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Tarantula wrote:
Alchemists can use wands for spells on their list.

Quite correct of course. It's just a pity they:

A) Can't actually make wands, not being casters.
B) Have spells on their list that can't be made into wands, extracts, infusions or potions and thus are useless.

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  • Buy Homunculus Clay.
  • Use a drop of a PC's blood on it.
  • Kill the resulting Homunculus.
For the small, small price of 750gp a pop you're doing 2d10 points of damage to a PC, at any distance.

"the eidolon stuff"?

Please don't inflict realism on your players, or on the game. Things just work, because the rules say so. Unless you have a good explanation for Fireballs too...

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A Changeling commoner could add +1 to your CL with the Coven Caster feat, though she'd need a Charisma or Intelligence of 28 to do so reliably.

A Changeling with the Adopted trait can take the Azlanti Inheritor trait, and grant +2 CL. I guess ma Sea Hag bagged herself a Gillman.

(+3 with a Ring of Tactical Precision.)

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Ah, right. Guess we'll have to pilfer from strongboxes then.

Sepia Snake Sigil springs to mind.

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Daedalus the Dungeon Builder wrote:

If you can hide your spellcasting, it's a great way to pickpocket.

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It would make sense for such a ship to have a literal "Skeleton Crew", after the ship ate away their soft organic tissue for its own nourishment.

It could be some sort of long-distance "sleeper ship", which picks random passengers to feast on while the others wake up at their eventual destination - unless the ship goes rogue and just keeps eating them all, one at the time.

(Just a few ideas you may want to consider.)

Pyrite Pinchbeck and Whiff.

I've no practical suggestions.

Swamp gas balloons.

Whispering Way: yes.
Four Horsemen: No. Or rather: <expletive deleted> no!

Useful info on either can be found in the Golariopedia, among others.

Azten wrote:
"Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack for the purpose of determining any familiar abilities that depend on the master's level."

Ah, but the trick here is: they're not different classes. It's the same class.

The intent of the rules is clearly not to allow "super Familiars", but the RAW does permit it in my opinion.

If your Familiar is important to the character's concept, you may wish to consider the Figment archetype. It's not very potent, but there's something to be said for the immortality your Familiar gets.

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The Polymorphamory guide should have all the info you need on that subject.

Also: hone your skills with a Soulbound Doll - they're a lot cheaper.

CraziFuzzy wrote:
I was under the impression that the words of this spell stating the you can make a knowledge check was overriding the DC 10 limitation.

Perhaps that was indeed the intent. But I doubt it myself.

It's 318 now anyway. Onwards to 327!

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Maybe it can flap its masts? Really fast?

No. Compare it to a Homunculus, which also can't speak but still has Telepathy.

Yes, added equipment bumps the DC of an NPC encounter. On the other hand, it also adds to the reward so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just consider for a moment what the PCs might do with the stuff first, apart from just selling.

Perhaps you were thinking of Gloves of Pulverising?

This thread had one foot in the grave. And a hand.

Wanna play cards? Oh come on, just one hand.

Bigsby took it, alright?

You may want to start by replacing all weapons, armours and shields with Masterwork versions, that's never a bad idea.

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Implanted Alchemist's Bombs can set off a chain reaction of exploding people. That'll give you more time to describe the carnage.

Wasn't Poog a fruitcake?

Interesting arguments on both sides. FAQing.

45ur4 wrote:
There are also the Arithmancy feat

I think most of us are trying to forget it exists.

There are also Fuse Grenades, Pull-cord Grenades, Slime Grenades(!) and more Alchemical Splash Weapons than you can shake a stick at.

You can make them all more "interesting" with a Launching Crossbow or Flask Thrower to get more range.

A pointer stick. "I could stab you there. And there. Like so. But I won't, I'm not a violent... why are you bleeding all of a sudden?"

kyrt-ryder wrote:
You want a very sharp knife, a means of keeping him from struggling, optional anesthetic or analgesic, and a means of sealing the incision. I recommend cauterization.

Let me guess... you're a veterinarian?

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1. Give low level spell slots. Take away high level spell slots.
2. Agreed, but given that a Wizard has a focus on Intelligence anyway, it's not something that needs fixing. Besides: it's a Wizard! You want to do something? You cast a spell that does it for you.
3. Wizards have pretty good survivability - provided they use their spells for it. See also point 1.

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Rysky wrote:

"Would you like some wine?" said when the PC's are looking at his partner.

There, spell cast.

And all the PCs get their spellcraft check, because... reasons.

The Bloatmage PrC has some rules for being morbidly obese.

There's Homunculus Clay, which does pretty much the same thing minus the murdering.

And with the right tools they're useful spies or infiltrators.
And don't forget they have hands and can fly. Give one a bow, and you'd have the most demented "Cupid" ever.

dragonhunterq wrote:
well spotted sir, seems like you want to fail that first save then.

That was my guess. In fact, you can safely fail the second one too: a single point of nonlethal damage is guaranteed to be undone by the healing done once you do make your safe.

Still, it would be nice if the DC could be lowered - poisons are more easily applied/shared/created than CLW potions, and 6gp per hitpoint healed isn't all that bad.

It has 10 hitpoints, and no way to regenerate those. So... once it takes those ten points of damage in your stead, it's gone. Over. Kaputt. Finito.

Bane Wraith wrote:
Am I missing something?

No, you're not - I guess the creator of that spell never considered the issue.

There are worse "offenders" though: Once you're hypnotised, you stay that way... forever! *cue thunderclap*

Personally I'd say you get free and full use of your extremities for the duration of the spell... but the manacles stay on.
Exactly how that would work though, I'm not sure.

Snake Oil:
This mildly toxic liniment numbs flesh and can soothe injuries. Though the tincture is actually poisonous, an imbiber who avoids becoming poisoned recovers from minor injuries.
Type poison (contact); Save Fortitude DC 12
Onset 1 round; Frequency 1/minute for 5 minutes
Effect On a failed save, snake oil deals 1 point of nonlethal damage. However, on a successful save, the toxin heals 1d6 points of nonlethal damage; Cure 1 save

It's an interesting thing, this poison. Having a beneficial effect on a successful save is, afaik, unique. But on which save does it do that? On the initial one, as you then "avoid becoming poisoned"? Or on the next save, as that's when a poison would start to have an effect?

And while on the subject: is there any way to decrease a poison's DC? Or increase it's potency without increasing the DC?

Klorox wrote:
there's no reason to believe they won't work together.

...apart from the fact that the breath weapon isn't actually a bomb any more.

Back where?

Is it "commie" or "commy"?

< this space intentionally left blank >

23. It's just the focus for an Open/Close spell, and the Wizard would like it back now to keep his component pouch complete.

51. A blightburn gazebo.

I'm so going to win that!

Maybe it has already been mentioned, but the Dawnflower Dissident's Secret Caster ability doesn't work under the new ruling: it's an automatic failure when the "Spell has an observable effect that clearly emanates from the caster". Which apparently has always been the case.

Having to take care of a child for a prolonged period can be a humbling experience too, but may interfere too much with the whole "adventuring" thing.

Sangerine wrote:
VRMH wrote:
an air bubble is 100% air.
You mean the air bubble created by air surrounded by some other material like water, oil, dough, etc? :P

Yes, that bubble. The bubble itself is 100% air, even though its size - and indeed its very existence - is defined by the surrounding material.

Sangerine wrote:
I've never seen a "bubble" of any material fully comprised of said material.

Depends on the bubble, doesn't it? A soap bubble is a thin shell. But an air bubble is 100% air.

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