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3,276 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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PłentaX wrote:

Some time ago i readed on this messageboards (and that was stated by James Jacobs in one of many theards about simulacrum spell )

"Nope. Fast healing (and regeneration) are both "healing effects" and thus don't work"

My Question 1) is : if this statement is correct soooo Vampire should not have Fast Healing yes ?

Well... JJ's statement was his own opinion of course, and not an actual game rule. But it does make sense.

So yes: Simulacrum Vampires get no Fast Healing.


2) what would happen to mr.SnowPire (Vampire) after his hp = 0 ?

Vampires dont die on 0hp they change in to "smoke" form and go back to coffins and after 1 hour they gain fast healing but problem is...
our Vampire dont have fast healing....
  • Vampires turn into smoke at 0 HP.
  • Simulacra turn into a puddle of water at 0 HP.
  • And so: Simulacrum Vampires either turn into a puddle, or turn into smoke which then turns into a puddle (since the Vampire is still at 0 HP).
Either way, the Simulacrum Vampire is dead.

should i restore temporaly his Fast healing (or dont delete it at all) ability or let him rot in coffin in gasesous form ?

If you give the Vampire his Fast Healing back, he could simply "kill" himself after a fight in order to regain all health. A Simulacrum should not be able to heal like that - it's one of their main drawbacks.

or let my player use simulacrum implemented repairing methods on body in coffin ?

What body? Simulacra leave no body once they're at 0 HP.

Last Question :would negative energy in this case count as "healing effect" for snowy vampire ?

Yes, it would. It gives the creature HitPoints back, so it's a "healing effect". The Make Whole spell wouldn't work on the Simulacrum of a Construct either.

Zhangar wrote:
You might also be kind of depressed, simply because of the difficulty of finding a special someone who'd enjoy being on the receiving end of what you actually want to do.

You may then be the only person in Golarion with a use for the Lesser Simulacrum spell.

  • You could try and do a Good act for every time you slip up and commit Evil.
  • Or if the level of the game is high enough, go buy an Atonement spell.
  • Maybe get an Emissary familiar as your "Jiminy Cricket"?
  • Try channeling your Evil into "violence for Good", a la Batman?

Wing Storm wrote:
To better phrase the above situation, the question would be "Should characters be affected by the behavior/responds of their players?"

Is there any way to separate the two then? A PC is wholly animated by their player. But while the player dictates the actions of the PC, it's the PCs that has to "live" with the consequences of their actions. The players and their motivations are entirely "off screen".

should the player be factored into the results of the situation?

Only if the player also shares in the XP. ;)

poundpuppy30 wrote:
So how do you know what items you can put on them if they are undefined?

You don't, you ask your GM. And if you are your GM, you just make up a rule that seems fair, reasonable, balanced but above all: fun.

So what happens when a Paladin jumps off a cliff in an un-Evil way? He shouldn't fall then, should he?
Or is jumping off cliffs worth a Chaotic alignment shift?

poundpuppy30 wrote:
Thought they could use the feat "extra slot" to buy the shoulder and waist slots.

Shoulders or waist - you can only take a feat once.

Choose wisely.

Archae wrote:
usually dipping into a full casting class is generally a no no

Dipping out of a full caster is usually a bad thing. But dipping into one can be quite potent, and especially so for the Oracle class.

Does a Paladin fall if he sings falsetto?

Animals cost a few coppers too - has your GM ever made a PC pay for their regular starting Familiar?

Oddly enough, the Dragoon archetype doesn't explicitly say it removes or modifies the proficiency with Tower Shields; just that they aren't proficient. Still, the intent is clear: the archetypes cannot be combined.

Shin Bilirubin wrote:
Question: Does invisibility break line of sight?

That's a rather interesting question.

There are also the Locathah. And creatures like Merfolk and Gillmen, obviously.

Bard. Give him/her/it a bow and don't use an archetype that trades away Inspire Courage.
(Although really this party could use another front-liner.)

Why not just open a Gate to a nasty dimension and then just wait to see what pops out?
Or better yet: don't wait to see. Run!

