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No; those spells aren't on their spell list.

Glych wrote:
Asmodean advocate stipulates that I can only have 1 domain, and it must be trickery. Evangelist simply says that I can only have 1 domain.

They both alter the Domains class feature, and so cannot be combined. How they change their Domains is irrelevant, only that they do so matters.

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LucasB wrote:
As a DM I am trying to make a ruling
Yoda wrote:
No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try.

The weight of the armour worn still adds to the overall encumbrance though, right?

CampinCarl9127 wrote:
grease would just make them have to climb out one side instead of the other.

It would deny the climbing bonus from having opposite walls to use though.

What's a meeseeks?

Mascot Familiars grant Luck bonuses with the Aid Another action.

Wasn't there a clarification that any mention of "level" in a class feature description refers to levels in that class?

While I haven't run the numbers, I'm betting that a Bard with the Pageant of the Peacock masterpiece and a cranked-up Bluff score will beat any alternative.

Hm. It'd need to increase exponentially per level for starters. And much would depend on the speed of leveling. I honestly wouldn't know how to put a number on it.

Here's a link to that picture. And I think a Shadow Drake would be the best fit.

_Ozy_ wrote:
You can't use spellcraft to identify what is being cast from a spell-trigger item. Using a wand is not casting a spell.

It's not the casting that's being identified though, but rather the spell itself.

LuniasM wrote:
Paizo tends to make options that foreshadow new systems

This seems a throwback to the Dawnflower Dissident PrC though.

Large Mutated Goldfish, out for revenge.

the Tumor Familiar discovery wrote:
An alchemist’s extracts and mutagens are considered spells for the purposes of familiar abilities like share spells and deliver touch spells.

While it's under the header of a specific discovery, this applies to any Familiar it seems.

Nohwear wrote:
Does a familiar with the Figment archetype need food and water?

Yes, it does. It's not actually imaginary, it is merely a product of its master's mind. At no point do the rules state its type changes.

These aren't perfect fits, but:

A scout that can fly and "see" in total darkness? Where do I sign?

A few skillpoints in Survival may teach you which berries "rot on the vine", and naturally contain alcohol.

Driver_325yards wrote:
You keep the requirement to charge directly at the target. You ignore the target for the purposes of moving forward pass the target.

Wouldn't that allow you to bypass a creature who'd otherwise block a narrow passage?

Well, now that the thread is up and about again:

A simple Symbol of Mirroring could do the trick.

Can't the child come back spontaneously as a Samsaran?

Physiological monsters or behavioural ones?

People who try to earn the XP to level up, rarely get old...

Are you your typical sneaky Rogue, or also the social Rogue type? Also: what's your race? Some of the racial feats can be quite interesting.

Crafting Wax Golems of oneself might be an option too.

Krell44 wrote:
I figure some Protection Scrolls
Nah, memorise those spells instead. Use consumables for spells you might need - the ones that undo damage. And pray for the spells you will be casting, such as pre-battle buffs.
How much is a scroll of Breath of Life?

It's a 5th level spell, and as such has a minimum caster level of 9. So the price is 5 x 9 x 50gp = 2250gp.

As I recall, the caster gets feedback only for targeted spells, and only for successful saves. I'm not sure where that info comes from though...

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Cyrad wrote:
The best way to have the players hate a villain is have the villain directly do something to slight the party. Steal something from the party. Frame the party for murder. Attempt to sacrifice the wizard's cat.

My personal favourite to get the feud started: let the Villain claim (and receive!) the credit for a PC's accomplishment.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Special purpose: Something to the effects of aid/protect the creator who will be wearing it.

There's probably a reason the sample Special Purposes are broad in scope. This one seems more like a "give me more options"-purpose than something to add more flavour to the item.

Still, your GM may be okay with it. I'd be careful about adding too many options though - the ring already has a big Ego score and Intelligent Items are beholden not to their wearer, but to their Alignment and Special Purpose...

Diego Rossi wrote:
All that is a personal interpretation based on several editions fo teh rules, not hard rules in the current rule set.

And it's a logical interpretation, as apparently we've all been using it all this time. But it's a pity there are no actual rules, because now it's impossible to know whether control over an automaton can be wrested from their creator. Is the link magical? Is it a supernatural connection? Can I disguise myself as the machine builder, and boss her creations around?

The Fiend Fantastic wrote:
I recall, when reading up on constructs in general, that they obey the creator and any whom the creator appoints as a semi-coordinator.

You wouldn't happen to recall where you read that, would you? I always just took it as a given. But there are additional issues: many Constructs don't have a listed language for instance. So if you can command them, how do you do it?

(Which is actually a problem in itself: Unseen Servants have the same conundrum.)

