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VRMH's page

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1. Who keeps siphoning off the tavern's beer?

42. Cannon fodder against spells that target a limited number of creatures or hit-dice.
43. Trap sweeping.
44. Cronies for your Familiar to lord over.
45. Hiding your Balefully Polymorphed prisoners.
46. A bonus to your Disguise roll to pose as lifestock merchants.

Lifat wrote:
How does the simulacrum know what your wishes are at any given moment? I give you that it probably knows the broad strokes, but will it know specific stuff? I'd say no.

It won't know, but as it's a copy of you yourself it would use the same logic and reasoning you would have used.


Performance feats spring to mind.
Also: the Startling Report trait goes nicely with your Perform (Gun Show skill.

  • Magic Jar works by forcing souls into a crystal.
  • Simulacra having souls would open a whole new can of worms.
  • So it is practical to assume Simulacra do not have souls.
  • And thus Simulacra are impervious to the Magic Jar spell.

lemeres wrote:
That is what minions are for.

I concur, and would suggest Simulacra. They may cost a fortune to produce, but at least they can be relied upon.

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At the point where you think it would be fun to roleplay such.

Silus wrote:
  • What aspects need clarification? Basically what do I need to expand on?

One thing that springs to mind is: will there be Divine Magic and if so: where does it come from / where do people think it comes from?

VRMH wrote:
all classes can now create wands of Hostile Justaposition.
TheBulletKnight wrote:
Why would all? Only the summoner gets it as a 4th level spell. Everyone else gets it as a 5th level spell, meaning no wands for them.

Other classes may get the spell as a 5th level one, but that doesn't matter to the wand.

"A wand is a thin baton that contains a single spell of 4th level or lower." And even though it's only the Summoner that can cast it at that level, Hostile Juxtaposition is now a 4th level spell.

That's my interpretation anyway.

Yes. Actually, all classes can now create wands of Hostile Justaposition.

7. Easy mode latrine duties.

Use it to swing from the ceiling.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

4. Humiliate a foe by having to jump away every time you create another pit under them. "Dance, you Demon. Dance!"

Undead Anatomy wrote:
you can assume the form of any Small or Medium corporeal creature of the undead type

Shadows don't qualify as an acceptable form, lacking the corporeal quality.

Gwiber wrote:

“A material component consists of one or more physical substances or objects that are annihilated by the spell energies in the casting process”

Is the component of a beneficial spell used up when the target of the spell is not able to have it used on them?

If the intended Target is somehow invalid, the spell never actually "fires" and the Material Component remains as it is.

If the intended target cannot actually benenfit from the spell, that's just tough luck. The spell was cast, and the Material Component is used up.

if the party DOES manage to go through the process of liquidating, finding a caster, and bargaining for a new True Resurrection spell; will the extraordinarily valuable diamond simply go away and the spell fail?

The spell will fail, the diamonds go to waste. That's why before casting an expensive spell like this, you first cast a divination to make sure the dead PC is actually able (and willing) to be resurrected.

Ghosts can have any alignment.
And any undead with a head could be wearing a Helmet of Opposite Alignment.

Coltron wrote:

it seems that if you make make a skeleton or zombie of a humanoid or some other creatures they become 1hd instead of what the current hd for their class/level was.

Is this right?


If so is it possible in the rules to make a necromancy that just has one really strong undead?

Yes, in fact that's the usual thing for Arcane Necromancers.

14. I have this healing spell, but it's a special and potent form of magic. It may feel a bit strange at first, but try not to resist it.

Can you cast Make Whole on someone's Dragonhide armour and turn it into a dead dragon instead of a repaired armour?

You start by asking your GM. All "home brew" items fall under their purview.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Of course I love you.

Isn't it about time I won this thread?

Yes, you're right. It is.

The sound of children singing some creepy nursery rhyme, coming from nowhere in particular.

