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Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Both the rules and designer statements support a reading that it doesn't matter where the spell came from, as long as it's cast during the crafting.

Do you have a quotation for that? Because many spells can't be cast during crafting (due to lack of a suitable target, for instance). And the PRD uses the phrase "spell slots are expended from the caster's currently prepared spells, just as if they had been cast".

3) What happens if a Spell Sage tries to write such a spell into his spellbook?

I don't think he can - a Wizard needs to have a spell memorised for that and the Sage merely has he ability to cast it.

Byakko wrote:

This is basically the old "Do spells stick with the body of the soul when you use Magic Jar?" question, in disguise.

It's never really been resolved.

True. Our forum consensus seems to be that "bodily" effects stay with the bodies, while "mind" or "soul" effects go with the conciousness.

But the actual game rules are silent on the matter.

QuidEst wrote:
VRMH wrote:
It's a shame though the PC and his Familiar now have to brutally murder someone every week...
Fortunately, that's not necessary.

Shh! Don't spoil it for me.

QuidEst wrote:
UMD and cast (from a scroll) Assume Appearance or Greater Assume Appearance, or have it cast through Share Spells. That'll get you days of a humanoid form at a lower entry point than possession effects. It's on the spell list of most things with Familiar access. I'd consider this your best option.

You may well be right; I did not know this spell, and it's an inventive way of using it.

It's a shame though the PC and his Familiar now have to brutally murder someone every week...

Why would it need to do anything? It's just a macguffin, the fact that it's the Holy Grail should be enough to quest for it.

Rysky wrote:
Maybe it's hibernating?

Or pining for the fjords.

LeVraiNinjaneer wrote:
Sounds good?

It's a bit of railroading (actually, it's a lot of railroading), but it really is your only option. Maybe the symptoms can give a hint there's a Deity at work here?

The Gods are above the rules as they apply to players, which makes them great "scapegoats" for unexplainable phenomena.

Fourshadow wrote:
why the silence for so long?

I'm hoping it's because of all the deliberations.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Monkey + polymorph any object

Ah, right. I forgot about that one. Shame it needs a high-level caster though.

Does anyone have more ideas? I'm guessing Reincarnate either breaks the Familiar bond, or works on a different Creature table for Tiny Animals.

Familiars are both useful and fun. They'd be more useful and fun with a Humanoid body though - both for social subterfuge and equipment-wise. So my brainstorming-question for you all is: in what ways can a Familiar get a Humanoid(-ish) body for a reasonable length of time (say: one hour)?
So far, I got:

  • Magic Jar (cast from an item)
  • Beastbonded Witch
  • Greater Hat of Disguise (possible preceeded by an Alter Self spell to make the head slot available)
These options require specific items and/or classes though. Can someone come up with a cheap and simple method?

Chess Pwn wrote:
You know when you attempt a saving throw.

Not quite. You know when you succeed in your save. A failed attempt gives no indication.

If you can sneak some Essence of Independence into the Eidolon's mouth (which will be tricky), it'll be free for 10 minutes - long enough to take horrible revenge on an abusive Summoner...

Is an Intelligent Item a Creature? I guess that's what the question boils down to, and I'd say it is. They're self-aware and may even be ambulant, so what excuse would there be to exclude them?

In my opinion, an Intelligent Item is a Construct and not an Object.

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Ghoul Fever wrote:
A humanoid who dies of ghoul fever rises as a ghoul at the next midnight. A humanoid who becomes a ghoul in this way retains none of the abilities it possessed in life. It is not under the control of any other ghouls, but it hungers for the flesh of the living and behaves like a normal ghoul in all respects.

Ghouls are sentient, and - GM permitting - available as PCs. You'd lose your current Class Levels, but there's no reason you can't get new ones.

vadda wrote:
Since detect evil is a pin point spell and not an aura or cone spell

Actually, it's a Cone.

But a Paladin being a Paladin... can't you just hang up a "do not disturb" sign?

An extra pair of eyes can be as useful as an extra pair of hands.

Should work, yes. But how does your character know it has contracted the disease? Or is this meant to be preventive?

8 people marked this as a favorite.

Rules As Work Best For You. Slavishly adhering to either RAW or RAI isn't worth the effort. Groups should feel free to interpret, ignore or make rules as they see fit; roleplaying is a social gathering, not a sport.

Charisma is the least relevant of the Ability Scores, it's true. But personally I never to make it a dump stat - I'm a hero, dammit! So I'm a lover, not a swine.

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So, how 'bout them Masterpieces?

(Actually, I think we pretty much covered the all arguments already in the thread. It's just a matter of keeping the issue alive (and underailed) at this point.)

The Experimental Spellcaster feat can give free skeletons and zombies, but "Words of Power" is an optional system.