  • Alchemists with the Infusion discovery - CLW "potions" for everyone!
  • Clerics, Paladins and other energy channelers.
  • Send your Familiar, or a Spectral Hand.
  • Reach Spell rods are nice too.

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Redjack_rose wrote:
As much as players think cohorts/familiars/etc... are theirs to control, their still NPC's and subject to GM discretion.

Are you sure? Cohorts are specifically called out as being NPCs, but I don't think I've ever seen Familiars being called that.

"effects linked to slashing damage". Hmm... I don't think the actual slashing damage is an effect linked to slashing damage. But let's see:

  • It should add +4 to the DC of poisons delivered with a slashing weapon.
  • And +4 to things like Intimidate checks that are triggered when scoring a hit.
  • ...
I guess it's really bad.

CBDunkerson wrote:
A simulacrum has only half the HD of the original and "and the appropriate hit points, feats, skill ranks, and special abilities for a creature of that level or HD"... the ability to grant wishes is NOT an 'appropriate special ability' for a creature with half the HD of one which could do so.

Well... there exists a 10HD creature (the Djinn Noble) which can grant wishes. So you'd need to find a creature of 20 or more HD, capable of granting wishes. A Simulacrum thereof could still have wish-granting.

Does anyone care to suggest a 20HD wish-granting creature to be the model of our Simulacrum? Or maybe know a creature of less than 10HD capable of doing so?

There are also more ways to boost a Craft skill.

A Paladin is great, if you can stand the alignment. Otherwise I'd suggest a straightforward Cleric.

Sleeping underwater.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Wouldn't Contingency -> Lesser Wish -> Reincarnation be:

  • cheaper
  • easier
  • faster
  • non-alignment specific?
Or have some Clones ready. Or just keep Magic Jarring into expendable bodies. Or have reliable minions with Raise Dead scrolls. Or all of the above.

Constructs. Constructs make for great simulacra: (almost) all of the advantages at a fraction of the costs.

CraziFuzzy wrote:
you can pump up an appropriate craft skill instead of Spellcraft.

This is very good advice. Craft skill checks are much easier to boost than spellcraft checks are.

A Horse With No Name wrote:
if I didn't pray for it that day, does that mean I either need to wait until the next day, pray for it, and then craft the cloak, or just add +5 to the DC?
Those are your options, along with getting the spell from another source such as another caster.
do I need to keep praying for the spells required each and every day?
Yes. Each day you work on the item, you have to have the spell available to you.
I'm guessing that this gives clerics a major advantage over, say, sorcerers, in this regard who must pick spells and stick with them?

It does, yes. Spontaneous casters make for poor crafters. But with a high enough Spellcraft skill it doesn't really matter.

1) Tail feats are cool, but don't give that much bang for their buck. So choose Kitsune if you favour flavour over choice.
2) Maybe he just made a down-payment on a house there? Or it's where his granny lives? He wants to impress his girlfriend?

Hm. So basically it's Pippi Longstocking? The Sea Singer Bard seems a good fit. You even get the parrot (though Pippi really should have a monkey instead).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Forget about the healer - they don't need one. Though they will probably need a few wands of Cure Light Wounds to compensate.
As for the lack of meatshield: why not give them a magical item that can summon a monster a few times per day? That won't steal anyone's thunder. A trained animal or two could also be pretty useful for the first few levels.

He'd need to be a god of something, before becoming the god of everything. So let the player pick some sort of divine portfolio, and then take on the current deity of his chosen focus.

Pay Bards, town criers and other assorted loud-mouths. That should draw a crowd in a few days' time.

Nethys makes the most sense I'd say. "Magic for Magic's sake."
Though for a Gnome, one of the First World's Eldest wouldn't be out of place either.

hector212121 wrote:
The reason I want this for my cleric is to get MORE undead and to be able to NOT prepare Animate Dead every day when I can't use it because i'm in a country that currently has it outright banned.

Wouldn't an acolyte for the Cleric be a simpler solution then?

Twoswords wrote:
However, what I am still unsure of is if someone using the two classes can utilize two familiars, or only one with levels combined. RAW seems to be somewhat gray

(Almost) everything about Familiars has vague or unclear RAW. The RAI is simple though: one Familiar per character, with stacking levels.

