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The developers & Ron Lundeen seem to have thought about everything the players could do in this perfect little gem. The adventure reads like a great mix between railroad & sandbox. Everything is structured perfectly, every character theme gets a different reason for being on the mission. The bad guys act really believable and as logical as a military unit would. Nakondis is a colony that seems to be real enough to exist somewhere in the Vast of space.
The amount of information about the Azlanti space empire in this book alone would suffice to build a campaign in their empire.

The fact that a lot of things can only reasonably achieved if

the characters kill Azlanti soldiers and use their armor to impersonate them
should have been advertized in a players guide, as it makes chosing certain races like Ysoki, Vesk or Kasatha less ideal than humans, androids or lashunta.
It is possible to play those, but some things won't work.

Having no dice from Q-works yet and seemingly having to wait until march 2019 for the pawns.

The first "short AP" begins so great, that i am curious if the other parts can keep up. There are no lenghts in this volume, it reads like a 90 minutes nonstop action movie!

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Gives you 99% of the needed creatures & starships for Dead Suns!

****( )

Most pawns are bright enough & have minimal cut-off.
Some creatures without full-body (or any) art get pawns.
All playable alien races get 1 pawn each.
Gargantuan, colossal & super-colossal starships get large pawns.

You get 3 baykoks, but need only 2.
You get 2 (huge) Jubsnuths, but need only 1.
You get 3 (huge) Skyfishers, but need only 1!
Tiny & small starships are still printed on medium pawns instead of small ones.
Huge starships are printed on large pawns instead of medium ones.

There are no Ellicoth pawns, as Paizo makes no gargantuan pawns, but you'll need 3 of them!

I can recommend this set to anyone gamemastering the Dead Suns Adventure Path, as it makes playing it much more fun, even if it's not perfect.

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Finally we have 5 Pocket Edition Bestiaries!


The fact that i don't have to carry 5 hardcover bestiaries around anymore is great!
The price is unbeatable for a full-color collection of monsters & creatures!
These are also very durable.

BAD: Having to wait until 2019 for Bestiary 6 Pocket Edition. ;-)

UGLY: Absolutely nothing.

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Perfect four-pack of totally different maps!


Two dungeons, one "normal", one more fantastic.
Two outdoor ruins, one just walls besides a lake, one an old church with small graveyard.

The colors are fantastic, all maps have a good re-use value.

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Very convenient for traveling GMs, this pocket version is actually able to stay open flat anywhere from Achaierai to Juju Zombie, if you make use of the crease lines.
The statistics are easy enough to read and the pictures are still the same great full color quality.
The price is ridiculessly cheap for the number of monsters (285 different ones) it contains on 320 pages.
This is much better than the Core Rulebook pocket edition, because it is not as thick - perfect size!
The best thing: Bestiary 3-5 pocket editions are already announced!
No Bestiary 6 PE announcement yet! ;-)
UGLY: Nothing.

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