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I actually love it - Pallies really should put the fear of their God in anyone who opposes them.

However... frightened is a really annoying condition to impose on your enemies. You don't want them to run away, you want them to stand their ground and take the beating they got coming.


The Archives of Nethys usually mentions the origin of its stuff as the first thing of the description.

Seginus wrote:
VRMH wrote:
You can Intimidate or Antagonize people while hiding in the bushes just fine.
Actually, that's not true.

Gah! You're right. Still, sound is probably the way to go. Maybe add a few illusions so that you are visible - just not in person?

The main problems with Golems are their costs and the investment in Feats, Skills and Levels that is required. boring7 Already gave most of the good advice, so I'll just add this little tidbit:
Crafting skills are more easily cranked up with Traits, Feats and Spells than the Spellcraft skill.

boring7 wrote:
You could also, in theory, bluff or disguise your way into controlling it. At least my quick search didn't turn up anything saying that a mindless creature cannot be bluffed into believing, say, that you are its creator under the effects of a magical disguise. Then you simply order it to obey the orders and commands of this guy you are pointing at as if those orders were your own until further notice.

This looks like it could work. Fossil Golems have a Wisdom and Perception of +0, so you might be able to fool it with a decent disguise - if you know what the erstwhile owner looked like.

And if you do know that, you could also create a Simulacrum of him. That might work even better.

And what precisely is the advice you seek?

Apart from how to be a Paragon of Virtue, a Knight in Shining Armour and a Defender of Truth, Honour and Honesty while also being scum? ;)

By using sound. You can Intimidate or Antagonize people while hiding in the bushes just fine.

  • Inner Beauty trait (requires worshipping Shelyn): +4 to a perform check once a day.
  • Inexplicable Luck feat (requires Defiant Luck and being Human): +8 to a d20 roll.
  • Deific Obedience feat (Shelyn): +4 sacred bonus to perform.

Shield Guardian Golems are controlled by whoever holds their amulet, but that doesn't apply to regular Golems of course.

You could try raising the previous owner (possibly as an undead) and ask/force them to order the Golem to obey you.

kestral287 wrote:

Improved Familiar doesn't actually have a caster level requirement.

It has various and sundry "Arcane Spellcaster Level" requirements

You're right; I stand corrected.

since you're treated as a Sorcerer of level -2... well, Sorcerers are arcane spellcasters right?

They are indeed, but... you're treated as one "for the purpose of using that (the bloodline's) Power". And the Bloodline Power says: "Your sorcerer levels stack with any wizard levels you possess when determining the powers of your familiar or bonded object".

No mention of being treated as an Arcane Caster of any level for the purpose of selecting feats. A character's ability to pick the Improved Familiar feat does not depend on "the powers of your familiar", after all.

You could perhaps "cheat":

  • Retrain a feat into the Additional Traits feat, picking the traits you really wanted.
  • Retrain Additional Traits away again, dropping the traits you didn't want.

john_harvey wrote:
If Craft is one of my class skills, though, does that mean I have to specifically put ranks in it to use

No. Craft skills can be used "untrained": everyone can use them. But when they're Class Skills and you put at least one skill-point in them, you get a +3 bonus on the roll.

Maybe I'm missing something, but where does it say you get the Caster Level required to qualify for the Improved Familiar feat?

Much depends on the rest of the party. If there's a high-Cha character (which a Bard doesn't need to be) or one who can spare a feat or trait, let them take UMD. And if you've a well-rounded party there's no need for UMD at all.
But if the above doesn't apply, then yes: it would be "worth it" for the Bard to take UMD.

The Hypnotism spell has a permanent effect: "Even after the spell ends, the creature retains its new attitude toward you, but only with respect to that particular request."

As a villain category, I'd say: the ss-officer. A person who displays all the properties of a well bred and well educated person. But his cultured manners are merely a thin layer of veneer covering an utterly vile, depraved and sick personality.

Rabbiteconomist wrote:
Can you make a wax golem of a homunculus?

Don't see why not. You could make a Wax Golem of a Simulacrum of a Homunculus Tattoo Tumor Familiar, even.

...just don't ask me what it'd look like.

It seems to be the season for ressurecting threads, so... I'll join in!

Rabbiteconomist wrote:
Can the shield guardian upgrade work with Timmy?

No, Timmy is a Homunculus and not a Golem.

But just think of what you could do with a Shield Guardian Wax Golem Timmy - those can get class levels!

Tricky. Both seem to apply an "upgrade" to the base weapon, rather than applying a bonus. But given that the sources are completely different, I'd say they stack.

