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Mammon Cultist

Sissyl's page

11,076 posts (12,401 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 aliases.


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It might not be so this time... but it is extremely common that a player gets his jollies from being disruptive and getting attention for it. That will eventually end where the campaign fails, the player leaves, or the player learns to play well within the game. Punishing the character by holding to established facts of the setting is FINE. Punishing the player by not giving him attention is FINE. Neither is arbitrary. It is the GM's job to hold the game together. Dealing with a problem player is part of that, and pointing out the way for him is a necessary part of doing so.

Rewarding everyone else, banishing the dwarf, giving him trouble through his clan for it, and having a celebration with lots of attention the dwarf doesn't get to share in should get the message across.

Well, the movie industry thinks so, judging by the lobbying dollars they have spent on IPRED, ACTA and later such initiatives.

I move IHIYC's closet to the Lawn by the Nursing home for Violent and Superpowered Grognards.

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It is obvious that further draconian laws are needed to prevent piracy which is killing the movie industry.

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Rage of the Archpeasant...

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Tacticslion wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Pool of Radiance? The original one? There is no issue with modifying ability scores. The images are and remain horrible. And memorizing spells is atrocious.
Tacticslion wrote:

I find navigating the items and required class knowledge worse.

But, yeah, it's bad.

So... how many times will I TPK before I win a single battle?! LET'S FIND OUT!

I'm starting to come around to your way of thinking. >:I

PoR was far better than earlier gold box games. However, the ones that are actually worth playing are Curse of the Azure Bonds, Champions of Krynn, and Death Knights of Krynn. For a far better offering, Eye of the Beholder is good.

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Pool of Radiance? The original one? There is no issue with modifying ability scores. The images are and remain horrible. And memorizing spells is atrocious.

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Really, Rub-Eta? What is so terrible about what Baval said? That some enjoy playing without consequences? Or that most people find a fully realized world more interesting? Because I would agree with both of them without hesitating.

Regarding going to alternative practitioners, it is important to realize that there are limits to what classic medicine an do. Once you hit that limit, why not go and see if someone else can help you? Just make sure you keep informed and don't get taken advantage of.

Chronic pain is not a joke, this is true. To an extent, painkillers can help. However, they often bring serious side effects like gastric ulcers, liver toxicity, nausea and constipation. Many find that the pills aren't worth it. Opioids have a serious risk of addiction, which you see by how the required dose creeps up. So, just be careful, make sure you read up on the drugs you use, and be certain not to end up with serious interactions (alcohol and paracetamol).

Beyond painkillers, be aware that if your pain is the problem, how you feel is your capacity for withstanding it. Otherwise put: If you feel out of sorts, you will be worse impacted by pain you could deal better with if you felt more in balance. The most serious issue here is depression. If you have symptoms of it, GET HELP FOR IT. The drugs used to treat depression are generally effective and with reasonable side effects. Your pain will remain the same, but it will be far less of a problem.

Other things to do work in the same vein. Do what makes you feel good. So long as the pain is not dangerous to you, do your exercise even if it hurts. Listen to music. Make time for important things. Tai chi and similar activities often help. Likewise meditation and such. Some like TENS.

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Oooh oooh I know! I would be the old guy they come to seeking some idiot trinket. And instead of giving it to them, I have misplaced it. So they have to get a new one. Only to do that, they need to visit three continents, fight hordes of monsters with permanent stat drain attacks, buy very expensive tickets, get very special items only useful on this quest... and when they do get back with it all, for the final ritual joining of the part items blah blah blah... I have found my old item again. So they can have that instead...

...letting the part items clog up their inventory forever.

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I prefer BYDHTBTOWP, the rest of the statement.

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All you need is a million storage containers. And a few mangoes.

Waterhammer wrote:
Never put spats on gaiters, it's redundant.

But sexy.

I could also be one of the guys sitting in the bar, telling everyone who talks to me that "Times are tough."

They don't sound like that anymore.

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Lutefisk... a true swedish specialty. Served with diced eggs, white sauce, boiled potatoes and black pepper. Not (as I have heard) deep fried onna stick.

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Celestial Healer wrote:
Now, enough procrastinating. These vows aren't going to finish writing themselves....

Remember to make house rules clear beforehand, so you don't end up with discussions of RAI vs RAW.

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They wanted to take a bit of blood from me for a spell component. It took them six hours of intense work with a highly enchanted greatsword to get it. #lvl20 problems

Target shooting isn't much fun when you need the targets to be over six miles away to provide a challenge. #lvl20problems

I glued up all my Ioun stones in a big ball, otherwise I can't see a bloody thing. #lvl20problems

After the last load of treasure I dumped into my demiplane, it was all sucked together and formed a Sphere of Annihilation. Our wizard said the gold "collapsed" because there was too much of it. #lvl20problems


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lynora wrote:

It has been four days without the cats knocking over the Christmas tree! We're not quite sure what to do with ourselves now.

