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VRMH's page

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  • Bring a guest, then cast Sleep on them. Just for laughs.
  • Polypurpose Panacea: be high, like, forever man!
  • Vomit Twin. Vomit lots of twins, and send out an ooze clone army to take over the world!

Most action movies seem to have infinite bullet shenanigans too. ;)

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You do realise the falling person has the same inertia as the velocity of the ship, right? So in effect, he's falling forwards as seen from a stationary point outside the ship. And thus lands straight down as seen from the ship itself.

You don't get hurled backwards when jumping up in the subway either. (Good thing, that.)

At the bottom of the mast - where else?

Fagatron wrote:
Based on the games I've played with D&D there is always a need for someone to scout/disarm traps, etc.

Possibly. Possibly not. It depends on what kind of adventure you'll be on.

I would love to make a level 1 character that can scout/hide/disarm traps and range fight.

The Rogue class is much maligned, but it does cover these bases.

Supposedly there are archtypes, etc but I am totally confused.

Yes. Ignore them for now. Archetypes are used to "tweak" classes, but you'll have enough on your hand just making a default Rogue anyway.

Do I pick a ranger scout, do I pick a rogue.

You pick Rogue.

All I know is that I find playing support interesting.

Then next time you may want to look at the Bard - the ultimate support class. But this time, you'll be a Rogue.

I want to be able to find traps, items, etc... with the possibility of taking the good stuff before the group can know what is it I found.

Then please please PLEASE take that up with the GM and the other players beforehand. It's a good way to ruin the whole game, when handled wrong.

Please help this newbie create an easy to play scout. P.S. I don't want to do magic and I'm looking to only do range attack for right now.

Roll up a Rogue. Prioritise physical stats over the mental ones. Put skill points in Perception, Stealth, Bluff and Sleight of Hand. Get a shortbow and plenty arrows. Pick either a feat that boosts your dismal Will save, or one that improves your archery.

That should cover the basics methinks.

GypsyMischief wrote:
It's a girdle, done

If you google for pictures of "girldes" with safesearch off, the results may still be, shall we say: less than manly.

(I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.)

Rennaivx wrote:
how much does it hurt to have a mindless animal companion?

Barely; the immunities may well balance out the loss of skillpoints or feats.

Besides, mindless =/= stupid. Zombies and simple constructs are mindless too, and they can understand and follow orders just fine. Just keep your wasp's Wisdom in mind when deciding what the creature does under given circumstances.

nogoodscallywag wrote:
is a Scroll of Permanency a minor, medium, or major magical item?

It's mostly a problem, since the material costs depend on what spell is being made permanent but has to be paid when scribing the scroll.

nogoodscallywag wrote:
can potions have permenancy used on the imbiber? For instance, a player drinks a potion of tongues. Then he casts perm on himself. This legal?

Yes. The drinker of a potion counts as the caster of the spell therein.

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Yes. Mundane dull grey stones do not hover around your head.

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Bacon666 wrote:
and killed the Aloha wolf

I love miss-types and auto-corrects. They evoke such wonderful imagery...

Call it a "kidney belt".

How 'bout this one for an odd form of punishment: a magical item that every day creates a Lesser Simulacrum of the target, doomed only to live for half a day and available for public (or private) torture and abuse.
This would of course not actually hurt the original convict, but it's an interesting form of vengeance - one which might continue for hundreds of years.

Isn't that what Illusory Script is for? It's cheaper and a lot more versatile.

Third Mind wrote:
9 - Because you'll be able to sleep better at night?

22. So you won't have to sleep alone at night.

23. Because Stockholm syndrome is just too much fun to induce.

Quick suggestion: an Intelligent Item might work better as a wearable Construct, than an actual Construct would. Depending on what you want your Construct to be and do obviously.

Divine Defiance has a small feat tree with bonuses against Clerical magic, though that doesn't help against Wizards obviously.

Errant Mercenary wrote:
Casting Animate object on guns. Not on the wizard spell list. Ideas?

If you can spare the feats (and the costs and the time), Craft Construct allows you to make permanently animated objects without having the Animate Object spell available.