Valet Familiars can move - deliver touch spell - move.

...or maybe not.

Anyway, I was thinking about crafting Constructs (as you do) when it suddenly dawned to me: at no point do the rules explicitly state that the Constructs you craft will actually obey you! Oh sure, several have that in their description (like the Golems) but there doesn't seem to be a general rule to that effect.

I did notice that Animated Objects are called out as following commands... in the description of Clockwork Constructs, not in their own write-up. But do Iron Cobras follow instructions other than their "kill mission"? Or do Caryatid Columns take any orders? Scarecrows?

Is there a general rule that self-crafted Constructs will obey their creator (unless their description states otherwise)?

Intelligent Items can be construct-like, and you can start with those at level 3. Though again: money might be an issue.

PłentaX wrote:

Some time ago i readed on this messageboards (and that was stated by James Jacobs in one of many theards about simulacrum spell )

"Nope. Fast healing (and regeneration) are both "healing effects" and thus don't work"

My Question 1) is : if this statement is correct soooo Vampire should not have Fast Healing yes ?

Well... JJ's statement was his own opinion of course, and not an actual game rule. But it does make sense.

So yes: Simulacrum Vampires get no Fast Healing.


2) what would happen to mr.SnowPire (Vampire) after his hp = 0 ?

Vampires dont die on 0hp they change in to "smoke" form and go back to coffins and after 1 hour they gain fast healing but problem is...
our Vampire dont have fast healing....
  • Vampires turn into smoke at 0 HP.
  • Simulacra turn into a puddle of water at 0 HP.
  • And so: Simulacrum Vampires either turn into a puddle, or turn into smoke which then turns into a puddle (since the Vampire is still at 0 HP).
Either way, the Simulacrum Vampire is dead.

should i restore temporaly his Fast healing (or dont delete it at all) ability or let him rot in coffin in gasesous form ?

If you give the Vampire his Fast Healing back, he could simply "kill" himself after a fight in order to regain all health. A Simulacrum should not be able to heal like that - it's one of their main drawbacks.

or let my player use simulacrum implemented repairing methods on body in coffin ?

What body? Simulacra leave no body once they're at 0 HP.

Last Question :would negative energy in this case count as "healing effect" for snowy vampire ?

Yes, it would. It gives the creature HitPoints back, so it's a "healing effect". The Make Whole spell wouldn't work on the Simulacrum of a Construct either.

Zhangar wrote:
You might also be kind of depressed, simply because of the difficulty of finding a special someone who'd enjoy being on the receiving end of what you actually want to do.

You may then be the only person in Golarion with a use for the Lesser Simulacrum spell.

  • You could try and do a Good act for every time you slip up and commit Evil.
  • Or if the level of the game is high enough, go buy an Atonement spell.
  • Maybe get an Emissary familiar as your "Jiminy Cricket"?
  • Try channeling your Evil into "violence for Good", a la Batman?

Wing Storm wrote:
To better phrase the above situation, the question would be "Should characters be affected by the behavior/responds of their players?"

Is there any way to separate the two then? A PC is wholly animated by their player. But while the player dictates the actions of the PC, it's the PCs that has to "live" with the consequences of their actions. The players and their motivations are entirely "off screen".

should the player be factored into the results of the situation?

Only if the player also shares in the XP. ;)

poundpuppy30 wrote:
So how do you know what items you can put on them if they are undefined?

You don't, you ask your GM. And if you are your GM, you just make up a rule that seems fair, reasonable, balanced but above all: fun.

So what happens when a Paladin jumps off a cliff in an un-Evil way? He shouldn't fall then, should he?
Or is jumping off cliffs worth a Chaotic alignment shift?

poundpuppy30 wrote:
Thought they could use the feat "extra slot" to buy the shoulder and waist slots.

Shoulders or waist - you can only take a feat once.

Choose wisely.

Archae wrote:
usually dipping into a full casting class is generally a no no

Dipping out of a full caster is usually a bad thing. But dipping into one can be quite potent, and especially so for the Oracle class.

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Does a Paladin fall if he sings falsetto?

Animals cost a few coppers too - has your GM ever made a PC pay for their regular starting Familiar?

Oddly enough, the Dragoon archetype doesn't explicitly say it removes or modifies the proficiency with Tower Shields; just that they aren't proficient. Still, the intent is clear: the archetypes cannot be combined.

Shin Bilirubin wrote:
Question: Does invisibility break line of sight?

That's a rather interesting question.

There are also the Locathah. And creatures like Merfolk and Gillmen, obviously.

Bard. Give him/her/it a bow and don't use an archetype that trades away Inspire Courage.
(Although really this party could use another front-liner.)

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