Today it had something to do with my having a terrible day-long migraine and one of the kitties decided she was going to nurse me back to health by laying on my lap and refusing to let me get up. As soon as the migraine let up a little she got up like, okay, human, you're better now. It was very sweet.

Mine usually curl up on my tummy when I have a fever. When the fever is over, they leave. Most likely, I start moving too much and stop being so warm.

Should be four books. 28 was the last of the originals. 32 would have been the final.

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*hugs Rysky*

I should say that they probably will not be written. I don't have any information about it.

Same here. His books were my absolute first introduction to gaming. A true before/after moment. I had the opportunity to meet him at a con this year, which feels good now. A sad part is that the reissued LW books are now no longer going to be finished by number 29 to 32, which were never published in the original run.

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Exactly. They never made that one. Just like they never made any sequels to Matrix. I mean, if they did do a Matrix sequel, it would NEVER have matched up to the first one.

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V for Vendetta is a comic book. There was never a movie made from it. Luckily. It could never match the genius comic.

zylphryx wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
The Mummy 2 makes its prequel look like a deep, intellectual masterpiece.
Mummy 3 makes both of the previous movies seem Oscar worthy ...

Am I a bad person because I suspected as much and never went to see the third one?

Outcasts are not, generally, very accepting of other outcasts, though. The worse you have it, the fewer who are willing to give you the time of day, the more insular you become. Witness all the inter-gamer conflicts. Minis, rpgs, computer games, card games, etcetcetc, and all the s##! these groups say about one another. See the conflicts within gaming clubs, the paltry power games, the blacklisting of certain people, there is a reason for it all.

But of course, you can't play PnP by yourself. I would guess that is the reason gamers are as accepting as they are.

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The Mummy 2 makes its prequel look like a deep, intellectual masterpiece.

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Paranoia is scary. Imagine feeling constantly threatened, but never seeing a reason why. It is not a sensation you can handle, calm down or ignore. It is an instinct down a billion years of life on Earth. Those who ignored it died. And so, eventually, you end up at "either I am insane and can't trust myself, or there is a weird reason I feel threatened". Again, human psychology does not allow for that first possibility. Your actions are generally reasonable, "healthy" reactions to your perceived world. The good news is, it is usually treatable - if it is treated quickly.

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If a MageHunter is denied glory, have we been doing our job right?

Being a grognard is, to me, about having seen the RPG field change over time, from its humble beginnings, through various paradigms, and having played a rather large number of games and a very large number of sessions. What it gives you is an understanding of the process and why the rules are as they are, and the common problems that show up.

Being conceited and ignoring what people say because they are not grognards is entirely optional, and a bad idea. Bright people should always be welcome, and they can be taught if you try. Not to mention, if it were just us grognards, we'd stagnate the hobby pretty massively.

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Pretty soon, you will find that having a birthday is not as much fun as it was... but one basic reasoning remains: It is always best to have a birthday, at least better than not having one.

Happy birthday, Rysky.

It does sound like he should have a talk with a doctor, yes.

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Yes... Should a paladin fall if someone animates dead and closes their eyes while invisible?

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It's over there, right next to the diamond dust shaker. #lvl20problems

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
This may be controversial... but any Disney movie qualifies.

oh Sissyl you just like being controversial ;D.

However you are not wrong except for maybe 4-5 of them. (hunchback comes to mind as a thinking movie or maybe just kind of a sad movie especially if you know the story its based from.)

I don't really know if a story that at its heart tries to sell the message that "Oh hay this judge guy could be the monster even if he's not as uglies as the guy inna tower" qualifies as "a thinking movie". Then again, I suppose I am unfair. An animated movie is not merely about the story. I maintain that they are all great for watching brain-dead.

He could join the Space Paralympics.

All right.

Death Masks, by Ed Greenwood, is sadly not a very good book. The characterizations are flat, the writing formulaic, the action entirely predictable, and (perhaps worst) it is about three times as long as it needs to be. Given that I have read a number of novels by Ed before, none of this comes as a big surprise. His strength lies in world building, and that is typically decent. The most cosmopolitan city of the Forgotten Realms has changed since last I read about it, it is now a darker, more conflict-strewn place, which follows nicely. However... while the story is complete, the reasons for the story are not, and there is no description of the new status quo, a bad thing in a book tied to a RPG setting. Several threads, major and minor, are simply dropped and never revisited. The most egregious nail in the coffin is a character that was obviously conceived as female - but then changed in all but one place into male - with a romantic character arc. Is this guy disguised? We never learn. It looks weird and sloppy.