Be a Duergar Antipaladin?

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Probably only the spells and races for the most part.

Have you considered "skipping" Pathfinder then, and focusing on a D20-compatible product instead - perhaps with guidelines on how to incorporate Pathfinder-based elements?

Pathfinder itself is a D20 derivative, after all.

  • Gurgam the Smitten
  • Noblesse Oublier
  • Gurgam the Gall Ant
  • Gurgam the Knobbly
  • Humbler Than Thou

27. My other shirt is a Robe of the Archmage.

Low Intelligence crafter Bard with the Pageant of the Peacock masterpiece.

Do a little dance, make a little magic.

There's the Boasting Taunt rage power, and the Court Bard has a few abilities that penalise enemies for not attacking them.
Also: Gnomes have some tricks in that department, like Caustic Slur.

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26. I memorised Explosive Runes this morning...

Axial wrote:
you could be your worst enemy. :)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And if I'm my own worst enemy, then the enemy of my enemy is me.

It's a bit "tl;dr". Can you condense the issue to a singe question?

15. Aroden lives!

Deadmanwalking wrote:
The issue Bards have is that they're Charisma based

Only up to a point - a 13 starting Charisma is an issue only for a debuf-casting Bard. Constructs themselves being (as a rule) immune to much of a Bard's powers would be a bigger problem.

13. Romanes eunt domus!

With this spell, you infuse your life force and psyche into your shadow

That suggest it's the Quasit's shadow, and so should have the Quasit's size.

Your shadow has Hit Dice and hit points equal to your own.

And that means it's not a standard Shadow anyway. So my guess is: it's a tiny Shadow.

Wouldn't a channeling cleric be a better match?

Burst spells only require line-of-sight to the centre of the burst, not to everyone caught in the blast. So that's an option, if you roughly know where the enemy is.

The Reaching Vines Fungal Graft might make a "bad touch" Cleric plant-relevant.

Another benefit of a catapult: it can't be bribed to destroy your army instead.

Wouldn't wearing a (minor) Ring of Spell Storing give a caster level? It says the "wearer" can cast any spell therein, and they're real spells - not SLAs.

Decimus Drake wrote:
you could expand the limitations to include followers of closely allied gods

Good idea. Maybe add a quest-type payment for being resurrected, the severity being determined by how closely allied the PC's patron deity is to the priest's?

The Pathfinder Chronicler PrC has the capacity to pluck whatever she needs out of thin air, with the Deep Pockets ability. Wands with just a single charge left aren't very expensive, so those are an option.
You still have to pay for them though.

Flying carpets. Don't forget the flying carpets.

Goblin13 wrote:
An apathic miracle-worker that stays out of everything unless pushed very hard to do something ?

Maybe a Sensei Monk, who just stands there and tells everybody what they should be doing.

Gisher wrote:
Would Weapon Focus (Scorpion Whip) grant the +1 bonus to hit only when using it as a light weapon or would it also work when using it as a standard whip?

It should get the +1, because otherwise Weapon Focus (Whip) would have to give the +1 in that situation. And that would be silly.

Or just be a Bard, and call yourself a priest.

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If Cap isn't a paladin... then who is?

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Necro-ing to add a rather bizarre new feat: Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge wrote:
You can use Intelligence, rather than Dexterity, for feats with a minimum Dexterity prerequisite.

Should be interesting for Magi or combat Alchemists.

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72. Interactive anatomy lessons.

Ishpumalibu wrote:
VRMH wrote:
A Simulacrum of a Lemure
I can't remember if that makes them constructs or not

Nope, it doesn't. They have the (sub-)type of the original.

Close off the entrances to the dungeon, and smoke/flush/burn the "heroes" out.

Who's to say modern materials even exist in the game world(s) anyway? There's no mithral in the real world either. Plus we're talking about a universe based (loosely) on Greek elemental building blocks, rather than atoms and molecules.

A Simulacrum of a Lemure would be obedient.

36. Scarecrows.
37. Rickshaw taxi services.

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