If you play strictly by the RAW you can get around that. But it's probably not worth the bother.

The brains of the party.

Inner Beauty, for a once-a-day +4 trait bonus.

An "ability" is something you can do, not something you have. So running effects should stay in place methinks.

Barbarians are the traditional "don't make me angry - you wouldn't like me when I'm angry"-class. You'd need plenty of traits to make all the knowledge skills class skills though.

Dunno why, really.

Al_Square wrote:
Is it possible to use suggestion to make a character read a scroll which you've written a trap on?


I know for the explosive runes it says that "You and any characters you specifically instruct can read the protected writing without triggering the explosive runes." Does that mean suggestion wouldn't let them go off?

No, it's "instruct" as in teach. You can teach someone not to set of the Explosive Runes.

Would the other traps like sepia snake work?

Sure. And Illusory Script can work quite nicely too, if you have a devious mind. ;)

Also: while not on the Sorcerers' spell list, Beguiling Gift could complement this basic concept quite nicely. Just make sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve for foes that can't read...

Nobody yet started a Succubus Wrestling Ring?

Silent Image is a figment though, not a glamer.

Barachiel Shina wrote:
So say someone put up an illusion of a dragon. Since it's a glamer, it affects all senses. So if someone used Detect Thoughts, would the illusion fool the user into believing the illusion is a thinking creature? What kind of Intelligence score would it detect if so?

If it's a Glamer, there's something undearneath that's being "glamered". Detect Thoughts would then detect the thoughts of that creature (or corpse, or rock, or whatever).

Orfamay Quest wrote:
As to how it does it? Magic. The idea that written words are magical goes back millennia, so I don't have any issue with the idea that a spell that restores magic can restore the magic of the written word, even when the written word is "scenery is beautiful, wish you were here."

This makes sense, but wouldn't the "virtual Caster Level" of not-actually-magical writing be 0, and thus not much of a threshold?

Anything that gives a reroll would be good. And at the cost of 2 feats (and being Human), Inexplicable Luck can give you a whopping +8 to any d20 roll, including Strength checks.

Guards are the biggest threat to the merchants' wares themselves, so I'd suggest two kinds:

  • big bad bruisers to maintain a visible presence. They act as deterrents without having the skills (or brains) to pilfer goods for themselves.
  • spotters who might have skills as thieves, and are therefore kept away from the goods. Put them in places where they have a good view, and let them warn the bruisers when they see something.
So: Warrior 1-3 as bouncers/mall cops, and Expert 1-3 as spotters.
Plus a Wizard of some sort to mark goods with an Arcane Mark for easier detection.

My Self wrote:
Can the Sensei Monk activate its advice ability as a move action at 7th level and a swift action at 13th level? Can an Evangelist Cleric do that?

Yes. These "speed increases" are elements of the Bardic Performance ability and not separate abilities of the Bard class. Anyone who has an ability that "functions like bardic performance" will get the activation time decreases.

Also, is the Sensei archetype effectively compatible with the Unchained Monk? Not that it's actually compatible

How can something be "effectively compatible" without being actually compatible?

Simulacrum slave trade.

Sphynx wrote:
I'm also thinking of letting them home-brew their own races, and whatever they home-brew, making sure that their creation is the 'standard' for that race.

It's a cool idea, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. Adventurers are oddballs. Having a whole race with the same "theme" as the PC kinda takes away some of the player's thunder.

Plus it's a lot of work for you to create a realm for a new race; with the added risk that it clashes with the player's vision after all.

ShieldLawrence wrote:
Do you guys think people get a save?

Probably not; it's called out as being "similar" to the spells, not as following their rules.

Does my volume increase with level like Ghost Sound? Does my range increase with level like Ventriloquism?

No, why would it? It's your own voice, it's as loud as you can yell I imagine.

What I'm curious about is its interaction with spellcasting. The spells mention can work in combination with the vocal components of other spells - can a Vigilante now cast spells while sounding like a songbird?

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