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VRMH's page

3,570 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Shh! Some of us are trying to win!

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I have two words for you. Just two words:

Daffy. Duck.

Get off my lawn!

Klara Meison wrote:
It will be harder to resurrect you.

How do you figure that? If anything, a resurrection would give the OP his wish: a living Alchemist with the Mummification Discovery.

I'm fairly certain growing weed in this thread is against Paizo's policies.

More's the pity.

Cavall wrote:
Well... people needed a 4th klar thread. It was very important.

To be fair, the Klar was in the same position as the Masterpieces are:

"What is this?"

Amira Ravenheart wrote:
Sooo could a familiar fill the i Wish requirement for the Arcana?

Doubtful. It's an obvious loophole, of course. So your GM may decide that, like with the Teleport spell, for this purpose your Familiar is a part of you yourself. Though technically it could work.

Who are you?

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Dragzner wrote:
im thinking more along the lines of some special spell or ritual to make them

The Simulacrum spell springs to mind.

I think they prefer to call themselves "snipers" rather than "campers".

So now we're not going to post here for five years either?

Arcane Addict wrote:
None of the above! Its like the Elves' bonus to perception, just a bonus and nothing more.

But a bonus to what? To the skill, or to the skill check? There's a difference.

For instance, qualifying for the Cornugon Smash feat requires "Intimidate 6 ranks". Does the Skilled evolution meet that requirement?

The list of Eidolon evolutions wrote:
Skilled (Ex): An eidolon becomes especially adept at a specific skill, gaining a +8 racial bonus on that skill.

It's a bonus. But it's not a bonus to the skill check, but rather to the skill itself.

Does this mean the evolution is the equivalent of eight actual skillpoints? Does it make the skill trained, or help in qualifying for certain feats? If so, that seems overpowered. But the way the evolution is worded makes it look that way.

If you don't actually ride the mount but just sort-of "hang on", you might be considered cargo and not have to make a Stealth check I guess. But you couldn't actually do anything at all while being transported that way.

We're approaching the 300 FAQ requests and Gen Con is over. I shall wait with bated breath for a final answer.

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
a mental mindscape with perfect recall of any text you've read in the last level/week. Like your spellbook.

What makes you think a spellbook contains nothing but text?

And running water. You can't cross running water, iirc.

Here's a general "X to Y"-guide, though I'm not sure how up-to-date it is.

The Klingon word for bunny is cheS.

Hand it over to a group of preschoolers, along with a lot of paint, glue, glitters, dry macaroni...

They'll make it art.

Chess Pwn wrote:
I'm curious if this counts as a bards bardic performance. Like, can I pick up extra performance for this?

Probably not. It duplicates the effects of Bardic Performances, not all the other properties of same.

If not, if I multiclass bard could I have this and a bardic performance up at the same time?

Sure. The inability to have two Bardic Performances up isn't an effect of Bardic Performance itself, but merely a limitation of the performer.

/me throws a throng of thongs at the thread.

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Living creatures all have an animating spirit, a "soul" trapped within them.

All Life is Evil.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Roll up something else, this is never going to work.

We've tried carrots. Now it's time to put some stick about.

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Stay hydrated.

You can of course boost the actual skill, and then add to the crafting DC in order to produce faster. It's not as simple as taking a single feat, but it'll work.

As your goal is to create a crafting NPC, I'd suggest looking for once-a-day boosts to a skill check - that's all (s)he'll need. A helpful Halfling will add +4. An Altar of Irori +3. A Luck-bestowing Human +8. Masterwork tools, a cracked Ioun... it can add up rapidly and wouldn't be much of a burden for an NPC.

B) makes the most sense to me. But I do not like it.

Qaianna wrote:
Furious says it requires rage. Is she taking the +5 DC for not casting it, despite having the much cooler rage feature?

Yes, though a reasonable GM might waive that penalty. Rule of Cool, and all that.

I saw someone with Craft (armour) trying to make magic weapons with this. Is this really allowed?

Probably not, unless your GM is very lenient. According to the Master Craftsman feat, "You must use the chosen skill for the check to create the item."

You could interpret that as simply having to roll that skill check of course, but to me the intent is clearly that the actual skill must be used.

And body language is communication.

So we won't be needing these jumper cables? Pity...

There might be a difference between Gauntlets and Spiked Gauntlets in this context.

132 Two races, who spawn one another. Race A only gets children of race B, and vice versa.

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It's not much of a vow, when you start looking for loopholes or permitted corner cases.

I'll be at the buffet then.

Excuse me... is this the queue for the Win?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

  • The Lost Boys.
  • Forlorn Hope ("forlorn" means "lost").
  • It. Whatever "it" is when you're "losing it".
  • Hopes. Dreams. (The lost ones, not the ones that got dashed.)
  • The crew of the Mary Celeste.
  • Atlantis.
  • Quite a few fights, battles and whole wars.

shaxberd wrote:
Would this prevent the target from also wearing a head slot magic item?

No, provided it's actually a small, thin mask.

Though the caster insists on using anything bigger, all bets are off.

110. A Humanoid race, bred to be Familiars.

It could be a Kami - they're tied to whatever they've decided their "ward" is, and might be coerced into cooperation by a wizard who holds their ward "hostage".

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  • The smart money is on you. And boy does it smart!
  • You two-bit hoodlum... there's a third!
  • Money up front!
  • This'll be worth every penny.
  • Money talks. And my money says you're dead!

I only have one little tidbit of advice: don't tell 'em what they're supposed to be doing. Just comment on what they did do, but let them play their own characters.

Hear hear. No more shenanigans!

Ten'shun the Tengu wrote:
Maybe they pass a succulent looking fruit tree? (Will or waste a turn)

Or the scent-trail of another fox.

21. A knotted rope.
22. A hatchet. I don't think hatchets are formal weapons in Pathfinder, and you'd be the party's "hatchet man".
23. A bottle. It does bludgeoning damage until it breaks, then piercing.

Good. I've an axe to grind.

And that's why Fighters cry themselves to sleep at night.

Can't you just keep a lvl 1 Dwarf commoner on a leash?

Azten wrote:
The item is using the spell-like ability.

By that logic it would be the item, and not the owner, that decides where you'd end up.

The text "cause an item... to cast Dimension Door" is fluff, not crunch. Any other interpretation results in ridiculousness.

He does look good with that gorilla toupee.

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