'd have no problem using them for any color of dragon.

These are great minis to look at and to have at the table. Great value as well.

Much better than the pictures!


These minis look actually very primal and terrifying when in hand.
The medium tower over almost every other medium humanoid mini - no matter if from Pathfinder Battles or Dungeons and Dragons sets.
The large white Dragon is much larger than the one from D&D and looks lots better - perfect for JADE REGENT.
The HUGE one is the only white one made for prepainted plastic and is perfect - especially for RISE OF THE RUNELORDS!

The details on mine are amazing, really looks like the picture in the BESTIARY.

I have almost every dragon mini but these are the best!

A "must-buy".

Very good

****( )

Although the red dragons are better than those, the white dragons are quite good, the sculpts are very good but the coloring could be better.
I really like the dragon evolution line i really want to do all the dragons (especially the evil ones).

I like where this set is going!


At first I was resisting the urge to purchase this when I saw it at PaizoCon. But every time I walked through the store it called to me. Finally, I mentioned it to my wife, who loves dragons, and we caved.

This is a fine set of minis, at an acceptable price for non-random. If you want to expand your collection of dragon figs, get this set. I hope to see more sets of the other colors coming soon.

Solid Set of White Dragons

****( )

I picked up a white dragon evolution set from my FLGS, and this is a decent group of dragons. Each one is a good mini that will find use at the table savaging PCs. The large dragon is the best, followed by the huge. While this is a good set, there are a couple of issues that could be improved in the future and also a limitation inherent in this set.

The biggest problem, and limitation, for this set is that white dragons are white dragons; there is not an extensive pallet available to liven up these feral terrors of the north. The paint scheme is a thick white dry brush over a blue base, which works to give some depth to the minis and break up the monotony of white. The actual paint jobs are a bit chalky and occasionally blotchy, but not to an aggravating extent. A few additional details also could have been added, such as picking out the ends of the wing digits in black, similar to the bestiary picture, however, in the end these dragons are supposed to be able to blend in with their frigid environment and these three would do that just fine.

I like the sculpts, particularly the sculpt of the large, which is the most dynamic; each looks like they could be getting ready to breathe or to pounce. The medium and large dragons are toward the bigger end of their size range, while the huge is nearer the smaller end, though it is still noticeably bigger than the large. In comparison to the young red dragon from Rise of the Runelords, the large white is a monster; it would take the young red into a dark crevice in its glacier and that would be the end of that story. Comparing it to various DDM large dragons, the large white is the more sizable, especially with its spread wings. The seams, always a potential pitfall, are well enough disguised that each dragon mostly looks like it is made of one piece. All of the dragons are solidly on their bases and the wings are flexible enough to take some abuse, while being rigid enough to hold their shape.

Overall, this is a solid first set in what I hope is a long-lived evolution line of minis; 3.5 stars, rounded to 4. I am looking forward to the next set, but in the meantime I will enjoy these white dragons and the memorable encounters they will help deliver.

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