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VRMH's page

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Back where?

Is it "commie" or "commy"?

< this space intentionally left blank >

23. It's just the focus for an Open/Close spell, and the Wizard would like it back now to keep his component pouch complete.

51. A blightburn gazebo.

I'm so going to win that!

Maybe it has already been mentioned, but the Dawnflower Dissident's Secret Caster ability doesn't work under the new ruling: it's an automatic failure when the "Spell has an observable effect that clearly emanates from the caster". Which apparently has always been the case.

Having to take care of a child for a prolonged period can be a humbling experience too, but may interfere too much with the whole "adventuring" thing.

Sangerine wrote:
VRMH wrote:
an air bubble is 100% air.
You mean the air bubble created by air surrounded by some other material like water, oil, dough, etc? :P

Yes, that bubble. The bubble itself is 100% air, even though its size - and indeed its very existence - is defined by the surrounding material.

Sangerine wrote:
I've never seen a "bubble" of any material fully comprised of said material.

Depends on the bubble, doesn't it? A soap bubble is a thin shell. But an air bubble is 100% air.

thejeff wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
  • In general we all agree that nowadays, manifestations exist. And they should, because they keep psychic casters from dominating people without any warning whatsoever. They also clarify why you can use spellcraft on component-less spells and SLAs.
  • A big question is whether the manifestations are visible even if the caster isn't (invisibility). There's a lot of disagreement on how it works, and if it should work.
I would also like clarification on how it works with (non-invisible) stealth. Pretty much along the same lines as the invisibility question, but might not be covered by the answer.

I'm rather curious about the opposite: how would someone "fake" these manifestations, in order to pretend to cast a spell? Hand movements and incantations can be mimicked easily enough - unspecified phenomena not so much.

Firstly you really need to decide whether you're an Unchained or regular Summoner - they're a wee bit different.

If your Eidolon is going to be small anyway, why not be a Broodmaster and have several of them? First Worlder could be a good archetype too, because of the improved skillset for your Eidolon.

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Muleback Cords use Ant Haul in their creation. That's too close to the same source, so they don't stack in my games.

3.5 has this as a rule. Items don't stack with spells, if that spell is used in the creation of that item. Hasn't that carried over into Pathfinder?

There's a plethora of useful alchemical items, so perhaps Master Alchemist?

Raymond Lambert wrote:
My GM keeps telling me

That there is The One Rule you're stuck with.

That said: you have Line of Sight as soon as you can see even a sliver of the target. Line of Effect's a bit more tricky though. You cannot "shoot through cover" with a spell (unless the spell creates an indiscriminate projectile of course). And whether or not you can spot the intended target is irrelevant too, you just need to be able to draw an unblocked line.

I'm not aware of any specific rules, but I could see a situation where you cannot pinpoint a person in among a group of people milling about. Even when you might have LoS and LoE. But that would be a GM's interpretation.

Or maybe a Deity of Childsplay, Toys and Playgrounds.

Probably not.
Example: Shields are weapons as well as shields. They need to be masterwork shields to get their normal bonus, but masterwork weapons to get a bonus when used as a weapon, as I recall. So a spear/flute would need to be a masterwork spear for the attack bonus, and a masterwork instrument for the performance bonus.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Tyinyk wrote:
None of that should be happening in regards to followers. They're not your servants, they're people who admire you. At best they'll do you favors, they're not a personal workforce you have to house and manage.

I must beg to differ. Followers are described as "devoted subordinates who assist you", not as "people who owe you favours". A subordinate takes orders and is subject to some sort of hierarchy.

Apraham Lincoln wrote:
Under the polymorph rules, the capability for speech is address as an ability possessed when it comes to changing shape and casting spells with verbal components

Ah, yes. I hadn't thought of that; you're quite right.

He'd return to being LG fast enough (or too fast, depending on your personal opinion). But he'd still need that Atonement spell to get his Paladin powers back.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's not the Cohort that breaks the Feat - that's just another party member. It's the followers.

First of all they're usually too weak and feeble to take with you. So now the murderhobos need a home, at least for those followers. And something for them to do. So all of a sudden you've a second game within the game: NPC Economy Simulation.
Plus a bunch of low level NPCs, when tricked out to work together, can really be a magical item factory without tying down the Wizard of her Cohort. Because unlike an adventurer, they don't need to be able to do anything else. But unlike other NPCs, they have a master who's loaded and "buys" whatever they make.

Personally I have an eye on the Homunculus Clay, especially when combined with a sip of Semblance Transfusion: a free Mini-Me!

Cevah wrote:
Cast Alter Self on the familiar.

I'm not convinced this works. The ability to speak and understand a language isn't a natural ability of humanoids, and it's not listed under the specific abilities the spell may grant.

It means he has 5 levels in the Commoner class.

Quick necro: is a "consumable" item something that is used up, or does it have to be a thing you digest?