That is not to say it is entirely without its points. Ed gives a good rundown of how to make a setting seem alive through rumours and local events, and the weight of such things, and at times this shines through. Laeral, arguably the main character, is pretty fleshed out, and had good scenes.

I can't recommend this book, and while it is not absolute drek, I would give it a solid **. It should come as no surprise, perhaps. Ed's publishing is not like every other author's, IIRC. If he writes one book a year, Hasbro has to publish it, or lose the rights to the Forgotten Realms. Let's say it shows in his writing. He is able do much better than this.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This may be controversial... but any Disney movie qualifies.

No country for anyone

WormysQueue wrote:
thejeff wrote:
If you're one of them and of a certain mindset, it's a badge of honor, distinguished them from the whippersnappers of today.

Guess it's exactly this definition which directly leads to the term being used by others in a pejorative way.

Because it's actually quite arrogant to think that just being old makes you deserving of an badge of honor. And it's this arrogance which gets reflected also on those who didn't mean to be when describing themselves as a grognard.

Says someone who has just yesterday used the term "whippersnappers".

And just for the record, according to the definition given by the OP, I'm probably a bit to late to be a D&D grognard. I played AD&D but not when it first came out.

Exactly. You are not a grognard yet. If you were one, you would understand. Now get off my lawn!

So I am just making assumptions about what you're saying? Let's take a look:

Crusinos wrote:

While language does change your brain, there's a practical limit on how fast your brain can change before it kills you. This is likely why Matrix-style skill learning will remain purely in the realm of science fiction for most people.

Changing your brain to be able to see the future would be well beyond the lethal upper limit, just due to how much of the brain's structure would have to be altered. The span of the movie is nowhere near the hundreds of years this would require.

If your brain changes fast enough, you die. Lethal upper limit to speed of change. This is a recurring statement you make, and the one I have been trying to ask you to show support for with no success. Worse, you then claim that actually changing the brain's structure to allow for this (How? We don't know.) would take "hundreds of years". Given that you haven't given us any point of reference for the "lethal upper limit", is there anything that says it won't take millennia? Millions of years? Can we even talk about changing a specific brain over millions of years, given that it wouldn't exist for most of that time? Again, no answer, but you do give odd time references that don't pan out. Where do these time references come from? Even better, then you start talking about how long it would take to evolve the brain to do this, and you actually provide time estimates for this too. To my knowledge, science as a whole has no clue how long it would take to evolve any sort of trait. You also claim that "your scientist friend says" that a few milliseconds could be attempted - but they wouldn't want to risk the life of someone by surpassing the dodgy concept of the "lethal upper limit"...

No. No more. I have no desire to waste more of my time reading studies you didn't even read yourself, or if you did, you did not understand what conclusions they drew from their work. It is a good thing to take a discussion seriously, but that requires that the discussion is worth taking seriously in the first place.

I see that we're done here. Sensory overload is and remains a fringe psychology theory without evidence or relevance. The wikipedia page, unsurprisingly, again doesn't say what you claim, at least if you mean it is saying one whit about hard limits for neurons processing information. Linking articles is pretty useless if they do not support your argument. I refuse to play this game anymore.

Rrrright. Again, the study you link to says not what you claim. Stress in a cell biological perspective is not in any way connected to stress in a psychological perspective. That losing the mitochondria in neurons is bad is obvious. That it happens when the cell is subjected to stress is equally obvious. When else would it happen? Further, QE (and here I admit to leaving areas I know well) is very much not as it is described in SF, simply because yes, if one particle changes the other will as well, but both also change state randomly, which means you can't actually use it. Either way, it is very much fiction to draw any sort of conclusion from using QE with neurons.

Any further studies, or are we done, Crusinos?

Crusinos: The study you linked to does not say what you claim. If you read their conclusions section, it is rather obvious that you misread it. Further, tDCS is by no means a method to "download knowledge". And finally, you have no support for your recurring statement that you would be killed if you got too much information too fast.

I repeat: Do you have any sort of scientific support for your claims?

It is not going to be a good thing to have a narcissist as president. See, he is going to have to do some pretty hard negotiations. He is a big fish, but the pond is now the biggest one of all. Having a bout of narcissistic rage in such a negotiation is going to cost Trump a lot, Every single time. The man is fighting to keep in control even now. Before, he was the biggest fish around, and anyone he talked to could be fired... Let us all hope he learns control... quickly.

Chiral molecules often do not share melting point, for example.

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