RAW: You get nothing. An increase to a bonus you're not getting, is meaningless after all.
So ask your GM to meet you halfway.

Wouldn't the Atonement spell cover this?

Atonement wrote:
A paladin, or other class, who has lost her class features due to violating the alignment restrictions of her class may have her class features restored by this spell.

The PC lost a class feature due to an alignment violation, after all.

Why not? Tastes like rabbit.

Any Wizard worth his salt knows the most potent weapon is... a Wizard. So have a buddy / Clone / Simulacrum / über Familiar ready to bail you out of any trouble.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

  • Unseen Servants are untrained - it wouldn't take much to detect their "Sleight of Hand".
  • Unseen Servants have to be instructed what to do - good luck telling invisible buddies to cheat for you, without anyone getting suspicious.
  • Unseen Servants can only do one task, either once or repeatedly. You'll have a hard time making your luck seem "random".
Hire a pretty girl or boy to distract your opponents, and do your own Sleight of Hands. It's safer.

Or warping the material, so that it no longer qualifies as being "worn".

Overwhelming Beauty's bonus is untyped, so they'd stack in situations where both might apply.

What would Jupiter want with a rabbit?

Ghosts moving through the walls. Or better yet: illusions of ghosts.

...or have I?

Korthis wrote:
I guess my question is, is this common?

Yes. Some players need to be dragged by their lapels into the setting and given reasons - clear and direct reasons - to interact with anything at all (other than kill, snog or avoid).

Share Memory springs to mind.

So how come I haven't won yet?

Seek out people who are trustworthy, wise and zealous, and let them found the church to your new Deity. Leaving you free to do what Paladins do: adventure in the name of Law and Good.

Tem wrote:
I'd prefer a gargantuan sized swarm formed of small sized creatures.

As a tangent: would you allow Small PCs to form a "swarm"? 'cause You may be opening a can of worms here...

Mike Franke wrote:
Perhaps a "town" drunk who also is the best source of info in town and so accepted everywhere.

Midwives and washing women are also traditional in this role - as well as good sources of (unreliable) gossip.

Scott McFarland wrote:
under what circumstances is an item creator going to use metamagic feats to make, for example, a wondrous item?

When the item has a meta-magiced spell as a prerequisite.

Which, afaik, isn't the case for any of them.

blahpers wrote:
For the other part: sometimes, it's just an obstacle. You can't Disable Device a brick wall.
It's a bit of a stretch to call a wall a "device", but why not allow PCs to "disable" it?
  • You can scrape away mortar in between the bricks.
  • You can pour salt into cracks in the stone, and then add water to make that expand.
  • You can spike wedges into the bricks.
Walls, floors and other parts of the environment are not immutable obstacles. They can be destroyed, bypassed or rendered irrelevant, just like any other opposition. The GM's job is to assign a reasonable DC, determine what tools and how much time the PCs' actions would require and then let the dice roll where they may.
There's no need to facilitate every stupid plan the players may come up with. But allowing (and when appropriate: rewarding) innovative, lateral thinking can enhance the game as a whole.

Must wear jackboots.

Frankly, I'm baffled anyone would consider the Paladin's acts "evil" in any way, form or guise.
At worst, it was a poor judgement with an undesirable outcome. If that's evil, we're all Blackguards.

Jiraiya22 wrote:
So is a Familiar able to access its Share Spells or Deliver Touch Spells abilities while inside a possessed object?

Yes. The Familiar isn't casting anything itself.

can you use a Greater Hat of Disguise while possessing an object to gain the benefits of Alter Self?

I guess that would depend on whether the possessed object can "wear" a hat.

Re-education. With a healthy side-dish of brainwashing.

It's not a Shield bonus, so you should still benefit from it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It's worth it for the bragging rights.

"Hitting on Succubi"

Count Brass wrote:
Is there a standard pantheon in PF?

Yes. Check out the Golariopedia for the standard pantheon (and nationalities, languages, history and so on).

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