How to kill a Wizard without using magic:
Be a hot chick(*) with a sharp knife.
Gets 'em every time.

(*)Or hot dude, depending on the wizard.

Rolzup wrote:
would the familiar ALSO enjoy the alignment/personality change that accompanies the Master Chymist's mutation?

The alternate personality isn't an aspect of the Mutagen, but rather an Extraordinary Ability of the Master Chymist. So that part should not affect the Familiar.

In the rules for combat someone wrote:
Using a supernatural ability is usually a standard action (unless defined otherwise by the ability's description).

The RAW is: there is no RAW on the matter. A GM could easily rule that all bets are off when body and soul are separated and nothing carries over.
It's a tricky business to apply logic and common sense to a situation based on magic.

Mark Hoover wrote:
If however the master has invested in Linguistics the familiar can use their ranks in said skill (unless it's taken an archetype that modifies/removes this ability) and would therefore understand additional languages.

I beg to differ:

linguistics wrote:
Whenever you put a rank into this skill, you learn to speak and read a new language.

Familiars never put ranks in a skill, they just get to use their master's.

Maybe the Kobolds could be the anti-Dwarves, and Faeries the anti-Gnomes?

Could you rephrase the question, please?

Berti Blackfoot wrote:
Have you seen the show Kumaré?

Or maybe Life of Brian, for a more comedy-styled campaign.

LrdHades wrote:
Can the Paladin walk up and just kill him?

No. Surrender of a effectively defeated foe must be accepted. Of course, you can then pass summary judgement over the villain and execute him on the spot, but the formalities must be adhered to.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nietzsche as a Space Pirate God... now that should be interesting.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Logic, fairness and common sense say it's legal. The moment you'd "lose" Combat Expertise as a 1st level feat, you get it as the Archetype freebie. So you're never without the prerequisite.

Poke the ceiling, to make dust and debris fall down and blind your enemy.

The Dead have no rights to property that the Living have need of. The Dead have no rights at all, save to rest in peace.

You mean there are people who would actually never work for free? Never help a friend move house or wash a jointly-owned car, without there being a monetary compensation?

I find the idea that "working for free" is against someone's "nature" - not against their better judgement or against their will, but against their very nature - preposterous.

Maybe Birth and Death? Newborns probably have a True Neutral alignment.

The whole thing gets even more confusing when you don't assume "master" and "creator" to be one and the same - the creature's description seems to switch between those at random.

Homunculi can be jointly created by several people: "it is possible for one person to give blood for the creation, another to sculpt the base material, and another to magically animate it". So who's the actual "maker"?

  • "A homunculus is a miniature servant created by a spellcaster from his own blood." So the blood-donor is the maker?
  • "A homunculus’s creator determines its precise features." Or is it the one rolling the Craft(sculptures) check?

It's relevant, since:

  • Homunculi Familiars have to be created by their master.
  • "the process of creating one links it telepathically with its creator"
  • "They are extensions of their creators, sharing the same alignment and basic nature."

Why not just hire a henchman? They require no feats, cost very little money and are easily replaced. And they're probably just as squishy...

I disagree.

The subject of True Seeing "sees invisible creatures or objects normally". There is no mention in the spell's description about seeing magical auras or seeing illusionary or transmutational effects. On the contrary: they very specifically do not see them.

No. Just... no.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Disguise kits.

Disguise yourself, then change shape, then disguise yourself again. That way, mundane perception has a hard time recognising you and magic-piercing examinations may still get the wrong idea about your original features.

They should impose penalties on all Dexterity-based checks, all social interactions and add to the wearer's encumbrance.
Penalties to the Attack Bonus seem a given too. But while stabbing with a shiv might still be possible, a longbow is right out. So that's tricky.

"You seem to think you're expendable. You may well be right..."

Your GM might rule that the charge is lost, as you no longer have the appendage that was holding it...

A net. Nets are cool. Just don't try to hold on to it when the victim starts pulling.

Zelda Marie Lupescu wrote:
a witch can cast Enlarge Person on her cat?

Even Decompose Corpse if they're that way inclined.

Also: catchphrases. Have a few, for oft-occurring situations. A swearing phrase, a battle-cry... stuff like that. It'll give the other players a quick idea what your PC is about.

LazarX wrote:
There isn't any standard spell for creating intelligent undead.

You know, apart from, say: Create Undead. ;)

Adorable, maybe. But admirable too.

Fighters shouldn't lose half their feat chains just 'cause they got hit by Intelligence damage.

A larger, more maniacal-looking version of herself?

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