Now that wasn't very nice, mr. Devil. Why don't you go and apologise to that poor Mogloth.

  • The Wasp Familiar might be an option; it's only a single feat.
  • You'd have to ask your GM, but some people think the Companion Figurine feat grants a Familiar.
  • For three feats you can have a proper Familiar of your choice.
  • It's not a Familiar at all, but you can simply buy a pet or a Homunculus even.

Jader7777 wrote:
Is groovethink a word? It is now! Everyone groovethink about it.

/me gets into the groovethink.

There's no actual rule for it, so I guess common sense will have to be applied.
So forging is out, but woodworking should be doable.

The Medium can be reflavoured too.

Master Chymist.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You'd have to lose some hitpoints, yes. Though you could use the Hit Dice Modification"-option for Constructs to get the maximum HD for the ship's size.

I guess a "ship crafted to be a construct" isn't the same as a "ship ensorcelled to be a construct".

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The "Construct Limb" option allows Small and Tiny Constructs to be "wearable," so you could have one main Construct wear a few others.

That... must be it. Definitely.

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addiejd wrote:
What happens to the Simulacrum if the telepathic link is severed?
They don't have a telepathic link to sever, unless you create one separately of course. The obedience of a Simulacrum is "baked into them", it's a part of their essence.
does that mean that it retains personality traits of the original?
Yes. In almost all ways the Simulacrum is the original. Just with half the powers and an obedience to their maker.
would it behave the way the original would
As much as possible, yes.
(or even think it WAS the original that had just been released from mind control)
If there's no actual maker around to be obeyed... then I guess a Simulacrum might not realise it is one.
or would it just be inert until its creator regained command?
Only if its original would do that, like a simulacrum of a Golem.
Also, could the control be transferred to a third party?

Not that I'm aware of, though the Simulacrum could be ordered to obey its new master as well as the old one.

Barding Stitches are banned too?

There's a list of wagons here. Combining one with an Alchemist's Lab should do the trick.

Digging an actual "tunnel" is quite a bit different from merely creating a hole; a Knowledge(engineering) or Profession(mining engineer) roll would be in order I'd say.

Perhaps a Bard? They're significantly different in "feel" from Ninjas, but can mimic a Ninja-style of play just fine.

And no-one ever suspects the fop...

No love for the Flumph?

Rysky wrote:
Pssst! You just linked back to this thread :3

Gah! Okay, let's try that again.

Here we are. It's actually called "Taldan Knight" and it's indeed a 3.5 feat.

Guess you'll have to restrict yourself to an Aide-de-camp and a Squire. And maybe an Apprentice. And some evil minions. And perhaps a Familiar, Animal Companion, a few constructs, some Zombies...

Much to my surprise, this looks quite legal.

Tyinyk wrote:
Imperial Knight says "As if you had selected the Leadership Feat" Does that mean neither actually count as the feat

They both specifically say that the cohort acts as if you had taken the feat. Not the PC, who should still be free to take Leadership (or in your case Greater Leadership).

The book with Imperial Knight feat in it: "Taldor, Echoes Of Glory", isn't that 3.5 though?

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Something that looks like a Symbol spell.

Or Lego bricks.

Rules aside... how does one "stare" at something that cannot be seen?

That said, there just isn't any rule for what happens when targets (or in this case sources) of spells cease to be valid after the spell has been cast. So ask your GM.
But be prepared to be ridiculed. ;)

Gisher wrote:
An Alchemist or Investigator can make Extracts of True Strike if they have True Strike on their Formula List.

'fraid Not. It's on their list, but...

SRD wrote:
Extracts cannot be made from spells that have focus requirements

Maybe trade ships with a captain who wants to go on account? Then the both of you are still tracked of course... just by people neither cares about.

Tarantula wrote:
Alchemists can use wands for spells on their list.

Quite correct of course. It's just a pity they:

A) Can't actually make wands, not being casters.
B) Have spells on their list that can't be made into wands, extracts, infusions or potions and thus are useless.

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  • Buy Homunculus Clay.
  • Use a drop of a PC's blood on it.
  • Kill the resulting Homunculus.
For the small, small price of 750gp a pop you're doing 2d10 points of damage to a PC, at any distance.

"the eidolon stuff"?

Please don't inflict realism on your players, or on the game. Things just work, because the rules say so. Unless you have a good explanation for Fireballs too...

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A Changeling commoner could add +1 to your CL with the Coven Caster feat, though she'd need a Charisma or Intelligence of 28 to do so reliably.

A Changeling with the Adopted trait can take the Azlanti Inheritor trait, and grant +2 CL. I guess ma Sea Hag bagged herself a Gillman.

(+3 with a Ring of Tactical Precision.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ah, right. Guess we'll have to pilfer from strongboxes then.

Sepia Snake Sigil springs to mind.

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