Wouldn't the problem be "solved" by altering Spellcraft instead of spell casting? Just make it so the skill gives a character a "sixth sense" for magic being utilized in the vicinity.
Then allow some feats or skill levels to pinpoint the magic - it'll give the "mundanes" a defense against stealth casters, provided they invest a few skillpoints or a feat.

9 people marked this as a favorite.

A second set of clothes.

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.

As long as it doesn't require an attack roll, Unseen Servants can do almost anything.

People's own imagination is often better at pushing their own buttons than any GM will ever be. So have the BBEG kidnap NPCs (preferably children) and merely hint at what might be happening to them.
Or better yet: simulacra of the PCs themselves, to make matters even more personal.

Also: fawning minions. It's quite grating to have people constantly go on about how wonderful a person is, while you know it's actually a villain.

Is "harmless" a game term, or a descriptive word?

I was reading the description of the Fool's Gold spell, which contains this little nugget:

Fool's Gold wrote:
if it fails a saving throw against a magic ability of yours that is not harmless and has a duration, the duration is doubled for that creature

That seems a pretty cheap way to increase the duration of all sorts of friendly magical abilities, like maybe a Bard's Performances (provided they have a save). However, most of those are harmless in effect even though they're not spelled out as such.

So: is a magical effect "Harmless" when it's effectively harmless, or merely when it is spelled out to be such?

That's not Uranus, that's my wife!

Greygland wrote:
Can a staff of power be enchanted with INSPIRED enchantment?

No. It's an object, and those are immune to enchantments. ;)

Archae wrote:
Gnome- To prove to a friend not all gnomes are crazy and pointless. oh and they fit the crafting idea.
Alternate Racial Traits wrote:
Master Tinker Gnomes experiment with all manner of mechanical devices. Gnomes with this racial trait gain a +1 bonus on Disable Device and Knowledge (engineering) checks. They are treated as proficient with any weapon they have personally crafted. This racial trait replaces defensive training and hatred.

Meanwhile, at the market square...

"Bog rolls! Get your bog rolls here!"

We're not being passive-aggressive constantly bumping this thread, are we? I mean, I do want an answer but I don't want to be a _ick about it.

Theliah Strongarm wrote:
As the title

Sure, why not? Though of course you only need your GM's opinion, not ours.

And why can't I use my longsword to deal piercing damage?

'cause You'd need to draw it back too far to be feasible in a fight. Longswords are... well, long. Though you could do so when improvising again.

If you hit the rats in the right order, you can get them to squeak a tune.

Lawler197 wrote:
how tohide that you are a lich from the group.

Your appearance shouldn't really change right away, so that's no immediate concern. But the fact that you'll be damaged by healing effects may be an issue. You could try talking to the healers of your party, and make up some story about how you don't want to be healed by them any more. Maybe you feel to beholden to their Deity already?

Another option would be claiming you've awoken some sort of ancient curse, and their divine spells now hurt like the Hells or something. You'd need a decent Bluff roll to pull it all off, but it might work.

Also, avoid Undead like the plague. Otherwise you may well get "caught in the blast" of any anti-Undead spells or abilities.

and ways to heal.

Infernal Healing should do the trick.

Yes. As Outsiders they all have Bluff, Craft, Knowledge(planes), Perception, Sense Motive and Stealth as Class Skills, plus whichever their Subtype grants.

RandomNigel wrote:
Corvus (Raven): Skill focus Perception and 50ft fly. Obvious draw is the ability to speak but GM dependent on what is actually possible. Could the animal hold conversations? I don't think so.

I do. It knows a language and has a 6 point Intelligence - I've met adventurers with less. Though yes, everything is ultimately GM-dependent.

Something you have not taken into consideration it seems, is how common these creatures might be and how J. Random Commoner would react to them. Scorpions are dangerous. A peacock might set you apart as a poser. A hare is just food, a raven a bad omen... et cetera. If your campaign has some focus on social roleplaying, that might matter a lot.

I'm just doing that thing.

"You should totally let me join the Thieves' Guild. Look here, I even managed to steal the duke's signet ring from his hand!"

Shh! Some of us are trying to win!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have two words for you. Just two words:

Daffy. Duck.

Get off my lawn!

Klara Meison wrote:
It will be harder to resurrect you.

How do you figure that? If anything, a resurrection would give the OP his wish: a living Alchemist with the Mummification Discovery.

I'm fairly certain growing weed in this thread is against Paizo's policies.

More's the pity.

Cavall wrote:
Well... people needed a 4th klar thread. It was very important.

To be fair, the Klar was in the same position as the Masterpieces are:

"What is this?"

Amira Ravenheart wrote:
Sooo could a familiar fill the i Wish requirement for the Arcana?

Doubtful. It's an obvious loophole, of course. So your GM may decide that, like with the Teleport spell, for this purpose your Familiar is a part of you yourself. Though technically it could work.

Who are you?

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