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VRMH's page

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LazarX wrote:
There isn't any standard spell for creating intelligent undead.

You know, apart from, say: Create Undead. ;)

Adorable, maybe. But admirable too.

Fighters shouldn't lose half their feat chains just 'cause they got hit by Intelligence damage.

A larger, more maniacal-looking version of herself?

  • An intelligent, mind-controlling ring that creates lesser simulacra to act as its "owner".

  • A Master Chymist, whose alter-ego is the town's "super hero" and his usual self is the "secret identity".

There's also the matter of legal identity. Why accept the crown prince as the rightful heir, when he's now the crown princess?

But there can be only one.

arcanine wrote:
cavalier and chevalier. he gets smite and challenge.
Nah, I don't see a problem. The Smite is just once-a-day, and you're paying for that with three character levels.
arcanine wrote:
what about evolved companion.?

Well, that feat can be taken multiple times. But the PC has to take the feat(s), so you could end up hamstringing the actual character just to upgrade the pet(s).

Low End: A Sedan Chair with a bunch of Unseen Servants.

1. Eh... what combo?
2. Per the RAW, you cannot take the feat twice and it would only work on one critter. So you may need to bribe your GM; two Celestial ACs is only marginally more powerful than having 2 ACs in the first place.

Sloths. Two sloths, playing catch...

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

Well, you could have a Tumor Cock.

You can even hide it inside your body.

Yes, but that would make the other PCs jealous: "I want your cock inside me too!"

In a Girdle of Opposite Gender.

They're untyped bonuses all-right, but they can be considered bonuses "from the same source" and thus would not stack.
Ask your GM if two Familiars are the same source or not.

Game Master Scotty wrote:
In all seriousness however, snicker raptors could be/are feathered and would be a more suitable base creature for a war...bird.

But we don't want birds here. We like the cock!

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Kryptik wrote:
I am surprised and ashamed in this community...that no one has yet mentioned how best to optimize the cock versus a succubus in a grapple.

That's because in Soviet Pathfinder, your chicken chokes you!

Davor wrote:
Evolved familiar works REALLY well combined with your chicken. It has wings, so it can take Wing Buffet for extra attacks.

That feat could also give you a tentacle for a cock.

nighttree wrote:
If someone under the effect of a Charm Person spell is confronted with someone who appears to be the would they act ?

Depends. If it is the caster, they act as if they're meeting a good friend, who's casting some no doubt benevolent spell. If that person however hasn't cast the Charm Person spell... they act as if they're seeing someone who casts spells on them. Which probably involves a lot of screaming and throwing of objects.

How can the victim tell them apart? Magic!

Oh I do, but for a fleeting moment there I thought it was empty!
Must be my imagination...

GeminiGuy wrote:
Auklings are humanoids with the aquatic subtype.
GeminiGuy wrote:
Auklings with high intelligence scores can choose from the following: Auran, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, or Halfling

Why Auran and not Aquan?

Mortimer Magnus Monteque III wrote:
I think everyone can figure out what I am trying to do (sink a ship), and I need to know if this is even possible with this spell, or would I have to cast it numerous times to get the keel warped enough to make a ship go down.

A single "warp" to a ship's keel should do the trick (pretty much everything is built up from there), but... your GM may (and I think should) rule that a ship is one, single object and individual parts cannot be targeted separately.

I'll just toss that into my win-bin.


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Will there be grappling involved?

CalethosVB wrote:
What if my Fighter really wants that fairy on his arm constantly yelling at him? "Hey! Listen!"

Well... the feat doesn't require a Caster Level - the Familiar selection does. So if we're sticking to the RAW, you'd only need an Arcane CL while selecting your Pixie.

What tricks exist to grant a CL, even if it's only for a moment?

A lot of the options for Familiars are like that, in that there's a whole slew of feats with requirements you may not be able to meet. Alchemists may for instance have their Tumor Familiar, but don't have the Familiar class feature required for, say, the Evolved Familiar feat. When looking at the "rules as written", there's a difference between:

  • Having a Familiar.
  • Having the ability to "aquire a new Familiar". (Which logically would mean your old one must be dead or dismissed beforehand.)
  • Having the Familiar Class Feature.
  • Having the Summon Familiar Class Feature.
  • Having level(s) in a class that grants a Familiar.
And there are probably a few others I missed.

So the fact that some characters with a Familiar can't take the Improved Familiar feat is probably best house-ruled away, along with the rest of these petty distinctions.

Personally, I'd take the concept in another direction: Cleric.

Religion could be a powerful motivator for turning away from Evil, and as an ordained priestess she might be considered "trustworthy" enough to be let loose in a school full of teenagers.

Used to belong to... <insert setting-specific ascended deity, or similar>.

Why not just go with a Broodmaster Summoner, and end up with eight companions and (almost) as many hands between them as you wish?

No. Words of Power have a major problem: it's a consistent system. There are potent combinations, and spontaneous casters get more mileage out of it. But you lose out on all the fun spells, the quirky ones and those that combine nicely with other spells.

Nearyn wrote:
Can you provide citation?

Actually... no.

The "beat the DC" case is, as Jeraa pointed out, simply an application of the Aid Another rules. The "beat the weight" situation isn't covered by the rules, so I just assumed basic physics.

Depends. If it's a weight that needs to be moved, you can simply add up all the Strength scores (provided all parties can actually contribute). If there's a DC to be met, then you just add +2 for everyone who helps to the roll of the strongest person.

Which makes no logical sense whatsoever, but there you go.

I think it would be an interesting idea. But the more options a character has, the greater the chance a player finds a "game-breaking" combination. So get your players on board: you want Rogues to be interesting again (right?), not problematic.

Maybe the Half-Orc can be a Gorilla, as Animal Companion? That would simplify the situation somewhat.

When you grapple a climber, wouldn't you be able to add your weight to its encumbrance?

That does require the party to lug around one or more statues though.

Clerics have an oft-overlooked class feature, that the other classes can't match: they're religious authority figures.
Support from a church or pious population is nothing to sneer at, for instance when you want scrolls without taking the feat to make them yourself.

Join A completely, and then take it over from the inside?

Can't they just be retrained?

Ask your GM, that's really the only logical answer. Were I the GM in question... I'd probably post a message like this here, to get some feedback.
Honestly, both yea an nay make sense here.

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Or she's climbing towards the angel at the top of the Christmas tree, mistletoe at the ready.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, when she's up a tree and there's a bear-shaped druid under it... she might decide to stay up there a while longer.

Blood Money has to be cast before a spell to affect it.
Permanency has to be cast after a spell.

So you'd need some shenanigans to make Blood Money affect Permanency.

You're making me feel old...

Don't forget the option of trying to outsmart a construct. They're usually mindlessly obeying a specific command, like "destroy all invaders". So don't be an invader. Be a visitor.

Hey everybody! Poog's buying the next round!

mplindustries wrote:
Obviously, one of his golems was actually intelligent

A Wax Golem could fit this bill.

Shame you don't have a Familiar: the Skinsend spell can allow it's hide to go with the party and deliver your touch-based spells.
(You can designate its skinned body on your lap as the toucher, and the skin can take "any action it normally could". That should include delivering touch spells.)

DR is a good thing to have, when you can make your foes roll lower damage. It helps making the PCs feel truly weakened, without necessarily killing them outright.

You could maybe salvage enough material for a Flesh Golem though.

Looks like it should work, yes. I'd be a bit odd to Perform something the one round, and then just seem to stand there the next though.

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